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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Forest Stroll

    [_] POW Gloves DX[_] Stache Bean[_] 10 Coins[_] 50 Coins[_] 100 Coins[_] Ultra Mushroom
    [_] 50 Coins[_] 500 Coins[_] 50 Coins[_] Heart Bean[_] 500 Coins[_] Refreshing Herb
    [_] 50 Coins[_] 50 Coins[_] Ultra Mushroom[_] Bros. Bean[_] 500 Coins[_] Secret Box
    [_] Refreshing Herb[_] Ultrasyrup Jar[_] Gift Gloves DX[_] Ultra Nut[_] 50 Coins[_] Ultra Candy
    Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
    Beehoss178 HP280 EXP.60 CoinsMust hammer (spiked); weak to FireUltrasyrup Jar (3%)N/A
    Boomerang Bro135 HP160 EXP.30 CoinsN/AUltra Nut (3%)Heart Wear (2%)
    Commander Lakitu1 HP50 EXP.10 CoinsBackground enemy: kill with Taunt BallN/AHeart Wear (15%)
    Pelicrump109 HP50 EXP.10 CoinsMust jump (flying); may make you DizzyUltra Candy (1%)N/A
    Spritzbloom280 HP160 EXP.60 CoinsCan cause POW DownRefreshing Herb (5%)Flame Hammer DX (1%)

    To find Somnom Woods, first head to the Mushrise Park entrance. (Note: Going to the Elder Pi'illo in the Maintenance Hut yields POW Gloves DX for 37 rescues, where you should have 40.) The entrance to Somnom Woods can be found in the area east of the Mushrise Park entrance. There, if you haven't yet, lower the bridge by making Mini Mario go north and smack the switch.

    Once in Somnom Woods, dig up the Stache Bean to the east. Head north for 10 Coins, then Ball Hop over the steppes to the east. Continue into the darker, shadier area. Head along the path to meet Bedsmith. After he partially opens the gate, get on the step nearby and Side Drill northward into the switch. Head further north and battle the Beehosses, then get the nearby 50 Coins. Get 100 Coins further east and continue into the next area.

    Go north and steal some Ultra Mushroom you found floating in the air, then head east to Bedsmith. There, the Ultibed will be completed; however, we cannot use it here, but at the Pi'illo Temple. Save to the south, go north for 50 Coins, then southeast for an Arrow Block with 500 Coins. Then continue east to the next area.

    Bop the questionable block nearby for 50 Coins, then deal with the Boomerang Bro nearby. Hit the ? Block to the north for a Refreshing Herb, then head south and east. Get on the tree stump amidst the electric poison vat and head east a bit to find a Heart Bean. Go back to the first stump and Spin Jump north, northeast, and northwest. Continue along this path and break the stone at the end to find a Pi'illo to rescue.

    In the dream world, head to the right and deal with the Spritzbloom. Continue right and get 500 Coins, then go through two pipes nearby to find some Pelicrumps to battle. Go further left and shatter the Nightmare Chunk, then go back right and ascend the ledges to the white pipe. Break the Chunk on the other side, then go back through and back through the green pipes. Use the pipe under the entrance for a Refreshing Herb, then go back. Use the white pipe to the right of the entrance and go along the path to the final Nightmare Chunk.

    Back in the real world, go back along the path, but go east from the second tree stump you reach. Go southeast and get rid of the Beehoss, then hit the ! Block. Then go north and east to the next area.

    Here, go northeast and attack the Boomerang Bro, then go far north and defeat the Beehoss. Continue north to find 50 Coins, then go east for 50 Coins again. Further east, you'll see a fan: Spin Jump into the gust when it is blowing southward. Go east and hop across the stump to another platform, then Side Drill westward. Break the rock and Side Drill through the briars, then break the rocks nearby. Spin Jump northward for an Attack Piece, then go back to the fan and Spin Jump into it when it's blowing southwest. Break the rock to the northeast, then hop across the tree stumps to the southeast. Break the rocks near there and go east to bump a L Block for an Ultra Mushroom. Head east to the next area.

    Beat the nearby Boomerang Bro, then dig up the Bros. Bean in the patch of grass just to the north. (You can barely see the "X".) Battle the Beehoss further to the east, then the Boomerang Bro to the north. Continue into the next area. There, break the rock to the north to release a Pi'illo.

    In the dream world, go right and deal with the Pelicrump. Head up the ledges, left, up some more, right, and beat another Pelicrump. Continue along to a ? Block with 500 Coins, then go left, past the pipe, for a Secret Box. Then enter the pipe and go left for a Refreshing Herb, then right for a Spritzbloom and the Nightmare Chunk to de-chunk.

    Back in the real world, go south an area. Side Drill through through the briars in the center of the area, then get the Ultrasyrup Jar to the south. Go north and get rid of the Beehoss, then Spin Jump from the edge of the poison to the Attack Piece. Continue northeast into the next area. There, head further north and east. Get on the ledges and Spin Jump eastward after the wind stops. Go south and Side Drill through the rocks to the east and west. Then go back east and beat up the Beehoss. Go north and past the fan, then Spin Jump north and west to find an Attack Piece. Go back to the tree trunk where you were Side Drilling, then go south and east. Break the rock and enter the dream world via the Pi'illo there.

    Possess the speed control Work in the background as you go left to the ! Block. Speed time up and head left and along the path to the other ! Block - it's easy to beat in 15 seconds, much more 22 seconds. Hit the ? Block for the Gift Gloves DX, then release the Pi'illo. Back in reality, return to the Side Drilling fork and go west. Get the Ultra Nut and break the rocks, then go back to the fan. From right next to it, Spin Jump and ride the wind to the other Pi'illo. Rescue him, too.

    In the dream world again, go left and up the ledges and continue further to the left to find another Luiginary Work. If you twist Luigi's nose by drawing circles around it, you make wind blow: hard enough so that Mario can climb up walls! If you want to stop the wind, just press Luigi's schnozz. Anyhow, climb the wall nearest the propellers and you can get to that Nightmare Chunk: Hammer it to death. Past that ledge, below, jump right to the ? Block for 50 Coins. Ascend the ledges further right and cling on the wall near the ? Block and jump to its right for an Ultra Candy. Go two ledges below and run-jump right to get to that ledge. Climb up to the Nightmare Chunk, then hammer it into oblivion.


    The Master Pi'illos

    [_] 1-Up Deluxe[_] 50 Coins[_] 100 Coins[_] Taunt Ball[_] 50 Coins[_] Max Mushroom
    [_] Secret Box[_] 100 Coins[_] Ultra Candy[_] Defense Bean[_] Ultra Mushroom[_] 500 Coins
    [_] Max Nut[_] Refreshing Herb[_] 500 Coins[_] Boo Biscuit[_] Ultra Nut[_] Ultrasyrup Jar
    [_] 50 Coins[_] 50 Coins[_] Speed Bean[_] 50 Coins[_] 1-Up Deluxe[_] 50 Coins
    [_] Defense Bean[_] Power Bean[_] Power Bean[_] Heart Bean[_] Speed Bean[_] 500 Coins
    [_] Max Mushroom[_] 100 Coins[_] 500 Coins[_] Gold Statue[_] Flame Hammer DX[_] 10 Coins
    [_] Bros. Bean[_] Power Bean[_] Defense Bean[_] Bros. Bean[_] Power Bean[_] Defense Bean
    [_] 100 Coins[_] 500 Coins[_] Snare Wear[_] Ultra Candy
    Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
    Beehoss178 HP280 EXP.60 CoinsMust hammer (spiked); weak to FireUltrasyrup Jar (3%)N/A
    Boomerang Bro135 HP160 EXP.30 CoinsN/AUltra Nut (3%)Heart Wear (2%)
    Commander Lakitu1 HP50 EXP.10 CoinsBackground enemy: kill with Taunt BallN/AHeart Wear (15%)
    Eyepi'illo138 HP290 EXP.50 CoinsFloating: must jump; can cause DEF DownTaunt Ball (5%)Bare Hammer DX (2%)
    Pelicrump109 HP50 EXP.10 CoinsMust jump (flying); may make you DizzyUltra Candy (1%)N/A
    Pi'illodactyl R476 HP600 EXP.450 CoinsBackground foe: use Taunt Ball first; can't hammerMax Candy (20%)POW Gloves DX (5%)
    Skipdrill R66 HP35 EXP.6 CoinsMust jump (floating)Boo Biscuit (1%)N/A
    Spritzbloom280 HP160 EXP.60 CoinsCan cause POW DownRefreshing Herb (5%)Flame Hammer DX (1%)

    In the real world, you will get a Somnom Stone to enter the temple with. Head west across the bridge to the next area. There, hit ground level to the south and use the ! Block to lower the barriers. Then defeat the Beehoss to the west, then beat the Boomerang Bro to the northwest. Get on the ledges to the east and, like before, use the Side Drill (northbound) to screw the screw into the switch. Go up the new elevator and east to an Attack Piece, then west for a scene and a 1-Up Deluxe. Anyways, go north to the next area via the 'vator. There, activate the golden pipe to the left and go into the Pi'illo's dream to the right.

    In the world of dreams, go right and get the 50 Coins, then left for 100 Coins. Go back and ride the moving platform to a Luiginary Work; use it to slingshot Mario up and left. Get the Nightmare Chunk to the right, then head left to the next area. Hit the ? Block for a Taunt Ball, then use the Luiginary Works to slam into the left wall for 50 Coins. Then slam him up and right to the top corner; get the Max Mushroom there and continue into the next area to shatter the Nightmare Chunk.

    From the master, you get another Somnom Stone. After the scene in the real world, go north to the cash register-like object: there, you can insert Somnom Stones to make some paths. Begin by making a path from the rotation button with the corner piece being west, then the straight piece going west - like in the nearby image. So, yes, head to the southwest area.

    Nearby, you will find a Eyepi'illo to battle. Go southwest and battle the Boomerang Bro, then go northwest to two Beehosses. To the west are two sets of briars: Side Drill through the southern one to get a Secret Box, then break down the boulders to the north. Go north onto the tree stump, then Spin Jump northeastward for an Attack Piece. Go back then Side Drill into the cannon nearby. Launch from it into the next cannon, then rapidly press B in there to get high enough to reach the next ledge. hit the ! Block nearby, then enter the dream world via the nearby Pi'illo.

    In the dream world, go right to the next area. Possess the windmill trees below the bridge and use the air currents to get lots of Coins as you go right. After hitting the double whirlwind, go left onto the ledge to release the Pi'illo Master, thereby earning you another Somnom Stone. Return to the previous area to use it, this time as with the image at the left, to reach the southeastern area.

    In this area, go east and make battle with the Boomerang Bro, then head southeast to the Eyepi'illos. Continue along the path to the vertically-rising platform. Spin Jump west of there for 100 Coins and an Ultra Candy, then go east. Head southeast along the lower ledge to find a Defense Bean near the end of the path, then go northwest and Ball Hop back onto the ledge. Head east to the next area.

    Here, you will have to play a game with the Nommons for the Pi'illo Master pillow. You need to through a set of rings within a certain number of moves with only a brief time (two jumps) per platform and without stomping on a Nommon.

    • Challenge #1: Left, up, up, right, down, down, right, up, up
    • Challenge #2: Right, right, up, left, left, down, left, up, up, right, right, down
    • Challenge #3: Down, right, up, up, left, left, down, left

    After solving the challenges, you'll be able to use the Pi'illo to enter the dream world. (You'll also gain an Attack Piece.) So, in the dream world, go to the left. (I found a Gold Beanie here.) Ascend the ledges to a Spritzbloom, then an Ultra Mushroom. Get under the ledge and head right for another Spritzbloom, then head left and into the next area.

    Beat up the Pelicrump to the left, then continue left and into the depression. Break the stone block and head into the small gap and left. Proceed to the end and make the propellers blow so that Mario can now push the two crates underneath the Nightmare Chunks and shatter said Chunks. In reality, you'll be given another Somnom Stone. Before leaving the area, go southeast to find 500 Coins in an Arrow Block and a Max Nut in a L Block.

    Back at the hub area, switch the Somnom Stones around so we can head to the west-central zone next, like in the image nearby. In the next area, beat the Eyepi'illos near the entrance, then head north for a Refreshing Herb and an M/L Block with 500 Coins inside. Head west a little and you'll get one of those panel puzzles like in Wakeport.

    • Circle - south once
    • Plus - east once, north once, east once
    • Circle - west once, north once
    • Plus - south once
    • Diamond - north once, east once

    On the other side of the gate, go north and use the Pi'illo to enter the dream world. There, go right and extermine the Spritzbloom, then you'll find a Skipdrill R. Hit the ? Block hidden in the trees for the ironic Boo Biscuit, then go right an area

    In this area, go right and beat the Spritzbloom, then continue along to the Pelicrump. Possess the whirlwind in the background and sneeze to reveal everything. Head up the ledges and right for an Ultra Nut, then left for a Spritzbloom (and a Gold Beanie in my case). Continue to find an Ultrasyrup Jar, then go back left, up, and left to find the Nightmare Chunk encasing this Master, who will give you another Somnom Stone upon his release. (But first go left for a 50 Coin ? Block!)

    Return to the main hub and place the Somnom Stones so you can go to the east-central area now - the configuration being to the left of here. In this area, go south and deal with the Boomerang Bro, then Eyepi'illo further east. Head up the ledges to find 50 Coins to the left and a Beehoss to the southeast. Head northeast and beat the next Eyepi'illo. Get the Speed Bean on the east edge of this platform, then Ball Hop up to the Boomerang Bro; beat 'im up. Get the 50 Coins to the west after, then head east to the next area.

    Get rid of the nearby Beehoss, then ascend the ledges to a 1-Up Deluxe. Yup, no Pi'illo Master here, so return to the hub area.

    This time, our target is the northwestern area. Configure the Somnom Stones as shown to the right, then proceed along them into the next area. There, go south and along the path to a Boomerang Bro. As you reach the end of this path, you'll notice something going on with the Pi'illo further ahead. For now, bop the nearby ? Block for 50 Coins. Then head north and onto the platforms. From the tree stump, Spin Jump east when there's no wind, then north, then Side Drill west to reach an Attack Piece. Stand on the nearby tree stump and, when the wind starts, Spin Jump to reach the place from before. Go southwest for a Defense Bean, then west to the next area.

    Dig up the nearby Power Bean and break the rocks to the west. Head into the cave there and west to find a Power Bean on ground level, with a Heart Bean to the northeast and a Speed Bean nearby in the grass. Go west and use Mini Mario to reach a 500 Coin-? Block and another Attack Piece. Return to the entrance and use the ledges nearby. Spin Jump west to reach a Max Mushroom, then return to the previous area. Use the Pi'illo to enter the dream world.

    In the dream world., head to the right and take control of the speed thingie. Head right, set the speed to fast, and speed your way to the other ! Block on the other side - you'll have to slow the time down for that one jump in the area with the thick bushy ledges, but speed it up right after. After hitting the other ! Block, you'll release another Pi'illo Master who will give you another Somnom Stone back in the real world. (He'll also let you know that he is the last of the masters.)

    Despite this, return to the hub area and use the configuration at the left to enter the northeastern area. Beat the Boomerang Bro to the east, then the Beehoss to the northeast. Use Mini Mario to pass through the small arch nearby to reach an Attack Piece. Reunite with Luigi after and go east to the Eyepi'illos. Go up the ledges to the north, then dig up the Stache Bean at the southern edge of the ledge. Ball Hop up the northeastern ledges for 100 Coins, then go to the ground level and speak with the Nommons there. Again, you'll play a ring game for the Pi'illos, although they're random this time. So, the two Pi'illos will be released.

    For the one in front of you, in the dream world, go right and get the 500 Coins, then head right and through the second ledge to destroy one Chunk. Defeat the nearby Skipdrill R, then ehad right and beat up the Pelicrump. Continue up to a Gold Statue, then left for a Nightmare Chunk and further for a Spritzbloom. Go right for another of each, then back left and into the hidden ledge in the trees for the final Chunk.

    As for the Pi'illo atop the northeastern ledges, in that dream, head left a bit. (I found a Gold Beanie on the way.) Continue to a Flame Hammer DX, then through the bushes to left to release Pi'illo #51 - this is pretty much the last one for a while, now!

    Back in the hub area, reconfigure the Somnom Stones to look like that at the right. Save and ride along this path into the temple - be sure to grab the Attack Piece and smack the switch on the way! The former of these should even teach Mario the Jet-Board Bash Bros. Attack!

    Defeat the Beehoss and Eyepi'illo to the north, then get 10 Coins from the nearby M/L Block. Head up the incline to the northwest and beat the Boomerang Bro at the top, then head west to dig up six Beans: Bros. Bean, Power Bean, Defense Bean, Bros. Bean, Power Bean, and a Defense Bean. To the east, you'll find 100 Coins, 500 Coins, Snare Wear, and Ultra Candy.

    Head north next to find the temple. Save as you enter and proceed north to find where the Ultibed must be placed. Hammer the yellow switch first to -- oops.

    BOSS - Pi'illodium
    • Maximum HP: 1,673 HP
    • EXP. Earned: 3,600 EXP.
    • Coins Earned: 600 Coins
    • Item Drops: Antiair Boots DX
    • Attacks:
      • Laser Discs - Watch the pre-launch cursor and only jump over those that actually touch the brother
      • Hammer - The boss becomes a hammer and winks at the bro to be first struck. After the countdown, swing about a second after the "1" appears.
      • Robo Tennis - The boss will fling a robot at a bro; it's safest to just make the bros both counter the attack simultaneously. This goes in a back-and-forth manner for a bit until Pi'illodium is struck.
      • Missile Chase - Pi'illodium chases the bros whilst shooting missiles. Those with the fiery jets are fast, whereas those without it are slow - take that into account when jumping over them. Additionally, Pi'illodium himself may get shot at a bro; you can jump on or over him.
      • Self-Destruct - Presumably unavoidable, at least when you think of it initially. Basically, this heavy-damage attack will be avoided if you can get the boss's HP down to zero in about thirty seconds after the countdown begins. This is hard enough to do as is, and even worse on Hard Mode - Slingsniper, your best Bros. Attack, will need to be used rather prolifically, so come into the battle with full BP!

    For one thing, you may want to attack the wings if you're a heavy user of stuff like Hammers. They don't have much HP (172 each) - a single Slingsniper took a wing out before I even knew they existed. When in this state, you'll also note that the boss's POW and DEF are greatly diminished: if you're not using Bros. Attacks often, now is the time to let loose with Slingsniper and Bomb Derby! This state is only temporal: those beings in the background, if not dealt with through Taunt Balls, will heal the wings for 90 HP for two turns until they return.

    Near the end of the fight, the boss will begin a 30-second self-destruct sequence. It's not one I got to see to fruition, though, since I managed to kill it with a well-aimed Slingsniper. (Yes, that's the attack to use here.) Presumably, it would be fatal and unavoidable, so it's something you want to avoid - I guess about 300 or 400 damage did it in, but I did 499 in one hit. >_>


    Searching Out the Zeekeeper

    [_] 500 Coins[_] Max Syrup Jar[_] EXP Boots DX[_] 50 Coins[_] 50 Coins[_] 50 Coins
    [_] 50 Coins[_] Refreshing Herb[_] 50 Coins[_] Ultrasyrup Jar[_] 100 Coins[_] Refreshing Herb
    [_] 500 Coins[_] Max Nut[_] Ultra Nut[_] Ultrasyrup Jar[_] Max Nut[_] Shock Bomb
    [_] Refreshing Herb[_] Ultrasyrup Jar[_] Max Candy
    Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
    Pelicrump109 HP50 EXP.10 CoinsMust jump (flying); may make you DizzyUltra Candy (1%)N/A
    Skipdrill R66 HP35 EXP.6 CoinsMust jump (floating)Boo Biscuit (1%)N/A
    Spritzbloom280 HP160 EXP.60 CoinsCan cause POW DownRefreshing Herb (5%)Flame Hammer DX (1%)

    In the dreampoint of Pi'illo Temple, after the scenes, go left and through the bushes past the portal to find a hidden pipe. Go inside and, in that area, head right along ground level, fighting a few enemies as you go into the next area. There, you'll find 500 Coins, a Max Syrup Jar, and EXP. Boots DX. Go through the pipe nearby and through the maze again, this time following the Coins to reach a different pipe.

    Head right and through the bushes to find an Attack Piece, then head left and beat up the Spritzbloom, then continue into the next area. Enter the white pipe here and go up to a ! Block. Hit it, then go right an area. Hit the ? Block for 50 Coins, then beat the Pelicrump to the right. Use the pipe to the right, then to the left for an Attack Piece. Go through the next one and right for 50 Coins, 50 Coins, 50 Coins, Refreshing Herb, and 50 Coins. Go over the edge to the right and down the pipe on the right.

    Beat the Skipdrill R to the right and continue into the next area. Head far to the right and possess the propellers and turn them on. Push the nearby crate to the left, then climb up the wall you can now reach. Push down the next crate and walk up it to hit the ! Block. Continue left and climb up for the Ultrasyrup Jar, then go back to the propellers and cross to the next area.

    Go right and possess and turn on the propellers, then hit the Red Coin Block. Collect the eight Red Coins, then hit the ! Block that appears. Proceed up to the top so you can get that Attack Piece and proceed into the next area. There, possess the constellation and go left. Use the Ball Hammer to get rid of the crate blocking the horizontal passage, then use the cone form of the 'Noids to enter it. Return to the start and ground-pound the crates just left of it. Get rid of the 'Noids at the bottom and go left an area for 100 Coins, then right one for a Refreshing Herb and an Attack Piece. Go down the pipe to the left, next.

    Here, head left and through the shrubbery until you can possess smoething: use it to get rid of the stuff nearby. Get the Attack Piece nearby, plus any nearby enemies. (I found another Gold Beanie.) Get the 50 Coins above the Attack Piece and go right for the ! Block, then head to the top-left corner for an Ultra 'Shroom. Exit via the bottom-left. Use the pipe and go left for another Attack Piece, then go left, down the pipe, and into the next area.

    Here, go left and use the ! Block for a shortcut, then head left to get 500 Coins in the next area. Return to the main tree and use the pipe on your level, then go west an area on the upper level. Here, Hookshot your way to the top-left for some Coins. Get on the ledge below it and go to the next area for a Max Nut, then return and go down another level for an Attack Piece. Go down one more level and enter that area.

    Here, possess the tree and fling Mario onto the ledge above. Riding the moving platform to some more platforms; ascend them to find another Attack Piece on the left and a ! Block on the right to hit. Now, use the tree again to use the second-lowest exit to the area to the west - go left and beat the Pelicrump and get the Attack Piece before returning. Now use the next-highest exit to find 50 Coins and an Ultra Nut, then the next highest for fifty more Coins.

    Here, head left along the top level to soon reach an Attack Piece: #10 no less, teaching you the final of the Luiginary Attacks, Luiginary Typhoon! Head right on ground level for an Ultrasyrup Jar, then a Pelicrump, then a Max Nut.

    Head left to the next area via the pipe and defeat the nearby Pelicrump. Ascend up to the right and break the blockage, then head left and possess the propeller. Make 'em spin and climb the wall to the right. (Be sure to go to the left wall for a Shock Bomb. Crawl along to the top-right corner, grabbing a Refreshing Herb and Ultrasyrup Jar on the way. Use the pipe there to proceed to the next area.

    In this area, you'll need to turn on the propellers and the game will automatically put you on a cloud so you can collect Coins as you head right and into the next pipe. Get the Ultra Candy on the other side and continue into the next area. Here, go right and save, then enter the white tube to go meet Bedsmith, who seems to love stating the obvious and scaring the crap out of pillows and Pi'illos alike. Anyhow, hit the ! Block and go back up, then right to the next area.

    Possess and activate the propellers in this area so you can float up to the only ledge in the area. Get the Coins there and head left to the ? Block for a Max Candy! ^_^ Continue into the next area and along to the big egg: hammer it several times..

    GIANT BOSS - Zeekeeper
    • Maximum HP: ???
    • EXP. Earned: 0 EXP.
    • Coins Earned: 1,200 Coins
    • Item Drops: Energy Wear, Max Candy, Max Nut, 1-Up Deluxe
    • Attacks:
      • Diving Tackle - Jump over if he's low (slide up), duck if he's high (slide down)
      • Egg Bomb - Hammer counter: tap the eggs as they come
      • "None may hinder me...!" - Drag him down (slide down repeatedly), grabbing (tap) the leg as needed
      • Dimensional Crossing - Dodge the lasers and Zeekeeper's tackle by tilting the 3DS like in the Finishing Bros. move, then ram the boss with your spinning tackle at least thrice; this itself repeats thrice
      • Laser - Back in the normal dimension, throw random junk at the lasers by tapping them, then the Zeekeeper himself

    The battle begins with a lot of chasing and countering before you actually get to do anything but drag him down. He'll be dizzy then, though. Use what you will: Drill Spin is best, but you then have to batter him to death with normal attacks before he flies off again, which he will. After, it's back to the normal chasing thing. If damaged heavily, you might want to open with Rhythm Mushroom, or you can try to lower his health down to finishing status with Drill Spin/Hammer.

    For the most part, just try to wear him down without getting yourself killed.



    Anyways, let's suffice it to say that it works out for now.


    Some Cleanin' Up


    After getting the Zeekeeper on our side, we need to meet him near the Somnom Woods entrance. You can make life a little easier by going south a couple of areas and using the warp pipe to head to the Mushrise entrance and east an area. (You may wanna visit Pi'illo Castle on the way: they're selling Max items now!) There, go chat it up with the Zeekeeper to get the 4-1-1 on the N.B.C. *goofy gang symbols*

    So, anyhow, it's time to blow that sucker's barrier away - be sure you're ready! As it is, it seems that the barrier was providing an antigravity effect, so now the castle is going to plummet, landing just northeast of Pi'illo's own castle - in fact, it's north of where you met the Zeekeeper!

    Outside Bowser's Castle, you will actually find the final Pi'illo of the game, #52 if you've done them all before now. In the dream world, go left an area and to the lower-left corner of that one. Possess the constellation and Hookshot onto the ... well, hook above you. Go to the right and do it again, then to the left, then further left, landing between each time. At the moving hook, land at the end of the track and head right to shatter the five Nightmare Chunks, one of which you need to Spring Jump at the arrow for.

    With all 52 Pi'illos rescued, you can go visit the Pi'illo Elder in Mushrise to learn a new Bros. Attack: Zee Egg!

    Anyhow, activate the golden pipe near the castle entrance and speak with the owner of the Neo Bowser Castle Shell Hutch (dude has balls to be setting up shop here: Taunt Balls!). </boos> Stock up and enter the castle.


    Barging In

    [_] 100 Coins[_] Ultrasyrup Jar[_] 50 Coins[_] 500 Coins[_] Ultra Mushroom[_] Ultra Candy
    [_] 50 Coins[_] Refreshing Herb[_] 50 Coins[_] 100 Coins[_] 100 Coins[_] 50 Coins
    [_] Ultra Candy[_] Max Nut[_] Max Mushroom[_] 100 Coins[_] 50 Coins[_] Ultra Mushroom
    [_] 50 Coins[_] Max Syrup Jar[_] 100 Coins[_] Max Candy[_] Ultra Nut[_] Max Mushroom
    Enemy NameMax HPEXP. YieldCoin YieldOther Notes?Normal Item DropRare Item Drop
    Fire Bro172 HP390 EXP.50 CoinsMay Char you1-Up Deluxe (4%)Crystal Boots (3%)
    Flaming Antasmaton190 HP520 EXP.70 CoinsMay Char youUltrasyrup Jar (4%)Farmer Boots (1%)
    Lakitu60 HP171 EXP.49 CoinsNormally in background: use Taunt Ball or counters to killSecret Box (10%)Blunt Hammer (3%)
    Mechakoopa124 HP40 EXP.8 CoinsMay Char youMax Candy (1%)N/A
    Spiny31 HP21 EXP.4 CoinsSpiked if red side is up; hammer to flipSuper Candy (1%)N/A

    From the castle exterior where the shop lies, enter the castle. In there, proceed north to meet up with Bowser's ex-Honor Guard - they'll execute their own special move: fleeing. Go after to the northeast corner and Ball Hop onto the sky-blue switch to open the door to the next area. After doing so, use the Save Block to the south and proceed nito the next area.

    After the scene, go east and battle the Flaming Antasmaton, then head north for 100 Coins and an Ultrasyrup Jar. Head south and west to a Fire Bro, then go north. You should be able to see a metal "island" in the lava: Spin Jump to it and hit the block to change something on the map. Hmm... Use this method to hit the Camera Block in the southwest corner for a Neo Bowser Castle puzzle back in Wakeport. Now, look at the map. See those northbound exits marked with triangles? Use either one.

    In the next area (see, the warping was fixed!), get the nearby Flaming Antasmaton, then the Fire Bro northeast of there. Continue east to another Flaming Antasmaton, then head onto the north-central ledge for an Attack Piece. Use the Ball Hop to cross the ledges to the east so you can head to the upper level; there, head west and Spin Jump across the gap to find a block that'll fix more magical warps. Use the one marked in this room for now.

    In this area, go west and extinguish the Fire Bro. Side Drill southward to find another warp-fixing block, then Side Drill back. Go north and onto the northeastern ledges for another such block, then go west and deal with the Fire Bro. Continue along to the northwest corner for 50 Coins, then Spin Jump southward so you can fix more warps. Spin Jump east and get on the platform to the south to deal with a Flaming Antasmaton. Continue east and Side Drill onto the metal island for 500 Coins. Now, go east an area and south another. Exit it via the eastern northbound path.

    Beat the Fire Bro to the east and continue along to another warp-fixing switch. Use it and return to the previous area - exit it to the north, then via the northern westbound path, then to the north. Here, Ball Hop from the edge of the platform north, west, west, west, west, west, north, west. Then Ball Hop into the ring you saw along the path going south, south, south, and west. Hit the block here to fix some warps, then go back along the original path to find an Ultra Mushroom. From there, Ball Hop east through the hoop, east, east, east, north, east, north, and west. Hit the block atop the moving platform, then go through the hoop you saw along the way going south, east, east, north, east, east. This latter sequence brings you to an Attack Piece. After grabbing it, go through the "yellow circle" (southern eastbound path) warp.

    Battle the Flaming Antasmaton to the southeast, then go east and use the linear chain of moving platforms to reach an Attack Piece and an Ultra Candy. Go back two platforms and, when this is at its apex, Spin Jump westward and Ball Hop onto the blue switch there. Go back west to the previous area (use the unaffected northern westbound path). In the center of the area, grab the nearby Attack Piece, then stand next to the Koopa Copter to enter the Dreampoint.

    In the world of dreams -- whoa, that's dark... Head right for a bit - I found a Gold Beanie on the way. As you continue, you'll find a Mechakoopa, then a pipe into the next area. There, go right and dismantle that Mechakoopa, then continue right to another. Continue further to find a Lakitu R, then go back left and into the pipe.

    Jump into the gap to find another Luiginary Work at the bottom - by pressing the button next to Luigi's head in the real world, Mario will be engulfed in dark matter, negating the gravity around him! He can move like he could in that introductory Dream World sequence waaay back: use the Circle Pad to rotate and the A Button to paddle. Swim up for 50 Coins, then hit the next ? Block for a Refreshing Herb. (Remember, it must the underside.) Continue up to where you jumped to get 50 Coins and 100 Coins, then another 100 Coins below and 50 Coins more below that. Head to the top-right corner for an Ultra Candy. Use the pipe on the ledge below that to proceed to the next area.

    Here, head to the right while engulfed in the dark matter and bop the Red Coin Block. A bunch of Coins will appear nearby, eight Red Coins immensed within, but mostly along the outer rim. You can pretty much just zip around to get them. After, hit the ! Block and continue right to the next area.

    Basically head along the obvious path for a while, grabbing a Max Nut before going down and right to a blockage. To get rid of it, you need to get Mario to lie on the floor (Down on Circle Pad), then press A, like a Spring Jump almost, but this can be done from any wall. Like by using the roof at the next corner! Get the Max Mushroom to the right of there after destroying the blocks, then continue up for 100 Coins. Spring Jump (as we'll simply call it for now) upward along the second set of blocks, then head left and along to the next area.

    Here, go left and get 50 Coins from the ? Block, then proceed onto the ledges nearby to battle a Spiny R, with a Mechakoopa to the left on ground level. From the Spiny R, go right and up a ledge to another Spiny R and an Ultra Mushroom, then go left and grab the 50 Coins from the ? Block and whatever scrap parts the Mechakoopa yields. Head left to the next area briefly to beat a Mechakoopa with a Max Syrup Jar further along. Other than that, go right to the next area from the one with the Spiny R's.

    Take control of the dark-matter Work and activate it. Go left, up, and right along the path, avoiding the spikes as much as possible. (You'll get 100 Coins at the end of this path.) Go up and right for a Max Candy, then head left and along to a ! Block. Hit it and you'll lower some gates. Head to the lower-left corner just below here, then to the right a little. Use a Spring Jump from the small hump (a left wall to you) and destroy the blocks in case you ever come back. Then use the pipe in the lower-left corner to proceed to the next area.

    Take out the Lakitu R nearby, then go left and down to find an Ultra Nut in the ? Block. Head right along ground level to find a Max Mushroom. Hit the ! Block near the previous item, then head through the top-left door into the next area. (You have to get rid of the dark-matter Work. Aww...) Head left on the other side to run into Kamek. And Kamek. And Kamek. And Kamek. And Kamek.

    Oh crap.

    BOSS - Kamek
    • Maximum HP: 1,428 HP (battle #1), 1,743 (battle #2)
    • EXP. Earned: 0 EXP.
    • Coins Earned: 0 Coins
    • Item Drops: N/A
    • Attacks:
      • Magic Wave - Jump over; if enemies are used, jump on the non-spiked ones
      • Broom Tackle - Jump on/over low fliers (real Kamek) only; otherwise, you'll get hurt
      • Big Magic - Hammer counters: circles come from the south and squares from the north, up-pointing triangles from the east and down-pointing ones from the west
      • Dry Bones Horde - Jump on all dem bones, pretty much; those you jump on get to become ammo for hitting Kamek later
      • Thwomp Rush - In this 3D attack, Kamek summons a number of Thwomps and chases you. You can see the Thwomps (which will hit the ground as you go beneath) ahead of time, so align with their gaps. Alternatively, you can also go under the one of the group that falls first to hurt Kamek. Also beware Kamek's spells; they are easily jumped over. This only really occurs in the third battle with Kamek.

    Kamek abuses a strategy he's used in several previous Mario RPGs, Mario & Luigi RPGs included. The general idea, as usual, is to clone himself several times. You'll only know which one is the real one by the little cackling he does and keeping track of him.

    Due to the cloning, it's not ideal to use attacks like Jump because of the other clones won't really affect Kamek's own HP and therefore will just buffer down the damage. Rather, it's better to use Luiginary Attacks that hit all enemies for the general same amount of power, such as Luiginary Ball. Keep in mind that such attacks need to be focused on the real Kamek - forget the others pretty much.

    There will be times during the battle that Kamek doesn't regenerate his clone posse. That is a decent time to return to using basic Jumps for the sake of conserving BP


    After about 1,500 HP of damage, Kamek flees. Get 100 Coins to the left and go down the pipe, then through the dream portal back outside.