How do you breed shiny pokemon??? Help!?!?!?

  1. I'm trying to breed a shiny Froakie, with its hidden ability, I've already bred 90 of them with no success. Please Help!?!?!
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  1. If I recall the encounter rate for a shiny Pokemon in the wild, or through breeding, is 1/8192. It's extremely low. However, only 90 of them isn't that much. And because it is all RNG based, you could breed just 5, or you could breed some thousands of them and never see it.

    Are you using the Masuda method? If not, it'll at least greatly increase your chances. I can't say what it is for this generation, but believe last generation of games it brought the change to 1/1365 or so. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!) Basically you take two Pokemon created in different language games and breed them together. (For example a Japanese Smeargle bred with a Fennekin from your game.)

    Your chances will go up with this method. It's the only way I've found a shiny in all my Pokemon playing time. I bred my female Fennekin, was actually working on IVs, with a Japanese male Smeargle. Egg number 14 ended up being a shiny. Quite low on the egg count still, but remember it's RNG based.

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  1. Ok first off the persentage of breeding a shiny pokemon is like 1 out of 1,000,000,000,000! Im not sure if thats even a number! Second most likely you can't get shiny starters. I only know one guy who has a shiny starter but i think he was using Action Replay. Here are some tips on catching shiny pokemon:

    A Quagsire Quagitty Perduction

    1. Use the Poke Rader to find shiny pokemon
    2. When the grass shakes that has a better but still poor chance of it being shiny.
    When the grass shakes let the grass be at least 4 bushes away from you.
    Slow shake = Not likely to be Shiny
    Shake = More likely but still not Likely to be shiny
    Fast Shake = Likely to be shiny
    Shiny Shake = Oh yay. You Struck gold

    The only time i have EVER seen a shiny pokemon legitamently was in Pokemon Soul Silver. I was in a cave when i saw a Rattata. It was Green instead of Purple. I tried to lower it's health down but i one hit KOed it with my Crokanaw. I missed out on a once in a lifetime Upertunity. I wasn't even trying to see a shiny!!!! Ok so take it from me don't try to breed pokemon to get a shiny. Catch them using the tips i gave you. Not just you Villespartan. Everyone who reads this!!!!!!

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  2. Yes, if you use a japanese (or other foreign pokemon) with one of your pokemon your chances of breeding a shiny are raised hence called the "Masuda Method"

    A popular rumor is that the chances of the Masuda Method this gen have been increased to 1/683

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  3. Well the odds with breeding a shiny are unpredictable. I got a shiny in the first egg but i used the masuda method.

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  4. The Masuda Method is the way to go. Also, if you can get your hands on a Shiny Charm, that would increase your chances even more. The best way to increase your chances is to have one foreign parent. I have a Japanese Ditto for my shiny breeding. Then, if you have one of the parents shiny, that also adds to the likelihood of a shiny egg. In this case, a shiny Japanese Ditto would be ideal. Then, for the maximum chances of shiny, make one of the pokemon in the daycare hold the Shiny Charm.

    You can get a Shiny Charm by finishing either the Gen V National Pokedex or the Gen VI one. It's a lot of work, but it adds two extra chances for the pokemon to be shiny, which is a huge increase in the odds.

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  5. Masuda method. The 1st answer is completely wrong. The Masuda Method requires 2 pokemon from different regions that can breed (2 pokemon in the same egg group, 2 of the same pokemon or a pokemon and a ditto). The chances of a shiny with masuda method are 1/683. With the shiny charm, it drops to 1/512

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  7. You can increase the rate to 3/4096, though, if you breed two Pokemon from two different real-world regions ( US and Japan) ummm Shiny Charm brings a higher shiny rate, if you breed with a shiny ditto then you got a 1/2000 chance you have better luck cheating honestly but still.....

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