What is the best way(s) to increase a pokemons friendship?

  1. Wanting to evolve one of my pokemon which needs high friendship. Wondering whats the best way to do it.

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    MichizaneFFXI - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The easiest ways are to level it up and walk around a lot. Every 128 steps is an increase, as is a level up, but for most happiness Pokemon, you don't want to level them up TOO much, or else they'll miss out on some of their evolutions moves and will need the Move Relearner.

    Aside from walking and level ups, there's other ways. You can give the Pokemon a massage in Cyllage City (house next to the Pokemon Center) once a day for a nice boost. Giving the Pokemon a Soothe Bell to hold will also make happiness increase more. You can get one in the southwest house in Shalour City, but you need to show the woman a pokemon with high happiness, so raise up one Pokemon first. If you can, try to use Luxury Balls to catch Pokemon that you know evolve with happiness, because it will about double all happiness gains.

    Vitamins and EV-boosting berries will raise happiness, but will also mess with your EVs, if you're busy training those. New to Gen 6 are Pokemon-Amie and Super Training. Raising your Pokemon's Affection in Amie also raises happiness, and Super Training has a random punching bag called a Soothing Bag that a Pokemon can just beat on forever to raise happiness, though it will take a good while.

    Try to avoid bitter items (sold in a Lumoise shop), because those lower happiness, as does fainting in battle. And whatever you do, do NOT trade the Pokemon to someone else for a tradeback, because a trade resets their happiness to zero.

    Hope that helps. :)

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