How do you increase your pokemons happiness?

  1. I'm trying to get espeon & umbreon, and I know that pokemon-amie increases affection not happieness.

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    Saber_Elf - 3 years ago

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  1. Being that the game is so new, the specific mechanics are not completely known yet. However, the assumption right now is that Happiness is raised in the same ways it was raised in Generation V. Every 128 steps you take increases happiness (NPCs in X/Y seem to confirm that "just walking around" with your Pokemon will make them happy), as well as Leveling them up, getting them groomed via specific NPCs (not sure where they are in X/Y yet), or using vitamins/EV berries. The jury is still out on vitamins and EV berries in X/Y, but there IS the new Super Training minigames that raise EVs, so perhaps that affects Happiness as well, and I'm willing to be Pokemon Amie does too.

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  1. every 128steps , the pokemon gains 1 happiness. they gain progressively less happiness from leveling up. (5-6 up to 90 happiness then 3-4 untill 200, then only 1-2). putting them in a PC, letting the faint, giving them herbs all decrease happiness. bulbapedia has a good article on it for gen V. just look up friendship on

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  2. I would like to add that staying at Hotel Richissime in Lumiose city (North Boulevard $100,000) will raise your happiness, or maybe its just your affection, which also raises happiness. I tested by gaining one heart on my Pokemon, going to the hotel, and finding them with now 2 hearts. Also the Pokemon masseuse (In Cyllage City right of the Pokemon center), massages the Pokemon in your primary slot, and increases happiness. Dont forget to add soothing bell to the Pokemon increasing happiness for extra happiness

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  3. There is a place in Cyllage city where they massage your mon once a day, it has a chance to boost the happines quite a lot.

    Battle with it, give it proteins, carbos and stuff like that

    and give it a soothe bell

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