How do I evolve Pokemon that require evolutionary stones? (Eg.Lampent)

  1. I've already destroyed the bittercold, my starter and partner pokemon are fully
    evolved already. But I'm currently trying to evolve my Panpour and Lampent into Simipour and Chandelure respectively. I can't find any evolutionary stones to do so... Please help!

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    Erlude - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are two ways to go about getting Evolutionary stones.

    The lottery:
    When you play the lottery, every single item in the game has a chance of being a prize. If you have enough money you could simply spend a long long time pulling lottery tickets and eventually get a stone. The chances are slim, but they are there.

    The Beartic Hockey minigame:
    Beartic Hockey is an expensive building you can make in your paradise. Once you gather the materials and build the structure you can play Beartic's Hockey.
    Not always, but sometimes, the grand prize for Beartic's Hockey will be an evolutionary stone. If you go into the minigame and the grand prize is not what you want, go ahead and do a mission and go to sleep. Every time you go to sleep at night, Beartic resets the prizes in his shop. You have to keep checking back everyday to see if he has the grand prize you want.
    Should you come across a day when there is a evolutionary stone that is the grand prize and you need a that stone, just sit there and practice Beartic's Hockey until you get it because that's the day you need to get that stone.

    Now, getting 2500 points in Beartic's hockey can be downright frustrating. There is, however, a key to getting a good high score. The times two score multiplier power up.

    There are three power ups available in the mini-game.
    A "Make the target hole bigger" power up.
    A "Make every puck worth 50 points" power up.
    And a "x2 multiplier" power up.

    The x2 multiplier is the ONLY viable power up. The other two powerups are not helpful. What you have to do is persistently watch the top screen for when all three powerups appear, once they do, shoot a (preferably 10 point) puck at the x2 multiplier power up. And then just keep shooting pucks as fast as you can. They replace themselves as often as you throw them.

    If you can grab both x2 multipliers when they present themselves and are pretty quick you can consistently get to 2500 points a game.
    Play the minigame on a day when Beartic has the stone you want as the prize and get 2500 points and the stone is yours.

    Good luck!

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Other Answers

  1. I'm sorry but I don't know but from my past red/blue and time explorer pokemon mystery dungeon experience.You could buy one from the Kecleon sometimes and find them in certain dungeons.Most of the stones are base from the element of the cave.When you found one then you just give it to the pokemon that needs it and when the thing ask you for a item,you give it.You may need to trigger a story line to get them.You can fight and befriend certain legendaries if you happen to trigger a story line.You can mostly trigger them after you finish the main story line and do some special requests in the bulletin board.
    *Sorry if my grammar sucks*

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