Super Training or EV training (battling) for level 1 pokemon?

  1. I'm still not 100% sure if you still gain EVs through leveling up.

    I know in previous games when you EV trained pokemon, when they leveled up, you could see the stats would increase.

    Does this still apply in Pokemon X and Y. If I were to max my EVs with Super Training with my pokemon at level 1, would that give my Pokemon better stats compared to EV training them by battling (since pokemon would level up when battling and hence maxing out at higher level)?

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    Dimsim18 - 4 years ago

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  1. Shazen93 is right. As EVs are calculated immediately after ending a battle there is no difference if you EV train at Level 1 or at Level 100. Stat gains are just a way to progressively distribute your growth: For example if you give 252 attack EVs to a LV 1 pokemon, that pokemon will not gain +61 attack immediately, but rather distributed throughout is whole growth. However, if you give 252 attack EVs to a LV 100 pokemon, that pokemon WILL get +61 attack points immediately.

    Therefore, stat increases are only a measure applied to avoid pokemon going OP at low levels, but it will not make a long term difference if you train them at level 1 or level 100.

    Also, the same applies with REDUCING EVs through methods such as a reset bag. A lvl 100 Pkmn will immediately see its stats reduced, while a level 1 pkmn will see its stat growth stunted, and perhaps a rather small stat reduction.

    In short: It doesnt matter when you EV train, the game adjusts your stats in a way that allows you to train whenever you want without seeing a difference in final stats.

    Sorry if I didn't manage to make myself clear :P

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  1. EV training through pokebattles still work and I've used it personally in X.
    I can only tell you my experience with it
    If you have Pokerus and a Power item(obtainable through Battle Maison)
    EV training is hell of a lot faster than Super Training.
    1 Horde battle could net you 50-60 EV's of the one you're training per round.
    That is with Pokerus and a Power item.
    Power items triple the EV yield and Pokerus doubles the EV yield.

    Also there is no difference if you're max EV'd at level 1 or level 100 as the game now calculates your stats instantly.

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    shazen93 - 4 years ago 2 1
  2. shazen93 was mistaken. Yes the game calculates EVs instantly, but a Pokemon that was fully EV trained for a start would still have a higher start at a comparable level, 35, just for the example, then one that was reset bagged, then put through the EV training for the stat. So if you had a lvl 35 Pikachu that you leveled up from lvl one with a maxed speed EV when it was lvl one, it would have a higher speed stat than one that you caught at lvl three and EV trained for everything but speed then used a reset bag on it and super trained the EV for speed. The lower lvl you make the stat max out at, the higher the stat will get because you'll get better stat increases.

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