I got Zygarde but should I reset?

  1. My Zygarde I caught has:

    nature: mild
    HP: 31
    Atk: 31
    Def: 31
    Sp. Atk: 31
    Sp. Def: 1
    SPD: 31

    He has awesome stats except for that special. Def.
    Debating reset or keep. what do you guys think?

    User Info: Nezumimei

    Nezumimei - 10 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Just realised this was in Pokemon X lol
    Trade it to sun when you can then bottlecap it
    Otherwise thats pretty good so I say keep it.

    User Info: smoothieob

    smoothieob - 9 months ago 1 0


  1. zygarde is useless. If you have suna hnd moon you can take of his cells then keep on assemblnd then sepreating him until nice ivs

    User Info: Mabbew

    Mabbew - 9 months ago 1 0
  2. You can just use a bottle cap on him. It will max out the stat to reflect perfect IVs.

    User Info: shibatku

    shibatku - 9 months ago 0 0

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