Review by Mikokiri

Reviewed: 01/10/14

First impressions can say everything

I may have only played the demo, but it points out every single flaw in the demo.

Your partner is stupid enough to believe that you are a human that was transformed into a pokemon who fell out of the sky... In previous games, your partner did not believe it right away, where is the suspense? This is really stupid.

The camera... Oh boy, where do I start? Well, the camera is zoomed in on your team, so you can only see your team... the area you can see is what? 3x3? In past games, it was probably at least 8x8 so you could see where you are going and what lies ahead of you.

The text speed is HEAPS slow and unskippable. Doesn't matter if you jam the A and B buttons trying to skip the text, it will not go faster. If I wanted a long story with lots of text, I would go play Mario & Luigi dream team because that has a LOT of Text with an interesting story... But Unlike gates to infinity, that text IS skippable, incase you get to sick of the text.

And what about the dungeons that make up at least 50% of the game? Bland... Just very very bland. And they also feel to small and tight. And maybe this bland problem has something to do with the camera angle, but it isn't nice to look at. They overdid the dungeon design trying to make it look interesting, but the lack of colour is very noticeable with the dungeons they give you in the demo.

And I don't know much about the story, but like the other games... Evil pokemon are popping up due to a disturbance in the world, so you have to fight and defeat the evil thing causing it to restore the universe back to its original state. But there is also some extra story added into it.

But from what I have heard, the plot is decent and most of the NPC's are interesting, but it may be too easy for you if you want the challenge level from past games, and it is no where near the ranks of sky but... You can see why. To me, the flaws outweigh the good parts of this game, and if you are a fan of the previous titles, you will not enjoy it as much as others.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (AU, 05/18/13)

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