Where can I find all the mega evolution stones?

  1. I have the Charizardite Y (And know I can't get the Charizardite X in Pokemon Y) and I have the Gengarite and the Aerodactylelite where can I find others?

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  1. Check this page on Serebii for help: www.serebii.net/xy/megaevolutions.shtml

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  1. Lucarioite: Korrina gives you Lucarioite when she gives you the Pokemon.

    Abomasnowite: After saving an Abomasnow in the Frost Cavern you're given Abomasnowite.

    Ampharosite: Travel beneath the Sea Spirits Den in Azure bay, and a man on an island (next to a fishing trainer) will give you Ampharosite. (he becomes dragon, electric in Mega)

    Aerodactylite: Talk to the scientist on the right side of the Fossil Lab in Ambrett town to get your shiny new Aerodactylite.

    Absolite: Defeat your rival in Kiloud city after postgame and you'll receive an Absolite.

    Mewtwoite: Capture Mewtwo in the cave to the west of the Pokemon Village after postgame and you'll get Mewtwoite X or Mewtwoite Y depending on your version so Y in this case. (X is a Psychic, Fighting for his Mega and Y is just Psychic)

    Gardevoirite: Trade a Pokemon (any will do) with Diantha in the cafe to the south in Lumios City after postgame where you first met her. She'll give you a Pokemon holding Gardevoirite.
    The next ones are all postgame after your megaring is upgraded and can only be found between the time frame of 8pm-9pm.

    Alakazite: There's a spot in the Reflecting Cave where there's a glowing landing--you likely thought there'd be a Legendary Pokemon when you came here earlier. Nope! It's a Alakazite.

    Aggronite: In version Y only, (Aggron becomes only the Steel type in Mega), Tyranitarite is at this spot in X version only, go to Cyllage City gym (the rock climbing one) and head to the second level to the right. After climbing, you'll find Aggronite.

    Banetteite: Head over to the Chamber of Emptiness for your Banetteite.

    Garchompite: Near the end of Victory Road there's a small area outside just before you fought your rival, and there's a stone tower at the top left. Use Rock Smash and walk in front of it for your Garchompite.

    Gyradosite: In the southeast part of Couriway Town there are a bunch of rivers near a waterfall--here, you can find the Gyradosite. (he becomes Water, Dark in Mega)

    Heracrossite: In version Y only Pinsirite is at this spot in X version only (Pinsir becomes Bug, Flying in Mega), go into Santalune Forest from Route 2. Go straight up and Heracrossite is on the left in the tall grass.

    Houndoomite: Leave Dendemille town towards Route 15 and go south--you'll find yourself on Route 15. Follow the path until you see two skaters circling a large rock, below that rock will be Houndoominite for Y version only and at this spot is Manectricite in X version only.

    Kangaskhanite: Head to the Glittering Caves by way Ambrett town (after riding the Rhydorn on the path South of the town). Once inside, take the first right--Kangaskhanite is at the end of the path.

    Medichamite: In front of the well in Laverre City, Medichamite is sparking on the ground.

    Mawilite: On the second floor of Shabboneau Castle, (on the left) you can find Mawilite. It is located indoors.

    Scizorite: Behind the Abomasnow in the Frost Cavern you'll find Scizorite. It's hard to see--but it's there.

    Blazikenite: You can't actually get it in-game--it comes with the Torchic that comes free. On the main menu, select Mystery Gift, then Receive Gift, then Yes, then Get Via Internet, then Yes. Then go into the game and talk to the woman to the left of the desk in any Pokemon Center. You'll get a Torchic and Blazikenite for when it becomes Blaziken.

    That would be all for now. ^^

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  2. There is also venusaurite go to the stone emporium there is three people buy the counter the one in the middle gives u the venusaurite and it doesn't matter what time u go there

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