How do I beat Kenji?

  1. His ancient disease skill stuns/sleeps/poisons/sick/confuses my entire party and allows him to squeal on me while I can do nothing or he uses mamudoon on my entire party. My current party is
    MC: Lvl62 skills:mediarahan, zan+5, media+8, zio+1, agidyne, concentrate, megido+8, energy drain+2
    Anzu:Lvl 59 skills:nihil claw, megido, me patra, diarama, tarukaja
    Kresnik:Lvl56 skills:tarunda, agilao, high fire pleroma, tathlum shot, gun pleroma, agidyne, high physical pleroma
    Cherub: Lvl71(evolved) skills:tarukaja, megidola, recarmdra, mediarahan, megido, mahamaon, and diarama

    What do I need to change and which demons can repel/null ancient disease if at all? also how much hp does he friggin have? I can do about 2k dmg with megido+8 each turn but he just wont die D:

    User Info: dfgfhg

    dfgfhg - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I am uncertain how much HP he has, but Kenji is a Level 61 demon and he is weak to Fire and Force attacks.

    Now, there are plenty of ways of dealing with him:

    -You can block Mamudoon by using Tetraja, Tetraja Rock or just simply keeping around a demon/having armour on that blocks dark attacks.

    -You can block Ancient Disease by hoping for the best and defending (Hurr-hurr) or obtaining certain demons with Null Disease, Null Mind or best with Hell Mask that protects you against all ailments while keeping Amrita. The easiest way you can get Hell Mask is via Foul Mad Gasser.

    User Info: Rose_Mage

    Rose_Mage (Expert) - 4 years ago 0 0

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