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"Not the best by far"

This game is pretty good as any Pokemon game should be, and it has new cute Pokemon besides Fairy type and nice visuals so I will divide his in 4 categories if that is allowed by the mods here in gameafqs :-)

1: Story

The story is good but feels to sad :-( all that AZ thing and made me cry a lot and I didn't like it. The team flare is pretty stylish and funny and I liked them :-) also I like the Looker quest though I couldn't finish it :-/ I also like the rivals and the Shauna romance but she don't kiss me so it is not that good >:( but that is ok because Serena is more pretty

2: Gameplay

The gameplay is good because of the 3DS effects and the Kalos region is pretty beautiful and have some Pokemon nice and fairy ;-) I like the gym leaders but the elite is too hard. Also I like that they made Pokemon easiest to raise but it is still kind of hard. Also I can't any evolve any Pokemon! My Chespin never evolved, and I pressed b every time as my friend said me to.

3: Battle

I like the 3d battles but I think we should have more Pokemon per party and more attacks per Pokemon and we should have a three typed Pokemon too ;-) also the legendary Xerneas should be Fairy-Psychic because all legendaries are psychic except for him >:( Also some battles are too hard and not easy to do I had to try the Elite 12 times because I died a lot (my team was Chespin and Klefki and others) so I think that when Pokémon W releases the elite should be less hard and more easy

4: Victini

You can't find Victini on this game. I expected more from this (like Victini on a cave/ or Victini as an starter) because of all hype this game had I also expected him to be the professor or the rival or something better than nothing! you know. But I look forward to the poke transfer that is coming soon than I can have a lots of Victinis ;-)

That is why his gets 6/10! It is a good game but released too close to Christmas and wasn't a good move of Nintendo and doesn't have many things other games had, so 6 it is.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/07/14

Game Release: Pokemon X (US, 10/12/13)

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