Can I get more than one of the same Mega Stone?

  1. I want to know if there are ANY Mega Stones that I can get muliples of. I want to have one of every Mega Stone and multiples I can trade away will really help.

    User Info: EvanderAdvent

    EvanderAdvent - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Playing on your own In-game without trading at all to other users - No you cannot.

    There are a total of two stones you can obtain more than once in Pokemon X and Y; Charizardite [X or Y depending on version of the game you own.] and Blastoisinite, despite trading them to another player you can obtain another stone from the stone emporium in Lumiose City.

    Quick Details pulled from bulbapedia:

    Stone Emporium

    A specialty shop that sells evolutionary stones. A man in the store will offer to sell the player the remaining Mega Stones for the two Kanto starter Pokemon they did not receive from Professor Sycamore. The prices of the Mega Stones begin at Pokemon Dollar1,000,000, but they decrease, depending on the player's stylishness. From the initial Pokemon Dollar 1,000,000, the price drops to Pokemon Dollar 500,000, Pokemon Dollar 300,000, Pokemon Dollar 150,000, Pokemon Dollar 100,000, Pokemon Dollar 50,000, and finally Pokemon Dollar 10,000. After buying the first Mega stone offered by the man, the player must then defeat the Elite Four before he will not only offer the second stone but again for each stone afterwards.

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Other Answers

  1. So far all I have heard and seen is that you only are given/find one of each. So if you want multiples, you would need to have another copy to constantly restart.

    User Info: purrfectwerecat

    purrfectwerecat - 3 years ago 1 0
  2. Actually, you can buy more at the Stone Emporium in Lumiose City, when you unlock the rest of the city. The man to the left of the clerk will offer to sell you a different Mega Stone each day, and the prices can go from very high (around 500,000) to relatively cheap if you're the most famous (10,000 at lowest).

    I went one day and he offered a Blastoisinite, which I already had one of, so I'm fairly sure you can get doubles. The only real problem is money, as getting to the highest fame level in Lumiose City is quite hard, although you can find guides online.

    User Info: AwesomeHimochi

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  3. I have two blazikenites (or whatever they're called), but I got the second from a local wireless trade of the torchic holding the item. But I also noticed that the GTS will not accept pokemon holding these mega stones -- or at least it would not let me deposit my flaffy holding the amparos mega stone. That's actually a nice feature, as I had forgotten that I left him holding the item.

    User Info: GyraDosXX

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  4. To my knowledge, the game will only ever give you one of each obtainable stone. The guy in Lumiose will also just sell one of each.

    The only way to get doubles is to trade for them.

    User Info: Seal64

    Seal64 - 3 years ago 1 0

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