Help with my Pokemon x team?

  1. For my Pokemon x team I was going to use gardevoir, aegislash, charizard, blastoise, and chesnaught but I'm not sure on movesets and EV for any of them. I'm also not sure which to use as a Mega. Does anyone have any advice?

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  1. For Gardevoir, Light Screen and Reflect (halves team's damage from Sp. Attack and Attack, respectively, for 5 turns) is extremely useful, especially as a supporter in team battles (this can also be paired with Heal Pulse). Moonblast is also a must as Dragon Pokemon are commonly used, as well as Dark. If you chose to mega evolve Gardevoir, Hyper Beam would be helpful because of the ability Pixillate (raises moves power by 30% then converts to Fairy type). So, 150x1.3(Pixillate)x1.5(STAB)=292 Base power which, with Gardevoirs Special attack, can take out nearly any Pokemon. Also Calm Mind (raises Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense by 50%) can be devastating if you can find the time to use it.
    It's EV's should mainly be directed toward Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense and Speed.

    The stat calculator here is extremely useful:

    As for Charizard, it's only worth mega evolving into Mega Charizard Y. Maybe you could trade someone your Charizardite X for their Charizardite Y?

    For the rest of the team, remember, Speed is essential in competitive battling. Try and keep your average Speed stat in the 200-250 range. Also, with defenses, a little EV's go a long way, so in most cases assign on third to two thirds of the max EV's (~84-168) to those stats. (sorry for the long post!)

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  2. That sounds like a great team. Gardevoir was one of my first pokemon in this. I like Charizard but in battles he's not so lasting again rock type moves. Entry hazards like stealth rock will destroy it!

    Consider this:
    Entry Hazards
    Entry Hazards Repellent
    Advantages to abilities(Iron Fist+Fire Punch+Infernape=Beast!)
    Status Changes(Sleep, Poison, Paralysis, Burn, Confusion)

    Ask me more if you want more in depth details of perfect competitive team building.

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