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"Good but some more improvement needed"

Storyline is good gets more in depth the game but however there is some room for improvement especially after the games end, the world tournament from black 2/white 2 game was great addition and should have stayed in the games from now or something like the frontier or tournaments throughout the cities. Elite four should have another Pokemon added after you beat the first time. But it cools to use the players you meet to play in multi battle in the mansion but they should be allowed to change them to there favorites so others can see if they use them. This could also add in more time for game play and keep players interested.

The new additions are good as well it's about time the game lets you make changes to your player which is awesome, but a bag pack should be added. The new Pokemon also look better and might find a new speciality to specialize in and fairy type changes the whole match up and makes it a little more difficult to play teams that ppl usually use. Especially starters final form have a different match up that make things different that we usually see.
The 3d battle graphics are outstanding and add to game a lot it feels like took Pokemon stadium and took another steep to it. The battle scenes are great to watch and each Pokemon has it's own of physical attacks and special attacks. The over world is a jump up it's like playing a television counsel like the colosseum games, so all of it is coming together from when it all started in red and blue.

Time is alright over 40 hours and 100 tms and mega stones do take time up but at the some things after the elite four will help it out. Don't get me wrong it's nice to get to do things at your own pace and hit the major places when your ready, but like in black 2 you had places you can a lot more trainers more then just the place on route 5 and the dinners instead of hitting the elite four over and over. But when will they make two regions connect like they did in heart gold and silver.

Online did change for me a little though a lot of people now use just legendaries and mega evolutions so it really doesn't add that much of a challenge cause it turns into a powerhouse quick sweep match and things can't be turned around when you take best Pokemon out of the fight. The safari zone makes it easier to get the Pokemon you want on your teams and matches to use which great instead of endless days on end to get the right ones.

These just options which I think can help improve the game to be the one to keep going back to.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/13/13

Game Release: Pokemon X (US, 10/12/13)

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