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  1. Alright, so I was Super Training my Pikachu and everything was pretty cool and easy. Once I fully trained my Pikachu I switched to my Chespin to realize I shoot the balls much, much slower than Pikachu ever did and even the level one training regiments are next to impossible. Any reason this is happening that`s known yet? Cheers.

    User Info: damnsondamnson

    damnsondamnson - 4 years ago

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  1. So there seems to be a few factors that determine how a Pokemon handles super training. First, when on the super training screen while still being able to walk around, in the top right corner a soccer ball is pictured. There are several different types:

    Small black: A slow small ball
    Blue: A regular speed medium ball
    Orange: A regular speed large ball
    Blue with speed marks: Fast medium ball
    Several yellow: 1-9 medium regular speed balls

    Now, this isn't completely correct, but anyone who wants to elaborate and help me would be appreciated.

    Next, after you complete any of the training regiments, you'll notice the game says your shots are stronger due to training in (whatever one you chose here). As you train your EV's, this makes the soccer shots more powerful. I'm still not sure if EV is the only factor in determining a shot's strength or simply your stats, but the more you train, the stronger it becomes for sure.

    I agree that due to the strength of your shots and the type of ball it becomes difficult to complete sessions, so I suggest to use a fully trained pokemon to aquire bags of a certain type, train the desired pokemon with those bags, then when it becomes stronger, it will become much easier to train itself.

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  1. Each pokemon will have different shot types. you can see how they will shoot by looking at the ball in the up right corner-ish place.

    User Info: kiokurashi

    kiokurashi (Expert) - 4 years ago 2 0
  2. The trick to super training is to hold the screen until the Pokemon has color glowing around it and then shoot it to get more points. This will make it easier to win if you are having problems.

    User Info: cutterrojo

    cutterrojo - 4 years ago 0 0

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