High Rank Coliseum Guide by mysteryracer

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    High Rank Coliseum Guide by mysteryracer

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    This guide is designed to inform newcomers or other players who are struggling in the Coliseum on how to construct a reliable team that can overcome other teams, counter popular threats, and allow them to gain consistent wins so they can max their medals or increase their win count. This guide covers all recommended equipment, AP's, and strategies in order to gain consistent wins.


    Noble Scarfx1.5 Gold+15 Speed

    ~NOTE: Best Head gear speed item in the game. Good for giving setters priority.

    Lucky Starx1.2 Rare Drop Up+10 Speed

    ~NOTE: Good substitute for Noble Scarf.

    Halloween Ribbon+8 Speed+2 Dark def

    ~NOTE: Decent substitute for Noble Scarf, though not as good of a substitute as Lucky Star.


    ~NOTE: Potential to gain more speed advantage over time than Noble Scarf.

    Lucky Charmx1.2 Experience UpSharp

    ~NOTE: "Sharp" eliminates an opponent's evasion, allowing you to rid of pesky evade focused Denpas.

    Mystery RibbonAll def +2

    ~NOTE: Decent resistance to stuns. Don't use if using Natural/Monster Legs already.

    Unwavering RibbonCharm def +4Ghostbuster

    ~NOTE: Good for maxing out Charm resistance if you want to gain speed priority via Roller Blades.


    Legendary Sword24/32 Critical Rate Up

    ~NOTE: Wonderful item. With such a high critical rate, you'll 0TK most of the time with this.

    Rocket EngineAccelerate+40 Speed

    ~NOTE: Great item for setters. The initial speed and Accelerate is enough to gain priority.

    Holy WingsExtra AttackHP Auto 20

    ~NOTE: Great for Sweepers who have the Speed needed to overcome other Sweepers and guarantee a dual-hit on opponents; with enough Attack, you can opt for this over Legendary Sword and still kill opponents, and the HP Auto means that you can recover from minor damage and overcome things like elemental ailments (Burn, Sniffles, Soaked, etc.) or Poison. An Attack of ~350 with Great Rage applied can 1HKO any type of opponent with this on and Fancy Watch (and Sharp so you don't miss).


    Fancy WatchPiercex3.0 Damage Up

    ~NOTE: Gives Pierce, which overcomes Reflect users, and your damage triples.

    Noble Sleeves+25 AttackCharm def +2

    ~NOTE: Combine with Mystery Ribbon and Roller Blades on Setters for speed priority and +9 Charm def and +7 All other def.


    Roller Skates+30% Run+70 Speed

    ~NOTE: Best Leg gear speed item in the game.

    Monster Legs+5 All def+5 All element def

    ~NOTE: Great resistance towards stunners.


    Natural+200 Speed+5 All def

    ~NOTE: Incredible item. Best speed item in the game, and gives great resistance towards stunners.

    Robot+100 DefenseExtra Attack

    ~NOTE: Potential to block Legendary Sword/Fancy Watch 0TK's when combined with Silver skin.

    Dwarf PrintExtra attackx2.0 Rare Drop Up

    ~NOTE: Gives the potential to 0TK any Denpa without any Attack Buffers. Not as useful as Robot if you have that, or Natural if you want the Speed/Ailment resists.


    Pink-2 All element defCharm

    ~NOTE: Element def is worthless in high level play, and natural Charm has a chance to stun. Although with Monster Legs on to assist with Natural for complete ailment protection, you won't have to worry about those elemental weaknesses.

    Silver+2 Fi, Ic, and Wa resistance-2 Da resistance-4 El resistancex2.0 Defense

    ~NOTE: Can potentially stop Legendary Sword/Fancy Watch 0TK's when combined with Robot.

    Antenna Powers:

    Great Haste (All)+3 "Speed Buff"

    ~NOTE: Can help overcome slightly faster teams.

    Great Rage (All)+3 "Attack Buff"

    ~NOTE: Can allow Denpas that would otherwise 2TK 0TK instead.

    Paralyze (All)Chance to cast Paralysis on each Denpa on the opponent's team

    ~NOTE: The best way to stun an opponent's team in the game.

    Lullaby (All)Chance to cast Sleep on each Denpa on the opponent's team

    ~NOTE: The second best way to stun an opponent's team in the game. Use alongside Paralyze (All).

    Revive (All)Revives all downed allies on your team

    ~NOTE: Can revive important setters or extra attackers. Good for changing the tides of the battle.

    Situational AP's:

    Invincible (All)Chance to cast Invincible on each Denpa on your team

    ~NOTE: Situational because it isn't consistent. You might get lucky and hit the right Denpa though. Any team wearing Pierce effected gear will also just go right through it, so it's inadvisable for fighting top rankers.

    Full Heal (All)Heals all HP on each Denpa on your team

    ~NOTE: Situational because most teams go for the 0TK.

    Mobilize (All)Cures Paralysis on each Denpa on your team

    ~NOTE: Anti Meta AP pretty much. Can cure Paralyze from an important Denpa. Just make sure that he is faster than YOUR Denpa but slower than your opponent's potential Paralyzer.

    Awaken (All)Cures Sleep on each Denpa on your team

    ~NOTE: Anti Meta AP pretty much. Can cure Sleep from an important Denpa. Same note as the Mobilize All.

    BlizzardIc AoE that has the chance to cast Freeze on each Denpa on the opponent's team

    ~NOTE: Can chip away life and potentially stun the opponent's team.

    SupernovaLi AoE that has the chance to cast Blind on each Denpa on the opponent's team

    ~NOTE: Can chip away life and potentially stop some 0TK's. Li is the least resisted AoE generally.

    1 Billion VoltsEl AoE that has the Chance to cast Shock on each Denpa on the opponent's team

    ~NOTE: Can leave a big dent on Silver Skin/Robot Denpas which would otherwise absorb attacks.


    The main strategy to success in the Coliseum comes from gaining an understanding for the meta and how to successfully counter or overcome it. In order to be able to understand the meta, you will need to understand how team construction works. This guide will break down team construction and strategy into 3 steps. Take note though, this part of the guide assumes that the opponent's team is well organized.

    The Denpas:

    Before you focus on any equipment, you need to organize your team and build a proper balance between each of the categories of Denpas in your team:

    • Stunners: Denpas with AP's or Equipment that prevent opposing Denpas from making any move. You can potentially cripple an opponent's team by stunning an important Buffer, Curer, AoE Hitter, or group of Sweepers on their team. Paralyze (All) and Lullaby (All) are the two stunners in the game. Pseudo Stunners include Blizzard and Supernova. Charm can stun too, but it will be covered in the next step.
    • Buffers: Denpas with AP's the increase the stats of other Denpas on your team or grant them special status conditions. The purpose of these Denpas is to allow certain Denpas on your team to overcome stats on an opponent's team that would prevent you from gaining speed priority, 0TK'ing, or preventing an 0TK. Great Haste (All) and Great Rage (All) are examples of some of these.
    • Curers: Denpas with AP's that restore Denpas in certain states, such as Faint, Paralysis, and Sleep. The purpose of these Denpas is to prevent your team from being crippled by your opponent's Sweepers and Stunners. Revive (All) and Mobilize (All) are examples of some of these.
    • Sweepers: Denpas with high enough Attack stats to eliminate a Denpa with one hit. These will be your main method of sweeping, due to their reliability and ability to instantly eliminate important Denpas on the opposing team. Generally, Denpas without an AP have the highest attack, but certain Denpas such as Revive (All) have enough Attack to qualify as a Sweeper under the right grounds.
    • AoE Hitters: Denpas with Elemental AoE (Area of Effect: Hits every Denpa on the opponent's team) AP's. These Denpas shouldn't be your main method of eliminating Denpas on your opponent's team, but are good for chipping opposing Denpas who have barely survived an attack. Certain AoE Hitters such as Blizzard and Supernova can qualify as pseudo stunners, while all other AoE hitters can qualify as pseudo debuffers.
    • Debuffers: Denpas with AP's that reduce the stats of other Denpas on your opponent's team or cause status conditions that carry a negative impact on the opponent's team. For the sake of completeness in this guide, they've been mentioned, but their inconsistency makes them undesired on many teams. Simply just use either stunners or buffers if you want a better outcome on your team. Great Chain (All) and Fatal (All) are examples of some of these. Downburst and Island Destroyer are some examples of AP's that can qualify as pseudo debuffers.
    Balancing The Denpas:

    Forming a good balance between each of the listed categories is essential to building a good team. Your team should have a proper mix between Stunners, Buffers, Curers, and Sweepers if you want to form a good team. You can throw in an AoE Hitter if you want if you enjoy living life to the extreme ;). Your team should be able to put a dent in the opponent's team, prevent comebacks, and prevent being crippled by the opponent's team.

    • Example of Good Team Organization:
    HeroRevive (All) x2Normal x2Paralyze (All)Great Haste (All)Great Rage (All)

    This team has a proper balance between the categories of Denpas. Great Haste (All) and Great Rage (All) give potential speed priority and 0TK'ing, Paralyze (All) can potentially stun important Denpas on your opponent's team, Revive (All)'s can revive important downed allies that were 0TK'ed, and 5 Sweepers, including the Revive (All)'s because of Great Rage (All) is enough to leave a dent on the opponent's team.

    • Example of Bad Team Organization:
    HeroNormal x7

    This team does not have a proper balance between the categories of Denpas, and will be crippled by teams which have a proper balance between the categories of Denpas. Even if all the Denpas on this horribly organized team had Natural, they would still get crippled. First, a Great Haste (All) and a Great Rage (All) would give the well balanced team speed priority, so after the 0TK, the bad team is stuck with three Sweepers. Even if all 3 of the Curers are killed on the well balanced team, the well balanced team could use another Great Haste (All) and another Great Rage (All) and finish the fight with the two sweepers and the Paralyze (All). While the Paralyze (All) isn't a Sweeper, maxing out an "Attack Buff" to +5 via Great Rage (All) gives any Denpa the ability to become a Sweeper.

    The Equipment:

    The equipment you put on each Denpa on your team should be in order to help dish out your strategy more effectively and to defend against certain threats that would otherwise cripple your team. You should analyze what areas you want each Denpa to be more effective in, and equip items based on such interests. For example, just because Legendary Sword is a fantastic item that can help ensure an 0TK doesn't mean you're going to want to equip it to every single Denpa on your team. Setters and Stunners, who can't naturally 0TK won't make much use of Legendary Sword, and would be better off equipped with Rocket Engine, so they have enough speed to buff the entire team before they are stunned or 0TK'ed. Normal Denpas generally don't have enough speed to overcome opposing teams, so you may want to consider giving them a Silver Skin/Robot/Monster Legs equipment combo, so they can absorb attacks and strike back with an 0TK. Great Rage (All) will be useless if your Sweepers have higher speed, because the Sweepers will not be able to take advantage of the attack buff until the next turn, so make sure your Great Rage (All) has more speed than your Sweepers. Equipment effects such as Charm and Pierce can help stun teams and break Reflect walls.

    Mean Speed:

    This is probably one of the most important things to consider when equipping items to your Denpas: Speed on the Sweepers is only important if they can overcome the speed of other Sweepers. Because this game is meta oriented, you're going to have to make a prediction of the mean speed that most sweepers on other teams have. Most well balanced teams' sweepers have a mean speed of 530, but that prediction is subject to change depending on changes in the meta. If your Sweepers can not top the predicted mean speed, then you should be focusing your equipment on 0TK'ing or preventing 0TK's instead of trying to top a speed that you can not top anyway. Great Haste (All) may be able to help you top the predicted mean speed.

    The Meta:

    Just because your team is well balanced and has equipment that works well with your team does not mean your victory will be ensured. Because this game is meta oriented, hax or other specific teams may be able to trump your team. After you playtest your team, if you have lost, you should be studying off that loss and attempting to understand the flaw in your team that made you lose, then adjusting your team to accommodate for that flaw. Theoretically, if a team existed that could not be beaten, then the game would be broken. Hopefully, it isn't.

    Extra Notes:

    Hopefully this guide helps you construct a good team for the Coliseum. Extra help will be available on The Denpa Men page on Facebook and the Answers/Board section of Gamefaqs. Fruit Farming will be covered eventually... though it should be noted your gear is more important than your base stats, so don't bother focusing on Fruit if you don't have the gear to keep up.