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    Enemy Drop List by finaleus

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    * = Rare Drop
    *** = Ultra Rare Drop

    Bold = Need to grind for; can't be bought or found in a chest.

    Italicized = Fruit/Item for feeding grounds.

    ??? = Currently unknown. If you have it, fill it in

    - = No additional drops

    =----= Press Ctrl+F to find the enemy/item you're looking for. Or click the following link if you just want the list of exclusive drops you need for completion:

    Exclusive Drops

    World Map (Start)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Moldy PuffPansy Seed (Yellow)Pansy Seed (Light Blue)Baseball *
    ZondorPansy Seed (Red)Pansy Seed (Blue)Soccer *

    Mountain Cave

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Moldy PuffPansy Seed (Yellow)Pansy Seed (Light Blue)Baseball *
    Coin CatPotionRed CapePouch *
    DrywoodPansy Seeds (Black)Revive PotionImmunity Scarf *
    Ook (BOSS)Monkey EmblemPansy Seed (Green)Pansy Seed (Pink) *

    Cave of Darkness 0

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Moldy PuffPansy Seed (Yellow)Pansy Seed (Light Blue)Baseball *
    Coin CatPotionRed CapePouch *

    World Map (North of Mt Cave)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Leaf HogBitter Gourd SeedAntenna PowerBitter Gourd Print *
    Red FlapperPepper SeedGerbera Seed (Red)Pepper Print *
    ShockmusherMelon SeedMelon Print *Mushroom Basket *
    Cactus ClawPersimmon SeedRevive PotionPersimmon Print *

    Feeding Grounds (North of Prison)

    Spawn PlantDrop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Caterpillar(Flower Seeds)Lemon SeedPansy Seed (Pink)Lemon Print *
    Red Flapper(Flowers)Pepper SeedGerbera Seed (Red)Pepper Print *
    Land Crab(Melon)Rainy WeekRainy MonthFish Print *
    Oink Rabbit(Lemon)Antenna PowerArgyle *Oink Tail *
    Corn Critter(Pepper)Pansy Seed (Yellow)Pansy Seed (White)Arrows *
    Hydraplant(Persimmon)Pansy Seed (Green)Pansy Seed (Purple)Leaves *
    Ook(Bitter Gourd)Monkey EmblemPansy Seed (Green)Pansy Seed (Pink)*
    Ice Bird(Stat Fruit)Pansy Seed (Silver)Pansy Seed (Gold)Stars ***
    Molar(Grape Seed)Divine BaitPink Paint ***Secret Star ***
    King Ook (BOSS)(Lemon)Steel KeyKing Monkey EmblemLemon Seed

    World Map (Angler Dwelling-Ocean Cave)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Buzz PuffGerbera Seed (Yellow)Gerbera Seed (Green)Healing Scarf *
    Buzz BirdGerbera Seed (Orange)Gerbera Seed (Red)Rubber Scarf *
    Thunder BeeGerbera Seed (Blue)Gerbera Seed (Light Blue)Bug Wings *
    Thunder GolemGerbera Seed (Purple)Gerbera Seed (Silver)Gerbera Seed (Gold)

    Cave of Darkness 1

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Box Boy (chest)Potion SFortune Charm ***Fancy Watch ***
    Golden HamOink TailPansy Seed (Gold)Rose Seed (Gold)*
    Dark MeowGerbera Seed (Purple)Gerbera Seed (Silver)Wrapper *
    IncisorRose Seeds (Silver)Grape SeedsIncisor Print ***
    Knight (BOSS)Knight 1 EmblemLamp Charge 60

    Ocean Tunnel

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Sea SlugDe-soakerBarramundi BaitWaterproof Watch *
    Bubble FrogDeparalyzeGoldfish BaitFlippers *
    Aqua BoarAntenna Power+Dream BaitDamage 4 Gloves *
    Poison RayAntidoteSea Bream BaitSharp Claws *
    Box Boy (Chest)Potion SFortune Charm ***Fancy Watch ***
    Hammer Angler (BOSS)Hammer Emblem

    Ocean Tunnel (Digitoll)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Fang BatPotion+Pointy Shoes *Bat Wings *
    Oink Rabbit (Lemon Seed)Antenna PowerArgyle *Oink Tail *
    Demon TrunkPotion SClovers *Halloween Gloves ***
    Wolfbear (BOSS)Wolfbear Emblem

    World Map (Digitoll)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    VenomusherAntidoteLife Seed*Mushroom Basket *
    Fried CornAntenna Power+AP Seed*AP Print *
    Wind BugSpeed Seed*Power Seed*Feather Pen *
    Ice BirdPansy Seed (Silver)Pansy Seed (Gold)Stars ***

    Tower of Evil

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Blood BatPurifierRose Seed (Purple)Porcelain Bottle *
    Dark DragonBurn CreamRose Seed (Purple)Christmas Gloves ***
    Aqua ScorpionEyewashRose Seed (Light Blue)Grape Seeds *
    GhostSmokescreenRose Seed (Purple)Skulls *
    Fire OokPotion+Rose Seed (Red)Rose Print *
    GolemTeleporterRose Seed (White)Angel *
    King of Evil (Boss)Dark Emblem


    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Ocean HorsePotion +Red Mullet BaitStarry Sky *
    Poison SlugSea Bream BaitAntenna Power+Will-o'-the-Wisp *
    Pink HamPiranha BaitFull Potion SWhite Pads ***
    Sea DragonDivine BaitDe-SoakerTough Shell *
    Junior AnglerPotion SBaby Ring ***

    World Map (Horti Kalcha)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    ShockmusherMelon SeedMelon Print *Mushroom Basket *
    Cactus ClawPersimmon SeedRevive PotionPersimmon Print *
    HydratrunkNormal BaitTurbo SproutRainy Month

    Feeding Grounds 2 (Horti Kalcha)

    Spawn ItemDrop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Killer Bee(F.Seeds/Persim)Normal BaitBitterling BaitFlexible Tail *
    Gold Flapper(Flowers)Pepper SeedRed Mullet BaitNoble Gloves *
    Axe Demon(Melon)Normal BaitKoi BaitLucky Star *
    Dragonbug(Lemon)Rainy MonthTurbo SproutEternal Rain
    Drop Toad(Pepper)Piranha BaitLollipop *Reptile *
    Ground Hog(Bitter Gourd)Normal BaitGoldfish BaitCarrot *
    Octolich(Stat Fruit)Normal BaitBarramundi BaitLily Seed (White)
    Golden Fang(Grapes)Fossil BaitGold Paint ***Throwing Stars ***

    World Map (Tuhot Village)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Big BeakRevive PotionHydrangea Seed (Red)Holy Wings ***
    BerserkerBurn CreamHydrangea Seed (Red)-


    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Cat BurglarDepolarizerHydrangea Seed (Yellow)Lucky Cat ***
    Thunder MistSmokescreenHydrangea Seed (Yellow)Clubs *
    Thunder ApeRevive PotionHydrangea Seed (Yellow)Unwavering Scarf *
    Rattle HagDepolarizerDress Shoes ***Love ***
    Rock FurTeleporterHydrangea Seed (Orange)Leopard ***
    Power KnightBarramundi BaitHydrangea Seed (Orange)Power Print *
    HydramelonRose Seed (Orange)Hydrangea Seed (Orange)Hydrangea Print *
    Mummox (BOSS)Golden KeyOx Emblem
    Rook/Queen/King (BOSS)Guardian EmblemLamp Extension

    Grand Volcano

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Fire HogPotion +Potion SPumpkin ***
    SalamanderAntenna PowerRevive Potion SNoble Sleeves ***
    Fire MistRevive PotionAntennae Power+White Pads ***
    Death EagleBurn CreamFull Potion SVampire Cape ***
    ElephireFull PotionFull AntennaSafety Boots ***
    OctorushDe-SoakerWater GlovesMonster Feet ***
    Pawn (BOSS)Flame Emblem

    Scorch Volcano

    Drop 1Drop 2
    True PawnPawn Emblem-
    Ultra PawnUltra Pawn Emblem-
    Divine PawnCrimson EmblemLamp Extension

    Ocean (Darker)

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Steel AnglerTrusty BellWater Gloves *Shield *
    Dark MistDemon *Dark Gloves *Unwavering Ribbon *
    Green HamMapleWind Gloves *Forest Boots *
    OctopiderWaves*Octopus Tentacles *Octopus Arms ***
    Thunder PuffDepolarizerBitterling BaitKung-Fu Shoes ***
    Shock RayFossil BaitSurfboard ***Razorsharp Claws ***
    Drill AnglerHot DrinkRed Mullet BaitAnimal Tail **

    Cave of Darkness 2

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Thunder PuffDepolarizerBitterling BaitKung-Fu Shoes ***
    Magic BoxFull Potion SGolden Choker *Gold Pendant ***
    Golden HamOink TailPansy Seed (Gold)Rose Seed (Gold)*
    MolarDivine BaitPink Paint ***Secret Star ***
    Dark Knight (BOSS)Knight 2 EmblemRevive Potion SLamp Extension *

    Water Temple

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    DreammusherAlarm ClockGerbera Print *Clovers *
    Doom BeeDeparalyzePansy Print *Bug Wings *
    Air DragonFull PotionSpeed Print *Bat Wings ***
    Blue FlapperLily Print *Butterfly Wings ***Lucky Charm ***
    Aqua MistDe-SoakerZebra *Cow *
    Poison CrabAntidoteStamina Print *Guard Sushi *
    EleflowRefresherRain Boots *Heal Boots ***
    Aqua GolemGuard Sushi+ *Waterproof Watch *Water Pillar ***
    Sepia Knight (BOSS)Water Emblem-
    Octopaladin (BOSS)Fencer EmblemLamp Extension


    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    MinidragonFull PotionOrnament *Dragon Wings ***
    Monkey MagePurifierPuzzle *Magic Broom ***
    Dark HornAntenna Power+Leather Gloves *Tiger ***
    General SquidBarrierLeopard *Rocket Engine ***
    Moss DemonHypergasCow *Power Sushi ***
    Lady Viper (BOSS)Wind Emblem

    Ice Island

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Frozen SlugFull PotionSnow Leopard *Snow Crystals ***
    GoblinHot DrinkRed Paint *Critical Bracelet ***
    Ice ScorpionAntenna Power+Blue Paint *Orange Paint *
    Freeze BoarFull PotionLight Blue Paint *Rearview Mirror *
    Ice DragonHot DrinkNecktie *Cape of Wisdom ***
    Captain SquidAntenna Power+Green Paint *Legendary Sword ***
    White BearBarrierYellow Paint *Lucky Anklet ***
    MolarDivine BaitPink Paint ***Secret Star ***
    Ice Demon (BOSS)Frost Emblem

    Evil Cave

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Magic BoxFull Potion SGolden Choker *Gold Pendant ***
    DarkwoodFull PotionEternal RainGold Chems ***
    Dark GhostPurifierPurple Chems ***Dark Wings ***
    Magic MonkeyFull AntennaGreen ChemsD ***
    Dark BearFull PotionYellow Chems *Silver Chems ***
    ElephogPurifierBlack ChemsPink Chems ***
    Torch GhostBurn CreamRed Chems *First Dwarf ***
    Sleep RayAlarm ClockAncient BaitBlue Chems *
    Frost FurHot DrinkLight Blue Chems *Lucky Boots ***
    Kingmusher (BOSS)Mushroom Emblem
    Ifrit (BOSS)Ifrit Emblem
    Demon (BOSS)Demon Emblem
    Ice Golem (BOSS)Golem Emblem

    Feeding Grounds 3 (Evil Cave)

    Spawn ItemDrop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Ice Worm(Flower Seeds)Full PotionWhite Chems *Ballet Shoes *
    Zombie Hag(Flowers/Persimmon)AlohaHalloween Boots *Noble Scarf *
    Rock Crab(Melon)Sharp Claws *Swimming Ring *Scythe ***
    Bolfwear(Lemon)Battle TicketDream BaitLife Print *
    Torch Ghost(Pepper)Burn CreamRed Chems *First Dwarf ***
    Thunder Fur(Bitter Gourd)Electric AmuletRubber GlovesChristmas Boots *
    Octoceleb(Stat Fruit)Unwavering RibbonOctopus Tentacles *Octopus Arms ***
    Thunder Dragon(Grapes)Thunder Drum *Happy Anklet ***Monster Feet ***

    Cave of Darkness 3

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Ice Bug (Outside)Rose Seeds (Silver)Full AntennaKnitted Scarf ***
    Puss in LootLamp Charge 60 *Lamp Extension *Wrapper ***
    Golden FangFossil BaitGold Paint ***Throwing Stars ***
    Thrasher ChestFirst Dwarf ***Stars ***Spades ***
    Rotten MolarRevive Potion SBone *Lucky Charm+ ***
    Shine MistMonster Feet ***Hearts ***-
    Shiny DragonAncient BaitSilver Chems *Secret Star ***
    Last Knight (BOSS)Knight 3 EmblemNaturalLamp Extension *

    Palace Tower

    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Holy Dragon (BOSS)Dragon Emblem--
    Evil Witch (BOSS)Vault Card KeyRoom PartsPeace Emblem


    Drop 1Drop 2Drop 3
    Lava GhostLight GlovesLamp Charge 60 *Diamonds ***
    Rainbow MistFull Potion SFortune Charm ***Sun ***
    Black PigFull AntennaLamp Charge 60 *Secret Scroll ***
    ZonkieDetachable CollarDemon *Power Gloves ***
    Demon AnglerDivine BaitRobot ***Drill Hands ***
    Dark DragonFossil BaitLamp Extension ***Number One ***
    Rotten MolarRevive Potion SBone *Lucky Charm+ ***
    Demon Queen (BOSS)Friendship Emblem

    Oblivion Isle

    Drop 1Drop 2
    Master Oink (BOSS)Master EmblemLamp Extension

    Exclusive Drops

    These can't be obtained anywhere apart from the enemies themselves (with the exception of pre-equipped Denpas and green chests in the Caves of Darkness)

    BaseballMoldy PuffWorld Map
    SoccerZondorWorld Map
    Fish PrintLand CrabFeeding Grounds 1
    ArgyleOink RabbitFeeding Grounds 1/Digitoll Cave
    ArrowsCorn CritterFeeding Grounds
    Secret StarMolarFeeding Grounds 1
    Oink TailGolden HamCave of Darkness 1 and 2
    Incisor PrintIncisorCave of Darkness 1
    Bat WingsFang BatDigitol Cave
    Porcelain BottleBlood BatTower of Evil
    Christmas GlovesDark DragonTower of Evil
    Rose PrintFire OokTower of Evil
    AngelGolemTower of Evil
    Tough ShellSea DragonOcean
    Baby RingJunior AnglerOcean
    ReptileDrop ToadFeeding Grounds 2
    Throwing StarsGolden FangFeeding Grounds 2
    LoveRattle HagPyramid
    LeopardRock Fur, SquidPyramid, Afairyca
    Hydrangea PrintHydramelonPyramid
    DemonDark MistDark Ocean
    Forest BootsGreen HamDark Ocean
    Octopus TentaclesOctopiderDark Ocean
    Animal TailDrill AnglerDark Ocean
    CloversDreammusherWater Temple
    Gerbera PrintDreammusherWater Temple
    Pansy PrintDoom BeeWater Temple
    Speed PrintAir DragonWater Temple
    Butterfly WingsBlue FlapperWater Temple
    CowAqua MistWater Temple
    Stamina PrintPoison CrabWater Temple
    PuzzleMonkey MageAfairyca
    Power SushiMoss DemonAfairyca
    DMagic MonkeyEvil Cave
    Lucky BootsFrost FurEvil Cave
    Knitted ScarfIce BugCave of Darkness 3 (Outside)
    SpadesThrasher ChestCave of Darkness 3
    NaturalLast KnightCave of Darkness 3
    DiamondsLava GhostInferno