Ferrothorn/seed or Electabuzz/Elekid?

  1. So... Im looking for a Ferrothorn/Ferroseed with Relaxed nature, or an Electabuzz/Elekid with Naive nature. If anyone interested feel free to post what pokemon you would like for it/them, and i'll be sure to look around!

    User Info: Suicuned

    Suicuned - 4 years ago
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    Sweet, thank you

    User Info: Suicuned

    Suicuned - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. this is question should be on the trading board, but I will answer your "question:"

    if you have an Pokemon with the ability synchronize, and have it go first in battle, there is a fifty percent chance the wild Pokemon will have the same nature, the abra's on route 5 have this ability sometimes, so catch a lot of them...

    also, if you breed a Pokemon egg, and a parent holds an ever-stone, the child Pokemon inherits the same nature that parent.

    ferroseed can be found in the reflection cave, but electabuzz can ONLY be found in an electric friend safari.

    User Info: mew2ds

    mew2ds - 4 years ago 0 0

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