A good team?

  1. Guys, I think I have an average team but i still think my team can still improve, I need you guys to give me your opinions about my team. So my team is:
    1.Chesnaught 4.Zygarde
    2.Gengar 5.Mewtwo
    3.Blaziken 6.Yveltal
    So give me your opinions on who should i remove and what should I replace it with.Thanks.

    User Info: robotyellow

    robotyellow - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well i Believe that team orientation is very opinionated, but in my opinion there should always be a certain balance of types.

    Like for instance there should be a Fire, Flying, Grass, Electric, and a Water type in your team. any other type of pokemon is up to the individual trainer. While this team seams pretty limited theres also the second types that you can have on your pokemon giving them the diversity of your choosing.

    Given that formula i would take out mewtwo and replace him with an electric pokemon because he is weak against dark and ghost types and overall not that great of a legendary in my opinion ( i have seen him ko'd by a lvl 35 when he was lvl 75 so yeah)

    User Info: Jogo_Man

    Jogo_Man - 4 years ago 0 0

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