Pokemon X/Y: Leveling up and evolution preventing?

  1. Hi everyone! This is the first time I post something on this forum, so I apologize if I "break" a rule or if someone gets offended.

    I have not played Pokemon since LeafGreen in 2004 [I have Pokemon White, but I never finished that game since I did not liked it (crappy-looking starters, sh*tty music, awful graphics, etc.)... Sorry if this offended anyone xD]... I don't understand very well that stuff about natures and I even have not idea what the hell EV's and IV's are...

    So, I have few questions:

    1) Super Training

    I really don't like that stuff... I prefer the "old technique" of fighting Pokemon in the grass to raise levels. I will not lie, I understand that each person has his own taste, but what I like about Pokemon games is to kick *** xD. I mean, I know that people don't like to "over-train" their Pokemon since they say that then they will have no "challenge", but I think the opposite. I like to be 10-15 levels about each Gym leader. It is not that I want to beat them by the "easy" way, but lets be honest, Pokemon games are not that "hard" or "challenging" xD...

    Anyways, do I have to use that "Super Training" stuff in order to have powerful Pokemon? Or I can train them "normally"?

    P.D. Yesterday, I tried to "super train" my Wartortle (Lvl 41) and I received a message that said something like "Wartortle stats won't go any higher!"...

    2) Natures

    At this moment, I have only one badge (Bug Badge) and my team level is ~40.

    My current team:

    Greninja (Lvl 39) (Nature: Jolly) (Ability: Torrent)

    Wartortle (Lvl 41) (Nature: Modest) (Ability: Torrent)

    Blaziken (Lvl 41) (Nature: Naughty) (Ability: Speed Boost)

    Lucario (Lvl 38) (Nature: Bold) (Ability: Inner Focus)

    Kadabra (Lvl 38) (Nature: Hasty) (Ability: Synchronize)

    Pikachu (Lvl 37) (Nature: Serious) (Ability: Static)

    [Yes, I know, I have two Water-type Pokemon, but I have the tradition of always choosing the Water-type starter (also, Greninja looks badass)... In addition to this, Blastoise is my favorite Pokemon of all time. :) ]

    The natures of these Pokemon are random (those are the natures I got from my first try). Like I said, I don't understand too much about natures and I also read that you should care about natures in competitively battling. I rarely (or never) battle anyone, so I know that I don't have to care that much about natures... However, I would like to know your opinions about the natures of my Pokemon... Are those natures crappy xD?

    I don't know if this is related with natures or the other stuff (EV's and IV's), but I "feel" that my Pikachu and Kadabra are "weak". With "weak" I want to say that they lose too much HP when they are attacked. Also, they are "slow" to level up... However, my Blaziken is an ***-kicker and he levels up very quickly...

    3) Levels

    Other thing, as you noticed, my Wartortle is at level 41. I plan to evolve him later (level 50, approximately) because I want him to learn Hydro Pump earlier (according to Bulbapedia, Wartortle learns Hydro Pump at level 48, while Blastoise learns this move at level 60)... However, I'm worried if this will affect negatively my Blastoise... I read that it doesn't matter at which level you evolve your Pokemon as long as it evolves (taking apart the moves that they can learn; e.g., Torchic learns Flame Wheel at level 25, while Combusken never learns this move)... I want to know if this is true... Will my Blastoise will be equally "powerful" if I evolve him at level 50 or he will be weaker than the "natural" Blastoise (which evolves at level 36)?

    The last thing about levels... Why my Blaziken is not obeying me, while my Wartortle (which is at the same level) obeys me? Will my Wartortle obey me if I keep him leveling up? Does this stuff about obedience applies only to traded Pokemon (e.g., Blaziken)?

    Well, that's all... Thanks in advance. xD

    P.D. Sorry about my bad English (it is not my first language).

    User Info: d_bryan

    d_bryan - 3 years ago


  1. 1. super training is a more convinient way to EV train a pokemon and when it says that a pokemons stat cant go higher that is because it has already used up its allowed EV allotment of 510 EV:s

    2: a pokemons potential is seperated into 3 things EV or effort values. You gain ev for every battle won to all partisipating pokemons, the EV gotten is based on the pokemon fought.

    Second is IV or induvidual Values these are not visible and can range from 0-31 in a stat.

    third is nature and it gives a positiv addition to a stat while subtracting from another.

    3. as long as the pokemon evolves before reaching 100 there is no negative side effects.

    Leveling speed is based on the pokemon in question but the reason blaziken wont listen to you is the same as why it gains faster xp, its considered a traded pokemon

    User Info: coolbond

    coolbond - 3 years ago 0 0
  2. The pokemon you havent traded but trained will usually always listen to you, but if you don't have a certain gym badge the traded ones wont listen to you. also if you dont want them to evolve have them hold an everstone or press b while they are evolving this disrupts them.

    User Info: Jackalaterine12

    Jackalaterine12 - 3 years ago 0 0

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