How do you increase your pokemons happiness?

  1. I'm trying to get espeon & umbreon, and I know that pokemon-amie increases affection not happieness.

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    Saber_Elf - 3 years ago

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  1. Cross-posting my answer:

    Being that the game is so new, the specific mechanics are not completely known yet. However, the assumption right now is that Happiness is raised in the same ways it was raised in Generation V. Every 128 steps you take increases happiness (NPCs in X/Y seem to confirm that "just walking around" with your Pokemon will make them happy), as well as Leveling them up, getting them groomed via specific NPCs (not sure where they are in X/Y yet), or using vitamins/EV berries. The jury is still out on vitamins and EV berries in X/Y, but there IS the new Super Training minigames that raise EVs, so perhaps that affects Happiness as well, and I'm willing to be Pokemon Amie does too.

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  1. I caught a level 20 Eevee along route 10 sunflowers. I simply put him as my first pokemon and gave him a Soothe Bell from the old lady in Geosenge City. I traveled constantly to level Eevee up and he fainted only once the entire time. Eevee was about level 30 when he evolved into Espeon. He did faint once but in lieu of super potions, I gave him Sodapop to recover health when he needed it. I took him to the massage guy in Cyllage City once since I figured out where he was by accident. I did not play Pokemon Amie or do any Super Training.

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  2. The best way to increase your pokemon happiness is to care for it as if it was a baby. This involves having your pokemon in your party at all times (especially in the first party slot) and giving it items; such as vitamins and ev berries. Rather than healing it at the Pokemon Center, it's best to heal pokemon yourself. Not only that, but keeping them in constant battle (without having them faint) helps out as well. If you want to just do it in a enjoyable and yet relaxing way, i'd recommend Pokemon Amie. -TheOriginalbattler

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  3. Keeping the pokemon in the first party slot, walking with it in the first party slot, and keeping it from getting knocked out will promote happiness. Also, using the befriending O-Power will speed this up. By using the level 3 power, keeping the eevee in the first party slot, and bicycle riding for that 3 minute period, I was able to evolve my eevee into an espeon just be leveling up.

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  4. From my experience I leveled up many pokemon that evolves using happiness as base. While holding Soothe Bell I leveled up a lvl 1 pokemon until it was around 20 (which is very low exp needed to do so) and it evolves. that pokemon not in the first slot of the party, nor I goes around anywhere. Just giving em exp using exp share, and it evolved.

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  5. Pokemon Amie is what I use alot as well as using them in battle

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