Where can I find a Dusk Stone?

  1. I want to evolve my Doublade so I need a Dusk stone, pretty self explanatory

    User Info: Shirocano

    Shirocano - 3 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Well i got 3 (but you can get more)

    terminus cave there is one

    (post game) a member of team flare (in the town next to the pokeball factory)

    and then the super training (aegislash) i kept doing it until i got one and i only got stones if i beat it in less then 30 seconds. but its more up to luck

    User Info: scoots291

    scoots291 - 3 years ago 3 0


  1. I found mine in Terminus cave. It's by the city you go to after getting your versions mascot legendary

    User Info: racxius

    racxius - 3 years ago 0 0
  2. I have found two ingame. One is in the Terminus cave 2nd or 3rd floor down. Multiples can be obtained through Secret Super-Training level 6 (Aegislash)
    I got two through the Secret training minigame with times around 1:15 ish

    User Info: ttkoriandr

    ttkoriandr - 3 years ago 1 0

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