How to get the Hatching O-Power?

  1. I'm not too sure what I need to do to get the last O-Power. Based on what I've read on, I have to have the other O-Powers and become stylish in Luminose City; I've got the other O-Powers and I've done the actions they list a few times each, but I can't seem to find the guy anywhere. Where is he hanging out, and how many times do I need to repeat the various events to become fully stylish?

    User Info: WarxePB

    WarxePB - 3 years ago

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  1. In order to get the last O-Power, you need to boost your popularity in Lumiose city to the max. An easy way to check your popularity is to go to the stone store and see how much the guy by the counter tries to sell the mega stones for. If you see 10k, you're at max popularity. If it's higher, than go to the pokeball emporium, use the bargain O-Power, and buy about 20 premier balls one at a time (you don't even have to exit the shopping menu) and recheck your status.

    Once your popularity is maxed, check the cafes on south boulevard; he should be in one to the left of the pokemon center.

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  1. A more clarified, and correct answer:

    You do need to max your "Style" score in Lumiose City, buying Premier Balls one at a time (you do not have to exit the shop) works well, checking with the guy selling mega stones in the stone emporium helps, 10,000 is the cost you are looking for to indicate max score.

    Now, once that is done, go to Cafe Introversion, found on the South Boulevard, found by going East from the PokeCenter, note, that is to the Right if you see the PokeCenter in your camera angle, essentially to the Left if you are looking at the PR Studio.

    Mr. O-Powers is at the back of Cafe Introversion

    User Info: ShadowComedus

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