Review by Silver_Eevee

"Nostalgia is here... but is flawed."

I've played Pokemon since Red and Blue, but this entry is the first where it just felt too easy. The challenge was rather lacking in terms of training up a team. Either way, with or without the Exp. Share. Still enjoyed the game for what it was though and will be working on a play through of Y version soon.

As for the story line, it felt rather short and it didn't feel as in depth as Black/White or Black 2/White 2. It was still an ok story line, but it seemed a little shallow at times. For the most part, Pokemon battles and training take up the game play and the game isn't really known for being the most deep in regards to story. But I was hoping for a little more in this area.

The graphics are pretty good for the most part, but the lag that can tend to occur at times, mars it. Also lag happens when you're roller blading through towns. This can get annoying after awhile. Was glad to get a bike, since that helps in terms of reducing some of the lag.

The sound track is decent enough to listen to in game and for the most part they don't let fans down, As for Pokemon sound effects though, it's somewhat of a hit and miss. Some Pokemon like Charizard don't even sound like they're supposed to.

The most vexing issue in X (and in Y for that matter) are the save errors. Sure Game Freak and Nintendo fixed the Lumiose one, but they seem to still be happening in other parts of the game. That in itself, kept me from giving the game a higher score.

As for the wireless/online features, some drops have occurred in regards to the GTS and Wonder Trade. It's not horrible, but it does happen. Not a huge fan of Pokebank, but I understand why Game Freak had to go in this direction. To do their best to curb people from hacking. The $5 a year fee isn't too bad, but I hope they don't raise the price up,. Also it's not really convenient or practical for anyone who lack access to the internet.

They'll be out in the cold this round and unable to complete their dexes, unless they know someone that can help them out.

This game (both X and Y) is worth playing and if you're a Pokemon fan, it's worth picking up.

Overall, X and Y are ok throughout, if rather underwhelming. Hopefully Game Freak and Nintendo step it up in regards to story line and challenge in the next set of entries.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/25/13

Game Release: Pokemon X (US, 10/12/13)

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