Where can I find race formees?

  1. In the colletions under the friends, it shows race fomees, but how do i actually get them and what do they look like?

    User Info: tangela24

    tangela24 - 4 years ago


  1. In the city you'll find a starting point for the race. It's usually in the lower left corner of the map and you'll recognize it by the checked flag and big red "START" sign. Hit L/R or A as for everything else to start the race. You won't be able to control your formee when the race begins, so it all depends on how you built it. I found that a unicycle (single wheel for movement) style formee works the best as those spend the least time on the various bumps in the road. When you win a race, you'll unlock all three formees who lost the race to be bought in the catalog as usual for friends. Once you have a good race formee (really, you can do this with just a giant wheel and a mouth) it shouldn't take too long to breeze through unlocking all the race friends in one sitting.

    User Info: DavarGrey

    DavarGrey - 4 years ago 0 0

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