What is the Sea Spirit's Den used for?

  1. I have beaten the game and am now in the process of just goofing around lol but I found this place called the Sea Spirit's Den but it's empty. Does anyone know what this is for? Please help.

    User Info: millsbr

    millsbr - 3 years ago

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  1. Your roaming legendary bird will stop there to fight you after it runs from you a whole bunch of times. The bird you get (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) depends on your starter. You need to run into it once by chance, then you can Pokedex track it. You won't be able to fight it, just let have it run from you until it goes to the Den and waits for you.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 3 years ago 2 0


  1. My guess is it's for Mesprit, Aself, and Uxie. Since they dwell in a wet den in Gens 4 and 5.

    User Info: vhfan3584

    vhfan3584 - 3 years ago 0 1
  2. It's probably for catching azelf, uxie and mespirit, the final mystery gifts for black and white 2 were dialga, palkia and giratina. maybe you have to bring one of them to the den to recieve azelf, uxie or mespirit or do some other cryptic thing.

    User Info: luxxe11

    luxxe11 - 3 years ago 0 1

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