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"To add praise to pleasure: Pokemon X/Y"

Pokemon has been around for a very long time. For many avid fans it was just yesterday that they fought Gary in the S.S. Anne, stopped team rocket from taking over Goldenrod's radio station, figuring out why two teams thought it was a good idea to screw up the ecosystem of the world, struggled courageously against Champion Cynthia, and journeying through the tale of Unova through Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Now we're here for Pokemon X/Y.

Gameplay's the same in general. Attack pokemon with pokemon to progress in the game. However, there's many magnificent features to that end. Wonder trade is something most people will spend a lot of time in. It's essentially a random trade button where you trade one pokemon for a random pokemon. This can be done very early in the game for hilarious results for a starter team. There's also super training. This is a more entertaining way of EV training your pokemon. Previously you had to research through the internet to find specific pokemon to knock out to raise certain stats. Now though, it's as simple as either tapping the screen for your pokemon to attack a training bag for a EV bonus, or the minigame of "shoot the squares on the balloon for points". Once you get the hang of it, EV training becomes a breeze. Lastly there's Pokemon Amie, which allows your pokemon to get beneficial bonuses after it's fed and played with several times.

Story's the same as always. Without spoiling anything, you're basically on a journey, but this time it isn't solo, you're with a group. Along the way you battle gyms and trainers and LOTS of pokemon. While the entire game has a very expansive list of pokemon, the beginning really fleshes it out before the second gym. It's probably the most pleasant, OCD-like experience yet. There's a team of rogues who would like to ruin things as usual and you have to stop them.

The graphic's can be a bit off-putting at first for people who love the 2D style of pokemon games. But if you've played Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD (and liked them), you'll find this 3D change in characters and pokemon a nice return. The old models that have been used from Pokemon Stadiums 1 and 2 got an upgrade as well, so you'll see your old favorites in a new light.

Replayability in spades. It's a pokemon game.

If you've never played pokemon before, now is the best time to start, mainly from the expansive list of pokemon that's been made available. The online features have been altered in such a way that you can run into many different people without knowing their friend codes or even meeting them in an arranged time. Old fans will like this as well, lots of changes to competitive play have been made to keep things interesting.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/16/13

Game Release: Pokemon X (US, 10/12/13)

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