Will Freakyforms Deluxe be a Update for those who have the original?

  1. I'm wondering cause I've had the original since it came out and I think it's fair that people who bought the original to have Deluxe as an Update.

    User Info: Zako319

    Zako319 - 4 years ago


  1. Late for an answer... but it seems silly that this doesn't have an answer to it.

    Deluxe isn't an update to those that have the original, you'll need to download it as normal. Then you'll have both the original and the deluxe, and the easiest way to transfer all your old formees is to save them as QR codes in the original, and load them usual the new QR code tools in deluxe. Unfortunately this means you'll have to remake all of your scenery from scratch, as there is no way to transfer it.

    User Info: DavarGrey

    DavarGrey - 4 years ago 0 0

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