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    FAQ/Walkthrough by vinheim / noz3r0

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/25/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                                     /  \
                                                                    /    \
                                                                   /      \
       ______________                                             /        \
      / ________    /   T H E   L E G E N D   O F                /__________\
     /,'       /   / ________ _____   ______          ___       /\          /\
              /   / \    __  |\   /   \     `-.       \  \     /  \        /  \
             / / /   |  |  \ | |  |    |  |`.  \      /   \   /    \      /    \
            / / /    |  |   \| |  |    |  |  \  \    /     \ /      \    /      \
           / / /     |  |_/|   |  |    |  |   |  |  /   .   \        \  /        \
          / O /      |   _ |   |  |    |  |   |  | /   /_\   \________\/__________\
         / / /       |  | \|   |  |    |  |   |  |/   _____   \XXXXXXX/\XXXXXXXXXX/
        / / /        |  |   /| |  |  /||  |  /  //   /     \   \XXXXX/  \XXXXXXXX/
       / / /         |  |__/ | |  |_/ ||  |,'  //   /       \   \XXX/    \XXXXXX/
      /   /         /________|/_______|/____,-'/____\       /____\X/      \XXXX/
     /   /_______,'/_________________________________________  \XX/        \XX/
    /_____________/ A   L I N K   B E T W E E N   W O R L D S   \/__________\/
                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XXXXXXXXXX/
               "A sword wields no Strength,                        \XXXXXX/
                  unless the hand that holds it                     \XXXX/
                     has Courage"                                    \XX/
                               by Greg Boccia aka noz3r0
                              and Alex 'vin' Kleinheider
                                     Version 1.00
                                   /\            /\
                                  /  \/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\/  \
                                  \                /
                                   >   _      _   <
                                  /    \\    //    \
                                 |      ¯    ¯      |
                                  \                /
                                   `.___      ___.`
                                        |    |
        Introduction            [0100]  |    | - Lorule Explorations     [0309]
        Basics                  [0200]  |    | - Thieves' Hideout        [0310]
        Walkthrough             [0300]  |    | - The Desert Palace       [0311]
        - Link's Awakening      [0301]  |    | - The Skull Woods         [0312]
        - The Princess' Plan    [0302]  |    | - The Dark Palace         [0313]
        - Eastern Palace        [0303]  |    | - The Swamp Palace        [0314]
        - Hyrule Explorations   [0304]  |    | - Turtle Rock             [0315]
        - The House of Gales    [0305]  |    | - The Ice Ruins           [0316]
        - The Tower of Hera     [0306]  |    | - Lorule Castle           [0317]
        - The Master Sword      [0307]  |    | Item Lists                [0400]
        - Hyrule Castle         [0308]  |    | Outro                     [0500]
                                        |    |
                                        |    |
                                        |     ¯¯¯¯|
                                        |     ____|
                   / / / /
                  / / / /
                 / / / /
                / / / /
                |  /\ \___________________________________________________________
     ___________| /  \ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\\
    (||||||||||| < <> >              Introduction                          [0100] >>
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| \  / __________________________________________________________//
                |  \/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                \ \ \ \
                 \ \ \ \
                  \ \ \ \
                   \ \ \ \
      Thank you for choosing to read our guide on A Link Between Worlds! We're
    covering everything -- all the treasure chests, Maiamai, minigames, and Pieces
    of Heart -- not to mention an easy to follow walkthrough, so you can completely
    beat the game and feel like a true Hero of Hyrule. This is my first co-author
    and it's been a fantastic experience teaming up with a long time pal. Hopefully
    you enjoy this work, there is a lot of time and dedication put into making the
    reader feel like your apart of something larger and I hope that is accomplished
    with this guide.
      How's it going guys? vinheim here bringing you another amazing guide for the
    3DS, and this time for the one and only The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between
    Worlds. This time I'm writing with a good buddy of mine and amazing
    author/writer, Greg 'noz3r0' Boccia. We've been having a blast every since we
    started talking about writing the guide together, so I really hope you guys
    enjoy it as much as we did writing it.
                   / / / /
                  / / / /
                 / / / /
                / / / /
                |  /\ \___________________________________________________________
     ___________| /  \ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\\
    (||||||||||| < <> >                 Basics                             [0200] >>
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| \  / __________________________________________________________//
                |  \/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                \ \ \ \
                 \ \ \ \
                  \ \ \ \
                   \ \ \ \
      This is an action-adventure game where as the hero, Link, you use a wide
    variety of items to explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and advance through the
    The Game Screens
      The top screen features three important icons; the Life Gauge, Energy Gauge,
    and Action Icon. The Life Gauge shows how many heart containers Link currently
    has. If depleted, Link will pass out and you get the Game Over screen. While
    you can take damage and lose hearts you may also find some all over the place
    by defeating enemies, smashing pots, or cutting down grass. The Energy Gauge
    appears once you learn the ability to Merge. Whenever Link uses a quest item
    this gauge will decrease. It slowly regenerates over time but energy potions
    can hasten the recovery. Lastly, the Action Icon appears when Link has the
    ability to interact with something such as Merging or talking to a character.
      The bottom screen shows the map. You also have the ability to switch between
    floor tabs while inside a dungeon and can zoom in. In the overworld you get the
    option to use the Lost Maiamai Icon. This will show how many Maiamai are missing
    from each region, very useful when you are hunting all 100! You can also tap on
    the map and pin a location so you don't forget something. Your Rupee total is
    also present on this screen. On the right side you can see which quest items
    are mapped to X and Y. The Light and Dark World Icon is used to toggle between
    Hyrule and Lorule overworld maps.
    Gear and Items
      From the bottom screen you can access these two subscreens. All of your
    equipment, items, pendants, pieces of heart, and special items can be found on
    these subscreens. From here you can re-equip Link by dragging and dropping items
    into their respective spaces.
    Controlling Link
    | Button | Action                                   |  The Action Button gives
    |========|==========================================| way to several key
    | D-Pad  | Move the camera                          | commands such as Merging,
    | A      | Action Button                            | talking, pushing/pulling,
    | B      | Swing sword. Cancel in menu              | and diving while swimming.
    | X      | Use equipped quest item                  | You can swim using (B)
    | Y      | Use equipped quest item                  | and each button press
    | L      | Press and hold to sprint (Pegasus Boots) | results in a stroke.
    | R      | Press to raise shield                    | Sprinting is available
    | Start  | Opens the Pause Menu                     | only after collecting the
    |________|__________________________________________| Pegasus Boots.
    Sword and Board
      The most basic form of attacking is using the sword Link equips. Pressing (B)
    will result in a single slash, so the faster you press the button the faster
    Link will swing. Pinning an enemy down and slashing furiously is often a good
    way to deal with them. There is also the option of a Spin Attack, performed by
    holding down (B) until the sword glows. Release (B) and Link will spin a vicious
    whirlwind knocking back and damaging enemies nearby. If you collect all 100
    Maiamai you can upgrade this to the Great Spin Attack.
      Sometimes blindly swinging isn't going to win the battle for you, that's why
    there are shields. Use (R) to raise the shield and defend yourself from
    harmful blows and reflect enemy projectiles until you have an opening.
                   / / / /
                  / / / /
                 / / / /
                / / / /
                |  /\ \___________________________________________________________
     ___________| /  \ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\\
    (||||||||||| < <> >               Walkthrough                          [0300] >>
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| \  / __________________________________________________________//
                |  \/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                \ \ \ \
                 \ \ \ \
                  \ \ \ \
                   \ \ \ \
                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯              N O T E
            |  The walkthrough covers the game on the default difficulty. |
            | Changes made on Hero Mode will be noted throughout.         |
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                     Link's Awakening                      /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0301]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Small Key
                    [ ] Lamp                     [ ] Forgotten Sword
                    • Bee                        • Blob
                    • Poe                        • Rat
                    • Rope
    A Journey Begins
      Link awakens in his bed after a dream. Gulley appears and notes that he's
    late and must get to the Blacksmith. Before heading out, take a moment to get
    familiar with the controls and smash some pots.
                                        N O T E
            |  Among the decor in the room you can find Majora's Mask on  |
            | the eastern wall, a definite nod to fans of the series.     |
      Once outside, follow Gulley until he abruptly halts causing Link to fall.
    You'll learn about the weather vane and how to save your game, good to do so
    now. You'll want to activate all the weather vanes you come across for later in
    the game. As you wander around the town you'll notice bushes. These function
    like pots, you can pick them up and toss them around often revealing valuable
    rupees or recovery hearts.
    To the Blacksmith
      Head west and follow Gulley as he dashes northward. As you approach the river
    take a left to continue west and reach the Blacksmith's Forge. Inside a scene
    occurs and Link ends up with the [CAPTAIN'S SWORD]. You'll need to take this to
    the Captain who just left. He returned to Hyrule Castle and the Blacksmith marks
    this on your map, convenient. Head east to reach the castle's bridge.
    Off to the Sanctuary
      Talk with the guard on the bridge who informs you that the Captain has in fact
    not come here and is instead at the Sanctuary. The guard marks this location on
    your map and advises using the western path. Make your way west and north until
    you reach a sign that points to the Sanctuary, due north. Continue up the dirt
    path to another sign which indicates the Sanctuary is east. At outer area of
    the Sanctuary you'll find a weather vane, use it and talk to Dampe and Seres.
      After a scene you'll end up with the [FORGOTTEN SWORD]. You can now use this
    to break pots and cut down bushes, just beware the bees you'll encounter for
    destroying the vegetation.
            | Bee                                    Damage: 1/4 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  These little guys will often come buzzing out when you cut |
            | down bushes or grass. They can be caught with a net and     |
            | bottled once Link acquires these items.                     |
      Save at the weather vane and proceed east to the Graveyard. You need to find
    the secret passage, but you'll have to contend with Blobs and Poes. If you push
    the gravestones aside you can find rupees and such but the only one you need to
    push is the obvious central one.
            | Blob                                   Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  The green goo is found everywhere, so get familiar with    |
            | it. They are pretty slow in general but can emerge from the |
            | ground for a quick surprise now and again.                  |
            | Poe                                    Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Poes move fast and are erratic. Often it's best to just go |
            | on the offensive and swing violently to end the fight.      |
      As you enter you'll notice it's pretty dark, but light shines through on a
    [CHEST] that holds the [LAMP]. Equip the Lamp and use it to get some light then
    go to the north end of the room. There are two unlit braziers, so use your Lamp
    to light them and open the path going north. The next room is fairly dark but
    there are braziers all over the place to help brighten it up. You'll have to
    contend with Rats and Ropes in this area, so be careful.
            | Rat                                    Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Rats aren't much of a big deal individually but a few of   |
            | them can swarm you quickly. Take them out early to avoid    |
            | unnecessary damage.                                         |
            | Rope                                   Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Ropes are essentially snakes and they will move slowly     |
            | until Link alerts them. When the dash at Link simply swing  |
            | with good timing to knock them back.                        |
      There are two [CHESTS] in this area, so start by heading to the low ground
    to find a [RED RUPEE]. On the high ground you'll find the second item, a
    [SMALL KEY]! Proceed to the northwest and use the small key to reach a small
    room. Link is ambushed by three Poes, so quickly defeat them and use the Lamp
    to light the braziers. Once the Poes have been defeated the door to the north
    will open. In the next room you'll notice there isn't much around, except for
    two levers. Grab the northwest one and move backwards to fully extend it and
    exit to the north. You'll get a scene here that leads to the next part of Link's
                                        N O T E
            |  You can pull the other lever if you want, you'll just have |
            | to fight some Ropes.                                        |
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                    The Princess' Plan                     /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0302]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    PIECES OF HEART
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #1
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Blue Rupee               [ ] Bee Badge
                    [ ] Ravio's Bracelet         [ ] Charm
                    [ ] Bottle #1                [ ] Large Cucco
                    • Crow                       • Sand Crab
                    • Buzz Blob                  • Octorok
                    • Rupee Like                 • Zora
    The Plot Thickens
      After the scene at the Sanctuary, Link awakens at his house where he meets
    Ravio. After some chit-chat, he hands over [RAVIO'S BRACELET]. Head to Hyrule
    Castle to your north and talk to the guards in the courtyard to learn how to do
    a spinning attack. Speak with the guard at the front door and Impa will come out
    then have you wait while she talks with Zelda.
                                        N O T E
            |  Take this time to catch up on Hyrulean history. There's    |
            | plenty to read if you aren't familiar with how the timeline |
            | works for this game.                                        |
      After checking out the room you'll be summoned to meet Zelda. Before Link
    leaves, Zelda hands over a [CHARM]. You need to head back to Kakariko Village
    but you'll want to make a short stop at the castle ramparts since you're here.
    To reach the ramparts take the east door after leaving the throne room then use
    the southern door. Watch our for Crows though, they sit perched upon the nearby
            | Crow                                   Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Crows will dart down from above at Link. Swing swiftly to  |
            | hit them and take them out.                                 |
    Sahasrahla's Advice
      Head south along the eastern rampart to find a [CHEST] with a [PURPLE RUPEE]
    inside. Jump down and go back inside the castle, but enter the western wing
    where you can find a [BLUE RUPEE] in a [CHEST]. Return the Blacksmith to find
    out that Gulley is missing. Now go left into Kakariko Village. Head up north to
    the house with two doors, this is the Elder Sahasrahla's home. Enter through the
    door on the right and speak with him. He wants you to head to the Eastern
    Palace, so with your task set head on out! If you want to continue immediately,
    jump down to the Eastern Palace section, otherwise keep reading for some
    additional items.
    Kakariko Village
      If you head west of the weather vane you can find the Street Merchant. He
    will sell you [BOTTLE #1] for 100 Rupees, not a bad price. West of here you'll
    find the Item Shop where you can pickup a [SCOOT FRUIT] for 50 Rupees, [FOUL
    FRUIT] for 30 Rupees, or even a [SHIELD] for 50 Rupees, which is highly
    recommended. North of the Item Shop is a small cave with a [CHEST] and a [RED
    RUPEE]. South of the weather vane is the Bee Guy's home. If you have a bottle
    then talk to him to acquire a [NET], used for catching Bees.
      If you catch a Bee you can exchange it for a Purple Rupee. If you are
    fortunate enough to find a [GOLDEN BEE] you can turn it in for a [BEE BADGE]
    which keeps the Bees from bothering you. There is a Milk Bar at the southeast
    of Kakariko where 20 Rupees will get you some Milk, good enough for restoring 5
    hearts. East of the Bee Guy you'll find Fortune's Choice where you can play a
    game with a chance to double your rupees, it's a 50/50 chance.
      Leave Kakariko to the north and you'll find the Fortune-Teller in her blue
    hut. You can pick up the [HINT GLASSES] but you know where you're going so don't
    get your fortune read. If you leave and use the Hint Glasses near the large rock
    blocking the cave in town you'll find a Hint Ghost that you can pay for a hint
    on how to move the rock, though it's impossible to do right now.
    Cucco Ranch
      At the south exit of Kakariko you can find the Cucco Ranch. Talk to the Cucco
    Girl and you can play a mini-game where you must dodge cuccos. It's a great
    opportunity to claim [PIECE OF HEART #1] and the [LARGE CUCCO] if you're skilled
    |  LEVEL  | COST |            RULES              |             PRIZE           |
    | Egg     |  20  | Dodge for 30 seconds          | 40 Rupees                   |
    | Chick   |  30  | Dodge more for 30 seconds     | 60 Rupees                   |
    | Rooster |  50  | Dodge the most for 30 seconds | 150 Rupees, Piece of Heart  |
    | Endless |  10  | Dodge endless cuccos          | 100 Rupees (100 Seconds)    |
    |         |      |                               | 300 Rupees (300 Seconds)    |
    |         |      |                               | 500 Rupees (500 Seconds)    |
    |         |      |                               | 800 Rupees (800 Seconds)    |
    |         |      |                               | 3,000 Rupees & Large Cucco  |
    |         |      |                               | (999 Seconds)               |
    Gulley's Woods
      Venture east from Cucco Ranch to find a bunch of trees and bushes blocking
    the entrance. Destroy the bushes and talk to Gulley but he's going to hang out
    in the forest.
    The Southern Ruins
      Head back to Link's House briefly then continue east and south to the Southern
    Ruins. Defeat all the enemies you encounter and continue to collect rupees, you
    will need them and large quantity. At the Southern Ruins you may encounter Sand
    Crabs, Blobs, and Crows so just be on the lookout.
            | Sand Crab                              Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  The green-shelled crabs move slow going north and south    |
            | but have a burst of speed when moving east and west. Strike |
            | from above or below for best results.                       |
      Continue southwest to a narrow pathway to a desert area. Beware the Buzz
    Blob as you make your way to the Great Fairy Fountain at the far end.
            | Buzz Blob                              Damage: 1 Heart      |
            |                                                             |
            |  Buzz Blobs will emit an electric shock that deals more     |
            | damage than necessary. Deal with this by using the Lamp or  |
            | Net to put out the electric charge.                         |
      From the Southern Ruins head southeast to Lake Hylia. Here you'll face the
    water enemy, Octorok. At the entrance of Lake Hylia you can turn north to find a
    cave. Light the braziers inside to spawn a [CHEST] with a [PURPLE RUPEE] inside.
            | Octorok                                Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  This foe will shoot rocks at Link. Deflect them back using |
            | the shield for an easy win.                                 |
      If you head to the southern end of the lake you'll find a string of rupees
    and a Rupee Like disguised as one. You'll spot a Lost Bottle as well, but you
    can't quite reach that yet so head back to Link's House.
            | Rupee Like                              Damage: 1/2 Heart   |
            |                                                             |
            |  Rupee Likes cast shadows unlike an actual rupee so it's    |
            | easy to tell them apart. Don't get caught by them though,   |
            | they eat rupees! Defeat them from a distance if possible.   |
    The Witch of Hyrule
      From Link's House head east and cross the large stony bridge to the north.
    Follow the river north until you can't go any further, just beware the water
    enemies including the Zora.
            | Zora                                   Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Normally you would deflect the Zora's fireballs but it     |
            | will ruin your current shield so resort to dodging.         |
      Head east after you've reached the northern dead end to find a small hut.
    Clear it out and use the weather vane to save then head inside to find the
    Witch. Here you can purchase a [RED POTION] but you don't really need it now
    since the Milk you can purchase is cheaper and does the same job considering
    you don't have many Heart Containers. If you ever need free healing, stop by and
    give "Just a hello" to be healed.
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                    The Eastern Palace                     /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0303]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    [ ] Rented Bow               [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #1             [ ] Compass
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Small Key #2             [ ] Big Key
                    [ ] Monster Guts             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Pendant of Courage
                    • Armos                      • Tektite
                    • Popo                       • Stalfos
                    • Short Sword Soldier        * Yuga
    Acquiring a Bow
      Before you can enter the Eastern Palace you'll need a bow. Head down the river
    and east to a stone bridge, cross it to reach the Eastern Ruins. As you move
    closer to the entrance of the Eastern Palace you'll notice two rocks with bow
    symbols engraved. If you check out the colored signs you'll notice Ravio
    planned ahead. Head back to Link's House and tell Ravio that you saw the symbol
    of a bow. With your keen powers of observation put to use, Ravio rewards Link
    with the [RENTED BOW]!
    Entering the Eastern Palace
      As you leave you should notice the Energy Gauge on the left side now. You
    can't use abilities when the gauge is drained so use them wisely. Return to
    the Eastern Ruins and climb the steps near the crystals. Fire an arrow at each
    one to light them up and grant access to the northern section. Drop down into
    the lower ground on the right and defeat the Armos to claim the [RED RUPEE].
            | Armos                                  Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  When an Armos jumps it cannot be struck with the Bow or    |
            | Sword so swing relentlessly to keep it grounded or fire     |
            | from a safe distance.                                       |
      At the northwest end you can find a [CHEST] guarded by Armos and Tektites.
    You'll want to claim the [RED RUPEE] so clear out these foes.
            | Tektite                                Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Tektites bounce around a lot to reach Link, but a shot     |
            | from the bow is plenty to keep them at bay. When landed, a  |
            | few swipes of the sword can take them out.                  |
      Make your way up through the ruins until you reach the Eastern Palace at the
    northeast where Osfala awaits. Use the nearby weather vane to save then head
    into the Eastern Palace!
    Inside the Eastern Palace
      As we enter the very first dungeon, you can see a gap right in front of you,
    and 2 paths, one on the left and one on the right. Press the switch on the lower
    right corner to open the right path and claim 4 Rupees. Return and shoot the
    crystal across the gap to lower the bridge. Now cross it and in the next area,
    look to the left to find a crystal. Defeat the Popo and shoot the crystal to
    open up the path on the left from the beginning which takes you to a [CHEST]
    with a [RED RUPEE].
            | Popo                                   Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Popo are one of the simplest enemies Link will face. Just  |
            | hack them down, they move rather slow.                      |
    Obtaining the Compass
      Return to the middle path and go north to the next area. We see some huge
    boulders rolling down the path. We need to proceed north while we evade them, so
    start doing so. Remember that the way they come out is: right, left, right,
    left, then a big one. Cross the path and on the left side, go into the next area
    (not up the stairs, yet).
      In here, kill the numerous Popo that appear and a [CHEST] appears on the upper
    tier which we can't reach, yet. A door opens too, but before moving on go
    underneath the ledge where the chest is to get to a switch. Press it to make a
    [CHEST] appear with a [RED RUPEE] inside. Return and now go through the opened
    door. Go up the stairs, step on the switch to open the right door, but go
    through the left door to find [COMPASS]. Return and go right.
    Small Key #1
      Out here, you'll find some rupees in between the statues, but beware because
    if you touch the northern wall, you'll be pushed off the ledge. Go right across
    the bridge and north inbetween the statues to find the switch that opens the
    right door. The right statue is actually an Armos, so defeat it and move to
    the next room. In this next room, you'll see a part of the floor going up and
    down. You can also see there's a crystal on the left and right side.
      The one on the left is under the ledge, while the one on the right in on top.
    Shoot one, then shoot the other one to have the ledges to the north have the
    same altitude. Now go claim the [CHEST] that contains a [SMALL KEY]. Now, get on
    top of the platform going up and down and when it goes down, go south to find a
    hidden room with some Fairies -- be sure to catch one!
    Monster Guts?
      Return to the previous room and now go left to the main area and use the key
    on the door to get the second floor (2F). In this room, step on the switch to
    have all 4 Armos come to life. Just get to a corner and start swinging your
    sword nonstop. A green portal appears, which takes you to the entrance of the
    dungeon. From here go right and in this room, there will be a lot of arrows, so
    prepare to guard using the shield (if you bought it of course).
     Go to the northeastern corner to find a Popo. Go up the path to find some more,
    and then to the southeastern corner to find another one. After you've killed all
    of them, a [CHEST] appears, netting you some more [MONSTER GUTS]. Quickly after
    the text disappears, move or use your shield to block the arrows that come from
    the north. Return to the previous room and go left to see more boulders rolling
    across the floor.
      Break the pots if so desired, but step on the switch to have the stairs come
    out. Once its out completely, run to the top and go right being careful of the
    large boulder that rolls by. Same thing here, step on the switch until the
    stairs are completely hidden, then step on the switch underneath the stairs to
    have a [CHEST] appear, which has some [MONSTER GUTS]. The switch on the lower
    left corner opens the door, so do so.
    Small Key #2 & Big Key
      In this next room, go up the stairs when you get to them and kill both Armos.
    Go up the middle path and shoot the crystal on the left. Now go up the right
    path and shoot diagonally to hit the left crystal. This causes the platform to
    move up and down. Catch a ride and shoot the crystal on the second tier. Head
    into the room on the right.
      In here, hop on to one of the moving platforms and shoot all 4 crystals in the
    center, making sure you evade the arrows that are shot at you. A [CHEST] appears
    on the right side, containing a [SMALL KEY]. Grab it, return to the previous
    room and enter the left room. You'll find 3 Stalfos, which aren't hard at all.
            | Stalfos                                Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  A Stalfos is a skeleton that can jump and evade Link, a    |
            | technique that Link has not faced thus far. Defeating them  |
            | with arrows is much easier than with a sword, but a well    |
            | time Spin Attack can also be effective.                     |
      By defeating them you'll get the [BIG CHEST] lowered, which has the [BIG KEY].
    Now use the lower door to get to a fourth crystal. Hit it to have a fifth
    crystal revealed. Return to this same area and shoot it from the upper area to
    have the staircase leading to the Big Room appear.
    | Boss Battle: Yuga                                                            |
    |  It's time we show Yuga what we're made of. He has several attacks, and most |
    | of them look alike. He can summon 2 Short Sword Soldiers -- a 2 hit victory. |
    | He can also make fire appear from the walls, one tile after another. Quickly |
    | run in the opposite direction they are coming out from. You can't get to him |
    | since he'll attack you somehow. Instead, use the bow to stun him and when    |
    | he's on his knee, go and hit him twice. Do this 2 times and he'll get angry. |
    |                                                                              |
    | Once he does, his fire attack changes. Instead of being only one tile, there |
    | are now 2 tiles, so you have to run inbetween the tiles. Now just keep on    |
    | shooting/attacking until the fight ends.                                     |
            | Short Sword Soldier                    Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  These foes will relentlessly attack Link once he has been  |
            | spotted. Without a shield though, they pose no true threat. |
    The Hero's Power
      Watch the scene after the fight and Link is saved by Ravio's bracelet. Link
    now has the power to merge with walls, which will be immediately useful. Grab
    the [HEART CONTAINER] to increase Link's maximum hearts by one! Now merge with
    the left side of the wall and go through the crack. Make your way right around
    the wall and drop off at the ledge. Break the pot to find an [ENERGY POTION] and
    claim the Rupees. From here, merge back into the wall and return to wence you
    came. This time merge with the right side of the wall and go left to a pot. From
    this level head all the way right to a [CHEST] with a [SILVER RUPEE]. Merge and
    go back all the way left now.
      In this really long ledge, the platform moves into the wall. Merge with the
    wall on the right before it goes in completely. When it comes out, unmerge with
    the wall and continue south. In this next area, you'll see the wall moving
    around. Wait for it, merge with it and cross it when possible. When you get to
    the other side, before going into the crack, merge with the wall and go left
    to find a [CHEST] with a [PURPLE RUPEE]. Now go into the crack.
    The Courage to Continue
      This crack takes you back inside the dungeon, in the first area. Before
    leaving, go right and go through the crack to find another [CHEST] with a
    [SILVER RUPEE]. That's everything you get for this dungeon, so it's safe to
    leave. Sahasrahla appears and a scene takes over where Link learns he has the
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                    Hyrule Explorations                    /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0304]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    PIECES OF HEART
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #2        [ ] Piece of Heart #3
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #4        [ ] Piece of Heart #5
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #6        [ ] Piece of Heart #7
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #8        [ ] Piece of Heart #9
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #10       [ ] Piece of Heart #11
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #12       [ ] Piece of Heart #13
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #14
                    [ ] Maiamai #1               [ ] Maiamai #2
                    [ ] Maiamai #3               [ ] Maiamai #4
                    [ ] Maiamai #5               [ ] Maiamai #6
                    [ ] Maiamai #7               [ ] Maiamai #8
                    [ ] Maiamai #9               [ ] Maiamai #10
                    [ ] Maiamai #11              [ ] Maiamai #12
                    [ ] Maiamai #13              [ ] Maiamai #14
                    [ ] Maiamai #15              [ ] Maiamai #16
                    [ ] Maiamai #17              [ ] Maiamai #18
                    [ ] Maiamai #19              [ ] Maiamai #20
                    [ ] Maiamai #21              [ ] Maiamai #22
                    [ ] Maiamai #23              [ ] Maiamai #24
                    [ ] Maiamai #25              [ ] Maiamai #26
                    [ ] Maiamai #27              [ ] Maiamai #28
                    [ ] Maiamai #29              [ ] Maiamai #30
                    [ ] Maiamai #31              [ ] Maiamai #32
                    [ ] Maiamai #33              [ ] Maiamai #34
                    [ ] Maiamai #35              [ ] Maiamai #36
                    [ ] Maiamai #37              [ ] Maiamai #38
                    [ ] Maiamai #39              [ ] Maiamai #40
                    [ ] Maiamai #41
                    [ ] Bell                     [ ] Power Glove
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Pegasus Boots            [ ] Zora's Flippers
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Bottle #2                [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Letter in a Bottle       [ ] Gold Rupee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Blue Rupee
                    [ ] Monster Guts             [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Bottle #3
                    • Sword Soldier              • Bow Soldier
                    • Spear Soldier              • Throwing Spear Soldier
                    • Bomb Soldier               • Keese
                    • Mini-Moldorm               • Deadrock
                    • Lynel
    Acquiring the Power Glove
      Head to Link's House and talk with Ravio. As you leave the Blacksmith's Wife
    appears and is still looking for Gulley. If you head north of Hyrule Castle,
    Irene the Witch will fly overby and give Link the [BELL], a wonderful item that
    allows Link to travel to weather vanes he has used. You might have also noticed
    that there's a bunch of soldiers around the area now.
            | Sword Soldier                          Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  This enemy uses a normal sword so you have to swing on the |
            | opposite side to draw a hit. Likewise, use the bow.         |
            | Bow Soldier                            Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Keep up a shield and close the distance on these ranged    |
            | enemies. Blocking then firing back with the bow works too.  |
            | Spear Soldier                          Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Spear Soldiers are tough because of the distance the spear |
            | creates. A ranged weapon is best used against them.         |
            | Throwing Spear Soldier                 Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Sometimes a Spear Soldier will toss his spear. Simply      |
            | block then counter with sword techniques.                   |
            | Bomb Soldier                           Damage: 1 Heart      |
            |                                                             |
            |  The Bomb Soldier is found around Hyrule Castle's Ramparts  |
            | tossing bombs from above. Stay away from the ramparts, at   |
            | least until a little bit later.                             |
      Enter the little prairie where Gulley was; he's gone, but there's a pouch.
    Pick it up and you get the ability to equip a weapon on the X button. Head
    to the Blacksmith's and merge onto the left wall, moving behind the building.
    Grab [PIECE OF HEART #2] and jump down. Continue north enter the Miner's House.
    Speak to the miner Rosso and he tells you about what happened to his house.
    He'll be kind enough to give Link the [POWER GLOVE], now he can pick up small
    rocks. Go outside and pick up and throw all the rocks out here. Rosso will be so
    happy with Link and he'll give a [CHEST] -- [PURPLE RUPEE].
    Renting and Maiamai
      Head back to Link's House and talk to Ravio. He tells you how his shop works
    and how Sheerow will pick up the weapon you rented in case you fall in battle.
    Here's a list of the items he has for rental:
     • Bombs ........  50 Rupees
     • Tornado Rod ..  20 Rupees
     • Hookshot .....  50 Rupees
     • Ice Rod ...... 100 Rupees
     • Hammer .......  20 Rupees
     • Boomerang ....  50 Rupees
     • Fire Rod ..... 100 Rupees
      Right now we need the Tornado Rod for the next dungeon, so get that at least.
    You should also get the the Bombs, Hammer (for the third dungeon) and the
    Hookshot. Head east of Link's House and south at the stone bridge. The east side
    of the area has a wall that can be bombed. Inside you'll meet Mother Maiamai
    who has lost 100 of her Maiamai. Of course, agree to help her out and you will
    receive the Maiamai Map. The map is divided into region and lists the number of
    Maiamai per region that have not been found. Head outside and you'll notice that
    on the wall is [MAIAMAI #1], just merge with the wall and exit where it's at to
    pop it out.
    Acquiring Zora's Flippers
      Ring the Bell and travel to the Witch's House. After talking to the Zora
    Underling, head into the Witch's House and rescue [MAIAMAI #2]. Head outside and
    merge with the wall then cross to the other side of the gap. In the next area,
    proceed south and merge with the southern wall so you can free [MAIAMAI #3].
    Now climb out of the pit and go up the little hill on the right and from here,
    merge with the wall on the right and go around the area to get to the [CHEST]
    containing [RED RUPEE]. Now go north to the next area.
      Here, go left on the shallow water and towards the waterfall to the north to
    trigger a little scene with a Shady Guy. Go inside the waterfall cave and watch
    the scene with the Zoras and the Queen. Oh my, the smooth gem. Get out the cave
    and use your bell. Have Irene fly you over to Kakariko Village. Go to the Carpet
    Merchant to see that this Shady Guy has sold the Smooth Gem. He won't just give
    it back so you have to spend 200 Rupees to acquire it. You have more than enough
    after all those Rupees you got at the Eastern Palace.
      The thief can't simply go unpunished, however. Loop around to the northeast
    corner and merge into the wall then head left to pop up behind the Shady Guy.
    If you miss him, just leave and come right back in. For catching him he hands
    over the [PEGASUS BOOTS]. Return to Oren, the Queen Zora and give her the Smooth
    Gem. For your trouble, you get [ZORA'S FLIPPERS]. You are now set to go to
    either the House of Gales or Tower of Hera, so you can proceed to those sections
    if you would. If you want to collect Maiamai and several pieces of heart.
    Treasure Cave #1
      Head out into the deep water and dive down to get [MAIAMAI #4]. Head down the
    river and drop down the waterfalls. After the second one turn around and enter
    the cave behind it to claim [PIECE OF HEART #3]. Leave the cave then swim west
    to a small dock. Climb up and free [MAIAMAI #5] then jump back into the water.
    Swim south past the other docks and dive at the bridge to get [MAIAMAI #6]. Now
    climb out of the river and head north along the rivers west bank until you
    find a blocked off cave entrance, bomb it.
      Inside, merge onto the moving block and slide right then onto the stable
    platform. Wait for a moving platform to come underneath you then let go. Go to
    the right side and merge through the crack, progressing north to the steps.
    Ascend then grab the Energy Potion and Red Rupee. On the south wall, merge and
    slide through another crack to end up in the large room again. Progress left
    quickly to reach a platform with a Treasure Hunter.
      Ride the moving platform and merge into the wall to reach the west side. Drop
    back onto the moving platform then merge again further south so you can slip
    through the crack and back into the main room again. Now you can walk along the
    platform to the floor switch. Ride the south moving block and hit the crystal on
    the right to start up a moving platform. Ride it to the southeast corner then
    merge with the wall. Head along the east wall until you reach a platform at the
    northern end. Now ride the moving platform to the [CHEST] and claim the [SILVER
    Graveyard and Sanctuary
      Exit the cave and you're conveniently at the Graveyard if you go west. Head
    into the secret cave and into the second room. In the northeast is [PIECE OF
    HEART #4] but you couldn't reach it earlier. Head to the second tier and go as
    far east as you can then merge into the wall and over to the platform to claim
    it. Exit at Sanctuary and along the western wall you can find [MAIAMAI #7].
      Head west of Sanctuary and jump into the body of water, diving down to find
    [MAIAMAI #8]. Now, head north then east once you're up the up hill to return to
    Sanctuary, just on a higher level. Hammer down the pegs and claim the [SILVER
    RUPEE] from the [CHEST]. Go north from here to Rosso's House and hammer down the
    peg on the north wall. Enter the cave and claim the [RED RUPEE] from the [CHEST]
    then exit.
    The Lost Woods
      Head south of Rosso's and check the east wall near a tree to find [MAIAMAI #9]
    then go to the northwest. In this area, head south and pick up the right stone
    to find [MAIAMAI #10]. Head west through to the log and merge along the south
    wall to slide through the crack to a clearing with [PIECE OF HEART #5]. Head
    back out and then to the west. Clear out the bushes here to find [MAIAMAI #11]
    then head towards the southeast exit. You'll spot [MAIAMAI #12] atop a tree,
    just Dash into the tree and you can pick him up.
      Head back to the southwest and exit at the bottom-right. Smash the pegs as you
    move south and pick up the rock to reveal [MAIAMAI #13]. Head back up into the
    Lost Woods and exit at the bottom-left, following the trail to Kakariko Village.
    Kakariko Village
      As you enter the village you'll notice two rocks blocking a hole. Remove one
    and jump down, defeating the Ropes when you land. The only way to exit leads
    you straight into [PIECE OF HEART #6]. Head to the northeast of the village and
    chop down the two bushes between fencing to find [MAIAMAI #14]. If you talk to
    the lady inside the house she mentions a crying on her roof. Time to investigate
    that sound.
      Climb up to Sarashala's house and grab a Cucco. Jump off the ledge and onto
    the ladies' house then pick up the rock to find [MAIAMAI #15]. Head up to
    Sarashala's house again, this time entering the western storage room. Merge
    onto the wall and slide past the bars to find a [CHEST] with a [SILVER RUPEE].
    Maiamai All Over
      Head to the Fortune Teller's tent and find [MAIAMAI #16] on the left side.
    Now go to the east towards the Blacksmith. One screen north of the Blacksmith's
    has [MAIAMAI #17] in one of the southern trees, Dash into it to find him. Go
    to the Blacksmith's and use the Tornado Rod on the silver tiles to the left of
    the house to find [MAIAMAI #18]. Go east from here towards the Castle and use
    the Tornado Rod again on the silver tiles to reveal [MAIAMAI #19].
      Enter the Hyrule Castle grounds and Dash into the tree at the northwest end
    to find [MAIAMAI #20]. While you're here, go around to the opposite end and
    move a rock to claim [PIECE OF HEART #7]. Visit Link's House and merge onto the
    walls outside, around the backside you'll find [MAIAMAI #21]. Head left from
    the house and charge into the tree in this area to find [MAIAMAI #22]. Proceed
    to Gulley's previous location and dash into the tree at the northern end to
    knock loose [MAIAMAI #23]. Northwest of here you can reach Cucco Ranch. Dash
    into the tree that's part of the east fence to find [MAIAMAI #24].
    Rupee Rush
      Since you're here, you might as well play Rupee Rush. Go one screen west
    and pay the 50 Rupees required to play then break out a tool for tracking time
    in seconds. The reason for this is that it's nearly impossible to obtain 100
    Rupees by playing normally, you want to get the bonus by finishing inside of
    3 seconds (double Rupees) or inside 1 second (triple Rupees) but since there
    isn't an in-game timer this becomes difficult.
      Try to dash around through the fields to collect Rupees quickly and smash the
    boulder at the northwest for a bunch. The small pond will launch Rupees out too,
    ocassionally a Red Rupee which really helps your total. Crack 100 and you'll
    receive [PIECE OF HEART #8]. You can also find [MAIAMAI #25] on the southern
    wall inside the playing area.
    Treasure Cave #2
      Head southeast from Gulley's Woods and merge past the boulder blocking your
    path. Continue south to spot a [CHEST] up high then head towards the Great Fairy
    Fountain. Climb the ladder and merge onto the wall, moving right quickly until
    you reach the chest and claim the [SILVER RUPEE]. Now let the Energy Gauge
    refill and merge again, heading right and all the way around to another ledge.
    Enter the cave, you can't save the Maiamai that's crying right now.
      Here you can use a Cucco to fly down into a pit with Rupees. There are several
    that you can grab but one is a Silver Rupee. The easiest way to claim this
    prize is by jumping down one of the far sides, such as the left, then swinging
    back at the last second after you've passed all the fans.
    The Southern Ruins
      Head back to Link's House and go south. You'll spot [MAIAMAI #26] atop a
    pillar, just dash into it and pick him up. At the southwest near the temple you
    can spot [MAIAMAI #27] at the bottom of the water, dive on in. Now go to the
    northeast and blow up the wall to find a Fairy Fountain. This is convenient
    since it's so close to Link's House. If you go west of the Fairy Fountain you
    will find another area to bomb but it's not obvious. Plant a bomb between the
    two rocks along the wall.
      Speak with the Runaway Item Seller then give him a Scoot Fruit if you have
    one. He'll hand over 100 Rupees in return. Head back out and to the southeast
    just before the Lake and bomb between the two statues. Head inside to meet a
    new enemy, the Keese.
            | Keese                                  Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  Keese are bats that you'll encounter in caves and dungeons |
            | during the adventure. Use the Tornado Rod to stun them and  |
            | finish them off with a flurry of sword strikes.             |
      The Keese is not why you came here though. Head to the north and dive into
    the water to find [MAIAMAI #28]. Exit at the western path to find [PIECE OF
    HEART #9] then head over to Lake Hylia.
    Lake Hylia
      Swim out into the lake near the House of Gales (which is marked on your map)
    and you'll find [MAIAMAI #29]. Head north to the island where the House of Gales
    is located and venture around the east side to a single tile. Use the Tornado
    Rod to reveal [MAIAMAI #30] then jump back into the water. Swim north and follow
    the river to the Stone Bridge where you can spot [MAIAMAI #31] then swim under
    the bridge.
      Speak with the Bird Lover in this area. Tell him you like birds and then tell
    him you want to talk. This chain of answers results in him handing over [BOTTLE
    #2]. Head back to Lake Hylia and climb up the ladder east of the House of Gales
    then merge onto the wall heading right. Open the [CHEST] on the ledge for a
    [RED RUPEE] then jump back into the water. Follow the river to the east and
    dive to find [MAIAMAI #32]. Swim to the end of the river to find a [LETTER IN A
    Gold Rupee and a Race
      Climb up and enter the cave then use the Tornado Rod to remove the flames.
    This is a nice Fairy Fountain but if you move the camera left you can spot a
    [CHEST]. Exit and place a bomb outside next to the large rock then enter the
    new path. Claim the [GOLD RUPEE] from the chest then head out and to the east,
    up the ladder for some Hylian Hotfoot.
      The goal is to reach the miner's house in 75 seconds. Your prize is a [SILVER
    RUPEE] if you can make it. Use the Pegasus Boots to dash south and then west
    along the border of Lake Hylia then up to Link's House and past the Blacksmith.
    From here it's a straight shot north, just avoid enemies and you should be fine
    Complete this a second time in under 65 seconds to receive [PIECE OF HEART #10].
    Eastern Ruins
      Fly to the Eastern Palace and head south, looping around to a location that
    you can bomb directly south of the palace. Enter the cave and merge along the
    north wall to reach [PIECE OF HEART #11]. Exit the cave and go southwest to spot
    [MAIAMAI #33] atop the tree. Exit southeast then go southeast in the next area
    to spot [PIECE OF HEART #12] surrounded by pegs, just hammer them down. You can
    bomb the wall here to reach a Fairy Fountain.
    Treasure Cave #3
      Go back to the Eastern Ruins and head into the building in the west. Merge
    past the bars and then down the steps. This might seem difficult but you just
    need to merge to blocks repeatedly. Start by merging on the first block and
    going to the north end and releasing once it moves above the stationary block.
    Rest and ride the next one up and onto the stationary block, then to the south
    end and release on the second block. Lastly, merge onto the third moving block
    and around onto the fourth one, dropping off on the third one and walking onto
    the fourth one. This puts you at the top with the [CHEST] and it's [SILVER
    Ruins Complete
      Exit now and go south. As you leave the gate, merge onto the north wall and
    around to [MAIAMAI #34]. Continue east around via merging and then south,
    smashing the pegs for an easy 100 Rupees. Go east and jump off the edge, then
    up the steps. Use the Hookshot to reach the peg across the way and claim the
    [RED RUPEE] from the [CHEST]. Now head back down and up the steps to where you
    fired the Hookshot. North of here, defeat the single Armos and merge on the wall
    going left around to a [CHEST] and a [SILVER RUPEE].
      Hop down and bomb the wall for a secret exit to the Witch's Hut. Loot the
    cave then head back south. Leave the ruins at the southwest then turn right to
    find a Great Fairy Fountain, just bomb the wall. If you dash into the single
    tree in this area you'll find [MAIAMAI #35]. Head west and north to a desert
    area filled with Octoroks. Dash into the stone with [MAIAMAI #36] to rescue it.
    Through Death Mountain
      Before heading to Death Mountain you'll want to stop by the Milk Bar and get
    some Premium Milk. Head toward Rosso's house to the north of Kakariko but before
    reaching his area, turn right to find a cave blocked off by rocks -- enter the
            | Mini-Moldorm                           Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  This little guy bounces around and doesn't ever stop even  |
            | if you hit it so use a Tornado Rod or Ice Rod to stun them. |
            | Deadrock                               Damage: 1/2 Heart    |
            |                                                             |
            |  These little lizards are pretty agile but once struck they |
            | turn to stone. It's a great way to slip by them but a bomb  |
            | or hammer can blow them up if necessary.                    |
      In this hallway, simply go through it killing the enemies until you're outside
    once again. You'll see the volcano erupting, making boulders rain down on Link.
    Here, you'll find the Deadrock enemy and several Rupee Rocks and Rupee Boulders.
    It's not worth your time to stop and hit them with the volcano erupting so just
    continue down the path.
      Go west and up the hill. Stick to the left side and instead of going inside
    the cave, merge with the wall and go left. Bomb the wall and go in to find a
    [CHEST] -- [PURPLE RUPEE]. Return outside and merge with the wall again and
    enter the cave on the right. The [CHEST] here has [BLUE RUPEE]. Outside again,
    go right across the bridge to find several volcanic boulders with rupees. If
    you pick up the rock you'll find [MAIAMAI #37]. Return across the bridge, go up
    and use the weather vane. Now merge with the wall and go right and into the
    To the Tower of Hera
      In here, you'll find some fairies and a [CHEST] with some [MONSTER GUTS].
    Leave the cave, return to the left and enter the cave. In here, you'll see a
    path and some rocks rolling down. You need to go up while evading them. It's not
    hard at all. You need to time your attack before the rock gets to you or you can
    simply merge with the wall. At the top, use the Hammer to get the [CHEST] --
     There are also 2 exits to the left. Ignore the first one and go out the second
    one to find a [CHEST] -- [RED RUPEE]. Merge with the wall and grab [MAIAMAI #38]
    then drop down. Now follow the path left and enter the cave. This area is
    similar to the previous one, only that it isn't purely linear like that other.
    Anyway, make your way to the northeastern corner and exit here.
     Follow the path to get to the same room, only on a higher level. Make your way
    to the northeastern corner to find a [CHEST] -- [MONSTER GUTS]. Now on to the
    northwestern corner to exit the cave. Merge to the right and from the fork, go
    right, use the weather vane, and save your progress.
    Treasure Cave #4
      Head back west and merge onto the wall, dropping midway to reach the lower
    entrance. Collect [PIECE OF HEART #13] then head through the cave and past the
    Tower of Hera. The bridge is out so hopefully you have the Hookshot to get
    across where you'll meet the mighty Lynel.
            | Lynel                                  Damage: 3 Hearts     |
            |                                                             |
            |  These guys are tough! Fire-breathing Lynels deal a lot of  |
            | damage and can take quite a bit to defeat (a whopping 30    |
            | strikes with the sword!) but stunning them with an Ice Rod  |
            | or pinning them in a corner will allow you to win easily.   |
            | The bow is also viable since it out ranges the breath.      |
      Continue east past the Lynels and instead of entering Rosso's Mine continue
    east. Clear out the enemies here and free [MAIAMAI #39] from the central wall.
    Equip the Hookshot and enter the cave. Hookshot to the wall and merge to stick,
    then maneuver around. Climb the steps and merge, making a loop around this area
    to claim the Rupees. From the steps, Hookshot over and merge again. Drop off on
    the moving platform when it goes left so you can merge with the west wall and
    go right.
      Hookshot the lever and cross the newly formed platform. Hookshot the wall
    then merge. Climb the steps and merge, going right to the next platform. Press
    the button and ride the platform to the middle. Hookshot the west wall and merge
    going left. Drop off on the next moving platform and ride it the [CHEST] with
    the [SILVER RUPEE].
    Conquer the Volcano
      Backtrack past the Lynels and enter the cave to Rosso's Mine. Ride the moving
    platform and drop down to another. Watch out for Keese and repeat this pattern
    until you reach a solid platform at the south end. Watch out for Lynel, knock
    them off the edge if you can. Merge with the west wall and land on the moving
    button platform. Smash the button and bounce up to the pillar when it reaches
    the west edge.
      The next one is a bit tricky, smash the button just as the platform above is
    lining up to land perfectly. This one moves to the right and meets with another
    moving platform, use timing again. The next one is simpler since you can land
    on a wide platform but the one after is a doozy. This platform moves much faster
    so it might be best to get your timing in order. Smash the button and wait for
    it to release but don't stand on it, just note when it popped until you get the
    timing down. At the top you can claim [PIECE OF HEART #14] but now you have to
    make drops all the way back to the octagon.
      Merge onto the south wall and ride the platforms down. Stay in the middle to
    avoid the spin spikes. When you get to two platforms to choose from, choose left
    to move to an exit. Merge onto the wall and cross over to the Bouldering Guy.
    If you've been following along, give the man the Premium Milk to obtain [BOTTLE
    #3]. Drop down to the lower ledge and pick up the rock to free [MAIAMAI #40]
    then make your way into the volcano again and back to the Lynel-filled octagon.
      Merge onto the east wall and make a series of timed drops between platforms.
    At the bottom you finally reach Rosso's Ore Mine. The southeast has a Great
    Fairy Fountain, you might need to restock. Head to the far left across the
    bridge and lift all the rocks to find [MAIAMAI #41]. That's the end of this
    incredibly long section, time to choose between the House of Gales or the Tower
    of Hera.
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                    The House of Gales                     /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0305]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Small Key #1             [ ] Compass
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Small Key #2
                    [ ] Big Key                  [ ] Small Key #3
                    [ ] Small Key #4             [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Heart Container          [ ] Pendant of Wisdom
                    • Fire Bubble                • Bari
                    • Heedle                     • Eyegore
                    * Margomill
    Wind All Around
      Head over to the X in the southeast corner of the map, where the House of
    Gales is located. Once outside, use the weather vane, save your progress and use
    the Tornado Rod in between the poles to have a switch appear. Step on it to open
    the gate to the second dungeon. Press the button once inside to start the fans.
      Use the wind and Tornado Rod to reach the second level and move north. Light
    the two braziers on the northern side of the room with the Lamp and open the
    [CHEST] for a [RED RUPEE]. Follow the path to the right and down and hit the
    crystal orb then return north under the archway. Merge on the right wall and go
    across the gap while you get the rupees painted on the wall.
     Now that you're on the northeast corner, merge with the northern wall and go
    left across the little area to find some more painted and hidden rupees. Now
    enter the room on the right and hit the orb in the middle of this room to turn
    off the wind turbines. Kill the Popos and afterwards open the [CHEST] for some
    [MONSTER GUTS]. Head back out to where you dropped down to the orb, but instead
    merge cross the gap to the east. The door shuts behind you!
            | Fire Bubble                           Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  The Fire Bubbles speed around the room like Mini-Mordom    |
            | but the Tornado Rod or Ice Rod will easily remove the flame |
            | and make them vulnerable for a slash.                       |
    Small Key #1
      Some Fire Bubbles attack, but the Tornado Rod puts out the flames. Open the
    [CHEST] for a [SMALL KEY] then head back to the first room, exiting west using
    the small key. Merge on the moving platform to reach the [CHEST] and claim the
    [COMPASS], just watch out for the Bari.
            | Bari                                  Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  The Bari will stand in place and electrically charges then |
            | roams. Wait for the charge to disperse then slash away!     |
      Now merge and use the second block at the north to reach steps and walk atop
    the first block then atop the second block, which moves east to a button. This
    turns on the wind, now head east. Turn on the wind with the button here and use
    the Tornado Rod to fly north. Merge and exit at the northwest. Carefully cross
    the beam if you want the pots then exit at the south end.
      Immediately merge in this room and go south to a [CHEST] -- a [SILVER RUPEE].
    Merge with the wall and go right and from here ride the wind back to the room
    you were just in a moment ago! Use the bow to shoot the orb across the way and
    turn on the large turbine. Use the Tornado Rod to fly north then jump down and
    then jump onto the large turbine to reach 2F.
    Small Key #2 and Big Key
      Go south and use the Tornado Rod to dodge the rolling spikes of doom. At the
    southwest, break the pots and hit the button to reveal a small key. Head all
    the way east and clear the room of enemies. Exit back to the previous larger
    room (using the next exit) and merge, heading south to the beam and claim the
    [SMALL KEY]. Use the key to exit at the south end. Outside now, head to the
    right side and pull out the farthest block. Open the large [CHEST] to claim the
    [BIG KEY]. Use the Tornado Rod immediately to put out the flames then enter the
    room to your north then back west.
      Exit south and instead of going right, go left! Pull the second block out
    then the farthest one. Use the Tornado Rod to get back up to the moving
    platform you created and merge, going left to a button. Head back and put out
    the flames to claim the [SMALL KEY]. Now go through the locked door and defeat
    the two Heedle. Use the Tornado Rod to put their fire out and attack them
            | Heedle                                Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  Heedle are like beetles with tails and a molten skin.      |
            | They leave a trail of flame wherever they go, but the       |
            | Tornado Rod will take away the flame and leave them open.   |
    Small Key #4
      Exit east and then around to a room with lots of buttons. Hit the far left
    button, then the top one, the top one again, and exit at the northeast.
    Continue east up the steps and defeat the bats. Hit the button and drop down
    then merge going west. From here walk along the path to the east, choosing the
    top room. Go up the steps north and defeat the Eyegore, hitting the button. Use
    the Tornado Rod to reach the moveable platform. Hit the orb as you pass and ride
    the large turbine to 3F.
            | Eyegore                               Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  These creatures mindlessly walk around. They can only be   |
            | harmed when their eyes are open.                            |
      Merge and go south to avoid the wind, exiting west. Clear this room and use
    the Lamp to light the torches. Go west to the next room where the doors lock
    and you must beat several Fire Bubbles. Exit to the next room and merge along
    the south wall to reach the east side. Continue to the eastern room and claim
    the [SMALL KEY] from the [CHEST]. This puts you back in the original room of
    3F, so go south again to the room with the lit braziers. Go through to the
    west room for the [PURPLE RUPEE] in the new [CHEST] then go back and north using
    the small key. Use the Tornado Rod to cross the gap and into the Big Room!
    | Boss Battle: Margomill                                                       |
    |  This foe is a giant eyeball that uses a circular wind-powered device to     |
    | knock Link off the platform. Use the Tornado Rod to leap up and land on the  |
    | device then strike the eyeball. With the damage done, the eye retracts and   |
    | the device gets larger. You must now cut down the layers of the device until |
    | the eyeball reappears. Use the Tornado Rod once more to leap up and hit the  |
    | eye. Each time the eye retracts the device gains more layers and moves even  |
    | faster. Focus on staying in the center of the platform and swinging often.   |
      After the battle collect the [HEART CONTAINER] and the [PENDANT OF WISDOM] as
    your prizes.
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                     The Tower of Hera                     /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0306]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Compass
                    [ ] Small Key #1             [ ] Blue Rupee
                    [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Big Key                  [ ] Small Key #1
                    [ ] Small Key #2             [ ] Heart Container
                    [ ] Pendant of Power
                    • Terrorpin                  • Hardhat Beetle
                    * Moldorm
    Buttons and Crystals
       Smash the buttons and go left, hitting the blue crystal. Beat the Terrorpins
    and smash the left buttons. Stand on them and you'll pop up to the second tier.
    Merge with the wall and go right through the window and outside open the [CHEST]
    -- [PURPLE RUPEE]. Return and merge with the wall and move around to the left
    side then merge again to avoid the spikes. Smash the buttons on the right side
    now and stand on them to pop up. Repeat this with the large button to reach an
    even higher level.
            | Terrorpin                             Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  These turtles spin around and can't be damaged because of  |
            | their shell. Use the hammer near them and they flip, this   |
            | reveals their soft undercarriage.                           |
            | Hardhat Beetle                        Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  These beetles will bounce Link back if he uses his sword.  |
            | Stun them with the Hammer or Ice Rod first!                 |
    Compass & Small Key #1
      Drop down to the [CHEST] containing the [COMPASS]. Smash the button here and
    launch back up, then repeat on the left button. On this new tier merge with the
    southern wall to reach the blue orb, hit it and the wall drops and turns the
    orb red. Step onto the retracted wall and hit the orb again then walk to the
    center of this new tier to claim a [SMALL KEY]. Head to the east side and use
    the key to unlock the door.
      Ride the moving platform and merge onto the wall when necessary to keep
    going around. Wait until you reach the western side of the tower merge into the
    wall and move around. Ride the block up to 4F and defeat the Stalfos and pots.
    Hit the orb then the button as you make your way up to another [CHEST] -- a
    [BLUE RUPEE]. From this highest level, stand on the retracted wall and hit the
    orb to reach a higher level then merge into the wall.
    Small Key #2
      Move east and through the bars, then onto another moving platform. Merge
    when the wall pushes out and avoid spikes along the way. At this point you can
    merge again and ride a platform up to 6F. Before going into the tower, go north
    and grab all the Blue Rupees when you get to them. Smash the button to get on
    top again and return into the tower. This room has several Red Stalfos that need
    to be defeated. Once accomplished, ride the pillar up to 7F. Defeat the enemies
    and move to top left and smash the cracked floor here to reach 6F and a [SMALL
      Smash the button and jump back up. Smash the top right cracked floor to find a
    [CHEST] with [MONSTER GUTS] inside, then smash the button and launch back to 7F.
    Exit west through the locked door and wait for the button platform. Smash the
    button when you are moving right to launch upto the next level. Merge and head
    right then release to drop back to 7F and onto a small platform with a [CHEST]
    -- a much deserved [SILVER RUPEE]. Merge and head left back to the moving button
    platform. From here, ride the next moving button and launch up through the small
    Big Key
      This next room has the floor tiles pick up and tossed around. Like previous
    games you'll need to dodge these. Wait for the platform to move in the center
    and drop down for a [CHEST] with a [PURPLE RUPEE]. Use the fairies and teleport
    back up to 9F, using the platform to go up this time. At the north, south, east,
    and west are four orbs that need to be hit. Once completed the button platform
    drops. Use it to reach 11F and then use the right button to reach the [BIG KEY].
    Use the Big Key on the left door and use the buttons to reach the top of the
    tower where you'll meet the boss.
    | Boss Battle: Moldorm                                                         |
    |  Mini-Moldorms are annoying but the big guy himself is worse. You can only   |
    | damage Moldorm on it's big red bulb of a tail. If you slam the hammer when   |
    | the boss is near you can stun Moldorm for a moment and then address his weak |
    | spot. As you continue to strike his weakness, Moldorm will curl up and turn  |
    | red, growing larger and moving faster. Hit his head with the mallet and then |
    | the tail with the sword to end the battle quickly.                           |
      After the battle claim the [HEART CONTAINER] and [PENDANT OF POWER].
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                     The Master Sword                      /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0307]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    [ ] Master Sword
    Return to the Lost Woods
      Listen to what Sahasrahla has to say then head to Link's House. You can now
    buy the equipment, instead of only renting it. You'll want to purchase some
    items that you can upgrade if you've been collecting the Maiamai. Check out
    what you can buy and what upgrades you can snag:
     • Ice Rod ...... 1200 Rupees    • Ice Rod     - Creates 4 Ice Shards
     • Hookshot .....  800 Rupees    • Hookshot    - Faster shot. Deals damage.
     • Tornado Rod ..  800 Rupees    • Tornado Rod - Much wider diameter.
     • Bombs ........  800 Rupees    • Bombs       - Larger range and damage.
     • Bow ..........  800 Rupees    • Bow         - Fires 3 arrows.
     • Hammer .......  800 Rupees    • Hammer      - Double range and damage.
     • Boomerang ....  800 Rupees    • Boomerang   - Fires 3 shots. Better range.
     • Fire Rod ..... 1200 Rupees    • Fire Rod    - Longer attack and damage.
     Once you're done upgrading your items, fly over to Kakariko Village and move
    over to the upper left corner of the Village where there are 2 entrances to the
    Lost Woods; take the left one. Proceed to the northwest corner of the area to
    enter the Lost Woods.
    Blade of Evil's Bane
      First off, you've got to keep track of the Poe talking to you, which shouldn't
    be that difficult. Follow the path it follows and in the next part, there are 2
    Poes bouncing, meaning you should take the path that neither one of them
    followed. This is more complicated. For the third part, three will bounce, so
    keep track of the 3 of them and don't follow them.
      Once you do it right, you will appear at the Master Sword's Pedestal.
    Approach it and take out the Master Sword, a way stronger sword and when you're
    at full health, it shoots beams of light just like in the first game. Awesome.
    Sahasrahla speaks to you and tells you to make haste to the castle, so fly to
    Link's House and go north to the castle.
         /\                                                                 /\
        /  \        ________________________________________________       /  \
       /____\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      /____\
      /\    /\                       Hyrule Castle                       /\    /\
     /  \  /  \     ________________________________________________    /  \  /  \
    /    \/    \    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0308]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   /    \/    \
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    [ ] Blue Rupee
                    • Ball and Chain Soldier     * Yuga
    Hyrule Castle
      As you approach, Sahasrahla will be waiting for you. Strike the barrier to get
    rid of it. Sahasrahla saves your game too, which is convenient. From the
    castle's front yard enter the left door and open the [CHEST] to find a [BLUE
    RUPEE]. The right door has nothing, so go through the central main gates.
            | Ball and Chain Soldier                Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  This soldier swings the ball and chain overhead and then   |
            | whips it at Link. Be sure to stun these soldiers before     |
            | moving in to damage them.                                   |
      Go up to the second floor and go either left or right and go south to get
    outside. Enter the middle double doors. In the next door, you'll find a
    Ball and Chain Soldier. Just wait for when the chain he's swinging gets little
    to attack him. You can also stun him with your Boomerang or Hookshot and hit him
    a couple of times. Now go up to 3F.
    Yuga Awaits
     Here in the first room you only have to kill all enemies, which is simple.
    Merge with the wall to get the soldier on the right side. In the second room,
    you'll have to fight all 8 Armos, which is way easier with the Master Sword.
    Now follow the path to the 4F. Here we have a little scene with Yuga and Zelda.
    Kill the soldiers and make your way up to 5F.
     Here, simply follow the straightforward path to get to 6F. This floor is the
    same, nothing new. There's no treasure either, so just follow the path while
    killing everything up to 7F. Go up to 8F to trigger a scene with Yuga, and then
    its time to battle him again.
    | Boss Battle: Yuga II                                                         |
    |  Yuga, he's quite similar to the first time you fought him back at the       |
    | Eastern Palace. First off, he splits into 3 and rotates around the walls.    |
    | When they appear, only one is the real deal, and which one is it? The one    |
    | that has the scepter lightened up. Stay on the lower part of the room and    |
    | attack whichever comes out down here, whether its the real one or not. If it |
    | is a fake a soldier comes out, so take care of it.                           |
    |                                                                              |
    |  When you hit him 2 times he still goes around the walls, but only this time |
    | instead of attacking with lightning, he attacks with fire just like he did   |
    | in the Eastern Palace; he alternates with his attacks. After hitting him 3   |
    | more times, you're done with him.                                            |
      After the fight, follow Yuga and you'll come to a dead end -- just where did
    he go? Rip the Hyrule banner from the north wall to reveal a crack. Merge with
    the wall and go through it to get to an unknown world.
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                    Lorule Explorations                    \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0309]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    PIECES OF HEART
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #15       [ ] Piece of Heart #16
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #17       [ ] Piece of Heart #18
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #19       [ ] Piece of Heart #20
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #21       [ ] Piece of Heart #22
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #23       [ ] Piece of Heart #24
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #25
                    [ ] Maiamai #42              [ ] Maiamai #43
                    [ ] Maiamai #44              [ ] Maiamai #45
                    [ ] Maiamai #46              [ ] Maiamai #47
                    [ ] Maiamai #48              [ ] Maiamai #49
                    [ ] Maiamai #50              [ ] Maiamai #51
                    [ ] Maiamai #52              [ ] Maiamai #53
                    [ ] Maiamai #54              [ ] Maiamai #55
                    [ ] Maiamai #56              [ ] Maiamai #57
                    [ ] Maiamai #58              [ ] Maiamai #59
                    [ ] Maiamai #60              [ ] Maiamai #61
                    [ ] Maiamai #62              [ ] Maiamai #63
                    [ ] Maiamai #64              [ ] Maiamai #65
                    [ ] Maiamai #66              [ ] Maiamai #67
                    [ ] Maiamai #68              [ ] Maiamai #69
                    [ ] Maiamai #70              [ ] Maiamai #71
                    [ ] Maiamai #72              [ ] Maiamai #73
                    [ ] Maiamai #74              [ ] Maiamai #75
                    [ ] Maiamai #76              [ ] Maiamai #77
                    [ ] Maiamai #78              [ ] Maiamai #79
                    [ ] Maiamai #80              [ ] Maiamai #81
                    [ ] Maiamai #82
                    [ ] Bottle #4                [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Bottle #5
                    [ ] Gold Rupee               [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Gold Rupee               [ ] Golden Bee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Monster Tail             [ ] Gold Rupee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee
                    • Ropa                       • Hinox
                    • Like Like                  • Snap Dragon
                    • Hyu                        • Moblin
                    • Taros                      • Karat Crab
                    • Zirro                      • Stahl
                    • Dacto                      • Slarok
                    • Ku                         • Lorule Soldier
                    • Gimos                      • Chasupa
    Ganon Revived
      Follow the path to find Yuga and all Seven Sages, and Zelda. Watch the scene
    that unfolds as Ganon awakens, Princess Hilda of Lorule too! After the scene we
    appear inside the Blacksmith's House. Leave after the rude welcoming of the
    Blacksmith's Wife and Hilda speaks to you again. Time to find a way back home.
    Check the weather vane then save your game.
    Welcome to Lorule
      While the welcome isn't so inviting, you're stuck here until you find a way
    back to Hyrule so you might as well get adjusted. First, there's several new
            | Ropa                                  Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  The Ropas are slow and sturdy but stand as one of the      |
            | easier enemies in Lorule.                                   |
            | Hinox                                 Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  A cyclopse that moves quick and hurls bombs that explode   |
            | on contact. Watch out for the charge attack that deals an   |
            | additional Heart worth of damage. Hinox will take a bit to  |
            | defeat, about as long as a Lynel.                           |
            | Like Like                             Damage: Special       |
            |                                                             |
            |  This enemy isn't difficult to defeat but they are sneaky   |
            | and if they catch Link his shield will be eaten. Stick to   |
            | ranged attacks just to be safe.                             |
            | Snap Dragon                           Damage: 2 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These guys have vicious little teeth but can only strike   |
            | when close. Keep them at bay with a flurry of sword strikes |
            | or simply defeat them from range.                           |
            | Hyu                                   Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These ghosts can move through solid objects in their       |
            | pursuit of Link. Take them down like you would a Poe.       |
            | Moblin                                Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These monsters take the role of Soldiers in Lorule. Use    |
            | the Hookshot to steal their shields and slash them on the   |
            | open side or use ranged attacks to defeat them.             |
      The monsters here will drop [MONSTER TAILS] and [MONSTER HORNS], used for
    brewing Potions with the Witch of Hyrule. This is consistent in Hyrule too, when
    you return to it. Before setting out from the Blacksmith's, merge with the east
    wall and move around to the west one to find [MAIAMAI #42].
    Not Quite Kakariko
      Go north to find the Fortune-Teller of Lorule. Have him read your fortune if
    you want to, otherwise lets head back south to the blacksmith and left to get
    to Kakariko Village. Dash into the first tree you see to find [MAIAMAI #43].
    From here, check the southwest side of town to see a Rupee Pen. Merge with the
    nearby wall and grab the Rupees. West of here along the south road is an empty
    building with [MAIAMAI #44]. Enter the northwestern house to find the store,
    they sell the following:
     • Bee .........   88 Rupees
     • Golden Bee .. 9999 Rupees
     • Fairy .......   77 Rupees
     • Shield ......   50 Rupees
      It's not worth it by any means to purchase anything here, so exit the shop and
    go a little bit south to find the weather vane. East of here is a wall with a
    dark fissure that leads back to Hyrule. You wind up in a most unexpected place
    but you receive [PIECE OF HEART #15]! Head back to Lorule and visit the Fortune
    Choice Guy near the entrance to Thieves' Town. It's a steep 200 Rupees to play
    but you'll want to keep going until you get [PIECE OF HEART #16].
    The Big Bomb Flower
      Head south out of town and into the Big Bomb Flower shop. Borrow the thing for
    200 Rupees then swipe it where it stands to detonate and reveal [MAIAMAI #45].
    It regrows, so lead it to the south and detonate it on the large cracked rock.
    Once it sprouts again lead it out to the northwest and blow it up on the large
    rock here. This leads to the Great Rupee Fairy Fountain. Donating Rupees will
    lend to Fairies and even a reward:
     • One Fairy ......  400 Rupees
     • Two Fairies ....  600 Rupees
     • Three Fairies .. 1000 Rupees
     • Four Fairies ... 2000 Rupees
     • Five Fairies ... 3000 Rupees
    Note: Donating 3000 Rupees results in [BOTTLE #4].
    Minigames of Lorule
      Head west from here to Rupee Rush. This plays out the same as in Hyrule but
    the stakes are higher, it costs 100 Rupees to play. There are also Rupee Likes
    that are around the area. It's best to stand around the pond that tosses out
    Rupees and defeat the Rupee Like, then cash in on the triple bonus for chiming
    in under 1 second remaining. If you come back with 100+ Rupees you'll also win
    [PIECE OF HEART #17]. Play a second round and head to the north wall and free
    [MAIAMAI #46] from it.
      Go east past the Bomb Shop to where Gulley's Woods would be, except it's now
    Octoball Derby. You get 30 pitches for 50 Rupees and the objective is to break
    100 so you can collect [PIECE OF HEART #18]. You get 1 Rupee for a red pot, 5
    Rupees for the gold pot (which respawns after you hit it), and 20 Rupees for
    hitting a bird. To make the bird appear you must hit three pots in a row. The
    crabs will reset the pot positions making it easier to chain hits together and
    spawn a bird. Time your swings and use different stances to generate pop flies
    or groundballs. It's a steeper learning curve than the other games, but with a
    little practice you'll walk away happy. To the left of the field are three
    skulls, break them to find [MAIAMAI #47].
    Crossing Worlds for Treasure
      Go get the Bomb Flower and lead it back to the area south of Octoball Derby.
    At the southern end is a [CHEST] atop a hill, but also a large cracked rock
    blocking the entrance. Blow it up with the Bomb Flower and head inside to a
    [CHEST] with a [SILVER RUPEE]. Leave and merge with the southern wall, heading
    through the crack back into Hyrule. Jump off the ledge and merge with the wall
    and use the fissure to reach Lorule again.
            | Taros                                 Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These monsters look like bulls and fight much like Moblins |
            | in Lorule. They often wield spears which gives them a reach |
            | advantage in a sword fight, so stun them or use range.      |
      You'll be on a higher ledge now, so merge with the wall and move west to
    rescue [MAIAMAI #48]. Repeat the process so you're back on the high ledge, then
    use the Hookshot to reach the [CHEST] with another [SILVER RUPEE]. From here
    head northeast to where Link's House should be located. Use the weather vane
    then bomb the backside of the house to reveal a secret entrance. Open the
    [CHEST] to find [BOTTLE #5]. Hop off the cliff and free [MAIAMAI #49] then
    head around front and use the fissure to find Sarashala. He explains how the
    fissures work, but you understand that already.
                                        N O T E
            |  If you are playing Hero Mode and enter the Vacant House    |
            | you can find a diary from Ravio. It's contents are a nice   |
            | addition to the plot.                                       |
    Treasure Cave #5
      Head back to Lorule and go one screen west. At the northern area are some
    bushes that conceal a hidden cave. Jump down and place a bomb on the southwest
    corner switch, then head north past the gate. Place a bomb at this switch then
    run to the corner, turn and use the Pegasus Boots to make it past the gate. In
    this corner, hit the switch with your sword then wait a few seconds and place a
    bomb. Start running around the corner then up the stairs, turning east and
    using the Pegasus Boots to make it through in time. Open the [BIG CHEST] for
    a [GOLD RUPEE].
    Maiamai Rescue Adventure
      Head north of the Vacant House and dash into the tree to rescue [MAIAMAI #50],
    that's half of them found! Head towards the drawbridge and merge with the east
    wall to free [MAIAMAI #51] then activate the Lorule Castle weather vane. From
    here go south past the Vacant House to the Southern Ruins. At the west end you
    can find [MAIAMAI #52] at the bottom of the pond. Go southeast from this point
    to find [MAIAMAI #53] atop a pillar, dash to rescue it.
            | Karat Crab                            Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Karat Crabs are just like Sand Crabs except faster and     |
            | more powerful. Strike from north or south.                  |
            | Zirro                                 Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Zirro fly and drop bombs from above, pretty nasty. When in |
            | the air only Rods can effect them, but when they land any   |
            | weapon is fair game. Use the Tornado Rod for best results.  |
      Go to the northeast corner and free [MAIAMAI #54] from the wall then go grab
    the Big Bomb Flower. Bring it back to the southeast corner and blow up the big
    rock, just beware the new enemies. Inside the cave is [PIECE OF HEART #19] and
    two [CHESTS] -- a [SILVER RUPEE] and [GOLD RUPEE]! If you get another Bomb
    Flower and head to the southwest you'll find the Swamp Palace guarded by a
    large rock. Blow it up and use the Hookshot to reach the weather vane.
    The Skull Woods
      Head back to the Vacant House and use the fissure. Head to the back of
    Sarashala's House and use the fissure to reach the Skull Woods. Merge with the
    west wall to free [MAIAMAI #55] then go all the way around to find [PIECE OF
    HEART #20]. Now head east into a new area, merging with the southwest wall to
    rescue [MAIAMAI #56]. Head north but beware the skulls, some are Stahls.
            | Stahl                                 Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  A Stahl is like a skull except it moves and chomps about.  |
            | It is a weak foe but can sneak up on an unaware Link.       |
      Head up to the Skull Woods weather vane then leave. Head east then down into
    the pit with the Moblin. Defeat it and free [MAIAMAI #57] from the eastern wall.
    Head north towards "Rosso's House" just keep an eye out for the Dacto, Lorule's
    version of the Crow.
            | Dacto                                 Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Dacto perch upon trees and dive in to damage Link. Swing   |
            | swiftly to take them out when they are low enough to be hit |
            | or use a Rod to reach them up high.                         |
      North one screen are some bushes amidst a V-shape of trees. Cut down the
    bushes to rescue [MAIAMAI #58] then continue north. Dash into the tree south
    of the Abandoned Shack to find [MAIAMAI #59] then south one screen, looking
    east for a ladder. Climb it and head north to find a Cucco. Grab this Cucco and
    jump from the northern gap straight onto [PIECE OF HEART #21]. Proceed west to
    enter the Skull Woods.
      Proceed due west under the bones until you reach a dead end. Cut the grass to
    reveal [MAIAMAI #60]. Head back into the cave and a man is selling an item for
    888 Rupees. The item is in fact a [GOLDEN BEE] which can be used to get the
    [BEE BADGE] if you haven't gotten it yet. Leave and continue south past the
    portrait of Seres. There is a patch of grass here that has [MAIAMAI #61]. Use
    the Fissure on the pillar to return Hyrule then visit Link's House. Mother
    Maiamai should be able to upgrade more items for you now.
    Lorule Lake
      Head south from Mother Maiamai and past the Item Shop. Merge with the wall
    at the dead end and around into the Fissure. Hilda contacts Link again and you
    will meet a few new enemies in this area.
            | Slarok                                Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Slaroks are like Octoroks except they toss rocks and move  |
            | a bit faster. Deflect their attacks to damage them and use  |
            | the Hookshot to stun from distance.                         |
            | Ku                                    Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Ku are similar to Zoras but can pursue Link on land as     |
            | well. Dive to avoid their fireballs and take them out.      |
      Start by merging onto the wall and heading around to free [MAIAMAI #62].
    Head north one screen and clear the enemies to reach the [CHEST] with the
    [SILVER RUPEE]. Return to the lake and jump in the water to find a turtle
    surrounded by Ku. Defeat them and the turtle swims off, thanking you. Go back
    to the southwest and defeat the Slarok then flip this turtle, which also swims
    off thanking you. Head back to the north and up the dock then merge with the
    wall and go right, popping off to release the third turtle.
      After rescuing the third turtle the Mother Turtle emerges. Swim southeast and
    dive to rescue [MAIAMAI #63] then catch a ride on the Mama Turtle. Cross over
    to the Turtle Rock weather vane and use it then head to the east bank. Head
    south after you reach the dock and merge with the wall to rescue [MAIAMAI #64].
    Head north and bomb the wall in the next area to reach a fairy fountain. Exit
    and climb the nearby ladder, then merge with the wall and go left. Pick up the
    skull here to find [MAIAMAI #65].
    Lorule Graveyard
      Use the Fissure to reach Hyrule the fly to Sanctuary. Enter the building and
    use the Fissure in the back to reach Lorule once more. Light the brazier with
    the Lamp and talk to the Philosopher. Equip the Hookshot to reach some Rupees
    and head outside using it again to rip off the shields of Moblins. Head east to
    the Graveyard and use the weather vane. At the northwest you can merge into the
    cliff to rescue [MAIAMAI #66].
      Head east and south of the Graveyard to a dead end. Dash into the tree to
    find [MAIAMAI #67] then defeat the Moblins to claim the [SILVER RUPEE] within
    the [CHEST]. Return to the Graveyard and climb the ladder at the north end then
    merge through the Fissure. Ignore the Maiamai for now and enter the cave to
    find [PIECE OF HEART #22]. Now rescue [MAIAMAI #68] and head towards the Eastern
    The Dark Ruins
      In the area filled with Octoroks, merge into the stone pillar and use the
    Fissure. Dash into the nearby rock to loose [MAIAMAI #69] then head south one
    zone. At the western side is a tree that holds [MAIAMAI #70]. Head east to the
    next section and clear the enemies then dash into the leftmost tree to free
    [MAIAMAI #71]. Head south to a [CHEST] with a [SILVER RUPEE] then back north
    into the Dark Ruins, but not before bombing the wall to enter a Fairy Fountain.
            | Lorule Soldier                        Damage: Special       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These soldiers used to serve Princess Hilda but now they   |
            | guard the Dark Ruins. If they spot Link they locked him up. |
      Start by going north and freeing [MAIAMAI #72]. Head south and take the
    eastern path out of the ruins for now. Merge with the north wall and travel
    around to the south side where you can free [MAIAMAI #73]. Jump down to the
    right to enter a Great Fairy Fountain then return to the Dark Ruins.
    Stealth Mode
      Return to the west area and merge into the south wall to bypass the first
    Soldier. Now merge into the middle wall and wait for the Soldiers to crisscross
    then unmerge and head north. Go west and south, merging with the wall and
    quickly evading the Soldier that looks left and right. Head up the steps to a
    [CHEST] with a [RED RUPEE]. Head west and jump down then turn north. You can't
    go the whole way up the left wall, so break when you need to then resume until
    you can safely reach the northern passage.
      Climb the steps here and avoid the Soldier. Cross the balance beams over to
    [PIECE OF HEART #23] then move south down the steps. Merge with the north wall
    to free [MAIAMAI #74] then move further south. Slide past the Soldier and to
    the east where a tricky three Soldier defense is set up. Move between the two
    moving Soldiers and into the middle wall, then left and release. Merge quickly
    with the northern wall and pass the single Soldier.
      Slip past the final Soldier easily enough. Activate the weather vane then
    fly back to the Vacant House.
    Ku's Domain
      Return to Hyrule and fly to the Witch's House. Cross over to Zora's Domain
    then down the ladder and through the Fissure. Back in Lorule, climb the nearby
    ladder and merge with the wall going left around to a grassy plateau. Clear it
    to find [MAIAMAI #75] then merge again, continuing counterclockwise. Drop off
    and head north to a new area. At the west you can dive and rescue [MAIAMAI #76]
    then slay all the Ku to receive a [SILVER RUPEE].
      Head back south and jump into the river then into the cave behind the water-
    fall. Talk to the Hinox and keep bothering him until you receive two Silver
    Rupees. Stop at this point or he gets furious and strikes with deadly attacks.
    Leave the cave and head west, diving to find [MAIAMAI #77]. Head back and merge
    with the north wall, then continue west until you can dive to find [MAIAMAI #78]
    under the waterfall. Swim to land and fly to the Vacant House to return to
    Snow Covered Death Mountain
      Fly to Death Mountain after upgrading your items and save. Merge and go west
    through the Fissure. Continue west to a ledge then lift the skull to find
    [MAIAMAI #79]. Use the Fire Rod and Ice Rod in the area so quickly defeat the
    tough foes. Freeze the Hinoxes and torch the Zirro for best results. Enter the
    cave below, it's a Fairy Fountain. Leave and climb up the two ladders to reach
    a point higher than where you started.
            | Gimos                                 Damage: 1 or 2 Hearts |
            |                                                             |
            |  Gimos are statues made of stone, ice, or fire. They don't  |
            | move until approached but they are tough. Use an opposing   |
            | element to quickly defeat them.                             |
      Move east slaying enemies until you meet the Gimos. Torch them with the Fire
    Rod to reveal a [CHEST] with a [SILVER RUPEE]. Jump off the cliff to the south
    and merge going left, dropping down to a [CHEST] with a [MONSTER TAIL]. Return
    to the high ground. Go north up the hill to the Treacherous Tower weather vane.
    Save and enter the Treacherous Tower.
    The Treacherous Tower
      There's plenty to win here but you don't need to go through it all if you want
    to wait until you're stronger. Clearing each level results in numerous Rupees,
    hundreds even thousands, in addition to upgrades. The Beginner and Intermediate
    ranks are simpler but the Advanced rank is rough. At least try for [PIECE OF
    HEART #24] by clearing Intermediate.
    | FL | Enemy                            | FL | Enemy                           |
    |  1 | Blob                             | 31 | Hardhat Beetle, Buzz Blob       |
    |  2 | Dark Rat, Rope                   | 32 | Light Ghini, Dark Ghini         |
    |  3 | Chasupa                          | 33 | Freezor                         |
    |  4 | Green Soldier                    | 34 | Chasupa, Sluggula               |
    |  5 | Armos                            | 35 | Recovery Heart (1), Zazak       |
    |  6 | Poe, Hyu                         | 36 | Ropa, Zirro                     |
    |  7 | Red Rupees, Like Like            | 37 | Eyegore                         |
    |  8 | Tektites                         | 38 | Ice Gimos, Wizzrobe             |
    |  9 | Spear Soldier, Lorule Soldier    | 39 | Ball and Chain Soldier          |
    | 10 | Recovery Hearts (5)              | 40 | Fairy (1)                       |
    | 11 | Kodongo                          | 41 | Zirro, Red Taros                |
    | 12 | Slarok                           | 42 | Stalfos                         |
    | 13 | Karat Crab, Ku                   | 43 | Bari                            |
    | 14 | Pengator                         | 44 | Ice Gimos                       |
    | 15 | Bari                             | 45 | Moblin                          |
    | 16 | Goriya                           | 46 | Zazak                           |
    | 17 | Taros                            | 47 | Gimos                           |
    | 18 | Giant Pengator                   | 48 | Lorule Soldier                  |
    | 19 | Gigabari                         | 49 | Lunel                           |
    | 20 | Recovery Hearts (3)              | 50 | Moldorm                         |
    | 21 | Dacto                            |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
    | 22 | Rat, Skull Rope                  | Difficulty   | FL | Reward           |
    | 23 | Vulture                          |==============|====|==================|
    | 24 | Wizzrobe                         | Beginner     |  5 | Rupees           |
    | 25 | Mini-Moldorm                     | Intermediate | 15 | Piece of Heart   |
    | 26 | Eyegore                          | Advanced     | 50 | Super Lamp       |
    | 27 | Blue Soldier                     | Advanced (2) | 50 | Super Net        |
    | 28 | Ball and Chain Soldier           |______________|____|__________________|
    | 29 | Lynel                            |
    | 30 | Recovery Heart (1)               |
    Ice Ruins
      Head back to Hyrule and fly to the Tower of Hera. Head east over the bridge
    and into the cave past the Lynel. Exit the volcano at the lowest point to
    reach Rosso's Ore Mine then merge into the wall to reach Lorule. Use the weather
    vane immediately then proceed east. At the end of the path merge and head south
    to rescue [MAIAMAI #80]. Head north and into the cave for some fun.
            | Chasupa                               Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These one-eyed bats fly around trying to knock Link down   |
            | from tricky places. They fall in a single blow.             |
      Move onto the thin platform and ride it up. As you climb higher you'll have
    to merge. Once you reach the middle, destroy the Gimos and merge left. Defeat
    the Big Ice Gimos and wait for a platform going west. Use the Tornado Rod to
    rise up to the next moving platform and over to a pillar. Move north from here
    using the Tornado Rod to reach the northern exit. Merge through the Fissure to
    reach [PIECE OF HEART #25] back in Hyrule, now head back.
      Move back south and then from the stationary pillar, south again. Time your
    Tornado Rod to reach the moving platform and the southern exit. Merge onto the
    wall and slide east to a [CHEST] with a [GOLD RUPEE]. Merge again and drop down
    between the ledges. Break the skull to reveal [MAIAMAI #81] then head back
    inside, riding up to the Big Ice Gimos once more.
    The End of Exploration
      Continue north, riding the moving platforms. Take a break at the stationary
    pillar then move east dodging the spikes and Chasupa. Exit at the east to return
    outside. Move west and destroy the Big Ice Gimos with the Fire Rod then open the
    [CHEST] to claim a [SILVER RUPEE]. Now head all the way east and save [MAIAMAI
    #82] from the wall then use the weather vane. With that, the exploring is
    complete until you get a few more items. Head to the Thieves' Hideout when you
    are ready.
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                     Thieves' Hideout                      \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0310]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    PIECES OF HEART
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #26
                    [ ] Maiamai #83              [ ] Maiamai #84
                    [ ] Maiamai #85              [ ] Maiamai #86
                    [ ] Maiamai #87
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Compass                  [ ] Small Key
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Master Ore
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Big Key
                    [ ] Heart Container          [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Gold Rupee
                    • Zazak                      • Sluggula
                    • Bawb                       * Stalblind
                    • Swamola                    • Vulture
                    • Geldman
    Gaining Entry
      Head to Thieves' Town and save your game. Go north to the two black towers.
    Examine the locked door on the left tower and the voice asks you to complete the
    song in order to get it. The answers are the following:
     • A Narrow Path
     • Really Despair
     • To Thievin'
    Purple Rupees
      After the guard leaves go north across the walkway and enter the room on the
    left. In here, grab the [CHEST] -- [PURPLE RUPEE] and return to the entrance.
    Now go left and enter the room. Merge with the wall and enter the cell to the
    north to find a [CHEST] with [PURPLE RUPEE]. Now go left and you'll see a
    crystal in the center of the room. When you hit it, it raises some bars and
    lowers others. Hit it and walk/merge to the southwest corner. You'll find 2
    statues here and north of them are arrows shooting.
     Move one of the statues north of where the arrows are shooting and place it on
    top of the switch. Push it up twice and quickly turn around and block the arrow.
    Rinse and repeat. Now move the other statue out of the little cell it was, hit
    the crystal again and place it on the switch north of the crystal. Now go inside
    the cell where you got the Purple Rupee and step on a third switch to open the
    door to the north.
            | Zazak                                 Damage: 2 Hearts      |
            |                                                             |
            |  These lizards chase Link trying to grab him. They are slow |
            | so in groups the Fire Rod works well enough.                |
      In here we find a new enemy, the Zazak. Kill it and go north to the next room.
    In here you'll find some rats, so kill them and you'll also see a metal path on
    the left and a wooden path on the right. Drop down from the wooden path down to
    the next floor, B2, and get the [CHEST] for another [PURPLE RUPEE]. Drop down
    once again and you'll see a crystal on the left. This changes the direction of
    the conveyor belts.
    Obtaining the Compass
      Hit it if you want and go all the way south to the next room. Another 2 new
    enemies are found here, the Sluggula and the Bawb. Go up the stairs and merge
    with the wall at the end of the conveyor belt and hit the crystal at the end of
    the path. Head back downstairs and hit the Bawb. Once it transforms into a bomb
    grab it and throw it on the conveyor belt to have it hit another crystal that
    opens the door.
            | Sluggula                              Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Sluggula leave slime and bombs in their trails. Cut them   |
            | to pieces before bombs wind up every where.                 |
            | Bawb                                  Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  Bawbs chase after Link looking to explode in his face. You |
            | can pick them up and toss them before they do so, but they  |
            | continuously spawn so it's best to avoid them.              |
      Go through it and you'll be in a trap room. If you hit the crystal on the left
    side, all the floor will open up for you to fall. Interesting. Go right into the
    next room to find some stone plaques. Merge with them to get the Hearts and
    Rupees and go right to find a [CHEST] with [MONSTER GUTS]. Return to the
    previous room and go north now.
      In this larger room, merge with the right wall and enter the upper cell to
    find a Stalfos and a [CHEST] with [COMPASS]. Now merge into the lower room and
    speak to the Thief Girl. After some chit chat, step on the switch to open the
    door on the left side of the room. Go through it and merge into the room to the
    north. Use the Bawb to break open the cracked wall to the north. Go inside and
    go down the left side of the wall (you won't be able to see Link) until you come
    across another room.
    Small Key #1
      Get on top of the red squares and hit the crystal to have the red squares go
    up. Now stand on the blue ones and hit the crystal again to have the blue ones
    go up. Now we're on the upper part of the floor. Be careful because if you fall
    you have to go around the room again just to get up here. Go to the northwestern
    part of the room where another crystal is and drop down and into the door to
    fight 5 Red Eyegores.
      What makes the fight even harder is that the room is pitch black. The only
    thing you can see are the Eyegores' Eye's. Instead of using your Bow to kill
    them, stand in a corner and start swinging your Master Sword to kill them. Once
    you're done with them, the platform lowers giving you access to the [CHEST] with
    [SMALL KEY]. A green portal appears as well, giving you access to the entrance.
    Silver Rupee
      Return to the previous room and go to the Thief Girl. Open the door for her
    and speak with her. Time to get her outside. As we're locked in, go north and
    have her wait on a switch (press A in front of her to make her wait) and you
    step on the other one to open up the door. Go in the next room and you'll have
    to fight 4 Zazaks in order to get out. Have the Thief Girl wait near the
    entrance and go deal with them.
      Spam arrows and sword until they're gone. NOTE that if they catch the Thief
    Girl, you'll have to start from where the cell of the Thief Girl is. Go down to
    B3 and follow the path. Merge with the wall and press the switch to create a
    path for the Thief Girl. Continue and merge through the wall and swim your way
    across the water. Continue until you reach a platform that's leaning on the
    wall. Merge with the wall and unmerge behind it to make a path for the Thief
      Step on both of the switches you passed and the bars open. Swim across and on
    the other side, pull the lever to drain the water. That's just what we needed.
    Return to the Thief Girl and before anything, merge with the wall and go in the
    cell to find a [CHEST] with [SILVER RUPEE]. Now go to where the lever is and
    step on the unactive blue squares. Hit the crystal to go up and have the Thief
    Girl wait.
    Master Ore
      Go to where the unactive red squares are and merge with the wall and go right.
    Knock down the platform leaning on the wall and return to the Thief Girl. Have
    her stay on top of the red squares and throw a Bomb where the crystal is.
    Quickly run on top of the red squares and go up. As you move south a little bit,
    more Zazaks appear. Don't have the Thief Girl come down until you get rid of all
    3 of them.
      Once you do, step on both switches and the wall with retract. Grab all the
    rupees and open the [BIG CHEST] to find [MASTER ORE]. Backtrack then go across
    the platform you knocked down in the southeast -- go up the stairs to B2. Up
    here, have her step on the switch and go up the stairs to step on the second
    one. As you do 2 Zazaks appear. Quickly take care of them and go left until you
    get to the trap room. Remember this one? As you try to leave, some Zazaks
    appear. Hit the crystal to get rid of them and continue.
    Big Key
      In this room now the crystal is useful. Make sure the first conveyor belt is
    going left. If not, go hit the crystal. As you get across the first conveyor
    belt, some Zazaks appear. Return across the conveyor belt and kill them. Cross
    again and hit the crystal so that the upper conveyor belt is going left. Now
    simply go up to the next floor. Hit the switches to activate the air fans and
    move across the room to the next one.
      In here, step on both switches to open a path for a [CHEST] -- [SILVER RUPEE].
    Kill the 2 Zazaks in the next room and you'll be at the entrance. The main gate
    closes on us, so go north and step on both switches to have the plaque move from
    left to right. Go up the stairs and merge with the plaque to get the [BIG CHEST]
    with the [BIG KEY]. Return and enter the room to the right for Boss time.
    | Boss Battle: Stalblind                                                       |
    |  For being the first boss of Lorule's dungeons, its quite easy. He has 2     |
    | attacks to begin with. He pukes some nasty black stuff. Just simply evade    |
    | this attack by walking around. When it gets near you, it tries to swing its  |
    | sword at you. Simply step back to evade it. When you try to attack it, it'll |
    | block it with his shield. Merge with the shield and he'll wonder where you   |
    | are. Unmerge once you see his back and attack him several times.             |
    |                                                                              |
    |  After hitting him several times, he gets rid of the shield and goes solo    |
    | with the sword. He has a spin attack that is quite hard to avoid. Run clock  |
    | or counterclockwise. When he stops, attack him nonstop. He also thrusts his  |
    | sword at you; this is easier to evade. Once you attack him several times, he |
    | goes in his third mode, which is the hardest by far. He doesn't see you, but |
    | when he senses you, he starts attacking the floor quite some times. Mean     |
    | while, the head will be spinning around puking that black stuff. It is hard  |
    | to avoid, so make sure to take care of him as fast as you can.               |
      The door opens after the fight and the Thief Girl takes you to the painting.
    You also get a [HEART CONTAINER] which is even better. After some talk with
    Osfala, you get the Sand Rod but it gets taken away. Head to the Southern Ruins;
    at the northwest is a cave that was previously empty but now the Thief Girl is
    here. Open the [CHEST] for a [SILVER RUPEE] and head back to Link's House in
    Treasure Cave #6
      Purchase the Sand Rod and upgrade it at Mother Maiamais. Head to Kakariko
    Village and into the Cucco Pen. Use the Sand Rod on the sand then rescue
    [MAIAMAI #83]. Go south from Link's house and west to the next area. Use the
    crack here and when you get to Lorule, Hilda speaks with you telling you about
    sensing sand even though there's no desert in Lorule. Enter the cave to the
    northeast and press all six buttons, reaching the last one by merging. This
    starts the fan.
      Stand near the Treasure Hunter and face north; use the Sand Rod. Cross over
    and stand where the fan is facing east; use the Sand Rod. Now use the Tornado
    Rod to leap over the wall then merge with the eastern wall, heading north.
    Run around the ledge and merge south past the fan to find a button that starts
    it. Head back to the top-left of this ledge and use the Sand Rod facing south.
    Return to the east fan and use the Tornado Rod to reach the sand pillars and
    a [CHEST] with a [GOLD RUPEE].
    Misery Mire
      Leave and go west to Misery Mire, up the stairs is the weather vane. Drop
    down from the ledge and free [MAIAMAI #84] and get familiar with the enemies of
    this area before merging with the right pillar ahead and returning to Hyrule.
            | Swamola                               Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Swamola emerge from the mire trying to snap at Link. They  |
            | are tricky to harm, so use the Ice Rod to stun them.        |
            | Vulture                               Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  These birds perch around Hyrule's desert but unlike Crows  |
            | they circle above then land directly where Link is, you     |
            | must sidestep then strike.                                  |
            | Geldman                               Damage: 2 Hearts      |
            |                                                             |
            |  These creatures randomly emerge from dunes to attack Link. |
            | They are vulnerable to all attacks but stunning is best.    |
      Northwest of the pillars you can hear [MAIAMAI #85] chirping, use the Sand
    Rod to rescue him. Use the steps to the left and make a sand pillar across the
    gap. Cross it by merging then chuck a bomb at the wall to reveal a fissure.
    Use it to return to the mire and [PIECE OF HEART #26]. Drop into the water and
    go to the southwest to find [MAIAMAI #86]. Return to Hyrule and go to the south
    east. Up the steps you can make sand pillars west to a fissure.
      Back in Lorule head west to another fissure. In Hyrule create sand pillars
    to reach the northern wall then merge and go left around to the north end.
    Here you'll find [MAIAMAI #87] chirping in the sand south of the Desert Palace,
    use the Sand Rod to find him. Above you can find the Desert Palace weather vane.
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                     The Desert Palace                     \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0311]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    PIECES OF HEART
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #27
                    [ ] Maiamai #88              [ ] Maiamai #89
                    [ ] Maiamai #90              [ ] Maiamai #91
                    [ ] Maiamai #92              [ ] Maiamai #93
                    [ ] Maiamai #94              [ ] Maiamai #95
                    [ ] Maiamai #96              [ ] Maiamai #97
                    [ ] Maiamai #98              [ ] Maiamai #99
                    [ ] Maiamai #100
                    [ ] Blue Rupee               [ ] Monster Tail
                    [ ] Compass                  [ ] Small Key #1
                    [ ] Titan's Mitt             [ ] Small Key #2
                    [ ] Small Key #3             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Big Key
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #4             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #5             [ ] Heart Container
                    [ ] Green Rupee              [ ] Blue Rupee
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Small Key #6
                    [ ] Master Ore               [ ] Master Sword Lv2
                    [ ] Red Rupee
                    • Gibdo                      • Leever
                    • Hokkubokku                 • Devalant
                    • Peahat                     * Zaganaga
    Desert Palace
      Use the Desert Palace weather vane if you aren't there already, then enter. 
    Go north creating a sand wall to cross. Go down the stairs on the left and
    create another sand wall here. Merge with the wall and grab the [CHEST] -- [BLUE
    RUPEE]. Now go to the other side and enter the door. In this room you'll find a
    new enemy, the Gibdo -- nothing special. Kill them, the Ropes and Rats too and
    go up the stairs on the upper right. Here you'll find 2 Beamos, merge with the
    wall and pass by them. Go into the next room.
            | Gibdo                                 Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These creatures are basically mummies, burn them with the  |
            | Fire Rod for best results.                                  |
      Here create a sand wall crossing to the right and from here, create a sand
    wall to the left in between the pillars so you can hit all 4 crystals. The path
    below opens, so go down and create a sand wall to protect yourself from the
    Beamos and enter the door at the end. In this room align the statue on the
    bottom so that when you create a sand wall from the top it raises, allowing you
    to move it back to the top. Move it on a switch along with the other statue and
    locate the lone statue on the right side.
            | Leever                                Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  These creatures emerge from the sand and strike Link then  |
            | cowardly sink back into the sand. Strike them quickly.      |
      Create a sand wall and move it to the left side putting it on top of the third
    switch, opening the door. As we enter the first area, we create a shortcut to
    the entrance, how convenient. Cross to the left side and enter the next room.
    In here you'll find a new enemy, the Hokkubokku. It stays under the sand and
    will pop its head out, but you can't hit it. Use the Sand Rod to bring it up to
    the surface and attack it nonstop.
            | Hokkubokku                            Damage: 2 Hearts      |
            |                                                             |
            |  This tall guy hides in the sand and pops up for quick      |
            | damage. Use the Sand Rod to draw them out.                  |
    Obtaining the Compass
      After killing it a [CHEST] appears. Go back up and create a sand wall to the
    south. We can't get it yet so go north to the next area. In here, kill the
    Devalant and go north and up the stairs. Go south and merge to the wall and go
    left to find a [CHEST] with [MONSTER TAIL]. From here return to where the stairs
    are, create a sand wall to the left and merge with it to cross. Go north into
    the next room.
            | Devalant                              Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  This sand worm draws in quicksand to lure Link in. Use the |
            | Sand Rod to bring them out and hit their tail.              |
      Grab all the rupees here and open the [CHEST] to find [COMPASS]. Now pull the
    lever on the right side to have sand fill up the previous room. Return and open
    the [CHEST] with [SMALL KEY]. Now open the door on the right side to proceed. Go
    north and pull the lever to fill the room with sand. Now we can go further into
    the dungeon. From the top of the stairs on the left side, create a sand wall to
    the right and cross to the pillar.
    The Titan's Mitt
      From here go north using a sand wall and press the switch to open the wall.
    Create another sand wall on the left of this platform and merge with the wall,
    making your way to the opened room to get [TITAN'S MITT] from the [BIG CHEST].
    Return to the room where the chest was blocked by the large boulders and now you
    can get them out of the way to get [SMALL KEY]. Move the boulders below and use
    the Small Key.
      Once outside, go north and enter the cave, which is 2F. This first room has
    those floating tiles. Evade all of them, which come from both sides and 2
    Devalants appear. Get them out of the sand with the Sand Rod and a path opens to
    the north, as well as the green portal appears. Use the Sand Rod and merge with
    the wall. Enter the room on the right.
    Small Key #3
      In this hallway, some Leevers appear, as well as a Devalant. Take care of them
    and enter the door on the right when possible. Go to the lower side of the room
    avoiding the arrows and climb up the steps. Create a sand pillar and then stand
    on the edge facing south. Use the Sand Rod to bring up the statue then pull it
    back and remove the pillar. Now the arrow shoots the crystal, so head to the
    southeast and ride the platforms to a [CHEST] with the [SMALL KEY]. Exit at the
    north using the same method.
    The Big Key
      Here raise the boulder under the stairs and unburry the [CHEST] with the Sand
    Rod to find [SILVER RUPEE]. Now merge with the south wall and you'll see a door
    that you can't see with the camera angle. Go through it and raise the large
    boulder, which reveals a [CHEST]. Unburry it with the Sand Rod to find [SILVER
    RUPEE]. Return to the previous room and look to the upper left side of the room
    to find 2 cracked blocks. Destroy them with a bomb and on the northern side,
    you'll find several platforms separated. What you need to do is to create a sand
    pillar when the wrecking ball is passing so it can make it to the end, breaking
    the cracked block, having sand come out, and filling up the previous room.
      Return and use the Sand Rod to get to the [BIG CHEST] which contains the [BIG
    KEY]. Awesome. There's also a door going south that takes you to a room with 3
    Fairies. Catch a couple and use one. Now return to the entrance to this floor
    and enter the left door now. Go all the way north in this hallway, kill the 2
    statues and follor the right path. There's a burried [CHEST] with [SILVER
    RUPEE]. Return to the entrance of the room and use the Sand Rod to create a path
    all the way to the north. Cross it and enter the door on the right.
    Small Key #4
      In here create a sand wall to raise the Beamos. Merge with it to the other
    side to find a [CHEST] with [SILVER RUPEE]. Return to the previous screen and
    use the Small Key to open the door on the left. In here, kill the enemies and
    raise the Beamos so it can hit all 3 crystals, opening the door to the south. Go
    into it.
      Here, you'll have to kill 4 Leevers and 2 Devalant to get the [CHEST] with
    [SMALL KEY]. Return to the previous room and go to the northern side now. Its
    similar to the previous Beamos, only that this one will hit 3 crystals, so stand
    on the unactive squares and it'll raise you. Merge with the wall and go north to
    the next room and floor.
    Small Key #5
      Kill the enemies here and locate the hidden pathway on the left side under the
    sand waterfall. The [CHEST] here contains another [SILVER RUPEE]. Return and go
    south 2 screens. Here create a sand wall all the way to the right. Kill the
    statues that come to life once you raise them with the sand wall. On the other
    side, there's a [CHEST] with [SMALL KEY]. Return to the previous room and go
    right into the locked door.
      Destroy the cracked block with the Bawb and destroy the other 2 you see to get
    some rupees. Now you'll see that the arrows are shooting at some other cracked
    blocks. We can't reach them just like that, so destroy a Bawb and raise it with
    the Sand Rod to destroy them. Once the arrows start hitting the crystal, go near
    the entrance and use the squares to get to the top level. Exit to the previous
    room and pull the lever to fill the room with sand, taking you to the boss...
    not quite yet.
      Use the Sand Rod to cross the quicksand and when you're outside, break the
    pots and go through the crack towards Lorule. Once here, drop down from either
    the left or right side to start the battle.
    | Boss Battle: Zaganaga                                                        |
    |  The boss of the Desert Palace. This plant-looking enemy resides in a large  |
    | quicksand area, where we have to battle it. It stays on a pillar and moves   |
    | from time to time. You need to be quick with the Sand Rod and make your way  |
    | to it and hit it as many times as you can. When it stops taking damage,      |
    | it'll move to another pillar, so quickly stand on the pillar it was on and   |
    | make your way to it again.                                                   |
    |                                                                              |
    |  Watch out for its attacks, as it can spit out some enemies called Peahat,   |
    | which have a propeller on its head, making them follow you around. Use the   |
    | Tornado Rod to help you out against them if they get too close. If you fall  |
    | on the quicksand, you'll lose a whole heart and you'll be on the platform to |
    | the north, so be careful.                                                    |
    |                                                                              |
    |  Once you've dealt enough damage, it'll get mad, and really dangerous. It'll |
    | move the same, and keep spitting out the Peahats, but how it opens up and    |
    | charges like a sandbeam attack, which can hit you AND knock you off, dealing |
    | double damage. Also you don't stagger it while you hit it, so hit it a       |
    | couple times and move before you're hit.                                     |
    |                                                                              |
    |  Overall, a very innovative battle and really fun to fight. It can get hard  |
    | if you don't know what you're doing, so be careful at all times.             |
            | Peahat                                Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Peahats fly around with their propellers and are often in  |
            | groups. They go down in a single hit but can be annoying.   |
      After the fight, run over to the [HEART CONTAINER] and to Irene the Sage.
    Upgrading the Master Sword
      With the Titan's Mitt you can finish off all your exploration around the
    overworld. Head to Lorule's Graveyard and lift the large rock at the northeast
    to head underground. Open the [CHEST] for a [GREEN RUPEE] then break the skulls
    on the left side to reveal a button. Into the north room, turn left and defeat
    the enemies that appear. Loot the [CHEST] for a [BLUE RUPEE] then climb up the
    steps and around to the east to find a [RED RUPEE] in a [CHEST].
      Merge with the wall from here and go east to a [SMALL KEY]. At the northwest
    use this key to a room with three Eyegore. Defeat them and go north once more
    then pull the northeast lever. Ascend then merge to reach the [BIG CHEST] with
    the [MASTER ORE] inside. Head outside and left the big rock to the left to
    free [MAIAMAI #88] then return to Hyrule. Head to the Blacksmith and lift the
    big rock to collect [PIECE OF HEART #27] from the cave. Now give the Blacksmith
    the Master Ore to receive an upgraded Master Sword, [MASTER SWORD LV2].
    The Last of the Maiamai
      Head into the Lost Woods now and go to the east side, lifting a large rock
    and opening the [CHEST] for a [RED RUPEE]. Go to Link's House then to Lorule.
    Head south of Octoball Derby and through the fissure to reach a high ledge in
    Hyrule. Lift the rock to find [MAIMAI #89] then fly to Death Mountain. Go west
    from the weather vane and into the initial cave. Lift the large rock blocking
    the north path and exit to find [MAIAMAI #90].
      Head to the entrance to the Desert Ruins and toss the large rocks here to
    find [MAIAMAI #91]. Fly to the Eastern Palace then exit one screen south. Use
    the north wall to merge and reach the southern ledge. Pick up the big rock to
    find [MAIAMAI #92]. Now head to the Racing Bro via Lake Hyrule and merge with
    the east wall going south to a large rock that hides [MAIAMAI #93]. Hyrule is
    done, time to visit Lorule.
      Use the Fissure behind Sahasrala's House then head north one screen, lifting
    the large rock to find [MAIAMAI #94]. Fly to Treacherous Tower and head west
    along the top path to the end, then lift the rock for [MAIAMAI #95]. Now fly
    to Death Mountain and use the Hookshot to cross the bridge, then lift the large
    rock to find [MAIAMAI #96]. Return to the Vacant House and go west one screen
    to find another large rock and [MAIAMAI #97]. Head to the Fortune Tellers
    tent north of the Blacksmith and lift a rock here for [MAIAMAI #98].
      Head to Misery Mire's weather vane then exit east to find more large rocks
    and [MAIAMAI #99]. Lastly, fly to Turtle Rock and head to the southwest of
    Lorule Lake to find a large rock that hides [MAIAMAI #100]. Now visit Mother
    Maiamai to learn the Great Slash and upgrade the rest of your items!
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                      The Skull Woods                      \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0312]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    [ ] Small Key #1             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Compass                  [ ] Small Key #2
                    [ ] Small Key #3             [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Master Ore               [ ] Big Key
                    [ ] Heart Container
                    • Wallmaster                 * Knucklemaster
    The Skull Woods
      Head to the Skull Woods weather vane then north into the dungeon. The first
    room is filled with skulls and a Wallmaster, a common enemy in this dungeon.
            | Wallmaster                            Damage: Special       |
            |                                                             |
            |  The Wallmaster is only found in this dungeon. It drops     |
            | from above and if you're caught it places you back at the   |
            | beginning of the dungeon. Dodge it then stun it.            |
      Equip the Lamp and head west into a dark hallway. Move south and step on the
    button then defeat the Gibdo that spawns behind you. Enter the next room via the
    door you just raised and defeat the Gibdo. Time your run around the spinning
    fire, reaching the south exit as you slash through the Bari -- don't forget that
    the Wallmaster is always lurking! Move through the woods and drop down the hole
    to reach the previous room, just on higher ground.
    Small Key #1 & Compass
      Ride the platform around to a [CHEST] with the [SMALL KEY] just be sure to
    merge into the wall to avoid the Wallmaster since it's near impossible to dodge
    on the tiny platform. Head north and light some braziers so you can see a little
    clearer. Kill the Gibdos and make your way to the southeast corner and through
    the locked door. Continue south to exit back into the woods then proceed north
    and into the hole. Loot the [CHEST] for a [SILVER RUPEE] then drop down to find
    another [CHEST] with the [COMPASS] inside.
    Small Key #2
      Head south and back outside through the dark room once more. This time head
    past the initial hole and destroy some shrubs to the south, revealing a secret
    hole. Drop down then continue west into a new room. At the north end you can
    hammer the ground to drop underneath the grated floor, use this to your
    advantage when dodging the Wallmaster. Go south and hit the button to open a
    path to the west. Smash the floor again to drop down to the [CHEST] containing
    another [SMALL KEY]. Press the button to extend a pathway then move south. You
    wind up back in the first room, but on higher ground. Pull the lever and head
    down to B1.
    Small Key #3
      Merge with the east wall to reach the southern area then rid it of monsters.
    Push the statues onto the two left buttons to extend a wall from left to right.
    Climb the steps to the left and merge into the wall, crossing the gap that you
    just covered. Pull the lever on this side to reveal more stairs -- easy access
    up and down now. In the room to the east go south and hit the button. Merge with
    the moving platform to cross the gap then head north, standing underneath the
      This wall cause the Wallmaster to hit the button for you and thus start the
    other moving block that goes up and down. Merge with it to reach the north end
    and step on the button to reveal quicker access through this room. Continue to
    the north room for an ambush. Step on the button to loose three enemies then
    hide under the Gibdos in the north area until the Wallmaster smashes them. Once
    all enemies are defeated you can proceed north.
      Head onto the platform and ride it to the stationary one. Merge with the wall
    to avoid the Wallmaster then head left, dropping off at the lower platform.
    Get inside the moving platform and ride it back east to claim the [SMALL KEY]
    from the [CHEST] then make your way around to the locked door at the south.
    Head through the dark hall all the way west and light the brazier to reveal two
    Gibdos. Defeat them to gain access north.
    Master Ore & Big Key
      Proceed through this room and into another. Merge south through the bars and
    then to the east side. Merge and grab the eyeball, throwing it back west. Place
    it in the socket to reveal a big chest and a platform going south. Likewise,
    you can use the Hookshot to grab the eye. Head all the way south, merging as
    you need to and exit. Once outside go west to find a [PURPLE RUPEE] in the
    [CHEST]. Now go north and then east, destroying the bushes to reveal a hidden
      Drop down and merge west around to a [BIG CHEST] with the [MASTER ORE]. Now
    go back east and merge around to the eyeball. Grab it and make your way all the
    way north, placing the eyeball in the other socket. Open the [BIG CHEST] for
    the [BIG KEY] then return to the dark hall to reach the Big Room.
    | Boss Battle: Knucklemaster                                                   |
    |  Knucklemaster is one of the simpler bosses because there is only one        |
    | mechanic you need to understand. Knucklemaster will charge up his fist then  |
    | launch at Link, simply merge into the wall and it knocks itself out. Get in  |
    | a bunch of slashes and resume this sequence until Knucklemaster gets angry.  |
    | The second half of the battle has Knucklemaster trying to smash you and thus |
    | breaking away the floor. Dodge three or four times then merge into the wall  |
    | to avoid the charge attack, getting in hits until he drops.                  |
      Claim the [HEART CONTAINER] and exit north to rescue Seres.
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                      The Dark Palace                      \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0313]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    [ ] Blue Rupee               [ ] Small Key #1
                    [ ] Compass                  [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Monster Tail             [ ] Monster Horn
                    [ ] Small Key #2             [ ] Small Key #3
                    [ ] Big Key                  [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #4             [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Master Ore               [ ] Heart Container
                    [ ] Master Sword Lv3
                    • Helmasaur                  • Goriya
                    • Light Ghini                • Kodongo
                    * Gemasaur King
    Claiming the Compass
      From the entrance head to the northeast and bomb the wall to go north. Grab
    the [BLUE RUPEE] from the [CHEST] then return to the entrance. On the west end
    place a bomb near the crystal then ride the moving platform across to the north
    where you need to throw a bomb up to the ledge. This shines light on the right
    socket allowing access north.
            | Helmasaur                             Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These masked foes waste no time charging at Link. Guard    |
            | with the shield then bomb them. Likewise, use the Ice Rod   |
            | to stun and slip behind them.                               |
      Defeat the Helmasaur and move to the northwest button. Bomb the cracked floor
    tiles then merge into the wall heading all the way south. You can't see the
    floor here but land to grab the [SMALL KEY]. Make your way through the next
    room, avoiding the boulders and lighting the braziers. Bomb the cracked floor
    then exit to the northwest. Ride the elevator and hit both switches quickly
    to spawn a [CHEST} with the [COMPASS].
    Small Key #2 & #3
      Place a bomb on the elevator so it blows up at the lowest point. Go south to
    the Fairy Fountain and bottle up a few. Head to the northeast room and defeat
    the Goriya here. Move south past the elevator, bombing the wall on the top level
    to reveal an entrance. Open the two [CHESTS] in this room for a [PURPLE RUPEE]
    and [MONSTER TAIL]. On the bottom layer, bomb the northeast tile and drop down.
            | Goriya                                Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  Green Goriya are simple enough but the Red Goriya launch   |
            | fireballs and block frontal attacks. Stun them or blow them |
            | up with bombs quickly.                                      |
            | Light Ghini                           Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  This foe is invisible in dark spots but is easily seen in  |
            | the light. They function as an improved Poe.                |
      Claim the [MONSTER HORN] from the [CHEST] and jump onto the platform. Don't
    use the Lamp, you'll see better without it. Head up to the northeast and grab
    the [SMALL KEY]. Exit to the northwest and then continue west. Unequip the Lamp
    so you can navigate the maze, making your way to the northwest. Step on the
    button here then move south to the [CHEST] with another [SMALL KEY]. Be careful
    to avoid the Kodongo!
            | Kodongo                               Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Kodongo are lizards that spit fire like Lynels but can't   |
            | move around when doing so. Side step the flames and slash   |
            | this thing to pieces.                                       |
    Small Key #4 & Big Key
      Exit at the southeast end to a large room. You have keys to open the doors
    here, so start at the southwest. Light the brazier and ride the moving platform
    to see three switches. Throw bombs to hit them all and reveal the [BIG CHEST]
    and it's [BIG KEY]. Return to the previous room and use your key to enter the
    southeast room. Defeat the Goriya and ride the elevator to the second level.
    Exit to the west and merge all the way around to the western platform. Hit the
    switch then backtrack to the northernmost room on this floor.
      Take the steps and drop down the hole you created earlier to find another
    [SMALL KEY]. Head back up the steps and into the northern door to reach 2F.
    On this floor place a bomb near the switch then merge with the east wall to get
    flipped over. Bomb the floor and jump down again to claim a [PURPLE RUPEE].
    The Final Master Ore
      Head back to 2F and merge with the west wall this time. Bomb the floor and
    drop down then bomb the floor again. Drop down to a bunch of Rupees then return
    to 2F, merging on either side and entering the large room by hitting the switch
    and rushing through the vanishing floor room. The objective in this room is to
    break the boarded up windows and let some light in. Do this with some bombs
    then merge along the bottom floor at the southeast going east to reach a [CHEST]
    with [MONSTER GUTS].
      Now make sure the top switch is deactivated and the bottom one is active.
    Place a bomb near the bottom one and run to the top platform, striking the
    switch and quickly merging with the northern wall. In this room is a [BIG CHEST]
    with the final [MASTER ORE]. Head down to the bottom floor and you can now
    access the Big Room where the Boss awaits. Light the braziers to start the
    | Boss Battle: Gemasaur King                                                   |
    |  The Gemasaur King has a few vicious attacks and requires the use of Bombs   |
    | to be defeated. Start by throwing Bombs at it's head and collecting the      |
    | Rupees it drops. Do this until the mask cracks, just watch out when Gemasaur |
    | King swings it's tail; dodge this attack by merging into the wall. With the  |
    | mask gone you can now slash the head for damage. Eventually the Gemasaur     |
    | King will let out a roar that blows out the braziers. Quickly light them as  |
    | the Gemasaur King will dash around the room vehemently trampling Link until  |
    | the braziers are lit. Finish off the Gemasaur King as he recovers.           |
      Collect the [HEART CONTAINER] then rescue Gulley. Head to Lorule's Blacksmith
    with your two Master Ore to receive the [MASTER SWORD LV3].
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                     The Swamp Palace                      \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0314]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    [ ] Blue Rupee               [ ] Small Key #1
                    [ ] Compass                  [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Monster Guts             [ ] Gold Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #2             [ ] Blue Mail
                    [ ] Small Key #3             [ ] Big Key
                    [ ] Small Key #4             [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Heart Container
                    • Gyorm                      • Water Tektite
                    • Water Gibo                 * Argghus
    Small Key #1 & Compass
      Head to the Swamp Palace with the Hookshot in hand. Use it on the switch
    across the way to raise the water level then head into the northern room. Here
    you'll find a few new enemies.
            | Gyorm                                 Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Gyorm are weak enemies but have a hard shell that makes    |
            | difficult to deal with. Hookshot off the shell and they     |
            | become fodder.                                              |
            | Water Tektite                         Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  Water Tektites don't jump and instead skid along the water |
            | so take them out from range.                                |
      Head east and swim through this zone to the north exit. In this room use the
    Hookshot to cross the water then again to hit the switch. Run counterclockwise
    around the room to reach the [SMALL KEY]. Exit at the northwest and defea the
    Water Gibo then open the [CHEST] for the [COMPASS].
            | Water Gibo                            Damage: 1/2 Heart     |
            |                                                             |
            |  These creatures conjure out of the water and spin at Link. |
            | Slash them or stun them with the Tornado Rod.               |
    Small Key #2
      Head west and in the new room step on the raft. Use the Hookshot to go west
    and grab the [CHEST] with a [RED RUPEE]. Head to the east [CHEST] for some
    [MONSTER GUTS] then exit to the south. Defeat the Gyorm and hit the switch to
    spawn a [CHEST] with a [GOLD RUPEE] then return to the previous room. Climb up
    the steps to the right and Hookshot the [SMALL KEY]. Jump down then exit to the
    northeast and unlock the north door.
      Hit the switch in the northwest and move east. Hit the switch here then go
    up the stairs and merge south, riding the water wave all the way west. Bomb the
    switch on this side and now you can access the center path to 1F.
    The Blue Mail
      Defeat the Gigabari then exit to the southwest. Step on the button and bomb
    the cracked floor. Drop down the hole and open the locked door. Clear out the
    Gyorm then Hookshot the left side of the mechanism. Jump down into the lowered
    water and exit north. Swim under the spiked pin to reach a [BIG CHEST] with the
    [BLUE MAIL]. Return to the previous room and exit at the southwest. Jump up on
    the platform and pull the left lever after you avoid the Beamos then exit at the
    Small Key #3
      First, jump onto the button on the right side then clear the Gyorms. Head
    back up the steps and shoot the north wall with the Hookshot to quickly merge.
    Proceed left and around to the south platform. Hookshot the right side of the
    mechanism and raise the water level twice to reach the [CHEST] and the [SMALL
    KEY] in it.
    Big Key and Small Key #4
      Lower the water level one then exit at the northeast. Climb on the central
    island and use the Tornado Rod to extinguish the flames. Open the [BIG CHEST]
    to claim the [BIG KEY] then swim west. In this room you can now reach the
    [CHEST] with the [SMALL KEY] at the north. Pass through the Gigabari room to
    the northeast and then southeast into the opposing room. Press the button here
    and bomb the cracked floor. Grab the [MONSTER GUTS] from the [CHEST] then jump
    in the hole. Move back to the middle room and raise the water level twice.
      Exit at the southeast and defeat the Gyorm. Hookshot over the gap and leave
    to the north. Climb the steps to the left and Hookshot to the wall, merging
    around to the south. Lower the water level and hit the button to the north.
    Hookshot the mechanism here and raise the water once then return to the central
    platform to raise the water to the top. Exit at the northwest then smash the
    skulls to discover a button. You can enter the Big Room now or if you didn't
    get the Big Key earlier, lower the water and grab it.
    | Boss Battle: Argghus                                                         |
    |  Argghus will be covered in eyeballs so you can't actually harm him until    |
    | you Hookshot them all and defeat them. Watch out though, Argghus isn't       |
    | afraid to launch the eyeballs at you and they come on fire. Once you've      |
    | eliminated the eyeballs Argghus will move into phase two where he will start |
    | to jump up and smash Link. Avoid this and counter with some slashes then     |
    | keep a look out for Argghus to charge up an attack. Avoid the laser beams,   |
    | the explode and deal a lot of damage. Merge with the wall if you have to and |
    | when the barrage is over continue slashing Argghus.                          |
      Claim the [HEART CONTAINER] and free Oren in the other room.
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                        Turtle Rock                        \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0315]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    PIECES OF HEART
                    [ ] Piece of Heart #28
                    [ ] Compass                  [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #1             [ ] Small Key #2
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Big Key
                    [ ] Hylian Shield            [ ] Gold Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #3             [ ] Silver Rupee
                    [ ] Heart Container
                    • Wizzrobe                   * Grinnex
    The Compass
      Head to the Turtle Rock weather vane and use the Ice Rod to freeze the fiery
    pillar. Merge across and enter the first room. Use the Ice Rod again to form a
    bridge to the next room. Here, freeze the balancing platform and walk across
    to another fire pillar, freeze it to reach the center of the room. Hit the four
    switches with the Ice Rod to spawn a [CHEST] that has the [COMPASS]. Head west
    and merge with the frozen fire pillars then onto the west wall, heading south to
    the button -- the southwest door opens.
      Now head back to the center. Step on the left balance platform and freeze it
    so the north side is tilted up. Fall from the top onto the Red Rupee and press
    the button to open the northern door. Enter the southeast room now and bomb the
    Kodongos to spawn a [CHEST]. Return to the previous room and head up the
    balance platform to the east wall. Merge and enter the southeast room, using the
    Final Piece of Heart
      Warp again and cross the lava to head outside where three Fairies can be found
    if you need them. Return to the previous room and drop down one level, using the
    warp to reach the [CHEST] with the [PURPLE RUPEE]. Head back to the large room
    and merge along the high east wall. This time travel to the southwest corner
    and claim the Monster Parts. Exit at the southwest and clear out the Gibos.
    Freeze the balance to reach the north warp. Warp again and freeze a path to
    the exit and [PIECE OF HEART #28].
    Small Key #1 & #2
      Head back to the balance platform and drop off the edge to the lower warp.
    Kill the Gibos and grab the [SMALL KEY]. Now head back to the main room and
    use the high east wall, this time going north to the [SMALL KEY]. Continue to
    merge across to the north room and open the [CHEST] for a [PURPLE RUPEE]. Drop
    down and slay the Wizzrobes to open the path but return to the main room.
            | Wizzrobe                              Damage: 2 Hearts      |
            |                                                             |
            |  These foes vanish and reappear to fire projectiles at Link |
            | and they can hurt. The Ice and Fire Rods are perfect.       |
      Search for the Flamolas and defeat them all to spawn a [CHEST] on the west
    side of the room. Cross over using the fire pillar and merge with the wall to
    reach the chest for the [SILVER RUPEE]. Now head down the steps to B1.
    The Big Key
      In this room you'll need to seek out the four Wizzrobes. Defeat the first two
    then use the west balance platform to move up to the third one. Cross over and
    merge with the west wall and go all the way around to the north side. Drop down
    and merge west to reach the fourth Wizzrobe and spawn a [BIG CHEST] in the
    center of the platform you raised. Merge back west and go into the hole then
    open the [CHEST] for a [PURPLE RUPEE].
      Drop a bomb off the edge in the previous room to raise the platform up. Use
    a key to enter the room and claim the [BIG KEY]. Back out on the ledge, merge
    behind the grated platform to knock it loose. Cross over and drop down to claim
    the [HYLIAN SHIELD]. Face south from here and use the Ice Rod to create a
    place to drop down. Do so and move south under the platform above for a [GOLD
    Small Key #3
      Go to the northwest from here. Kill the Fire Gimos to earn a warp then leave.
    Head to the northeast room now and cross over behind the Beamos for a [SMALL
    KEY]. Head back to the previous room once more and into the southwest room.
    Cross over to the northwest area and step on the button to raise platforms in
    the main room. Head back and across the gap now to the east side. Stand on the
    platform and hit the switch to rise up with it. The platform will lower soon so
    quickly head north and kill the two Wizzrobe on the east side.
      A platform raises at the end of the path with a [CHEST] containing a [SILVER
    RUPEE]. It's best to use the first platform and merge with the wall heading
    north so you can knock the grate down. Exit at the southeast now and hit the
    button in this room. Cross over the southern path and south into the room. Hit
    the switch and ride up to the second level then through the locked door. Defeat
    the Wizzrobes on this level and jump down the hole.
    | Boss Battle: Grinexx                                                         |
    |  Grinexx starts swimming in the lava, shooting up fire pillars that can hurt |
    | if you don't dodge them. As he passes through the ungrated areas, hit him    |
    | with the Ice Rod. After a few hits you'll force him up onto the platform.    |
    | Use the Ice Rod at a distance if you want, but otherwise hit his head then   |
    | dodge when he shoots out. If Grinexx bottles up and starts steaming, you     |
    | need to run away or take a bunch of damage. Continue to pummel Grinexx until |
    | he spins around the arena. After this attack you should be able to end the   |
    | fight.                                                                       |
      Grab the [HEART CONTAINER] and free Impa. Only one Sage left to rescue.
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                       The Ice Ruins                       \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0316]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    [ ] Big Key                  [ ] Gold Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #1             [ ] Compass
                    [ ] Small Key #2             [ ] Blue Rupee
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Monster Guts
                    [ ] Purple Rupee             [ ] Stamina Scroll
                    [ ] Silver Rupee             [ ] Green Rupee
                    [ ] Monster Horn             [ ] Small Key #3
                    [ ] Heart Container          [ ] Triforce of Courage
                    • Freezor                    • Pengator
                    • Keeleon                    * Dharkstare
    Starting off Big
      Head to the Ice Ruins weather vane and use the Fire Rod to melt the Ice Gimos.
    Inside melt everything then pull the tongue out of the statue to start an
    elevator. Ride it to the very bottom and open the [BIG CHEST] to find the [BIG
    KEY] right at the start of the dungeon! Ride back to the top and just before
    entering 1F run into the south wall pressing (A) to open a hidden [CHEST]
    containing a [GOLD RUPEE]. Head down to B2 and melt the ice to reveal a [SMALL
    Obtaining the Compass
      Now head up to B1 and into the north room. Pull out the tongue of the left
    statue then defeat the Freezor as you exit east.
            | Freezor                               Damage: 3 Hearts      |
            |                                                             |
            |  The Freezor are immune to all attacks except fire, so use  |
            | Fire Rod and watch it disappear.                            |
            | Pengator                              Damage: 2 Hearts      |
            |                                                             |
            |  Dodge these creatures as they slide quickly at you. Slash  |
            | them afterwards since their back is turned.                 |
      Defeat the Pengators in this room then light all the braziers to spawn a key
    that is currently unreachable. Head south and open the [CHEST] for the [COMPASS]
    then maneuver onto the thin walkway. Head north until it dead ends into a
    wall that you can merge into to reach the [SMALL KEY]. Return to the walkway and
    go south then through the western door. Merge with the eastern wall to go north
    to a [CHEST] with a [BLUE RUPEE].
      Merge over to the left side now and pull out the statues tongue. Drop into
    the newly formed hole then exit east. Melt everything in this room to reveal a
    button at the south end. Step on it then merge with the wall at the northern
    end so you can loop around the south side. Bottle up some fairies then exit at
    the northwest.
            | Keeleon                               Damage: 1 Heart       |
            |                                                             |
            |  These guys fly above and drop bombs on Link. Use the Fire  |
            | Rod to take care of them.                                   |
    The Stamina Scroll
      In this room head to the moving platform. Defeat the Keeleon then toss a bomb
    over to the switches. This reveals a [CHEST] with a [SILVER RUPEE] at the north
    east. Make your way to the south exit to a room with moving platforms. Kill the
    Chasupas on your way to the brazier, light it with the Lamp not the Fire Rod.
    Reach the southeast so you can walk east to a [CHEST] with [MONSTER GUTS].
    Head back to the previous room and use the elevator block at the northwest.
      Take the south path and ride to the end of the platform. Jump off to the left
    where you'll reach the [CHEST] with the [PURPLE RUPEE]. Return to B3 and go
    south again but this time ride the platform east then another up to the north
    door. Torch the ice blocks to the east with the Fire Rod then return to the
    elevator. Enter the room from here and merge over to the switch, hitting it to
    start another elevator. Ride this up to B2 where you'll face numerous Eyegore.
    Hit the button then exit east. Pull out the statues tongue, jump down, and open
    the [BIG CHEST] for the [STAMINA SCROLL].
    Small Key #3
      Jump down then ride the elevator back up to B2. Merge with the east wall and
    go all the way around to the north side, you can make this journey now. Enter
    the room to find a [CHEST] with a [SILVER RUPEE] then return to the elevator.
    Enter the room here and merge over to the east platform. Exit the next room at
    the northwest then jump down to the statue, pull it's tongue out. Jump down to
    be ambushed by Pengators!
      Defeat them and go west. Cross the icy path to pull out another statues tongue
    then return to center. Enter the east room to find some Freezor. Take them out
    then use the Fire Rod to light the brazier. Go into the southern area where some
    Wizzrobes are located. Defeat them and step on the button at the west. Merge
    around the central wall then through the door you just opened. Loot the two
    [CHESTS] for a [GREEN RUPEE] and [MONSTER HORN]. Go back east to spot a [CHEST]
    below; jump down to claim the [SMALL KEY].
    Reaching the Big Room
      Head west to a button that leads you back to the elevators. Jump off at B2
    then go east and through the northern locked door. Merge and drop off onto the
    ice block below then melt it. Ride the wind to a statue, pull its tongue out.
    Head north once more then fall down to B4. Follow the path around killing the
    enemies that appear. At the southeast corner light the brazier then pull out
    the statues tongue so you can reach the Big Room.
    | Boss Battle: Dharkstare                                                      |
    |  Dharkstare has some of the more deadly moves with the ability to freeze you |
    | using a cone effect. When it tosses out orbs they will fire off a freeze     |
    | that is cone-shaped and directional, you need to avoid this. Otherwise, just |
    | hit Dharkstare with the Fire Rod three times to melt it's armor. Slash away  |
    | until it returns with more orbs and armor again. You'll have to repeat this  |
    | process a few times but Dharkstare will fall.                                |
      Snag the final [HEART CONTAINER] and rescue Rosso. With all Seven Sages freed
    Link receives the [TRIFORCE OF COURAGE].
    ____________                                                       ____________
    \XXXX/\XXXX/    ________________________________________________   \XXXX/\XXXX/
     \XX/  \XX/     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    \XX/  \XX/
      \/____\/                       Lorule Castle                       \/____\/
       \XXXX/       ________________________________________________      \XXXX/
        \XX/        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[0317]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       \XX/
         \/                                                                 \/
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Red Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #1             [ ] Compass
                    [ ] Red Mail                 [ ] Monster Horn
                    [ ] Red Rupee                [ ] Small Key #2
                    [ ] Monster Tail             [ ] Small Key #3
                    [ ] Small Key #4             [ ] Purple Rupee
                    [ ] Small Key #5
                    * Yuga Gannon
    The Final Battle
      This is it, so make sure you've gathered everything you needed. Fly to Lorule
    Castle then approach the door, Hilda releases her spell and you may enter.
    Defeat the enemies as you make your way to the north end. Push the statue into
    the lava then merge with the wall heading east to a [CHEST] with a [RED RUPEE].
    Merge back around to the north room where a Ball and Chain Soldier awaits.
    Defeat him then head to 2F then south one screen. Fight your way to the south
    east room to find another [CHEST] with a [RED RUPEE].
    Small Key #1 & Compass
      Head back out then into the south room to 3F. Hit the nearby switch then jump
    down after pushing the statues to reach a [CHEST] with a [SMALL KEY]. Go south
    to the portal then west through the locked door. Loot the [CHEST] here to claim
    the [COMPASS]. Now extinguish the braziers to see a thin path that leads south.
    Here you'll find the [RED MAIL] inside the [CHEST]. Merge with the south wall
    and let go at the southeast corner to fall to a lone platform at 2F.
      Merge here then slide to the far west platform to enter another room. Check
    out the Fairy Fountain then drop off the edge to a [CHEST] from the previous
    ledge, claim the [MONSTER HORN]. Drop down to 1F and use the portal to reach 3F,
    entering the northwest room.
    Big Bomb Flower Room
      Head around hitting the switches until you reach the left room with a wall
    in the middle. Stand on the retracted wall and chuck a bomb at the switch. Now
    do the same thing at the east end to reach a [CHEST] with a [RED RUPEE]. Hit
    the switch and drop a bomb here then race to the west side to ride up. Merge
    with the wall and go north around. Toss a bomb over the wall to hit the switch
    and go south to the Big Bomb Flower. Lead it north, tossing bombs over to hit
    the switch until you can claim the [SMALL KEY] from the [CHEST]. Use the key to
    enter the locked door where you'll fight Moldorm. Jump down if you want but
    tossing bombs from the ledge works too.
    Gigabari Lair
      Use the portal then enter the northeast room. Follow the path until blocks
    start emerging from the lava. Follow them to the northwest so you can get the
    [MONSTER TAIL] from the [CHEST]. Follow these around to the other platform and
    move the statue then rush south as the spike ball chases you so that it hits
    the other one. Merge along the wall now that your path is clear and exit south.
    Use the walls here to help guard against the flying tiles then exit up the
    steps. Head to the north end and let the spike ball roll south with you until
    you hit the pillar. Merge and keep south and the ball will jar the other one
      Head up the now open path to the [CHEST] with the [SMALL KEY]. Use this to
    enter the northwest room where the Gigabari is located. Defeat it then return
    to the portal.
    The Path of Shadows
      Head up to 4F and into the northwest room. You'll have to navigate through
    the area by lighting the braziers as they move the walls to and fro, but you
    can't see the path unless it's dark. Let it be dark and memorize where you need
    to go then light the brazier. Repeat this pattern until you reach the [CHEST] at
    the northwest with the [SMALL KEY]. Head to the previous brazier then go north
    opening the locked door. Defeat the Ball and Chain Soldier then return using
    the portal.
    Wallmaster Maze
      Return to 4F and use the Hookshot on the lever then enter the room at the
    northeast. Go east, using the floor tiles and grates to defend against the
    Wallmaster. At the northeast is a [CHEST] with a [PURPLE RUPEE] and a lever
    that you need to pull. Use this moving platform to reach an area with two eye
    sockets. Jump on the raft and navigate through the tight quarters using the
    Hookshot, stopping under platforms to avoid the Wallmaster. At the end of the
    path you need to push the statue onto one button, dodge the Wallmaster so it
    lands on another button, then stand on the third button yourself.
      This opens the wall to the south. Trick the Wallmaster into knocking down the
    first eyeball for you. Toss this eyeball on the raft and head all the back then
    throw into the eye socket. The next one is easy, merge into the west wall and
    head south. Trick the Wallmaster to get the eyeball down then head back over.
    Use the Hookshot to snag the eyeball and place it in the socket. Open the
    [CHEST] for a [SMALL KEY] then unlock the door. Defeat Argghus then use the
    Onward to Yuga
      Now that all four mini-bosses have been slain, head out and save your game.
    Proceed through the large open doorway and pick up some fairies by merging
    through the fissure. Head out the east door to reach the Throne Room.
    | Final Boss: Yuga Gannon                                                      |
    |  The first part of the fight focuses on Yuga Gannon thrusting at Link. Side  |
    | step this attack and counter with a few slashes. As the battle moves on you  |
    | will be confronted with a slash attack, guard against this. When Yuga Gannon |
    | charges up his spear get ready to dodge because you can't block this. After  |
    | you get his health down to red, Yuga Gannon will start using a magical       |
    | attack that requires you to constantly move in order to avoid it. He will    |
    | also warp around and throw the spear, letting it whirl around. Dodge the     |
    | slash attack then counter until Yuga Gannon falls. But this isn't the end,   |
    | Yuga Gannon absorbs the Triforce of Wisdom and the battle continues!         |
    |                                                                              |
    |  As this second round starts, Yuga will cast an energy ball at Link. Bat it  |
    | back and forth quickly to have Yuga get hurt. Zelda gives Link the Bow of    |
    | Light, a weapon to use while a painting! Merge into the wall and fire a shot |
    | at Yuga then hop out and behind him, fire again to force him out. You'll     |
    | have to deflect energy attacks again and dodge the energy attacks from the   |
    | walls. When Yuga is knocked back into the wall avoid the charge and shoot    |
    | him in the back. This time Yuga will toss two energy balls at you, so swing  |
    | with perfect timing. When you merge to shoot Yuga he deflects your attacks,  |
    | so turn around and shoot the other way then deliver the final blow!          |
      Free Zelda from the painting and enjoy the ending scenes.
                                        N O T E
            |  If you complete the game on Hero Mode the very last scene  |
            | is different.                                               |
                   / / / /
                  / / / /
                 / / / /
                / / / /
                |  /\ \___________________________________________________________
     ___________| /  \ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\\
    (||||||||||| < <> >               Item Lists                           [0400] >>
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| \  / __________________________________________________________//
                |  \/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                \ \ \ \
                 \ \ \ \
                  \ \ \ \
                   \ \ \ \
    |                                LOST MAIAMAI                                  |
    | ## | Region           | Description                                          |
    |  1 | Lake Hylia       | Outside of Mother Maiamai's Cave                     |
    |  2 | Zora's Domain    | Inside the Witch's House                             |
    |  3 | Zora's Domain    | High wall above the pit to Zora's Domain             |
    |  4 | Zora's Domain    | Underwater outside Zora Queen's cave                 |
    |  5 | Zora's Domain    | High wall above ladder in Zora River                 |
    |  6 | Zora's Domain    | Underwater near bridge in Zora River                 |
    |  7 | Sanctuary        | Southwest of Sanctuary                               |
    |  8 | Lost Woods       | Underwater in pond north of Blacksmith               |
    |  9 | Lost Woods       | Cliff south of Rosso's place                         |
    | 10 | Lost Woods       | Under small rock at Lost Woods' entry                |
    | 11 | Lost Woods       | In a bush in Lost Woods' entry                       |
    | 12 | Lost Woods       | Dash into a tree at Lost Woods' entry                |
    | 13 | Lost Woods       | Under small rock behind pegs, south exit             |
    | 14 | Kakariko Village | Bush on east side of Village                         |
    | 15 | Kakariko Village | Use a Cucco to reach the eastern roof, under a rock  |
    | 16 | Lost Woods       | Side of Fortune Tellers Tent                         |
    | 17 | Hyrule Castle    | Dash into a tree behind the Blacksmith's             |
    | 18 | Hyrule Castle    | Under Tornado Tiles at the Blacksmith's              |
    | 19 | Hyrule Castle    | Under Tornado Tiles south of the main bridge         |
    | 20 | Hyrule Castle    | Dash into tree on west side of the castle            |
    | 21 | Hyrule Castle    | On the back of Link's House                          |
    | 22 | Hyrule Castle    | In a tree west of Link's House                       |
    | 23 | Hyrule Castle    | In a tree at the north end of Gulley's Woods         |
    | 24 | Hyrule Castle    | Dash into tree east of Cucco Ranch                   |
    | 25 | Lost Woods       | Along the south wall of Rupee Rush field             |
    | 26 | Southern Ruins   | Underwater by Treasure Hunter cave                   |
    | 27 | Southern Ruins   | Dash into pillar at the ruins                        |
    | 28 | Southern Ruins   | Underwater in secret passage at the southeast        |
    | 29 | Lake Hylia       | Underwater near the House of Gales                   |
    | 30 | Lake Hylia       | Under Tornado Tile behind the House of Gales         |
    | 31 | Eastern Ruins    | Underwater in river north of House of Gales          |
    | 32 | Lake Hylia       | Underwater in river east of House of Gales           |
    | 33 | Eastern Ruins    | Atop a tree at the south end of the ruins            |
    | 34 | Eastern Ruins    | On the high wall near the Eastern Palace             |
    | 35 | Eastern Ruins    | Dash into a tree south of the Great Fairy Fountain   |
    | 36 | Eastern Ruins    | Atop a rock in the Octorok area                      |
    | 37 | Death Mountain   | Under a Rupee Rock near the weather vane             |
    | 38 | Death Mountain   | High wall outside the second exit of boulder cave    |
    | 39 | Death Mountain   | East of the Tower of Hera on a high wall             |
    | 40 | Death Mountain   | Near the Bouldering Guy at Rosso's Ore Mine          |
    | 41 | Death Mountain   | Under small rock at Rosso's Ore Mine                 |
    | 42 | Lorule Castle    | Side of the Blacksmith's Lodge                       |
    | 43 | Thieves' Town    | Dash into a tree at the southeast corner             |
    | 44 | Thieves' Town    | On a wall at the southwest corner                    |
    | 45 | Thieves' Town    | Hidden with the Big Bomb Flower                      |
    | 46 | Thieves' Town    | North wall of Rupee Rush                             |
    | 47 | Lorule Castle    | Bush near Octoball Derby                             |
    | 48 | Lorule Castle    | Wall south of Octoball Derby. Must use fissures      |
    | 49 | Lorule Castle    | Wall north of the Vacant House                       |
    | 50 | Lorule Castle    | Tree northeast of the Vacant House                   |
    | 51 | Lorule Castle    | Southeast corner of Lorule Castle                    |
    | 52 | Lorule Castle    | Underwater in the pond at Southern Ruins             |
    | 53 | Lorule Castle    | Atop a pillar in the Southern Ruins                  |
    | 54 | Lorule Castle    | Wall at the northeast corner of Southern Ruins       |
    | 55 | Skull Woods      | Side of the storage shed near Sahasrala's House      |
    | 56 | Skull Woods      | Wall north Sahasrala's House                         |
    | 57 | Skull Woods      | On the wall in the Moblin Pit                        |
    | 58 | Skull Woods      | In the brushes of the "V" south of Abandoned Shack   |
    | 59 | Skull Woods      | In a tree south of the Abandoned Shack               |
    | 60 | Skull Woods      | Under a skull in the northwest corner of the Woods   |
    | 61 | Skull Woods      | In the tall grass east of the fissure pillar         |
    | 62 | Lorule Lake      | Wall south the Item Shop                             |
    | 63 | Lorule Lake      | Underwater in the Lake, east of Turtle Rock          |
    | 64 | Lorule Lake      | Southern wall of the east bank                       |
    | 65 | Lorule Lake      | High north ledge of the east bank. Must use ladder   |
    | 66 | Graveyard        | Wall north of the Graveyard                          |
    | 67 | Graveyard        | Tree east of the Graveyard                           |
    | 68 | Sanctuary        | Bomb the fissure in Lorule and merge through         |
    | 69 | Dark Ruins       | Atop a rock in the Slarok-filled area                |
    | 70 | Dark Ruins       | Standalone tree in the southwest zone                |
    | 71 | Dark Ruins       | In a tree south of the Dark Ruins entrance           |
    | 72 | Dark Ruins       | Just inside the ruins on the wall                    |
    | 73 | Dark Ruins       | In the southeast zone. Merge and go counterclockwise |
    | 74 | Dark Ruins       | In the middle of the ruins near a Piece of Heart     |
    | 75 | Dark Ruins       | On a high ledge along the way to Zora's Domain       |
    | 76 | Dark Ruins       | Underwater near the giant waterfall to the north     |
    | 77 | Dark Ruins       | Underwater near the Hinox cave                       |
    | 78 | Dark Ruins       | Underwater west of the Hinox cave. Must merge to get |
    | 79 | Death Mountain   | Travel through fissure near Hyrule weather vane      |
    | 80 | Death Mountain   | Highwall near Lorule weather vane. Must merge to get |
    | 81 | Death Mountain   | Under a skull past the frozen volcano                |
    | 82 | Death Mountain   | Wall near the Ice Ruins' entrance                    |
    | 83 | Kakariko Village | Hidden in the sand of the Cucco Ranch                |
    | 84 | Misery Mire      | Wall below the weather vane                          |
    | 85 | Desert           | Under the sand northwest of the fissure pillars      |
    | 86 | Misery Mire      | Underwater at the southwest corner                   |
    | 87 | Desert           | Under the sand south of the weather vane             |
    | 88 | Graveyard        | Under large rock near Philosopher's Cave             |
    | 89 | Lost Woods       | Side of the cliff above entrance to Death Mountain   |
    | 90 | Hyrule Castle    | Under big rock outside Treasure Hunter Cave #2       |
    | 91 | Desert           | Under a large rock south of the entrance fissure     |
    | 92 | Eastern Ruins    | One area south of the Palace under a large rock      |
    | 93 | Lake Hylia       | Under a large rock south of the Racer Bro            |
    | 94 | Skull Woods      | Under a large rock on the way to the Skull Woods     |
    | 95 | Death Mountain   | Under a large rock west of Treacherous Tower         |
    | 96 | Death Mountain   | Under a large rock west of the weather vane          |
    | 97 | Lorule Castle    | Under a large rock west of the Vacant House          |
    | 98 | Lorule Castle    | Under a large rock east of the Fortune Teller        |
    | 99 | Misery Mire      | Under a large rock at the entry area                 |
    |100 | Lorule Lake      | Under a large rock at the southwest corner           |
    |                               PIECES OF HEART                                |
    | ## | Region           | Description                                          |
    |  1 | Kakariko Village | Complete "Rooster" level of Cucco Ranch              |
    |  2 | Hyrule Castle    | Behind the Blacksmith's Forge                        |
    |  3 | Zora's Domain    | Secret cave behind the waterfall south of Zora Lake  |
    |  4 | Sanctuary        | Graveyard's Secret Passage to Sanctuary              |
    |  5 | Lost Woods       | Merge between a thin gap in a log at the north end   |
    |  6 | Kakariko Village | Inside the cave at the northwest part of Kakariko    |
    |  7 | Hyrule Castle    | East side of the castle surrounded by rocks          |
    |  8 | Kakariko Village | Obtain 100+ Rupees in Rupee Rush                     |
    |  9 | Southern Ruins   | Bomb open secret passage at the exit to Lake Hylia   |
    | 10 | Lake Hylia       | Clear Intermediate level of Hyrule Hotfoot           |
    | 11 | Eastern Ruins    | Bomb the cave south of the Eastern Palace            |
    | 12 | Eastern Ruins    | Hammer the pegs south of the Eastern Palace          |
    | 13 | Death Mountain   | Secret cave west of the Tower of Hera                |
    | 14 | Death Mountain   | Northernmost ledge inside the volcano                |
    | 15 | Kakariko Village | Use the fissure in Thieves' Town. Given by Lady      |
    | 16 | Thieves' Town    | Win in Fortune's Choice                              |
    | 17 | Thieves' Town    | Obtain 100+ Rupees in Rupee Rush                     |
    | 18 | Thieves' Town    | Score 100+ in Octoball Derby                         |
    | 19 | Thieves' Town    | Big Bomb Flower caver east of Southern Ruins         |
    | 20 | Skull Woods      | Use Sarashala's House fissure and merge              |
    | 21 | Skull Woods      | Porch of the abandoned shack. Use a Cucco to fly     |
    | 22 | Sanctuary        | Bomb fissure in Lorule north of the Graveyard        |
    | 23 | Dark Ruins       | Northeast beam inside the Dark Ruins                 |
    | 24 | Death Mountain   | Clear Treacherous Tower Intermediate level           |
    | 25 | Death Mountain   | Use the fissure outside of Lorule's Ice Ruins        |
    | 26 | Misery Mire      | Bomb fissure in Desert Ruins north then go through   |
    | 27 | Hyrule Castle    | Cave near the Blacksmith, lift the giant rock        |
    | 28 | Lorule Lake      | Exit Turtle Rock via the northwest                   |
                   / / / /
                  / / / /
                 / / / /
                / / / /
                |  /\ \___________________________________________________________
     ___________| /  \ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\\
    (||||||||||| < <> >                  Outro                             [0500] >>
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| \  / __________________________________________________________//
                |  \/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                \ \ \ \
                 \ \ \ \
                  \ \ \ \
                   \ \ \ \
    - Xander: Dedication to perfection.
    - Greg just for being awesome... and funny haha.
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