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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Closing of the Chase |c Challenge Quest Cleanup

    [_] 2,000 Macca[_] 2,000 Macca[_] 2-Star Gadget x3[_] 3-Star Gadget x3[_] 5,000 Macca
    [_] Evil Bazooka[_] Glass Magatama[_] Hexagram Rosary[_] Mikado Custom[_] Pest Crop
    [_] Sleepless Ring[_] Various Foodstuffs

    Well, after that crazy scene, you'll part ways with your Samurai allies for now. Once you gain control, you can head to K's Tavern for a new quest, "I'm No Good at Demon Fusion", not something I'm good at myself. >_> Anyways, a Kanbari is a Special Fusion needing Mou-Ryo, Gaki, and Mamedanuki.

    You can also do two other training battles, and there are more quests available in Shinjuku.

    • "Training Battle 3:" Only Flynn should use Blight on the first turn. On the second, have Flynn bring in Zhen, who should use Pandemic Bomb. Then do nothing on the final turn.
    • "Training Battle 4:" Use "Next" until Aeros gets a turn and then uses Mazanma.
    • "The Malevolent Star Falls:" For this, you need to fuse together a Baldur demon. It took some experimentation on this one... Anyway, here are a nice few combos:
      • Fortuna with Kelpie
      • Fortuna with Zouchouten (the one I used, found through pure luck ^_^)
      • Hooligan with Churel
      • Inti with Jack Frost
      • Inti with Pyro Jack
      • Koppa Tengu with Gucumatz
      • Mad Gasser with Preta
      • Mandrake with Macabre
      • Mayahuel with Jack Frost
      • Mayahuel with Koppa Tengu
      • Mayahuel with Pyro Jack
      • Night Stalker with Churel (likely to be the most expensive of these here, over 20,000 Macca)
      • Night Stalker with Mou-Ryo
      • Skogsra with Macabre
      • Skogsra with Quicksilver (the least expensive of these here, with around 4,000 Macca)
      • Tattooed Man with Mou-Ryo
    • "Excavate Some Coffee Beans:" The Coffee Beans needed are found in the Shinjuku East Entrance Main Street, where you fought the Corpses. Head east of the entrance, as if you are going to the next area. Hug the southern wall when it sharply comes up to you near the exit and the relic hotspot there should yield the Beans.
    • "Protect the Tower:" Head to Ueno via the Terminal and backtrack to the Sky Tower that is Naraku; outside is a Pest Horde, which is rather weak to Electricity - bring along lots of Mazio/Mazionga users or the equivalent stones to easily win. You will fight five in a row. Nothing too hard, really.
    • "Slay the Demon in Hiding:" Found in my first New Game+ playthrough. From Aquila Plaza, head to the Castle, the Castle City, then the Bakery. Speak with the man there to fight a Dantalian demon. They are weak to Electric, and easy to beat.
    • "Demon-Haunted Man:" Found in my first New Game+ playthrough, but you have to wait until after the execution to do it. The Bai Suzhen in question is found on the 2nd Stratum, due south of the stairwell-based entrance; she is weak to Fire and easy to beat. You can choose to kill or spare her.
      • Alignment +1 = Let her go
      • Alignment -1 = Finish her
    • "A Grudge from the Streets:" Head out to Ikebukuro to search for the Killer Hordes. However, they're apparently found at random, so I can't help you there, although the general idea is to simply use multi-target or party-wide attacks to easily win.
    • "Help Me Exterminate the Demons:" For this, you need to head into Shinjuku National Park (after Gabby sends you there) and kill eighteen Manticores running all over the place. They have around 1,100 HP and are weak to Force, and come in groups of three - in other words, you have to find six groups in the field as red canine-like demons (not hard, since you can see into the distance, and the paths are all linear). Mazanma/Mazandyne are the prime skills to use here. You will also have to fight an Abaddon at some point, who repels Fire and is weak to Electric and has about 2,500 HP.

    After doing the quests if you desire, head to Mikado Castle, then to Obelisk Plaza to view ... it. The next morning, you are told to go to the Monastery, by Sister Gabby no less. Mm.... You'll find your other three allies there, soon followed by Gabby. She'll tell you that three of "your fellows" are captured in Shinjuku National Park, back in the Unclean country of Tokyo; but they're not Samurai, or from Mikado, just vital to the future of the kingdom.

    Okay, whatever. You'll get a Hexagram Rosary before being set loose. Prep up elsewhere and head back to Shinjuku via the Terminals.


    Rescue the VIPs

    [_] 10-Point Card[_] 2-Star Jewelry[_] 2-Star Jewelry[_] 2-Star Jewelry[_] 3-Star Jewelry
    [_] 4,000 Macca[_] Balm of Rising[_] Chakra Pot[_] Nerve Gas[_] Revival Bead
    [_] Summon Stone
    Demon NameLevelHPMPSTRDEXMAGAGILUCKScout?RaceWeaknesses
    Ashura Woman27306683833263024NoHumanDark
    Babylonia Horde316631295348394438NoHordeN/A
    Halphas26241542220202722YesFallenGun, Force
    Okiku-Mushi292391213232323232YesVerminIce, Force, Light

    Once done at the Monastery, return to Shinjuku via the Terminals. Prep and heal up there and return to the overworld map. Go just a little west, south, east, and north to the National Park.


    ~ Pond Garden ~


    This area is pretty much a circular path around a circular pond, more or less. Go clockwise around the circle for a while, slaying monsters as you go. A dead corpse you find will yield a Revival Bead, with a Balm of Rising further ahead. Approach the fire barrier nearby and use the Hexagram Rosary on it to remove the barrier. Continue on and around the pond. You'll find a Nerve Gas in a corpse, some wormwood to break down further ahead, then a Summon Stone.

    Head back to the southern end of the lake and use the eastbound path from the open area to reach a chest with a Chakra Pot within. Continue along it, then south when first possible. You'll be blocked by an Ashura-kai watchguard. Insist on entering and you'll fight his bodyguard.

    BOSS - Balor
    MP500AGI44ResistanceForce, Light
    STR53LUCK38NullifiesFire, Dark

    Offensively, this boss is pretty impressive. Its main two moves are Maragion, which hits everyone for medium Fire-based damage, and Megaton Press, a party-wide high-critical-rate Physical move. You can expect to die quickly here if the battle lasts longer than it should.

    Ideally, you can get a lot of high-critical-hit attacks like Critical Wave and Megaton Press in yourself to boost your turns. Those should be doing ~150 damage by now, which basically means if you can get in enough criticals, you'll win without seeing an attack. And if you do, it's unlikely to kill you.


    After the battle, go on to the next area.


    ~ Kagome Tower: Lower Level ~


    Upon your arrival, head east to find a useful 10-Point Card. Then simply head west along the linear path. You'll find a 2-Star Jewelry along the way. A little to the northeast of there, you can enter a room where a strong demon is supposed to reside.

    BOSS - Murmur
    HP1,372MAG43WeaknessFire, Ice
    MP618AGI54ResistanceForce, Light
    STR46LUCK46NullifiesLight, Dark, Electric (Repel), Force (Repel)

    Offensively, this boss offers little more than a strong basic enemy, unfitting for a boss. The main threat here is Mazionga, a party-wide Electric attack that can be bruising to those weak to the element. It can also use Axel Claw for multiple hits, but rarely enough to be worth worry.

    As for your offense, you should be absolutely fine. I'd honestly be surprised if you didn't have any decent Fire or Ice skills by this point in the game, and the same for their item equivalents. Assuming Level 36 is a decent level, you should be able to kill this thing in less than a turn by just throwing around Agilao and Bufula from your party.


    After the battle, the man in the birdcage will be rescued, but he cannot give his name, as the mask on his face is spellbound to give him amnesia. Jonathan will leave to take the man to Sister Gabby. Meanwhile, outside, go along the path, snatch up the 2-Star Jewelry, and continue through the doorway.


    ~ Kagome Tower: Upper Level ~


    Continue along the ever-linear path for a while. At the top of the second staircase, snatch up the 3-Star Jewelry. Further west, along the south wall, you'll find another room with a boss within.

    BOSS - Gemori
    STR41LUCK52NullifiesLight, Dark, Fire (Drain)

    Offensively, this boss offers even less than the previous one. It can use a basic Attack dealing out around 50 damage, and Lullaby - that one was oddly effective in that it put three of my party to sleep. (Yes, it is a party-wide move that can induce Sleep.)

    As for your offense, you should be okay, assuming you have plenty of Ice attacks. Having one on three or four of your party should guarantee a one-turn win, even, since Bufula should hit for 250+ damage by now.


    After that battle, Walter will be the one to rescue the masked man, leaving just you and Isabeau. Ooh la la~! Well, anyways, continue along the path after the battle, grab the 2-Star Jewelry from the path's conclusion, and enter the room nearby. Heal fully and save before doing so!

    BOSS - Asmodeus
    STR46LUCK46NullifiesGun, Dark, Fire (Drain)

    Nice to see something related to Terranigma; don't see that much often. ('Course, this thing is drawn from mythology, not another game. Still kinda nice.)

    Offensively, this boss is a bit of a douche. He is capable of using Spirit Drain to take away your MP; he will often use this several times. The main threat from Asmodeus is Hell's Torment, a hellishly powerful attack (150 ~ 300 damage) to all allies. Normally, I'd strongly suggest finding something to resist it or repel it, but this is of the Almighty element, so you're screwed in that way. Also in its repertoire are Madness Needle (Gun) and Fire Breath (Fire; multi-target, multi-hit), so look out if you have demons weak to those. And, finally, it can use Diarama to heal itself for 300 HP.

    As for your offense, you should focus quite a lot on dealing a lot of damage quickly. Even if you have Zanma on everyone, it's unlikely to kill in a single turn, so be sure to use a Bead Chain or to bring in someone with Mediarama to do some healing, because Hell's Torment can tear you a new one pretty quickly. But that's about it - keep someone healing the party constantly while everyone else throws Force attacks if possible.


    After the battle, backtrack your way out of the National Park, to Shinjuku, then head to the Mikado Terminal. There, you'll witness the end to this mission and the gaining of 4,000 Macca and something like 22,000 EXP. Additionally, completing this quest raises your alignment value by ten points, towards Law.


    Onward to Shibuya - Starting Investigation

    [_] #1 Bazooka[_] 1-Star Commodity[_] 1-Star Commodity[_] 1-Star Document[_] 1-Star Document
    [_] 1-Star Document[_] 1-Star Furniture[_] 1-Star Leisure[_] 2-Star Clothing[_] 2-Star Clothing
    [_] 2-Star Clothing[_] 2-Star Commodity[_] 2-Star Cosmetics[_] 2-Star Document[_] 2-Star Document
    [_] 2-Star Food[_] 2-Star Furniture[_] 2-Star Furniture x2[_] 2-Star Medicine[_] 2-Star Medicine
    [_] 3-Star Clothing[_] 3-Star Cosmetics[_] 3-Star Document[_] 3-Star Food[_] Ag Incense
    [_] Bazooka Set[_] Bead[_] Bead[_] Chakra Drop[_] Chakra Drop
    [_] Chakra Pot[_] Chakra Pot[_] Firearm Box[_] Gold Jet[_] Knockout Gas
    [_] Light Grimoire[_] Medicine[_] Nerve Gas[_] Poison Gas[_] Summon Stone
    Demon NameLevelHPMPSTRDEXMAGAGILUCKScout?RaceWeaknesses
    Fairy Horde357263274347584154NoHordeGun
    Hairy Jack31340764338293428YesBeastLight
    Kuda282331183128283831YesFoodGun, Force

    ~ Tokyo Overworld Map ~


    So, then, we are given the orders to kill the Black Samurai - a person once executed, no less. As we reconvene in Obelisk Plaza, a samurai comes, noting that a man named Tayama has requested an audience with you. Walter suspects you, as Tayama is the leader of Ashura-kai, of somehow triggering this. *shrug* Well, whatever; he may have some leads on the Black Samurai's residence.

    Head along to Shinjuku via the Terminals, then return to the overworld. Go to the far west there, then south to the sandy area. Exit it to the southeast, then head southwest and northwest to find an underground tunnel guarded by a member of the Ashura-kai, who will let you pass.

    On the other side, you'll find yourself next to Shibuya. First, though, go south and east to find a Bead. Head far west into the desert and further south into a corner to find a Summon Stone. To the northeast of there, you can find the entrance to a demon's Domain.

    Within, it is randomized and winding as hell, so good luck finding the door to the boss without making a map. >_< The boss itself is a Level 47 War Horde; they drain Fire and are weak to Force, so use Mazan and Mazanma where you can to abuse the extra weakness to multi-target attacks. They have around 1,750 ~ 2,000 HP. After the battle, the Domain goes away and you receive the Bazooka Set.

    Backtrack to the Shibuya entrance and go further north to find another Domain. It's another long, confusing, random one. At the end is a cute li'l Level 40 Demonee-ho. It lacks weaknesses, and pretty much resists all but Electric, Ice, Force, and Almighty, so look out in that regard. It's resilient overall and can be a little strong, but with only 1,900 HP, it should die soon. The end reward is a Firearm Box.

    If you head far to the east of Shibuya, past the Eiffel Tower-like structure, you can find two 2-Star Furnitures. But that's it. Head into Shibuya.


    ~ Shibuya Station: Front Crosswalk ~


    As you arrive, Tayama will call, telling you not to pull anything. Regarding wh-- Oh, crap, it seems like he has a samurai hostage! An employee of the Ashura-kai will explain all in Club Milton.

    If you head southwest, you should be able to reach a southeastern alcove. In the far corner, you can retrieve a 1-Star Document, a 3-Star Document, and another 1-Star Document. Leave the alcove and head west. You can find a 1-Star Commodity in the corner store, with a Chakra Drop in the corpse further to the northeast. Blocking off the northern portion of the area is a chain-link fence. In the middle where several crosswalks converge, you can look down and crawl through.

    Go around the edge of the area and you can find several items: a Gold Jet, a 1-Star Leisure, a Poison Gas, and a Bead. While the nearby staircase will take you into the protection of the underground areas, for now go back through the fence and west an area - there's more to loot.


    ~ Shibuya: 108 Building ~


    Go forward and take the Nerve Gas from the corpse. I will note that, to the south, is another underground entrance. There is still more to plunder, so unless you're in dire need of HP/MP, it's best to stay up here. Head west to the northwest/southwest fork. First go due west to the building to find 2-Star Cosmetics, 3-Star Cosmetics, and 2-Star Clothing. Then go up the stairs to the right to get a Chakra Pot. Then head northwest to the next area.


    ~ Shibuya: Inokashira-dor ~


    Go along the only viable path to soon reach a corpse yielding a Chakra Drop. Continue along the path to the north/south fork. Go to the south to get a 2-Star Medicine, a 2-Star Clothing, and a 3-Star Clothing. When you head north, do so along the west wall to reach a 2-Star Food, a 3-Star Food, a Medicine, a 2-Star Medicine, a 1-Star Furniture, a 2-Star Furniture, and a 1-Star Commodity.

    Continue south and along the first eastbound path you reach. Take the Knockout Gas from the corpse at the end, then break down the wormwood here and backtrack into the previous area, which you should exit now to the southwest.


    ~ Shibuya: Dogenzaka ~


    You can find the #1 Bazooka in the chest nearby. Equip it if you want, since it does have a 75% chance of dealing more damage than the Bruce Gun, although it can hit multiple enemies. (I personally did not; I have plenty of multi-target spells and skills and Needle Orbs.) Since the fence nearby cannot be bypassed, return to the previous area and run eastward along the southern wall until you get underground.


    ~ Shibuya: Underground Districts ~


    Upon your arrival, head to the right and along the path (assuming you start in "A"). As you go, you'll soon find a 2-Star Document. Further east, you'll find a fork. Head northward first.

    You'll find the Shibuya Black Market on the right before reaching the next district. In that shop, if you can shove out the dough, the Aymur is a very good buy. It's about 58% more powerful than the Chainsaw you should probably still have. The Gold Gun and Bronze Steyr are also good buys. The former can hit twice always, making it have 134 Power, over 50% more than the Bruce Gun you may still have; the Bronze Steyr is similarly powerful to the Bruce Gun, but hits everyone. Also consider upgrading to the Bind Rounds, since they're the most powerful so far. Armor-wise, only the upper body is worth looking at if you've been doing quests. You may be interested in grabbing one of the Accessories if you tend to focus on a certain attack element, though. (Plus, there's that MP boost.)

    In District B, you'll find a 2-Star Commodity on the right. As you go north, there will be an alcove to the left you can use, but there's a demon within. Since there are no demons there here, and more to grab, ignore it for now. Go east and climb onto the upper level, then pick up the nearby 2-Star Clothing. North of there, you can find the ever-useful Light Grimoire. Further east of the relic from before, you can go outside via a vent.


    ~ Shibuya: Miyashita Park ~


    Begin by heading southeast to grab a Balm of Rising, then along the path back to the open area. Grab the nearby Summon Stone, then go north of the entrance to the area to find an Ag Incense. Return inside.


    ~ Shibuya: Underground Districts ~


    Go downstairs and south to District D. Head south and into the open area. Turn right as you enter to get a 1-Star Document. Turn around and approach the shutter, then press the switch nearby, just in case you need a quick healing at some other time when outside. Continue south and along the path into District C.

    Here, go to the east and use the vent on the wall to reach a treasure - a Chakra Pot - back in District C. Return back to District D. To the south is a way outside that we'll use later. For now, go west and south to find a 2-Star Document. Go down the escalators to the west to find the Hunter's Association. Leave it alone for now and go north to District A, if you wanna shop up at the Ashura-kai Authorized Shop (Shibuya) - it has some elemental stones you oughta stock up on.

    Next up, head north back to District B. Go into the western alcove to the north mentioned earlier and defeat the demon within. (You may want to return to the Hunter's Association first to heal, but with plenty of Mazio Stones, you'll likely live.)

    BOSS - Orochi
    STR46LUCK46NullifiesFire, Ice, Light, Dark

    Offensively, this boss doesn't offer much. It can use the Ice-based Bufula for 50 ~ 100 damage, and War Cry to lower your attack and defense, but that's about it.

    As for your offense, you could probably just toss Mazio Stones at it for a few turns, if your party has the ability "Attack Knowhow" to get them all using offensive items. If not, even weak Zios or Electric attacks of any kind will suffice. Feel free to waste away your MP here; we get to heal shortly, if not before the battle.


    After the battle, the Domain disappears and the Shibuya Terminal appears.

    Let's see... If you head along to the Hunter's Association here, and K's Tavern, you can do some new quests, covered in Shibuya Quest Cleanup. Otherwise, head to Onward to Shibuya - Offing Koga Saburo.


    Shibuya Quest Cleanup

    [_] 3,000 Macca[_] 3,000 Macca[_] Fire Pillar[_] Hunter Crown[_] ID Card Lv2
    [_] Sword of Hope

    At K's Tavern and the Hunter's Association in Shibuya, you can find a set of new quests to take on if you're willing. A good few could have already been effectively done with proper exploration earlier.

    • "I Require Ample Weaponry:" For this, gather the "Firearm Box" item. See Onward to Shibuya - Starting Investigation, the fifth paragraph under "Tokyo Overworld Map", for more details. It's basically to the north of the area. Note that it may be found after a randomized Domain. I initially didn't get one before exploring Shibuya, and did after receiving this request and exploring randomly for the Tokyo Dome.
    • "Banquet of Flames:" For this, head to the Front Entrance area where you first visited the main portion of Shibuya. In the southeastern corner alcove is a statue you can look at and call upon Cerberus. You'll then end up fighting four Hell Hordes in consecutive order. They are weak to Ice, repel Fire, and nullify Light/Dark. Stuff like Mabufula, Mabufu Stones, and Ice Breath are great here, as are Critical Wave and Megaton Press otherwise. They have about 1,000 HP. After that first battle, it'll go an area to the west, then deep into the Dogenzaka area. (You'll go there later on.) Then heads to the West Entrance area, two areas prior to Dogenzaka's other half that you had to visit. In this final fight, he'll have more like 2,200 or so HP. Note that the end result can lower your alignment by one (first option) or raise it (second).
    • "Hunter Tournament Finals:" The area needed is found to the north of the Tokyo Station near Kasumigaseki. Go north towards the river, as if you were going to use the guide. Go east around the river. Due north of where the ferryman/Hunter is is where you'll find the battle arena. Sadly, this mission delegates itself to a slaughter if you have moves like Critical Wave or Titanomachia party-wide, plus some elemental strikes. >_> Note that killing your foe will lower your alignment by one, and sparing them raises it by one.
    • "Training Battle 5:" In this order, use Tetrakarn, Spirit Drain, Tetrakarn, Spirit Drain, Salvation, Spirit Drain, Tetrakarn, Spirit Drain, Salvation, Spirit Drain, and Tetrakarn.
    • "Training Battle 6:" Have Flynn and the Gnome use Next, then swap Undine with Taotie, who also uses Next. Make the Salamander swap with Kanbari, and use Next until turn ends. On Turn 2, use Next until you get to Kanbari, who swaps with Undine. Use Next until the next turn. On Turn 3, make Flynn summon in the Salamander and everyone else use Next. Finally, have Flynn summon the Kanbari, make Salamander use Next, and the Kanbari use Tetrakarn.

    Onward to Shibuya - Offing Koga Saburo

    [_] 1-Star Cosmetics[_] 2-Star Clothing[_] 2-Star Clothing[_] 2-Star Commodity[_] 2-Star Commodity
    [_] 2-Star Food[_] 3-Star Clothing[_] 3-Star Clothing[_] 3-Star Clothing[_] 3-Star Clothing
    [_] 3-Star Commodity[_] 3-Star Food[_] 9,000 Macca[_] Dis-Poison[_] Knockout Gas
    [_] Lu Incense[_] Poison Gas[_] Revival Bead[_] Skull Rounds
    Demon NameLevelHPMPSTRDEXMAGAGILUCKScout?RaceWeaknesses
    Fairy Horde357263274347584154NoHordeGun
    Hairy Jack31340764338293428YesBeastLight
    Kuda282331183128283831YesFoodGun, Force

    Done quest cleanin'? Done healin'? Once you're done with both in Shibuya, head to District C - where the Association is - and exit via the far western staircase.


    ~ Shibuya Station: West Entrance ~


    Head southeast and you'll find a relic hotspot near the overhang containing a 3-Star Clothing. Another investigation icon pops up nearby; look up there and you can reach a chest with a Lu Incense. Return to ground level and head south and upstairs to find a Revival Bead on the bloody corpse. Further ahead is its brother, yielding a Knockout Gas - maybe that's why he died? =P

    Descend to ground level and turn left to find another relic hotspot, this yielding a 2-Star Clothing and a 3-Star Clothing. Go to the east and examine the door on the bus's southeast side to find a 3-Star Commodity. Head west of there and you'll find the exit to the next area. Continue past it and you'll find a 2-Star Commodity; grab it, then head downstairs.


    ~ Shibuya: Inside Mark City ~


    There's nothing really here, other than some rooms with NPCs in them and a 2-Star Commodity on the ground - yup, no demons. Feel free to take a breather or something here, chat it up with your hosts, and go on to the next area.


    ~ Shibuya: Dogenzaka ~


    If you look to the northeast, you can find a corpse in sight yielding a Dis-Poison. Southeast of there, you'll find some relics: a 3-Star Clothing, a 3-Star Food, and a 2-Star Food. Y'know, I'm starting to wonder why all this food can't be used as healing items, but is suitable for profit otherwise...

    Anyways, east of there, you'll find the Skull Rounds, something you might want to equip if the potential for a one-hit-kill is your thing. Northwest of there is another relic place yielding 1-Star Cosmetics.

    Go along the alleyway to the east. As you do, you'll see an area to the south at the intersection. Break the wormwood there, then go west. Examine the corpse to find a Poison Gas, then break the next chunk of wormwood to the south. Head east and north next and go along the alleyway. As you do, examine the relic hotspot to the right to find a 2-Star Clothing and a 3-Star Clothing.

    At the end of the alley, you'll meet with an associate of Tayama, which triggers you gaining something like 31,000 EXP. O_o Eventually, we get to the point of why we're here. There is a demon called Koga Saburo in Club Milton; to save our friend, we must beat 'im. (The demon, not our friend.) Heal, save, and proceed into the next area to meet him.

    BOSS - Koga Saburo
    MP992AGI48ResistancePhysical, Gun, Electric
    STR48LUCK48NullifiesLight, Dark, Force (Repel)

    Offensively, this boss can be the most difficult one so far. Koga can use a multitude of heavy-damage attacks, including Ziodyne (Electric) and Zandyne (Force), which you haven't seen yet without extensive Demon Fusion. Luckily, if properly leveled, those shouldn't do much more than 60 ~ 90 damage. He can also use Fatal Sword (medium power, physical), as a number of bosses have, and raise his accuracy and evasion with Sukukaja.

    As for your offense, Attack Knowhow is good for demons if you have Bufula/Mabufu Stones just lying around. About the only thing you're allowed to decently hit this thing with is Ice, Fire, and Almighty - even heavy-damage physicals barely pass 100 damage at Level 40 when critical - so you may need to do some Fusion beforehand to get demons with Bufu-type skills into the fight. Even Bufu can be powerful on the right demon. You should be able to do about 300 damage per Bufula, though, and about half that for Almighty/Fire attacks.


    That battle will complete the quest, netting you 9,000 Macca, not to mention a total of about 40,000 EXP. if you count want Koga yielded. $_$ The man will call Tayama, who decides to meet you in the Hills building in the Roppongi area.

    I like Jonathan when he gets all crazy, eh?


    Onward to Roppongi - Killing Yuriko

    [_] 3,000 Macca[_] 3-Star Leisure[_] Balm of Rising[_] Bead[_] Kusanagi Tsurugi
    [_] Pumpkin Bombs
    Demon NameLevelHPMPSTRDEXMAGAGILUCKScout?RaceWeaknesses
    Enku402352284044573853YesGhostIce, Force
    Gaea Man12182401917131512NoHumanN/A
    Inferno312121873236463143YesSpiritIce, Light
    Mad Gasser403501574642425546YesFoulLight
    Nebiros432492424347614056YesFallenForce, Light
    Pisaca38454905549384436YesSpiritFire, Light
    Yamawaro31388764641323731YesBruteLight, Dark
    Yomotsu Ikusa37445885347374335YesBruteLight

    Okay, once that new quest is accepted, backtrack along to the overworld map - it's long one, sort of. Be sure to heal up in the Hunter's Association along the way. Once outside, head east past the Shibuya-Shinjuku tunnel and into the next area you see, next to the cylindrical tower. Outside, you'll be informed by the guard that Tayama is on 52F in the tower with your friend.

    There, you're basically given the choice to do another favor for Tayama for the release of the samurai. If you accept, you are tasked to kill Yuriko, leader of the Ring of Gaea association rivaling Ashura-kai. She apparently wants to take over the Yamato Perpetual Reactor for ... hell if I know. Anyways, after the talking, you get the quest registered. Apparently, the Ring of Gaea's crib is in Tsukiji near the Tokyo Station.

    Return to Shibuya after this and use the Terminal to go to Kasumigaseki. Exit the Counter-Demon Force Base, then go to the overworld and northeast to Tokyo Station. Go north and west and south there and you'll be blocked by a man, informing you that this is the ground of the Ring of Gaea. How do you respond?

      • Alignment -1 = Say you came to kill Yuriko
      • Alignment +5 = Say you want to join the Ring
      • Alignment ±0 = Walk away (must do something, though)

    Either of the first two will result in a simple battle against two Momunofu and a Gaea Man. They're just pumped up versions of older enemies; the Gaea Man lacks weaknesses, but the Momunofu is weak to Force. Both resist Physical attacks, so stick to non-Physical skills.

    After winning, you are challenged to build strength before defeating Yuriko by going to the test at Tsukiji Hongwanji. Go ahead and enter the area in front of you.


    ~ Ginza: Underground District ~


    When you enter, go forward to the fountain, where you can probably spot a 3-Star Leisure in the corner. If you head west, you can find a Hunter's Association where you can heal and find a quest, which is covered in a later section, Sidequest: Downtown Ginza, due to a relative level of difficulty. To the east, you can find the Ginza Terminal (unguarded) and the Ginza Black Market. Shop up there; the Onimaru Kunitsuna is pretty much the best thing for now. Then go outside and south to the next area.


    ~ Ginza: Hongwanji Passage ~


    Well... There's only really one thing to do: go south and outside.


    ~ Tokyo Overworld Map ~


    Here, go southeast and to the toxic pits. In the first, head west to find a Bead.

    To the northeast, in the desert, you can find a Domain - randomized, sorry - with a Level 75 Alciel at the end. It is weak to Gun and Physical ... and that's about all that will hit the thing. It also has a number of party-wide attacks. Be careful around those low-hit-rate attacks, too, since Acid Breath will lower your accuracy; although if you're willing to, Critical Wave and other such attacks can be extremely effective. There is also Tetrakarn, which repels both Gun and Physical; use those turns to heal or remove debuffs. ... To be honest, it's probably impossible at your current level. This douche will love to spam Titanomachia multiple times in a row on you on your second turn, so without Tetrakarn or a lot of luck regarding the Smirk status, you're screwed. He has around 3,600 HP, and the Domain yields Kusanagi Tsurugi, the third of the three Sacred Treasures.

    South of this area is a different one with just a strong demon - three Ghouls. They are weak to Fire. These guys get somewhere around six attacks per turn, so focusing your attacks on one at a time is extremely crucial here, given they have 2,200 or so HP. This battle removes the Domain for future perusal, I think.

    Anyways, return to the area near Ginza and enter the unvisited place near there.


    ~ Tsukiji Hongwanji ~


    After the conversation, accept the quest "Overcome the Trial", then go forward. The man will take out a candle, light it, and give it to you. You need to reach the end of the main temple before the candle fizzles out, which means that you must take less time during battle to stay alive. (Critical Wave and Titanomachia are generic great ideas.) The four Samurai will be separated for the test.

    Let's see... I guess if you head left at all of the forks and into the first doorways you see (which are the yellow portal-like things) for the start, you'll be good. After the second door, turn around and go along that path.

    Turn around and grab the Balm of Rising nearby. Head west and beat the enemy, then enter the portal. Go north, east, south, and west, break the wormwood, and go into the portal. Go along the path and left at the fork. Enter the portal and destroy the wormwood behind you on the other side. Go south and west and into the portal there. Go forward and destroy the wormwood to the north, then head south. Defeat the enemy there so you can find the Pumpkin Bombs ammunition.

    Go north now. Bypass the two forks and head west. Bypass the next fork and use the portal there. Turn around and go along to the next portal, then the one in front of you. Go along the path there and head south to the next portal. Save and move forward to fight another enemy.

    BOSS - Taraka

    Offensively, this boss doesn't offer much. To attack you, it mostly will use a basic Attack, but that is mostly against the candle. However, it can also use Tetrakarn to reflect your Physical and Gun attacks for a turn. There is also the rarely-killing Mudoon.

    As for your offense, there isn't a whole lot to say. For the most part, I simply used high-critical-rate attacks - this boss doesn't seem to have any viable weaknesses, but then again, no real resistances or nullified attacks. When Tetrakarn came around, that's when I swapped to the heavy-damage elementals: Agidyne, Ziodyne, and so on. If you don't have any viable attacks for Tetrakarn, you should either focus on passing your turn to someone useful, or healing. But healing is very unlikely to be needed - I won in three turns without taking a hit.


    After the battle, you are allowed through the door. Everyone seems to have made it. This mission will end now, too, with the gaining of 3,000 Macca. Of course, your plot is quickly perceived...


    ~ Tsukiji Hongwanji: Passage of Ethics ~


    At the bottom of the pit, Walter fractures his ass, but all are okay. A voice from above lets you know that Yuriko is at the end of this path. Those looking for specific endings may want to save a second file for now.

    This is a bit of a "question maze" whose main purpose is to affect your ending. Until I get further data, just do as you will. It does propose a number of interesting conundrums, though... I won't spoil them for the sake of your own benefit, but here's the general idea:

    • First Question:
      • Alignment -1 = Go left
      • Alignment +1 = Go right
    • Second Question:
      • Alignment -5 = Go left
      • Alignment +5 = Go right
    • Third Question:
      • Alignment -5 = Go left
      • Alignment +5 = Go right

    On the other side, you'll find the Black Samurai, still alive despite the crucifixition - the Ring of Gaea know her better as Lady Yuriko. We could clear two quests here with a swift blow. Of course, things are not quite that simple. Additionally, we do begin to see which alignments our Samurai allies represent, no?

    Meanwhile, we get a new quest: to inspect the facility beneath the Hills building.


    The Face of True Evil - Part 1

    [_] Bead Chain[_] Matchbox[_] St Incense[_] Summon Stone

    ~ Tsukiji Hongwanji: Shelter Ruins ~


    Go north, then west past the fork. Continue along to the end of the path where you can break down some wormwood and open a chest with a St Incense inside. Backtrack to the previous fork and go north and up the ladder. Continue along the path and you'll soon reach a north/west fork. Go west and along the path to find a Summon Stone at the end. Break down the wormwood nearby and backtrack to the previous fork. Again go north and up the ladder.

    Continue along the linear path to a north/south fork. Go south to break some wormwood and get the useful Bead Chain. Then go north and through the door, then opt to go to the main building. Go through the portal nearby and head outside.


    ~ Tokyo Overworld Map & Ginza ~


    Return inside Ginza and, there, head north to meet Walter and Hikaru briefly. Hikaru will mention meeting with Fujiwara in Shinjuku to get under the Roppongi building. You'll get a Matchbox to signify that you are a member of the Florida cafe.

    Anyways, in Ginza, stock up. For now, we're going to sidetrack into downtown Ginza; there are some quests we'll then cover under the Ginza Quest Cleanup. Otherwise, continue on to The True Face of Evil - Part 2.