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Can I delete my save data? 10
How do you reset the game? 2
How do you add friends for pokemon y? 193
6th Gen Hidden Ability Breeding? 4
How exactly does the Destiny Knot work? 1
Super Rod (Fishing rod) Location? 5
Where do I get meloetta or keldeo in X or Y? 7
Is this a good team for competitive battling? 20
Fishing rod Location? 5
Lumiose City Boutique Discount Coupon? 3
Recent Questions Answers
Where can I find Mew? 10
Physical Charizard or Special Charizard? 2
Can somebody trade me a Marvel Scale Dratini? 1
Traded egg won't hatch? 2
Pokemon X - Why Does The Game Keep Crashing When I Challenge The First Gym? 0
Why won't my Golbat evolve? 2
How to add a friend in a friend safari ?, also if anyone wants to be my friend:) 1
Need safari friends. Please? 1
What's my friend code type? 1
Can I get skrelp in Pokemon x? 1
Unresolved Questions Answers
How do I trade a special pokemon? 2
How do I make faces with my Pokemon? 2
Where can I find Ferroseed? 4
Evolving scyther to scizor? 6
Is there a certain time I have to get the mega stone's? I already got the mega ring upgrade at anistar city. 3
Need help to get the shiny charm! Can anyone lend me the pokebank legendaries? 3
Able to catch deerling or sawsbuck? 1
Pokemon Link not appearing when I'm in the game menu. What's Going ON? 1
Where can I find wild Pachirisu? 1
Is there any way to increase encounter rate of pokemon not in the pokedex? 2

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