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    Equipment Stats Guide by Chaosmaster00

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    Equip NameEffect 1Effect 2Rarity Level (1* - 7*)
    • Rarity Level is listed due to its importance in Recycling; if you place three different items in the Recycling Jar (in Fairy Forest) of the same level, the item you will get in return will be of the same level OR HIGHER, however, you cannot get 7* items without putting in 7* items. The benefit to Recycling is that, while it can be costly to do often, the rewards can outweigh the costs, as you CAN get items normally only obtained once/from very rare enemy drops just by using common equips/items of high enough rank.

    Equip Effects Legend

    • Note: All multiplier effects are multiplication, not addition, so remember to check your modifiers! Two x1.5 modifiers for the same effect multiply to become a total modifier of x2.25, two x1.3 modifiers become a total modifier of x1.69, etc.
    Effect NameDescription of effect
    Extra GoldMultiplies Gold acquired from battles; max multiplier is x20
    Experience UpMultiplies EXP acquired for the equipped Denpa (does not affect the whole party); max multiplier is x10 per Denpa
    Drop Rate UpIncreases the rate that common items drop from defeated foes; max multiplier is x5
    Rare Drop UpIncreases the rate that enemies will drop their Rare items when defeated; max multiplier is x10
    Ultra Rare UpIncreases the rate that enemies will drop their Ultra Rare items when defeated; max multiplier is x50
    Damage UpDirectly multiplies your physical damage dealt by the same amount as the modifier.
    Critical Rate UpCauses your ratio of Critical Hits to regular physical attacks when using normal attacks to become the ratio the equip gives; this effect does not stack, and only the highest increase counts.
    HP / AP AutoHeals a percent of the equipped Denpa's Max HP / AP (respectively) equal to the value of your "HP Auto" / "AP Auto" stat every turn in battle; you will also recover 1 HP / AP every second you walk in dungeons, towns, or the overworld.
    Save APCauses the equipped Denpa's skills to reduce in AP cost to an amount of the total multiplier of the effects; the maximum decrease in AP cost is 50%.
    GhostbusterAllows physical attacks to do regular damage to Ghost-type enemies.
    SharpPrevents your physical attacks from missing your target (except when Excited); you will still only deal 1 damage to Ghost foes if you do not have Ghostbuster effect, and you cannot land a Critical Hit on Ghost-types either without Ghostbuster.
    TargetCauses foes to focus on attacking the effected Denpa over other Denpa in your party.
    PierceAllows your attacks (physical and magical) to bypass any enemy buffs, such as Guard Shield, Reflect, or any other such barriers.
    No Floor DamagePrevents the effects of poisoned floors from dealing damage to the equipped Denpa.
    FloatPrevents the wielder from taking damage from floor traps and poisons, and prevents them from being damaged by ground-based attacks.
    Extra AttackAllows the equipped Denpa to make an immediate follow-up physical attack on the same target that they used a physical attack on that turn, even if the attack prior would have dropped the target's HP to 0; can be stacked additively to a maximum of two extra attacks.
    CharmSometimes causes foes to lose a turn instead of their normal move by being mesmerized by the equipped Denpa; chances of being Charmed are greater the more Denpa who have it in your party (and are still alive).
    ReflectCauses enemy magic attacks to hurt the caster rather than the targetted Denpa.
    HardenCauses the equipped Denpa to get a Def +1 buff each time they are targetted by an attack, to a maximum of +5.
    AccelerateCauses the equipped Denpa to get a Speed +1 buff at the end of each turn, to a maximum of +5.
    ExcitedCauses the Denpa to always deal Critical Hits, but halves their accuracy; accuracy is not affected by the Sharp effect.
    (Element) DefIncreases your resistance to the applicable elemental damage types, reducing the damage you take from them; the max Def to any element is +9.
    All Element DefIncreases your resistance to all element types.
    (Status) DefLowers the chances that the equipped Denpa will become afflicted by the appropriate ailment; the max resistance to any ailment is +9.
    All DefIncreases your resistance to all ailments.
    Defense Down DefLowers the chances that your Def will be decreased by foes' abilities.
    Stat increase (HP, AP, Attack, etc.)Increases the appropriate stat(s) by an equal amount on the equipped Denpa; Evade will not exceed 50, however.
    RunIncreases the rate of success of running from foes by an amount equal in percent to the total percent all Denpa in the party have from this effect.
    (Element) AttackAdds the type of element to your physical attacks, causing your regular attacks to be affected by the foes' weaknesses and resistances to the equipped element; equipped Arm Gears' elemental attack type will supercede any other gear type's attack element addition (such as Sun's Light Attack effect being overridden by wearing Dark Glove to gain Dark Attack effect, etc.).
    +(Status Ailment)Causes your regular attacks to occasionally inflict the ailment granted by the equipped gear; Arm Gear effects will always supercede the effects granted by other gear types.
    Fixed DamageCauses your physical attack damage to always inflict a specific value; Damage 4 Gloves cause your damage to become 4's, and Octopus Arms cause your damage to become 8's.


    • All gear will be listed in their order from the Museum.

    1. Head Gear [HG]

    Wakeup ScarfSleep Def +1-1*
    Vision Scarf Blind Def +1Evade +21*
    Shockproof Scarf Paralyzed Def +1-1*
    Bib Def +3-1*
    Antidote ScarfPoison Def +1-1*
    Spiked ChokerDefense +5-1*
    Heart ChokerMax HP +10-1*
    Rose ChokerMax AP +10-1*
    Trusty BellGhostbuster-2*
    Wakeup RibbonSleep Def +2-2*
    Vision RibbonBlind Def +2Evade +32*
    Shockproof RibbonParalyzed Def +2-2*
    Darkness AmuletDark Drf +1Curse Def +12*
    Fire AmuletFire Def +1Burn Def +12*
    Light AmuletLight Def +1Blind Def +12*
    Water AmuletWater Def +1Soaked Def +12*
    Electric AmuletElectricity Def +1Shock Def +12*
    Earth AmuletEarth Def +1Muddy Def +12*
    Ice AmuletIce Def +1Frozen Def +12*
    Wind AmuletWind Def +1Sniffles Def +12*
    Antifrost RibbonFrozen Def +2-2*
    Heatproof RibbonBurn Def +2-2*
    Antidote RibbonPoison Def +2-2*
    Christmas CorsageEvade +3-3*
    Detachable CollarCritical Rate Up 4/32-3*
    Halloween RibbonSpeed +8Dark Def +23*
    Frostproof ScarfFrozen Def +3-3*
    Immunity ScarfSniffles Def +3-3*
    Rubber ScarfShock Def +3-3*
    Mudguard ScarfMuddy Def +3-3*
    Waterproof ScarfSoaked Def +3-3*
    Heatproof ScarfBurn Def +3-3*
    Holy ScarfCurse Def +3-3*
    Mystery ScarfAll Def +1-4*
    Unwavering RibbonCharm Def +4Ghostbuster4*
    Healing RibbonHP Auto 10-4*
    Lucky CharmExperience Up x1.2Sharp4*
    Unwavering ScarfCharm Def +2-5*
    Rearview MirrorRun +5%-5*
    Mystery RibbonAll Def +2-5*
    Lucky StarRare Drop Up x1.2Speed +105*
    Healing ScarfHP Auto 15-5*
    Golden ChokerExtra Gold x1.2-5*
    Heart NecklaceMax HP +100-6*
    Fortune CharmUltra Rare Up x2-6*
    Lucky Charm+Experience Up x1.5-6*
    Noble ScarfExtra Gold x1.5Speed +156*
    Gold PendantExtra Gold x2-7*
    Secret StarUltra Rare Up x4-7*
    Knitted ScarfAP Auto 15-7*

    2. Back Gear [BG]

    FanFire Def +1-1*
    Red CapeDefense +5Fire Def +21*
    CarrotHP Auto 3Poison Def +11*
    LollypopHP Auto 5-2*
    Swimming RingWater Def +1Rare Drop Up x1.32*
    Bushy TailIce Def +1Frozen Def +12*
    Flexible TailSpeed +10Evade +32*
    Protect CapeDefense +9-2*
    Evade CapeEvade +3-3*
    Stuffed ToyHP Auto 5-3*
    Speed CapeSpeed +15-3*
    Tough ShellDefense +30Charm Def +13*
    Life CapeMax HP +20-3*
    Will-o'-the-wispEvade +5Ghostbuster3*
    Toy SwordAttack +9-3*
    Round TailDefense +25-3*
    Porcelain BottleAP Auto 3-3*
    AnchorAttack +11Water Attack3*
    Thunder DrumCritical Rate Up 6/32Electric Attack3*
    Bunny TailDefense +27-3*
    Oink TailDefense +15Charm Def +44*
    BoneDefense +10Pierce4*
    Toy HammerGhostbusterPierce4*
    Cupid BowPierceGhostbuster4*
    Plump TailDefense +55-4*
    PouchDrop Rate Up x1.2-4*
    Bug WingsFloatEvade +54*
    GuitarAttack +30-4*
    Mushroom BasketRare Drop Up x1.2-4*
    Magic WandSave Ap 90%-5*
    WrapperRare Drop Up x1.2-5*
    Rocket EngineAccelerateSpeed +405*
    BackpackMax AP +15Experience Up x1.25*
    Feather PenMax AP +25Extra Gold x1.15*
    Guard SushiDefense +30-5*
    Fallen Angel WingsSudden Death Def +2-5*
    Baby RingExperience Up x1.5-5*
    Fairy WingsFloatAP Auto 55*
    Dark WingsSudden Death Def +3-5*
    SurfboardWater Def +3Soaked Def +36*
    Vampire CapeAll Def +2-6*
    Bat WingsFloatSpeed +306*
    ShieldReflectFire Def +36*
    Butterfly WingsFloatEvade +106*
    Huge KeyUltra Rare Up x2.5-6*
    Animal TailAll Element Def +2Defense +506*
    Power SushiAttack +30Max HP +106*
    Royal CapeHP Auto 10AP Auto 106*
    Hero CapeFloatExtra Gold x27*
    Demon Tail+Down-7*
    Guard Sushi+Defense +50-7*
    Dragon WingsFloatAttack +407*
    Cape of WisdomSave AP 66%-7*
    Monster TailAll Def +3Max HP +1007*
    Lucky KittyExtra Gold x3-7*
    Holy WingsExtra AttackHP Auto 207*
    Legendary SwordCritical Rate Up 24/32-7*
    Daruma DollExperience Up x2.5-7*
    Power Sushi+Attack +60Max HP +107*
    Magic BroomMax AP +100Save AP 55%7*
    Secret ScrollEvade +30Save AP 50% (Max)7*
    Throwing StarsEvade +30Attack +357*

    3. Arm Gear [AG]

    Cheap WatchAttack +3Charm Def +11*
    Kitchen MittensFire Def +1Burn Def +12*
    Fire BraceletFire Attack-2*
    Water BraceletWater Attack-2*
    Earth BraceletEarth Attack-2*
    Wind BraceletWind Attack-2*
    Ice BraceletIce Attack-2*
    Light BraceletLight Attack-2*
    Webbed GlovesWater AttackAttack +52*
    Shock BraceletElectric Attack-2*
    Dark BraceletDark Attack-2*
    Power BraceletAttack +7-2*
    Knitted MittensAttack +5HP Auto +52*
    White Dress GlovesDefense +8Light Attack3*
    Black Dress GlovesDefense +8Dark Attack3*
    Fire GlovesFire AttackAttack +163*
    Water GlovesWater AttackAttack +163*
    Earth GlovesEarth AttackAttack +163*
    Wind GlovesWind AttackAttack +163*
    Ice GlovesIce AttackAttack +163*
    Light GlovesLight AttackAttack +163*
    Shock GlovesElectric AttackAttack +163*
    Rubber GlovesShock Def +2Poison Def +24*
    Sharp Claws+PoisonAttack +114*
    Frilly SleevesSave AP 90%-4*
    Waterproof WatchAttack +16Water Def +24*
    White Pads+ParalyzeAttack +194*
    Black Pads+SleepAttack +194*
    Dark GlovesDark AttackAttack +284*
    Leather GlovesCritical Rate Up 3/32Sharp5*
    Damage 4 GlovesFixed Damge (4)Pierce5*
    Razorsharp Claws+FatalAttack +305*
    Power GlovesAttack +55Pierce5*
    Noble SleevesAttack +25Charm Def +25*
    Noble GlovesAttack +40Max AP +155*
    Halloween GlovesDrop Rate Up x1.3Rare Drop Up x1.36*
    Critical BraceletCritical Rate Up 16/32Pierce6*
    Octopus ArmsFixed Damage (8)Sharp6*
    Christmas GlovesRare Drop Up x2Ultra Rare Up x57*
    Fancy WatchPierceDamage Up x37*
    Drill Hands+Instant DeathAttack +507*

    4. Leg / Feet Gear [LF]

    Speed AnkletSpeed +4-1*
    Fluffy BootsIce Def +1-1*
    Speed ShoesSpeed +8-1*
    Camouflage BootsEvade +3-1*
    Straw SandalsSpeed +6-1*
    Leather ShoesSpeed +6Defense +52*
    White PawsEvade +3Light Def +13*
    Black PawsEvade +3Dark Def +13*
    Pointy ShoesAccelerateMax AP +103*
    Speed BootsSpeed +8-3*
    Kung Fu ShoesSpeed +12Attack +154*
    Rain BootsSpeed +8Water Def +24*
    Forest BootsSpeed +8Wind Def +24*
    Mountain BootsSpeed +8Earth Def +24*
    FlippersSpeed +10Water Attack4*
    Happy AnkletExperience Up x1.2-4*
    Safety ShoesNo Floor DamageCharm Def +25*
    Heal BootsHP Auto 10-5*
    Halloween BootsRare Drop Up x1.3Speed +106*
    Lucky AnkletRare Drop Up x1.3Run +3%6*
    Ice SkatesSpeed +45Frozen Def +36*
    Ballet ShoesEvade +10Charm6*
    Lucky BootsUltra Rare Up x2-6*
    Octopus TentaclesSpeed +25Water Attack6*
    Dress ShoesUltra Rare Up x1.5Charm6*
    Christmas BootsSpeed +60Ultra Rare Up x36*
    Magic BootsAP Auto 12Ultra Rare Up x1.16*
    Roller SkatesRun +30%Speed +707*
    Monster LegsAll Def +5All Element Def +57*

    5. Body / Clothes [BC]

    StripesDefense +3-1*
    BordersDefense +3-1*
    TricolorDefense +3-1*
    CheckersDefense +3-1*
    HoundstoothDefense +3Evade + 11*
    ArgyleDefense +3Drop Rate Up x1.51*
    GinghamDefense +6-2*
    TilesDefense +6-2*
    TartanDefense +6-2*
    Blue BirdDefense +6-2*
    BrambleDefense +6Charm Def +12*
    ChocolateDefense +6-2*
    BiscuitsDefense +6-2*
    DenimDefense +6-2*
    ZipperDefense +6-2*
    Stuffed ToyDefense +6-2*
    Fish BoneDefense +6-2*
    Fish PrintDefense +6-2*
    Fawn PrintDefense +6-2*
    ArrowsDefense +6-2*
    JellybeansDefense +6-2*
    ButtonsDefense +6-2*
    Polka DotsDefense +6-2*
    Fir TreeDefense +9-3*
    CobwebDefense +9-3*
    SoccerDefense +9Paralyzed Def +13*
    BaseballDefense +9Muddy Def +13*
    GiraffeDefense +12-3*
    FishDefense +8Soaked Def +23*
    Flower LineDefense +12-3*
    Star DustDefense +12-3*
    BlossomsDefense +12-3*
    ReptileDefense +12Accelerate3*
    AlohaDefense +9Charm Def +13*
    FireworksDefense +9-3*
    ReindeerDefense +9-3*
    MapleDefense +12Wind Def +13*
    CamouflageDefense +9Evade +33*
    ButterfliesDefense +9Evade +33*
    LeavesDefense +9Wind Def +13*
    Melon PrintDefense +9-3*
    Lemon PrintDefense +9-3*
    Pepper PrintDefense +9-3*
    Persimmon PrintDefense +9-3*
    Bitter Gourd PrintDefense +9-3*
    AngelDefense +12Light Attack3*
    SkullsDefense +9Dark Def +13*
    PuzzleDefense +12Max AP +303*
    TargetDefense +20Target3*
    Grape PrintDefense +12Rare Drop Up x1.13*
    Rose PrintDefense +9Charm Def +44*
    Gerbera PrintDefense +9-4*
    Pansy PrintDefense +9-4*
    Hydrangea PrintDefense +9-4*
    FlamesDefense +9Fire Def +24*
    WaterDefense +9Water Def +24*
    WindDefense +9Wind Def +24*
    EarthDefense +9Earth Def +24*
    IceDefense +9Ice Def +24*
    ElectricityDefense +9Electricity Def +24*
    LightDefense +9Light Def +24*
    DarknessDefense +9Dark Def +24*
    Lily PrintDefense +9Critical Rate Up 2/324*
    Dart BoardDefense +13Sharp4*
    TigerDefense +12Damage Up x1.24*
    ZebraDefense +12Speed +54*
    CrescentDefense +9Ghostbuster4*
    Starry SkyDefense +9Drop Rate Up x1.54*
    DemonDefense +36Ghostbuster4*
    Life PrintDefense +9Max HP +305*
    Power PrintDefense +9Attack +145*
    Stamina PrintDefense +18Defense Down Def +15*
    Speed PrintDefense +9Speed +125*
    AP PrintDefense +9Max AP +155*
    PumpkinDefense +9Charm Def +15*
    CowDefense +24Sniffles Def +25*
    CloversDefense +12Rare Drop Up x1.25*
    OrnamentDefense +30Water Def +25*
    HeartsDefense +15HP Auto 155*
    ClubsDefense +9Drop Rate Up x25*
    LeopardDefense +22Speed +305*
    Snow LeopardDefense +12Ice Def +35*
    WavesDefense +15Soaked Def +35*
    TemptationUltra Rare Up x2Charm6*
    Water PillarWater Def +3Soaked Def +16*
    Snow CrystalsReflectIce Def +26*
    ScalesDefense +33Harden6*
    DiamondsDefense +35Harden6*
    FlowersDefense +20Charm7*
    Incisor PrintHardenExperience Up x27*
    RobotDefense +100Extra Attack7*
    SunHP Auto 30Light Attack7*
    SpadesExperience Up x2Attack +507*
    DMax HP +200Float7*
    Love+Instant DeathSudden Death Def +37*
    NaturalSpeed +200All Def +57*
    Dwarf PrintExtra AttackRare Drop Up x27*
    First DwarfExtra Gold x2Ultra Rare Up x27*
    That Cute GirlCharmExcite7*
    StarsExtra Gold x4Charm Def +27*
    Number 1Experience Up x5Ultra Rare Up x57*

    6. Coliseum Top Tier Gear [CTT]

    Just a list of the gear you are most likely to see online when fighting high-ranking parties; don't be surprised when you see people all wearing the same things!

    (Note: none of these are in any particular order, any of these can be found among any party member in any arrangement)

    Lucky CharmLegendary SwordFancy WatchMonster LegsNatural
    Unwavering RibbonHoly WingsDrill HandsRoller SkatesRobot
    Knitted ScarfSecret ScrollCritical BraceletChristmas BootsDwarf Print
    Mystery RibbonShieldRazorsharp ClawsBallet ShoesFlowers
    NecktieRocket EngineWhite/Black PadsDress ShoesTemptation
    Healing ScarfThunder DrumKnitted MittensPointy ShoesSnow Crystals

    There are many others you'll see, I'm sure, but you'll tend to see these items the most online, especially the ones near the top.

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