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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Controls
      2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
    2. Walkthrough
      1. Vaniville Town
      2. Route 1 - Vaniville Pathway
      3. Aquacorde Town
      4. Route 2 - Avance Trail
      5. Santalune Forest
      6. Route 3 - Ouvert Way
      7. Santalune City
      8. Route 22 - Detourner Way
      9. Santalune City Gym
      10. Route 4 - Parterre Way
      11. Lumiose City
      12. Route 5 - Versant Road
      13. Camphrier Town
      14. Shabboneau Castle
      15. Route 7 - Riviere Walk
      16. Route 6 - Palais Lane
      17. Parfum Palace
      18. Route 6 - Palais Lane (Side Paths)
      19. Route 7 - Riviere Walk Continued
      20. Connecting Cave - Zubat Roost
      21. Route 8 - Muraille Coast
      22. Ambrette Town
      23. Route 9 - Spikes Passage
      24. Glittering Cave
      25. Route 8 - Muraille Coast Continue
      26. Cyllage City
      27. Cyllage City Gym
      28. Route 10 - Menhir Trail
      29. Geosenge Town
      30. Route 11 - Miroir Way
      31. Reflection Cave
      32. Shalour City
      33. Tower of Mastery
      34. Shalour City Gym
      35. Route 12 - Fourrage Road
      36. Azure Bay
      37. Courmarine City
      38. Courmarine City Gym
      39. Route 13 - Lumiose Badlands
      40. Kalos Power Plant
      41. Lumiose City Again
      42. Lumiose City Gym
      43. Lumiose City Exploration
      44. Route 14 - Laverre Nature Trail
      45. Laverre City
      46. Laverre City Gym
      47. Poke Ball Factory
      48. Route 15 - Brun Way
      49. Lost Hotel
      50. Route 16 - Melancolie Path
      51. Lost Hotel Continued
      52. Route 16 - Melancolie Path Continued
      53. Dendemill Town
      54. Frost Cavern
      55. Route 17 - Mamoswine Road
      56. Anistar City
      57. Anistar City Gym
      58. Lysandre Labs
      59. Team Flare Secret HQ
      60. Route 18 - Vallee Etroite Way
      61. Terminus Cave
      62. Couriway Town
      63. Route 19 - Grande Vallee Way
      64. Snowbelle City
      65. Route 20 - Winding Woods
      66. Pokemon Village
      67. Snowbelle City Gym
      68. Route 21 - Derniere Way
      69. Victory Road
      70. Pokemon League
    3. Post-Game Walkthrough
      1. Back In Vaniville Town
      2. Kiloude City
      3. Catching Zygarde
      4. Catching Mewtwo
      5. Catching The Legendary Bird Pokemon
    4. Other Areas
      1. Battle Chateau
      2. Battle Institute
      3. Battle Maison
      4. Friend Safari
      5. Hotel Richissime
    5. Appendices
      1. Type Vs. Type Chart
      2. Move List - Old Moves
      3. Move List - New Moves
      4. Shop List
      5. Item List - General
      6. Item List - Medicine
      7. Item List - Berries
      8. Item List - Key Items
      9. Item List - TMs & HMs
      10. Medal List
    6. Version History
    7. Legal Notice
    8. Contact Me
    9. Credits
    10. Final Word

    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Azure Bay

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    ChatotNormal/Flying%Tall Grass
    ExeggcuteGrass/Psychic%Tall Grass
    InkayDark/Psychic%Tall Grass
    SlowpokeWater/Psychic%Tall Grass
    BinacleRock/Water%Broken Rocks
    DwebbleBug/Rock%Broken Rocks
    LuvdiscWater%Fishing - Old Rod
    ChinchouWater/Electric%Fishing - Good Rod
    RemoraidWater%Fishing - Good Rod
    AlomomolaWater%Fishing - Super Rod
    LanturnWater/Electric%Fishing - Super Rod
    OctilleryWater%Fishing - Super Rod

    Follow the water around and you'll run into a swimmer.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer M Kieran

    Once he's beaten, head west to the female swimmer.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer F Romy

    Head north from there, over to the small island. Speak with the man there that's not the fisherman to receive an Ampharosite. Oh yes! Now you can get a Mega Ampharos! Anyway, speak with the Fisherman here for a fight.

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Ewan

    To the east of the Fisherman is a Photo Spot. Feel free to make use of it. Now head back into the water and move north-west from the island. You'll bump into the final trainer of the area here.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer F Isla

    Head north from her and you'll reach an item with tall grass on it. That and a Big Pearl. Snatch it up then head north, north-west and you'll reach Sea Spirit's Den. Head around behind it to find a Splash Plate. You can head inside, but there's not going to be any use for it until well after you beat the Elite Four. That's all there is to do here, so feel free to Surf your way back to the beach that you came from on Route 12 - Fourrage Road. When you do, head east from it into Courmarine City!

    The city where bay and butte are bound

    As you head into Courmarine City you'll receive a Holo Clip. Your rival will challenge you to a battle in front of the gym. Feel free to prepare up and head over there whenever you want to. First let's explore the current area first. Head east until you see a house. Head inside and talk with the old man there. He'll give you a Silk Scarf. Awesome. Head back outside and talk with the man at the nearby red stall. You'll be able to see his wears.

    Courmarine City Incense Shop

    Sea Incense$9,600
    Lax Incense$9.600
    Rose Incense$9,600
    Pure Incense$9.600
    Rock Incense$9,600
    Odd Incense$9.600
    Luck Incense$9,600
    Full Incense$9.600
    Wave Incense$9,600

    Once you're done, look at the blue stall just below the red one. You'll see that you're able to take a berry from the counter. Feel free to. The berry gets replaced each day and the berry is random. You can give a tip if you so wish to. Now turn on your Dowsing Machine and find the nearby Awakening.

    From here, head east and speak with the Fisherman when you see him. He'll give you a Good Rod. Yay! Follow the path. When you see the building to your east, it's the Seaside Station that's used to reach the Pokemon Center and Courmarine City Gym. There's a little more to do around here though. Head north from the station until you reach the hotel. Head on inside.

    If you're friendly enough with your Pokemon, talk to the woman sitting down at a table by the western wall of the ground floor. She'll give you a Lucky Egg if you are. Head upstairs and to the last room to talk with the Game Director. As your Pokedex gets more and more full, speak with him. Once you're done, head outside.

    Follow the path west until you find the woman looking out at the ocean. She'll ask you a random question, telling you a description of a move. Respond with the correct move and you'll receive the TM for that move. You can do this once a day until you have all four TMs. The four TMs you can get are as follows:

    When she asks you the question, just check the description of each move by clicking on its internal hyperlink. Once you work out the right once, answer with it. Once you're done with her, head to Seaside Station. As you head into the Seaside Station you'll bump into Sycamore. He'll talk about Mega Evolution then give you HM02 - Fly! Awwww yea! The famous actress will also mention that she wants to battle you the next time the two of you meet. Oooh. Now talk to the woman at the counter if you want to ride the monorail. Hop on and you'll arrive at the next station, Hillcrest Station.

    Talk with the man wandering around here to receive a Metronome. Head west and you'll find the Pokemon Center. Head on in and heal up as well as checking out stock.

    Courmarine City Pokemart

    Left Clerk
    See entry under Shop List corresponding to how many badges you currently have
    Right Clerk
    Quick Ball$1,000
    Timer Ball$1,000
    Repeat Ball$1,000

    Head to the west side of the center and you'll find Mr. Bonding once more. This time he'll give you a Befriending Power. Head outside and stand to the west of the house to the west of the center. Use your Dowsing Machine here and you'll be able to find a Max Repel. Once you have it, head west to the junction. Take the path leading south. When you see a path leading back east, take it. Enter the second house. Talking with the man with purple hair will allow you to change the current background music. You can tip him afterwards if you want. Talk with the girl in the back right corner of the house. She'll mimic the sound of one of your party Pokemon. After she does, correctly tell her which Pokemon it was and she'll give you a Poke Toy as a reward. If you fail you can simply retry however.

    Once done, walk back outside. Head back to the path going south-north. Head south to the gate. Talk with the man with the black jacket inside to receive a Black Sludge. Wonderful. You can now head south out of this gate into Route 13 - Lumiose Badlands if you wish to. If you do then skip ahead to that section. If not then continue reading.

    Head back north out of the gate and continue north. Keep going north until you see the path leading east just before the Pokemon gym. When you do so it, follow it around to the lookout. You'll find a Sky Plate here. Head back to where the path lead off. If you go north here, you'll enter the gym. Remember your rival wanted to battle outside of it, so if you try to enter they'll appear and the battle will begin. Make sure you're ready then try and enter. Let the rival battle begin!

    Rival Battle!

    [If Chespin was your starter]

    Pokemon Trainer Serena's/Calem's Party

    [If Fennekin was your starter]

    Pokemon Trainer Serena's/Calem's Party

    [If Froakie was your starter]

    Pokemon Trainer Serena's/Calem's Party

    Once she's defeated, head back to the Pokemon Center. Heal up, stock up and head back to the gym. It's time to take them on!

    Courmarine City Gym

    Good TypesBad Types

    Okay, a grass-type gym! Let's do this! Make sure to take the good types of Pokemon listed above and avoid the bad types. When you're good to go, walk up to the first rope and interact with it. You'll climb up. From there head anti-clockwise. Stand at the start of the net and interact to jump across. You'll see a trainer here. Take him on.

    Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Chaise

    Once he's defeated, climb up the nearby rope. Head clockwise over the next two nets and climb up the next rope. Head anti-clockwise over the next net and take the trainer on there if you want to.

    Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Maurice

    Head back clockwise over two nets. Now slide down to the level below. Head clockwise over the next net and you'll come upon the next trainer.

    Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Brooke

    Head up the rope then clockwise over the next net. Once again head up the next rope. From there head anti-clockwise over the next two nets. Another battle!

    Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Twiggy

    Climb up the nearby rope then head anti-clockwise over the next two nets and you'll appear in front of Leader Ramos. Make sure you're all healed up before the battle then take him on!

    Gym Leader Battle! Leader Ramos
    PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
    Jumpluff30Grass/FlyingFake Out
    Weepinbell31Grass/PoisonFlying Press
    Gogoat34GrassRock Tomb

    Has two Hyper Potions.

    After defeating Ramos you'll get the Plant Badge. This means that any Pokemon up to Level 60 that you received in a trade will obey. Now you can use HM02 - Fly that you received earlier! You get TM86 - Grass Knot as a reward also. Finish speaking with him then slide down the slide nearby to get back to the entrance. Head back outside. Good job! Let's heal back up and head out of town by the south exit, into Route 13! As you're leaving you'll receive a Holo Clip from Lysandre. After acting like a bit of a creeper for the hundredth time the clip of Lysandre will end. Onwards to Route 13! As you're heading through the gate you'll be stopped again (again!?). This time it's Sycamore's assistants. At least you get something this time. They upgrade your Pokedex so that it now includes the Mountain Kalos Pokedex. Your Pokedex is fully upgraded now. Whoo!! After that they'll leave. Now actually head on through into the next route.

    Route 13 - Lumiose Badlands

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DugtrioGround%Dirt Mounds
    GibleDragon/Ground%Dirt Mounds
    TrapinchGround%Dirt Mounds
    GravelerRock/Ground%Broken Rocks
    SlugmaFire%Broken Rocks

    Pokemon encounters a little different here. Dirt mounts appear randomly and chase after you. If they get to close, a battle begins. You can evade them by changing directions as sometimes they'll continue on in the direction you were moving for a few steps. They can be a little annoying when trying to get a run up to skate over a rail though.

    Okay, take out your Dowsing Machine and head south down the stairs. Use it to find the hidden Nest Ball. Keep the machine on and head south-west. You'll be able to use it to find a hidden Star Piece. Now head west from there and use the machine once more, this time you'll be able to find a Heat Rock. Keep that Dowsing Machine on and head east until it picks something up. Use it to find a Guard Spec.. Keep it on and head south-east. You'll find a X Accuracy. Now you can turn your machine off. Head back to where you entered the area. See the rail to your east? Get a run up on your roller skates and move onto it. If you're fast enough you'll move over the bump. You'll find a Smooth Rock in the next area. Once you're done, head south and jump over the ledge there.

    Now keep heading south along the west edge. Pass the first two steel bridges. When you reach the third one, go across. You'll find a Flame Plate here, pick it up. The small building here requires a code to open it, which you unfortunately don't have yet. We'll get to that soon though. Now, head back to where you began this route once again. This time head west and a little south. You should see another rail there. Gain speed then head along the rail. Once you reach the other side, head south until you see a breakable rock. Be careful not to accidentally walk over the ledge here though. Break the rock using Rock Smash and grab teh Burn Heal behind.

    Backtrack to where you got off the rail and grind along the next one. Head north from where you get off and check the small rock there to find a PP Up! Awwww yea! Break the nearby rock with Rock Smash. Follow the path that you've open up. When you pass a small rock by to the west, check it and you'll find a Hyper Potion. Follow the path all the way around and you'll find TM57 - Charge Beam at the end. Backtrack back over the last rail and head south until you jump over the ledge.

    Now head south and a little east. You'll see another rail you can move onto, one that spirals around a bit. Grind along it to the other side. You'll wind up in an area enclosed by the rail. Walk down into the little ditch and collect the Sun Stone sitting there. Head back around and jump over the ledge leading out west. Now head north with your Dowsing Machine on. You should be able to use it to find the hidden Power Plant Pass in the big boulder. Awesome. Now we can open up the little buildings that we couldn't before! Let's head west and take on the Team Flare Grunt on the steel bridge.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    Now that he's defeated, head past him and use the pass you found to open up the door. Head inside and you'll be inside the power plant!

    Kalos Power Plant

    Head north through the first room. You'll eventually reach the door at the end. Head on through and start walking around the next room. You'll quickly be stopped by a Team Flare Grunt.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    Head into the nearby door and you'll see all of the workers being held captive. Talking with the guy in the suit, he'll cut you a 'special deal' and sell you Fresh Water for $300 instead of his usual $200. How generous! Head to the very east side of the room and you'll be able to see an item nearby. Pick it up to find that it's a Zap Plate. Head back out, then west to the Grunt you just defeated. Now head north past him and follow the path around to the next one. Take her on too.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    After that, head on through the door. Head foward and a Grunt will approach you from the side. Here we go!

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    As the Grunt that you just defeated is blocking the path east, head west. You'll reach another one.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    Head onto the next one.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    And the next one.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    And the one after that.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    And once more.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

    Now when you see a thin path leading up and to the west, follow it. You'll come upon two people talking. One of them will attack. It's an Admin!

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Admin

    After you take down the Admin, the woman with him will challenge you. She'll give you a moment to heal and do whatever else. Once you're ready, speak with her and the battle will begin.

    Trainer Battle: Team Flare Aliana

    After taking Aliana out, all of the Team Flare Grunts will clear out. After that a supposedly mysterious pair show up donning masks. They'll heal your Pokemon and give you two Full Restores. They'll then be on their way after telling you that you can now access Lumiose City from the north entrance one more. Yay! Those two seemed strangely familar though. Hmmmm...

    Anyway, backtrack out of the power plant. As you're heading out, don't forget to head back into the room that contained all those civilians. Talk with the worker by the entrance to the room and he'll give you TM43 - Flame Charge. Talk with the female scientist nearby and she'll give you a Magnet. Talk with the guy selling Fresh Water and now he'll make an actual special deal for you and sell them for $100 each instead of $200. Feel free to buy some if you want. And that's it. Head back out of the power plant.

    From there head east back across the steel bridge. Continue east until you see a man with a blue hat standing by some stairs. Head down these stairs and you'll bump into a person. He's freaking huge! Anyway, he'll mutter something and walk off. Oh well, let's continue on. Head to the east side of this little area and head south along the edge. You'll see a path leading off east. Follow it until you reach the breakable rocks. Use Rock Smash on the first rock. Now get out your Dowsing Machine and use it to find the Stardust. Break the other rock with Rock Smash and then collect the Rare Candy that was hidden behind it. Sweet one! Head back to the main area and enter the gate leading south. Head on through and you'll be in Lumiose City once more. This time you're in the north part of the city though.

    Lumiose City Again

    As you start heading in, Shauna will catch up with you and speak with you. She'll direct you to Prism Tower, so take one of the two paths leading toward it. You'll be in a new area. Continue on through to Prism Tower. Once you arrive there you'll be able to watch Prism Tower's lights activate. It's novel. From there it'll be revealed that Prism Tower itself is the gym. Whenever you're ready to, head on in and take the gym on.

    Lumiose City Gym

    Good TypesBad Types

    It's an Electric-type gym if you haven't already guessed. Check the above table for recommended Pokemon types to bring or avoid. Once you're all ready head up the elevator. On the next level it'll be revealed that you need to correctly answer quiz questions to progress through this gym. That or you can purposely fail and battle extra trainers. Your choice really. Either way, step up to the counter and the quiz will begin.

    First you'll be asked which Pokemon the shown silhouette corresponded to. It was Pikachu, so door three. Head there if you want, if not you can take the other two trainers on too. They are as follows:

    Gym Member Battle: Schoolboy Arno

    Door One Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Schoolboy Sherlock

    Door Two Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Schoolboy Finnian

    Door Three Trainer

    Once you answer it correctly you'll proceed to the next floor. Here you'll be given another silhouette that you'll need to guess the identity of. This time it's Fletchling, so door one. Feel free to take on the other two trainers beforehand if you want. The trainer list for this floor is as follows:

    Gym Member Battle: Rising Star Estel

    Door One Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Rising Star Nelly

    Door Two Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Rising Star Helene

    Door Three Trainer

    Once you choose the correct answer you'll head to the next floor. The next silhouette is that of Panpour, so door three again. You know the drill.

    Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Mathis

    Door One Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Maxim

    Door Two Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Rico

    Door Three Trainer

    Once you choose the correct answer you'll again head to the next floor. This quiz works a little differently. It's asking which silhouette is Vivillon's. It's the second one, so door two it is. The info for the three trainers here is as follows:

    Gym Member Battle: Poke Fan Abigail

    Door One Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Poke Fan Lydie

    Door Two Trainer

    Gym Member Battle: Poke Fan Tara

    Door Three Trainer

    Once you get it right and head to the next floor, you'll have reached the Gym Leader. Wow! Time to take him on. Good luck and such! Feel free to head back to the Pokemon Center and heal first too. Once you're good to go, go.

    Gym Leader Battle! Leader Clemont
    PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4

    Once Clemont's taken care of you'll be given the Voltage Badge. This means that any Pokemon up to Level 70 that you received in a trade will obey. How swell. He'll also hand you TM24 - Thunderbolt. Nice. That's all then! Head to the elevator and take it to the first floor. Head on outside. We have some serious exploring to do. As you get outside you'll receive a Holo Clip from Sycamore. He'll ask you to meet him at Lysandre Cafe. Let's do that as we're exploring the city!

    Lumiose City Exploration

    We need a reference point from which to, so find your way back to the Pokemon Center in South Boulevard. To navigate the city, look at the area highlighted on the circular map in the top left corner of the top screen each time you walk into a new area. This will help you get your bearings. The South Boulevard is obviously in the south part of town. Once you're at the Pokemon Center, heal up. Once you're done, head outside and head anti-clockwise until you reach North Boulevard. Time to explore that!

    North Boulevard

    Head anti-clockwise along the boulevard. Don't head down the lane heading to the centre of town just yet. Keep going and the first thing you'll reach is a seedy alley on your left. Heading inside you won't find anything, so don't worry about it. From there, you can head to the other side of the street and find Lumiose Station, but there's not much use for it so don't bother. Instead stay on the left side of the street and enter Cafe Bataille. Here there's again not anything really important, but you can find out some useful battling info by talking to the Black Belts along the back wall. Once you're done, head back outside.

    Continue anti-clockwise. When you see a building with a large entrance to your right, head inside to find that it's the Battle Institute. See that section for details on how the institute works. Once you're ready to, head back outside. Continuing anti-clockwise, you'll head past a gate on your right. This gate leads to Route 16, which you won't be able to access from Lumiose City for a while yet. Continue on and you'll see Cafe Action to your left. Inside you can gain a bit of information about the PR Video Studio. Once you're ready to head out, do so. Stay to your left and head down the boulevard to the next cafe, Cafe Ultimo. Speak with the people inside for info on Super Training. Once you're done, walk on outside again.

    There'll be a Roller Skater at a nearby tree between the cafe you just visited and a building across the road. She'll teach you how to Backflip with your Roller Skates! How cool! You'll find out that you do it by gaining enough speed, then jumping over a ledge. Once you've spoken with her, head to the building across from the cafe you just visited. Head up to the fourth floor and speak with the kid to receive a Prism Scale. Once you have it, leave as there's not really anything else interesting here.

    Continue on in your regular direction. When you see a large building to your right, opposite a lane leading into the city, head inside. It's Hotel Richissime, which appears to have a few minigames available. Check out the appropriate section for details. You'll find Mr. Bonding here too. This time he gives a Bargain Power before leaving. Now take the elevator up to the fifth floor. Head into the east penthouse here and speak with the woman in the bathroom. She'll give you TM49 - Echoed Voice for acting like a creeper. Whoo! That's really all there is to do here, so head back outside.

    Keep going down the same path as before. You'll eventually see Lumiose Museum to your right. Feel free to head on in. Go on through past the receptionist. Buy the $200 ability to listen to information about the paintings if you're interested, otherwise just west over to that section of paintings. Speak with the purple-haired man to receive TM82 - Dragon Tail. Sick one! Feel free to explore the rest of the museum at your leisure. Once you're done, head back onto the street.

    Head across the road to find the nearby Pokemon Center. Sweet! The regular stock will be here, but the right clerk will be selling the following.

    Lumiose City North Boulevard Pokemart

    Left Clerk
    See entry under Shop List corresponding to how many badges you currently have
    Right Clerk
    Heal Ball$300
    Net Ball$1,000
    Nest Ball$1,000

    Once you're done looking there, head back outside. Continue on and you'll see the gate to Route 14 to your right. You can try entering the route but until you meet Sycamore at Lysandre Cafe, you can't get through. Instead just continue on and you'll eventually see an office building on your right. Head on inside. If you head up to the second floor and enter it, you'll see something freaky as hell. What just happened?! Anyway, head on up to the third floor and speak with the girl just east of the elevator entrance. She'll hand you an Expert Belt. The girl next to her will then give you a Protein. Neat. That's all there is to do here, so head back outside.

    Continuing on, you'll see a small street shop to your right. Speak with them, and if the time's right, you can buy Lumiose Galettes from them. They bake more at 3:00, 9:00, 15:00 and 21:00 each day, so drop by around then if they don't have any when you visit. Continuing on, you'll see Cafe Triste to your left. There's nothing interesting inside, so don't worry. The office building across from it doesn't really have anything that interesting either, so you can continue on. Further on you'll see the exit back to Route 13 - Lumiose Badlands. And that's everything in North Boulevard! Looks like it's time to explore all of the lanes and the like now. Head back into South Boulevard and head anti-clockwise down it. When you see an avenue to your left, head down it.

    Estival Avenue

    You're in Estival Avenue. Start heading down it. You'll notice alleys to your right and left. The one on your left doesn't have anything, but the one on your right contains a trainer. If you speak with him and answer 'Yes' to his question, the battle will begin!

    Trainer Battle: Garcon Jacopo

    Head back out of the alley and continue down the avenue. Enter the Loto-ID Center on your right. Each day you can speak with the woman at the counter to try and see if the daily ID matches the ID of any of your Pokemon. If it does you can get some pretty awesome prizes. Once you're ready to, head back outside. Head across the road to Cafe Rouleau. Speak with the Roller Skater inside, the one that's not behind the counter. She'll teach you a trick, the 360. Now when you're jumping over a ledge, rotate the Circle Pad and you'll do a spin mid-air. Cool! Head back outside and head the way you were before. You'll see another cafe on your left. This one's called Cafe Gallant. There's nothing particularly interesting about it, so head across the road and enter Lumiose Press. Feel free to talk to the woman in the back of the building for info about the city. Once you're ready to, head back outside.

    That's all there is to do in this avenue. As you're walking toward the city centre, you'll see two alleys on either side of the street. They both connect to other areas. As we were heading anti-clockwise around North Boulevard, let's head anti-clockwise through the avenues and the like. For that reason, take the alley on your right.

    Bleu Plaza

    There's a waitress here, standing by the alley leading back to South Boulevard. If you tell her that you'll help, you'll instead get into a Pokemon Battle.

    Trainer Battle: Waitress Paget

    Head past her, then move into the alley to your left. There's a cook here to take on.

    Trainer Battle: Chef Kamaboko

    Head back to the plaza then talk to the man standing in front of the short alley leading to the centre of the city. Challenge him to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Owner Toro

    Now let's head anti-clockwise to the next area. It's Vernal Avenue which you explored last time you were here. Because of that, just continue on through to Vert Plaza.

    Vert Plaza

    Look at the entrance to the alley leading back to the boulevard to find a pink haired woman keen for a fight. Oh yea!

    Trainer Battle: Punk Girl Lillian

    Head down the alley to the trainer there if you want to take her on.

    Trainer Battle: Beauty Aimee

    After defeating her, she'll hand you a Destiny Knot. To reach her you will have had to have passed a cafe to your left. Go back to it and enter it. It's called Cafe Cyclone. It's basically a tipping cafe where people do random novel things. Feel free to look around then leave when you're ready to. Now head back to the plaza itself and head anti-clockwise to the next one.

    Jaune Plaza

    Head down the alley from Jaune Plaza toward the boulevard. There's an open door on your right. Head inside. It's Trevor's house! Neat right?! Anyway, feel free to explore it then head back outside. Just past Trevor's house you'll see alleys leading away on either side. The one on your right will take you back the way you came. The other one will lead to a Beauty wanting to battle. Go for it.

    Trainer Battle: Beauty Anais

    The Beauty will give you an Elixir for winning. Continue following the alley and you'll reach the next avenue!

    Hibernal Avenue

    Only two things to check out here. Head inside Cafe Kizuna that's right next to the alley you just came out of. Here people think about how Pokemon feel, but there's nothing of real importance here so head out when you're ready. Check out the restaurant across the street. Turns out that you can't dine here until after beating the Elite Four, so feel free to head back outside. Oh well. Head toward the boulevard until you see an alley to your left. Head down it and follow it around. You'll see a path leading off from it. Look down it to see a Black Belt at the end. Talk with him if you wish to battle.

    Trainer Battle: Black Belt Killian

    Head back out of the part of the alley you were in, back to the main part. From there follow it around to the next Plaza.

    Rouge Plaza

    You'll wind up in the alley near the Plaza, with two buildings here. There's nothing of interest in the building opposite and the Sushi High Roller place won't let you in until you 'become famous'. There's nothing to do in the plaza itself either so just find the alley leading to the next Avenue and head down it. When it splits into two paths, take the right one. There'll be a trainer at the end.

    Trainer Battle: Punk Guy Faust

    Once he's defeated, head back to where the paths split and take the other one. Follow it to the next avenue.

    Autumnal Avenue

    When you come out of the alley, head inside the Poke Ball Boutique just to the left of the alley. Tell a guy inside that you like round things (ahem...) and he'll hand you a Luxury Ball. Nice. Check out the wares of this store, they're actually really cool.

    Poke Ball Boutique

    Quick Ball$1,000
    Dive Ball$1,000
    Timer Ball$1,000
    Premier Ball$200
    Heal Ball$300
    Net Ball$1,000
    Nest Ball$1,000
    Dusk Ball$1,000
    Repeat Ball$1,000
    Luxury Ball$1,000

    Once you're done, head back outside. Head into the restaurant next door.

    Restaurant Le Yeah

    You can dine here and partake in battles if you so wish to. More information on this will come soon. Head back outside and across the road to Restaurant Pokemon-Amie if you wish to hear information about Pokemon-Amie. once you're done, head back outside and head toward the centre of the city. When you see the blue shop behind the taxi, enter it. It's the Juice Shoppe.

    Juice Shoppe

    More information about juices that you can make will be listed here in later updates. You can combine two of your berries for many juice combinations at the right counter or receive a premium juice at the left counter that changes daily. Once you're done here, head back outside. Cross the road to the next alley leading anti-clockwise. In this alley is Lysandre's Cafe! Head inside.

    Lysandre's Cafe

    Walk in and Sycamore and Lysandre will call you over. They'll speak with you and Lysandre will give you a King's Rock. After that he'll leave and you should too. Once you do you'll receive a Holo Clip. It's Trevor! He'll mention that everyone's meeting at Route 14, so you may as well too! Only a tiny bit more exploration before we're able to head there. Head on through to the other side of the alley.

    Magenta Plaza

    You'll be in Magenta Plaza, the last place to visit before you're done. There's a Pokemon Center here. Head inside. Now just heal up from the battles before and stock up. From there, head into the centre of the city.

    Centrico Plaza

    There's not anything of importance here, but it's an easy way to Route 14. Head clockwise two entrances and enter the entrance you're now if front of. You'll be in Rouge Plaza. Head to North Boulevard from there. When you reach North Boulevard, you'll be directly in front of the exit to Route 14. Head on into the gate and through to the next route!

    Route 14 - Laverre Nature Trail

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    CarnivineGrass%Tall Grass
    GoomyDragon%Tall Grass
    HaunterGhost/Poison%Tall Grass
    KarrablastBug%Tall Grass
    QuagsireWater/Ground%Tall Grass
    ShelmetBug%Tall Grass
    SkorupiPoison/Bug%Tall Grass
    WeepinbellGrass/Poison%Tall Grass
    PoliwagWater%Fishing - Old Rod
    BarboachWater/Ground%Fishing - Good Rod
    PoliwhirlWater%Fishing - Good Rod
    PoliwhirlWater%Fishing - Super Rod
    WhiscashWater/Ground%Fishing - Super Rod
    BellsproutGrass/Poison%Tall Grass
    EkansPoison%Tall Grass
    SkorupiPoison/Bug%Tall Grass

    As soon as you enter, Trevor and your rival will call you over. You and Trevor will compare Pokedexs as usual and your rival will challenge you to a battle.

    Rival Battle!

    [If Chespin was your starter]

    Pokemon Trainer Serena's/Calem's Party

    [If Fennekin was your starter]

    Pokemon Trainer Serena's/Calem's Party

    [If Froakie was your starter]

    Pokemon Trainer Serena's/Calem's Party

    After defeating your rival the rest of your friends will show up. After some chatting everyone will move on. Head north until you meet a Pokemon Ranger. Just so you know, you can encounter Pokemon in Tall Grass, like normal, but now also in shallow or deep puddles, so watch out. There are also deep tiles in the deep puddles that you can get stuck in. If you do, move back the way you came and head around a different way. Anyway, battle times.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Melina

    Now turn on your Dowsing Machine and use it to find the Tiny Mushroom east of the Ranger. Continue east from her through the tall grass. From there, head north and you'll find a Cleanse Tag. Head back to the Ranger and head west. You'll see an item behind a log. Head around it and grab the item. It's a Big Mushroom. Head back around the log and continue on north. There's another Ranger here.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Nash

    Head a little north, then east. It's a Hex Maniac...

    Trainer Battle: Hex Maniac Anina

    Keep following the path around until you find a large amount of water. You'll see a Pokemon Ranger wandering around. Move into his sight and he'll challenge you.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Reed

    Head west from the Pokemon Ranger to find a Hyper Potion half hidden in the puddle. Move back to the Ranger and head north. You'll see a woman here. She'll give you TM06 - Toxic. Cool as! Now use Surf to move over to the other side of the deep water. Grab the Damp Rock there then head back over the water. Head east from the woman and you'll bump into a girl near some grass. Take her on!

    Trainer Battle: Fairy Tale Girl Imogen

    Head over to the tree east of the girl. You'll find a Roseli Berry under it. Pick it up then Cut the bush to your south-west. Head south and you'll find TM61 - Will-O-Wisp! Awesome. Head back to the woman who gave you Toxi and head west from her. You'll find your friends looking at a haunted house. You'll all head inside and hear a tale from a man. At the end he'll ask for a tip. Do so if you want then head back outside. Everyone will split up and leave.

    From the house head south along the thin path. Head through the deeper water and you'll eventually find a Spell Tag. Now use your Dowsing Machine to find the nearby Revive. Head back to the haunted house. Head east then north from it. Follow the path and you'll enter Laverre City!

    The city of otherworldly dreams

    Her north up to the first house. Talk with the nearby boy and he'll give you TM41 - Torment. Use your Dowsing Machine to find the Tiny Mushroom near the boy. Now head between the two nearby houses, then behind the one that's a clothing store. You'll come out near an item. Pick it up to find that it's an Ether. Head back out from between the houses.

    Don't worry about the house next to the boy, but enter the one after that. There's a clothing shop here, so feel free to shop around. Once you're done head back outside. Head east to the Pokemon Center. Head in and heal up. Head to the west side of the center and you'll find Mr. Bonding there. Speak with him to receive an Encounter Power before he leaves. From there, head to the east side of the center if you want to listen to someone tell a poem. Afterwards you may tip them. Feel free to stock up on items while you're here too.

    Laverre City Pokemart

    Left Clerk
    See entry under Shop List corresponding to how many badges you currently have
    Right Clerk
    HP Up$9,800

    When you're ready, head on back out. Head east and talk to the guy by the gate. If you can show him a Pokemon shorter than 12 inches, he'll give you a Poke Doll. You can't head through the gate to the next route just yet as there are Team Flare members guarding it, which isn't a good sign. Anyway, back to the Pokemon Center. Head north up along the path next to it. You'll see the Laverre City Gym straight ahead of you. Remember where it is, but for now let's keep exploring. Head east and enter the building there. Talking with the man in the centre of the house, you'll be able to teach your two starters either Fire Pledge, Water Pledge or Grass Pledge depending on their type. You need to be close enough with your Pokemon to have them learn it, but it's a nice move and if both starters learn it and use it at the same time during a Double Battle, the moves will receive a massive damage bonus.

    Once you're done, head back outside and head east past the gym. Before you head up the stairs leading north, turn your Dowsing Machine on and use it to find the hidden Ultra Ball. After that, head up the steps leading north, then head west along the path. Talk with the girl here and she'll give you a Gengarite. Oh yea! In the house behind you can talk with a man who will give your Pokemon ribbons if they're close enough with you. It's similar to the R/S/E ribbon system. Seems like they're bringing back a lot of R/S/E things. Head out when you're done. Head into the house next door and talk with the woman there if you want to know what party you had when you beat any of the Gym Leaders.

    Head back outside. Heading north from the house will lead you to the Poke Ball Factory, but you can't do much there at all until you defeat the gym here so don't worry about it yet. Instead head east from the house. You'll reach another house. Check the mushrooms next to the house to find a Leaf Stone. Talk to the girl at the nearby lamppost. If you can show her a Pokemon over 9 foot 10 inches, she'll give you a Poke Doll just like the guy looking for a small Pokemon. Head into the nearby building if you want to. You can sit around in this cafe and talk with people if you want. Once you're done head outside. That's it for exploration. Gym time! Head there when you're ready.

    Laverre City Gym

    Good TypesBad Types

    This is a Fairy-type gym, the first one ever! Bring and avoid the types listed above. This is a puzzle gym with teleporters like some similar gyms in the past. See the map below to see how to teleport to the Gym Leader. Letters are teleporters and numbers are trainers. So if you stop on one of the 'A' teleporters, you'll be teleported to the other 'A' one. The 'L' teleporter doesn't work until you defeat Valerie.

    The quickest way to Valerie is by taking the 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D' and 'E' teleporters, in that order. The number of the trainer is the number that they're listed below the map. Valerie is represented by a '5'. You can avoid other trainers by moving past them when they're not looking in your direction. Continue through until you reach Valarie, then take her on!

       |      J|L  5   |E      |
       |       |       |   4   |
       |I      |   E   |      D|
       |C      |      A|      K|
       |   1   |   3   |       |
       |J     D|B     G|H     I|
       |G      |A     F|K      |
       |       |   L   |   2   |
       |F     H|       |C     B|
    Gym Member Battle: Furisode Girl Blossom

    Note: '1' on map.

    Gym Member Battle: Furisode Girl Linnea

    Note: '2' on map.

    Gym Member Battle: Furisode Girl Kali

    Note: '3' on map.

    Gym Member Battle: Furisode Girl Katherine

    Note: '4' on map.

    Gym Leader Battle! Leader Valerie
    PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
    Mr. Mime39Psychic/Fairy

    Note: '5' on map.

    Has two Hyper Potions.

    After beating her you'll receive the Fairy Badge. This means that any Pokemon up to Level 80 that you received in a trade will obey. You'll also get given TM99 - Dazzling Gleam! Cool! Anyway, head back out of the gym by stepping on the green pad behind Valerie. You'll appear back at the beginning of the gym. Head outside. As you walk outside Shauna and Trevor will appear. They'll say that they're heading to the Poke Ball Factory. May as well follow them. First though, heal up and stock up on any items you might need then take the north exit out of town, to the Poke Ball Factory!