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"Dream no longer, this RPG is right for you!"

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is a great dream, I mean game. You're about to see why!

The story is kinda strong, Antasma, the Bat King destroys the Dark Stone to freeze the Pi'illo people. Mario & Luigi are invited shortly after to Pi'illo Island for vacation and site seeing by the mysterious Dr. Snoozemore. Things don't go as planned because Antasma manages to pull Princess Peach into Luigi's dreams and kidnap her. Mario gives chase but loses track of the villain. Bowser later joins the party and teams up with Antasma to find the Dream Stone that is said to grant dreams.

Gameplay is great. It is almost exactly like the previous Mario & Luigi games. You explore a large, open world, smashing things with your hammer and jumping up and down with Mario & Luigi. Battles are more dynamic and cool than previous instalments. You use cool Bros. attacks an moves to take out foes for goodies, coins, and EXP to level up. When you level up all your stats go up, but you can choose to bonus at stat for even more points added to it.

Aside from the large and open Real World, there is also the Dream World. It is sidescrolling, platforming place. Luigi possesses objects in the background to solve puzzles. Battles here have way more enemies in them than the Real World. There are "Luiginary Attacks" you can use that involve tons of Luigi's smashing into opponents taking the form of a giant ball, a hammer, a hurricane an much more.

Bosses are creative and cool. Not too tough and not too easy. Now there is also a handful of Giant Battles you'll play too. They involve turning the 3DS around like a book and swiping the touch screen with the stylus to beat up your foes while also avoiding their attacks. There are only 5 so they are fun when you get too them.

The humour is great like the past games. It is just too fun to be tugging on Luigi's face while he is asleep.

The extra content is great. There are tons of them such as: Freeing trapped Pi'llos, doing picture puzzles, and a giant boss arena with a secret boss!

The only downside is the start. It is jam-packed with tutorials and boring level design, but once you get to the grasslands, the game skyrockets.

In conclusion, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is a great game, lots of fun with new mechanics introduced every hour. It is long, with 35 hours of storyline content of 15+ with extra content. This game is great and I would recommend it to any RPG fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/25/13

Game Release: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. (EU, 07/12/13)

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