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"Mario and his brother Luigi are back but this time there's gold to be claim"

The legendary nintendo mascot Mario, returns to the handheld with a brand new mario game, New Super Mario Bros 2.

Also released is the 3ds xl which is perfect if you are starting to get into 3ds.. Ill tell more about how it looks down the review.

Story : Once again, Princess Peach has been captured by the koopa kids while flying on their floating ship and once again, Mario and Luigi goes after the koopas to save the Princess.. This story has been iconic in every mario game and it does not give anything new to the story..

Graphics : There is nothing majorly difference between this and the ds version except the 3ds has the horsepower to make this look as close to the wii version as it can be, the game shines very well on the 3ds and the new 3DS XL. Everything looks so bright and happy and it has great visuals.

Sound : Like the graphics, there is nothing majorly difference towards the last new super mario bros game. The music has been recycled into this game but it does not mean the music is bad, just the same. Wish there was new music.

Gameplay : Mario and luigi once again go through worlds to find the princess and save her. The game has the usual grass, fire , ice, desert worlds including secret worlds to explore. The game has an thing going in this new game about Coins and Nintendo themselves ask you " Can you get a million coins?" That right, the game has a coin counter and the game keeps track of all the coins you gather. Not only do you get the usual 1 player game, using 2 copies and 2 3ds's you can play the classic mario bros coop together like old times. A new feature has been added for this new mario game, Coin rush mode. This is a special mode that gives you one life and a time counter to try to gather as much coins as you can and reach the end successfully going through 3 random levels. As you play through the game, you unlock more coin rush levels. Also, Nintendo is using their online service to give you free dlc for the game to expand coin rush making this game even more fun. Plus you can tally the scores and streetpass with other people making this game has a huge replay value. The game also brings back the classic racoon suit that can let you actually fly unlike mario 3d land which did not let you do that. Plus in this game for the first time brings the golden fire flower, a powerful fireflower that actually can kill enemies and gather coins for you.

Replay value : From completing the game to getting all star coins and unlocking the worlds, this game has alot to do for the player. Even coop can be fun. The coin rush is a great option to play if you have time to kill and is very addiciting.

3DS XL - Why did I mention 3ds xl earlier in the review is because Nintendo not only released New super mario bros 2, but they released a brand new 3ds that is 90% bigger and the games look fantastic on the screen but for games like new super mario bros 2 and other 2d games. the screen also does not look as good as the 3ds but the screen makes the game look bigger and more fun if you like a bigger screen.

Review score :
Story - NA there is nothing much of a story just go through the game and save princess peach.
Graphics : 7/10 - Better than the ds version visuals not as good from the wii version, good colorful visuals
Sound : 7/10 - Sloppy Nintendo.. I expected new music but the music you provided is nice enough but recycled.
Gameplay : 9/10 Love the new coin rush mode but the same old mario game gets a little stale but the new enemis and powerup help boost score
Replay value 10/10 So much to do there infinite replay value with the coop and coin rush mode

Score 8/10

Note : I love the Mario games but sometimes Nintendo should try to make new music and do new things for their mario games. Their last 3ds mario game was a lot of fun and was much better than this release but any mario game sells so why be a bit harsh.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/21/12

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (US, 08/19/12)

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