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"Delivers What Mario Games Always Deliver"

When this game was first announced I wasn't at all excited. However, I had not seen the announcement (believe it was E3 2012, but they may have actually announced it earlier, I honestly can't remember right now). They've already done the whole "New" Super Mario Bros game on both DS and Wii. They were good games, fun games, games that I was glad that I had played, but they were games that I thought could only be done once to really have their best effect. So I was able to see them show the game at E3, seeing that they were going to have the whole coin theme to the game. Lots and lots of coins. Even a counter as to how many coins you've collected. At that point I thought to myself that I'd at least get it and give it a shot. The Mario series is my second favorite series in all of video games, so it was going to be hard to avoid getting it anyway. I still wasn't totally sold on it.

So, was I right to think that these games could only be done once per system (portable and home console) and keep their charm? Yes and no. My immediate feeling on this game was that it was very much like the other "New" Super Mario Bros games. The coins were there to differentiate this game from the others, but at the same time it still had the same feel that the other games had. However, there were extra things that were added due to the whole coin theme, the main thing being the coin rush mode. After finishing the game off I decided to give this a try and wound up loving that decision. It's a mode where you pretty much try to gather as many coins as you can in levels with much tougher time limits.

Despite the differences between this game and the other NSMB games being nothing overwhelming, this game still has all of the qualities that those previous games has. On top of that it contains enough classic elements to bring a nice level of nostalgia for long time Mario players such as myself (let's just say since before SMB2 came out). The gameplay itself though was very well done. The graphics were beautiful, the 3D effect was very well done, not being too much, but being enough to be a good asset to the game as well. The controls were very simple and easy, and the platforming was very well done in typical Mario fashion.

The music is very good in this game as well. It's nothing revolutionary for Mario games, but at the same time it's very strong, full of very good, catchy melodies that all stay consistent to the Mario franchise. It's nothing spectacular, but still very enjoyable.

As a whole this is a very simple game. It's typical Mario. Simple platforming. The powerups are simple, with mainly fire flowers and raccoon tails, but with the golden flower and mini mushroom making themselves known at times, but outside of that there really isn't a whole lot to complicate anything. While this seems to be more of the same, it's also part of the beauty of the Mario games. They're not broke, so when it comes to the general platforming games in the series, with 2 beautiful options (3D platformers or 2D side scrollers), why bother trying to fix them. This is another one that works very well.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/14/12

Game Release: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (US, 08/19/12)

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