Is there a way you can tell if you 100% a World?

  1. So I believe I have gotten everything in World 1, but I can't tell for sure because the game hasn't told me. How can you tell if you 100% a World?

    User Info: JJOR64

    JJOR64 - 4 years ago

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  1. The game doesn't actually tell you when you've 100%'d a world. If you want to know whether or not you've opened up all the possible paths, then you'll need to check the World Map PNG over there in the "FAQs" area of this game. Get all the secret exits (and normal exits!) you haven't gotten yet, and then collect all the Star Coins and open up the pathways to the Toad Houses.

    One of the save file stars requires you to beat every level, and this includes normal exits, secret exits, and cannons. I don't believe Star Coins is necessary, that's a different save file star. Opening the paths to the Toad Houses I think is also required, and you're gonna need to get all the Star Coins to do that anyway (on top of spending 90 of them to open Star World).

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 4 years ago 2 0


  1. Depends on what you mean by '100%' a world. You will see the Star Coins that you've collected from each world, and almost every 'hidden' level has a corresponding mark on the overworld map. There is one hidden Ghost House in World 5 that you don't see a mark for it, but once you >do< 100% collect special coins and clear every possible zone (which means even opening up all the star coin paths), the game does give you a little toast.

    User Info: Tyrnn

    Tyrnn - 4 years ago 0 1
  2. Nope. There is not. If you want to check if you 100% beat the GAME check the star world, there should be a star toad house that has a 9 star coin sign.

    User Info: ericb982

    ericb982 - 4 years ago 1 1
  3. Once you collect all the Star Coins the game will let you know. As for Moon Coins, you just need to collect them all. No secret exits required in World Star. Once you got all the Star and Moon coins a yellow toad house should appear above the starting point of World Star and a 9 Star Coin gate in front of it, making you spend the last of your Star coins. In the yellow toad house is the only toad house that can put a Starman in your item storage. Now all you need is 1 million coins.

    User Info: goldmario64

    goldmario64 - 4 years ago 1 0
  4. if you stand on a course it willshow your star coins for that level. You can tell if you have every secret by scrolling through the map using the l or r buttons and if every course is blue then you have all secret exits

    User Info: legoreemv

    legoreemv - 4 years ago 1 0

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