How do you get into the clothes store in lumiose city?

  1. How do you get into the clothes store in lumiose city?

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    robotears111 - 3 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Are there more than one? Because I definitely just walked right in the door of one.

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    kiokurashi - 3 years ago

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  1. What you must do is go around and enter EVERY and I mean EVERY street, building, alleyway ect you, can get in Lumoise City at the point of the game you're at. Talk to EVERY PERSON you can, and they'll let you in.
    I finally figured this out after getting my 4th Badge and the whole city was roamable. For how you should do it to keep track of where you went:
    I recomend starting in the Middle most area of town and going up every street and alleyway and then doing the outer streets. It took me about...I'd say 30-45 minutes to do. Hope this helps.

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  1. I got in with this set. I believe you need to have a matching set WITH a matching hair to get in:
    Short Hair, Sideswept, Black
    Logo Cap, Black
    Striped Tank Top, Black
    Jean Shorts, Pink
    OTK Socks, Black
    High Tops, Pink
    Enamel-striped Purse, Blue
    Wide-Framed Sunglasses, White.

    The accessories and socks are rumored to not matter. All other pieces are the sporty blue-background type.

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  2. I have come to understand that there are other things you need to get in but I have definately not been into every building in Lumiose nor have I talked to all people. I did do this after the Power Plant but before the 5th Gym.

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  3. I have been to every building...twice...
    talked to every person
    bought hairstyles of varying degree from both hair stores
    fought at the two star restaurant (the 3 star wont let me in yet)
    Have an entirely new wardrobe
    defeated the 5th gym leader
    Talked to the reporter and have her lead me to the store

    and still cannot get in.

    Rumors that I have not tried but have read around other forums that work:

    Fight the triple battle at each of the restaurants (cannot get into the second one but will try when I can)
    Try every hair style
    color coordinate fashion with hair (I...have no idea how to even begin doing this. Do I need to wear all one color?)
    Visit every clothing store in the game

    now I know some people have gotten in without doing is it something else? Is there something people are doing and not realizing they are doing? Is there more than one way to get in?

    Maybe if we pool our info and say hey I did this and could not get in maybe we can pin point it!

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  4. OH I forgot I did make a pokemon PR video but did not host it to the internet

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  5. Ok, I hope this helps...

    I just visited the one star restaurant which I had forgotten I had not fought in and battled...then changed my hair to each of the basic hair types and reshot my PR video and now I can get in.

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  6. I read that you need to go to restaruant de wow and do their battle challenge

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  7. You just need to rack up point by doing stuff at Lumio. In my case, I just kept challenging the cafe over and over again to earn money. Once you got a certain amount of points, you can get in. I can't say how many since I wasn't keeping at the time, but I think I've been in there at least over 10 times I think?

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  8. If you go to the boutique, and see the cafe next to it, there are two girls sitting outside in front of it and if you go up to them, they'll say.. girl 1: Being stylish means knowing all about everything in Lumiose city!" Girl 2: "We shall go everywhere in Lumiose City, and the city will love us for it, darling!" I don't know if anyone else pointed it out. I found this on my own, and I've connected that the lady who says you dont have enough "STYLE" Styleisnt what youre wearing. In fact, I bought new clothes just to go in there, but it didnt let me. I havent done anything but go into lots of building, though I havent even gone in them all! Ive just gone into a lot, and talked to the taxi to give me directions (sometimes he'll say what street the place is on, then I can just go there on my own or ride a gogoat there c:) and clicked on sign, and gone into all the alleys and different ways. Also, I found I could go in after the creepy girl went behind me in slow motion in a unkown office building. so after that I could go in, but I also did my hair, which all those helped to do was give me style points for exploring new places, not meeting the girl (I already met her in the hotel before) or getting my hair done. I believe they are style points, but there is no way of telling how many you have. So just go into all the alleys and paths, see if that works. go into most shops tho too and click on signs, talk to taxi drivers, though you dont need to ride it because you need to find everything yourself. Hope it works! ^-^ Oh and to let you know, everything in there is very expensive. Also, the lady to the right of the store with the white hair mentions a coupon which I have no idea how to get it.

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  9. Just to clarify 1. It has nothing to do with your outfit/appearance 2. Walking in and out of buildings is not enough. You can increase your stylishness in many different ways and they all have more than one effects too (extra moomoo milk when buying lumiose gazette, free audio guide for the museum as well as discounts at stone shop, entry to the boutique, and new haircuts) the best ways to increase stylishness is working at the hotel as mentioned, battle institute, and talking to the tour guide at lumiose press. Hope this helps :)

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