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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 12/20/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    What's New

    Version 1.15 (12/20/13): Added more hidden rupee locations to the Dark Palace, Turtle Rock, and Ice Ruins sections. Also added information about the rupee-giving Hinox, and a correction to the Sand Rod's description.

    Version 1.1 (12/10/13): Added a missing Treasure Hunter room to that section that was previously missing, thanks to some anonymous feedback left for this guide! I also added a hidden 300 Rupee stash in Turtle Rock that was submitted.

    Version 1.05 (11/29/13): Added walkthroughs for the six Treasure Hunter Rooms. Also made a couple of corrections to the Maiamai Locations section, including adding a missing Maiamai to the Lost Woods section and removing the Lamp from the list of upgradable items. In the Heart Pieces section, I corrected the number of rupees needed for the Thieves' Town Rupee Rush mini-game.

    Version 1.0 (11/26/13): The first version of this FAQ. The walkthrough and pretty much every side section is complete. If you spot any errors or want to provide better information, such as the official boss names, let me know!


    For many, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was one of the most beloved games in the entire series. That said, it is about time that one of the greatest games in the series saw an update. Set in the same world as the legendary SNES title, old fans will have no problem navigating the different areas. However, there are plenty of new secrets and minor differences thanks in part to your new abilities. The biggest differences lie in the alternate world of Lorule, but there are plenty of portals available to make the transition seamless and less tedious. It is a fairly non-linear game so you can theoretically do the dungeons in any order you want as well. All in all, it is a fun twist on a classic, and I would say it's money well spent to buy this game!


    Circle Pad: Move Link, move cursor on menu screens

    D-Pad: Look around

    A: Merge/pop out of walls, perform actions (talk to people, lift pots, etc.)

    B: Swing your sword (hold to charge for spinning attack)

    X/Y: Use equipped items

    L: Dash (must have Pegasus Boots; hold to dash

    R: Use Shield (hold button)

    Start: Pause/resume game, skip already viewed cutscenes

    Select: Access inventory screen

    Touch Screen: Access menus, maps, etc.

    Becoming a Painting

    The major gameplay mechanic in this game involves merging into walls as a painting. After completing the first dungeon, you gain access to this ability. Basically, you can walk up to most walls and press A to flatten yourself right onto it, then move left or right along that surface. This is very useful since you can get through tight spaces and reach otherwise inaccessible ledges through creative use of merging. When you are ready to jump out, simply press A to pop out of the wall.

    Enemies can not hurt you while you are a painting, but you have a limited amount of time in that state. The purple energy gauge on your screen will tick down while you are a painting, and if it runs out, you get popped out immediately. There are some surfaces you can not cross as a painting, such as being unable to pass large rocks on the ground next to the wall, etc.

    After you reach Lorule for the first time, you will be introduced to fissure portals, which are glowing cracks in walls. Merge into the wall and pass through these portals to travel between Hyrule and Lorule. There are plenty of these two-way warps, so you won't find it so tedious to travel between the realms as in the SNES game.

    Energy Gauge

    In lieu of having a finite number of items like Bombs and arrows, most of your items run on energy. Each time you use anything, such as placing a Bomb or pounding something with the Hammer, it expends some of your energy. Luckily the gauge regenerates on its own relatively quickly, so you won't ever be out of the action for too long if you empty it out. The biggest drain on your energy is merging onto walls, followed by using Bombs, but if you use it when necessary, you should never find yourself in a bind.

    In one of the dungeons, you will be able to find a Stamina Scroll which lengthens your energy gauge. Every bit helps!

    Equipping Items

    Initially when you start the game, you will only be able to equip one item at a time with the Y button. As you progress, you will receive a Pouch which allows you to equip a second item to the X button. This is of course helpful since you won't have to switch out items as often.

    At some point in the game, you will be given access to a Quick Equip feature. The way this works is simple. By using the touch screen, tap the item circle on your screen and a small slider will appear onscreen. Press the up/down buttons to quickly select your items shown along the right bar. You can set up how many items appear in Quick Equip by using a slider in the bottom-left of the screen when using the Items menu normally. You move the slider back and forth to set how many spaces appear on the Quick Equip menu, then arrange your items manually so maybe your most used ones get priority.

    Renting/Buying Items

    One new feature of this game that leads to its non-linear nature is that most dungeons do not give you actual items/tools for your inventory. Instead, you rent them from Ravio, a purple-hooded character who stays in Link's house throughout the course of the game. Before entering the first dungeon, you are introduced to this concept by renting the Bow, but before starting your second dungeon, you will be able to rent additional items for a price.

    The way it works is simple. You can rent any or all of the items at any time, but if you die in battle, you automatically lose those items. Once you complete the first three dungeons, you will be allowed to outright buy the same items for a higher fee. Once you buy an item, you keep it forever. Plus, you are free to upgrade items you own by collecting lost baby Maiamais. See the Maiamai Locations section for more details. Upgraded items are more powerful, so upgrading is a great idea!

    Using the Map

    On the touch screen, you will see the map of where you currently are. You can tap it to zoom in, or drag it around to see other areas up close. There are 20 colored pins you can place anywhere on the map to mark areas of interest and whatnot. Important locations such as uncleared dungeons and fissure portals will be clearly marked on the map as well. When you first enter Lorule, a toggle will appear that allows you to swap between overworld maps briefly, mainly for comparison purposes. Another button will show a breakdown of where the missing Maiamais are located (see the Maiamai Locations section for more details).

    Saving Your Game

    In this game, you save your progress by using the weather vanes scattered throughout the overworld. If you press Start and quit that way, your progress is NOT saved. Sometimes you are prompted to save at certain points of the story, but it is important to remember those weather vanes. Even if you are not saving, be sure to activate each weather vane you come across, if not just for quick travel via Irene (see below).

    Irene's Bell

    Early in the game, you will come across a witch flying overhead in Hyrule. After completing the first dungeon, she will swoop down and actually introduce herself as Irene. She is the daughter of the Witch who makes potions in her shop. Irene gives you a bell, which is accessible on the touch screen. If used, Irene will appear and fly you to any weather vane you have activated throughout the overworld. It only works when you are outside however, but it works in both Hyrule and Lorule. It is very useful in quick travel in the game, so don't forget to check those weather vanes!


    In the open area on the west side of Kakariko Village, you will find an old man. Talk to him and he will explain the StreetPass mode for this game. For more information, I would suggest looking at this helpful FAQ found on GameFAQs:


    NOTE: Because of the non-linear nature of this game, every dungeon beyond the Eastern Palace can be completed in any order. The layout in this guide is based on my own personal choices. If you choose a different order, I suggest skipping around in the Table of Contents to the section titled "Before <your dungeon choice>" to find out the pertinent information required to take that path.


    At the start of the game, you are in your house lying in bed. Before long, a friend called Gulley walks in and screams at you to wake up! Apparently in this game Link is the Blacksmith's apprentice, and the Blacksmith is Gulley's father. Anyway, after Gulley leaves, you can pick up and throw the pots in the corner if you want, otherwise head outside.

    You will meet up with Gulley outside, who mentions that his Papa is upset. He also introduces the weather vane nearby, which like more recent Zelda games is used to save your game's progress. If you check the weather vane, its location will be added to your map which will be very helpful for later. Once Gulley walks away, approach it and give it a try.

    Sanctuary & Kakariko Village

    Once you're done here, head west to the next screen and you will spot Gulley

    In running ahead to another area. Follow the path leading northward to the following screen, then continue westward. You will find Gulley again in front of the Blacksmith's shop. Enter the shop and witness a meeting between the Blacksmith and the Captain. The Captain is given a new shield before leaving, but has left his new sword behind. You are tasked with bringing the sword to the Captain, so leave the shop once you have the sword.

    From the shop, go north one screen and east along the path to reach the outer perimeter of the castle. Follow the path south and east to the main entrance, and talk to the soldier there. He mentions that the Captain is not there, but he may be at the Sanctuary. That location is marked on your map as well. So, head back to the northwest away from the castle, then north and east one screen each to reach the outer wall of the Sanctuary.

    Talk to Seres and Dampe outside, and Seres will go inside to fetch the Captain, leaving you outside with Dampe. Suddenly, Seres screams and the Sanctuary's doors slam shut and are locked. Luckily Dampe remembers a hidden passageway inside you will need a sword to help you through. Agree to help and you will be able to use the sword you were meant to deliver instead.

    The secret passageway is in the Graveyard, located just east of the Sanctuary building. Go east and you will find a tombstone in the middle surrounded by a wall and two trees in the front. Cut down the trees with your sword, then push the tombstone back to reveal an opening.

    Secret Passageway

    In this dark room, go forward and open the chest to receive the Lamp. Equip the lamp through your inventory screen, and you will now be able to see what's within close proximmity to you. Cut down the pots in the room to get some rupees, then head to the north end where you will find two unlit lanterns and a door. Light them with your Lamp to unlock the door, and head into that room.

    Here in the second room, there will be rats roaming around as well, so be careful. You can light a lantern to the left and find a chest further to the left containing 20 Rupees. Continue to the far west side of the room while lighting the lanterns, and head up the stairs to the upper level. Walk along the catwalk to find five Rupees and more rats. At the end of the path, you will find a chest; open it to receive the Small Key. With it, go back to the stairs and unlock the door to proceed.

    In the next cross-shaped room, defeat the enemies in the darkness and light the lantern to the west to unlock the door. In the room ahead, you will find another lantern directly in front of you. Light it, then look on the sides of the room to find levers to pull out of the wall. The one on the left unlocks the door, so pull that one and continue upstairs to reach the inside of the Sanctuary.


    Inside here, you will find an evil character known as Yuga, who has Seres cornered. Yuga transforms Seres into a painting, then challenges you to stop him. You will not be able to do anything here except get knocked out by charging into the wall, since Yuga merged into the wall as a painting himself. Once Yuga leaves, the Priest will tell you to warn Princess Zelda of the impending danger, then the scene ends.

    Link's House

    You will be back at your house, lying in bed once again. This time around, you are awakened by a strange traveling merchant by the name of Ravio. Basically, he wakes you up and tells you to report what just took place with Yuga to Hyrule Castle, and even marks the castle on your map. Before you leave, he will ask to "rent" your house for a little while, so you might as well agree. As thanks, he will give you Ravio's Bracelet despite it being rather smelly. Exit the house and save at the weather vane if you like, then head northward along the path to the castle.

    Cross the moat on the next screen and continue northward into the castle garden. The castle doors ahead are locked, so talk to the soldier standing nearby. After a brief conversation, Impa will emerge from the castle. She will ask you to come inside to talk to Zelda yourself, so follow her inside.

    Hyrule Castle

    When you enter the castle, Impa will go ahead to tell Zelda that you have arrived. In the mean time, talk to the soldier nearby who points out the five paintings in the gallery. Check out each of them, and after you have done so, Impa will emerge and tell you to proceed. Go up the stairs on either side and enter the throne room. Here you will meet Princess Zelda and tell her all about the incident at the Sanctuary. Impa will suggest visiting the elder Sahasrahla in Kakariko Village, and marks the location on your map. Zelda will also give you her Special Charm, which is bound to come in handy soon enough.

    When you are done here, exit the throne room. Before going back down the stairs, you will see doorways on both sides. Go through the east doorway and follow the path southward to end up outside atop the castle wall. Go south to a chest containing 50 Rupees at the end of the wall. If you drop off the ledge and reenter the castle garden, you can enter the door in the northwest corner, where you will find another chest holding 5 Rupees. After that, you are done here, so out of the castle gates and follow the path west from the castle.

    After leaving the castle grounds, you will find the familiar green enemies from the SNES version. This time around they will not shock you if attacked, so you can kill them safely with your sword. There is also a Heart Piece on the south ledge, but you can not grab it yet. Anyway, go north and west one screen apiece, then southward through the village gates.

    Kakariko Village

    Upon entering the village, you will see a large house with a yellow roof and two doors on the upper ledge nearby. Go around and enter the right door, and you will meet Sahasrahla inside. He gives you more insight about the Seven Sages if you want it, then mentions sending an understudy to the Eastern Palace, who so happens to be a descendant of the Seven Sages. The elder asks if you will hurry and meet Osfala before Yuga finds him first. He also marks the Eastern Palace's location on your map if you don't know where it is.

    Since you are done with Sahasrahla, exit the house. The layout of the village is the same as the SNES version, but the inside of the buildings are different, particularly the building with the green roof next door. Go to the northwest area of town where you will spot a square hole in the ground you can jump into, if there weren't rocks blocking the ledge. Instead, you can grab a Cucco and jump off the ledge from the right side, then quickly turn and fall into the hole that way. In there, defeat the enemies and collect your first Heart Piece, as well as 20 Rupees from a chest before exiting.

    Nearby, you will see the street merchant sitting on the carpet, and he sells a Bottle for 100 Rupees. You should have that much by now if you collected everything thus far, so be sure to buy it! Be sure to check the weather vane in the middle of the village and save your progress. There is a shop next to the street merchant; in there, you can buy a Shield for 50 Rupees, which I would recommend doing.

    In the house directly southeast of the weather vane, talk to Bee Guy inside and he will give you the Net. If you happen to capture a bee in the wild (found by cutting down bushes and such) using the Net, you can bring it back to him for a cool 50 Rupees! Anyway, just next door is the Fortune's Choice mini-game. To the south of Bee Guy's house is the Milk Bar, situated in the longer building. You can pay the musicians in the back to hear some music, or buy Milk at the bar for 20 Rupees to fill your Bottle with. East of the village is the Blacksmith's Shop, which you have already seen. If you go over there, you will see a witch flying high above, but you can't do anything about this yet.

    If you head south of the village, you can talk to the woman standing by the fence to play the Cucco Ranch mini-game for a chance to win some rupees. Complete the third (Rooster) stage for the first time to win a Heart Piece! There is another mini-game to the west of the Cucco Ranch, but it is not yet ready. So, head southeast to exit the village completely.

    Before the Eastern Palace

    From the village, follow the path as it leads eastward. If you cut down the bushes arranged like an arrow, you can enter the secluded grove south of the blacksmith's shop and find Gulley hanging around there. On the screen just west of your house, the witch you saw before will fly by overhead again. Visit Ravio if you want, then go east another screen to reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and continue east another screen, and the tile path will lead into the ruins region to the north.

    Follow the path through the arches while defeating the Octoroks along the way, and head up the stairs to the next screen. Ahead, you will find several pedestals: two with crystal switches atop them and two with Bow icons. You can not proceed here, but if you read the purple signs, Ravio has an item rental shop now, so head back to your house to investigate!

    Back at your house, Ravio asks you what the icon atop those pedestals looked like. Pick the correct option (the third one) and he will give you the Bow, which you are renting. All you need to know for now is that you don't keep the Bow permanently; if you die, Ravio gets it back so you will need to rent it from him again. Once you step outside of the house, you will notice a new energy gauge. You have unlimited arrows but can only shoot them if there is energy in that gauge. It refills automatically after a few seconds, and you can find energy quickly in the bushes and such.

    Anyway, return to the eastern ruins area where you found those pedestals. Stand on the center platform atop the steps and shoot arrows at the crystal switches, which causes the path ahead to open. If you drop off the east ledge into the narrow path, you can collect 20 Rupees, but be prepared to defeat the Armos Knights surrounding it.

    When you are ready, head north from the gate you just unlocked. You will see a building in the lower area, but you can't do anything inside for now (you can come back after completing the Eastern Palace and use your painting merge ability along the moving platforms to find 100 Rupees in a chest). If you go northwest, you can go up some steps and defeat a series of Armos Knights to reach a chest containing 20 Rupees. Follow the upper path as it leads further to the east, going up the steps and defeating enemies as you proceed. Once you approach the Eastern Palace, you will meet up with Osfala at last. He refuses to leave and enters the palace himself, leaving you to give chase. Use the weather vane to save, then enter the palace.

    DUNGEON: Eastern Palace

    Inside the first dungeon, you will find a gap blocking access in the middle. Use the Bow to hit the crystal switch which covers the gap, allowing you to enter. In the next room ahead, defeat the lone enemy and shoot the crystal switch across the left gap to open the west door from the entrance. Go back and enter there to open a chest holding 20 Rupees. If you go into the east room while you're here, you will find just four Rupees. From the middle part of the room, continue into the following area. The narrow corridor below has large and small cannonballs being shot from the back end of the room. There will be four small cannonballs alternating left and right, followed by a larger one. With this in mind, go up the middle path, using the small side alcoves to stay safe if needed.

    At the far end, go into the open room to the west. Inside, defeat the two waves of enemies that appear to make a chest appear on the upper ledge. If you walk directly southward below that platform, you will enter a hidden doorway which leads to a chest containing 20 Rupees. After that, go back out and head up the steps to the upper level now. Go through the north doorway to reach the chest containing the Compass. Next, go back out and press the floor switch to unlock the east door, which leads back to the main room again.

    Up here, you can grab eight Rupees along a suspicious path; look out as you grab the last rupee as the wall will push you into the path of the cannonballs below. Get back up to where you were, then cross the small bridge and press the floor switch behind the statues to open the next room. Defeat the Armos Knight that comes to life before entering that room. Here you will find a platform moving up and down, with crystal switches on low and high ledges to the sides (low on left, high on right). Shooting the switches temporarily lowers the ledges in the northeast corner where a chest is waiting.

    After hitting both switches, quickly open the chest there and obtain the Small Key. While you are here, wait for the platform to move downward, then head across it into a hidden room to the south. There are small faeries you can capture, along with 49 Rupees!

    From the moving platform room, exit to the west and you will be at the north end of the main room. Unlock the door atop the steps and continue upstairs to 2F. On the second floor, step on the red floor switch and the four Armos Knights will come to life around you. Defeat them and both doors will unlock. If you look at your map, you need to reach the large southern room, so you can pick either the west or east room to proceed. Here is a quick rundown of each room:

    • West room: Avoid the three vertical rows of cannonballs, then press the floor switch to make some steps appear. Quickly run up the steps before they retract, and run along the upper path once the giant cannonball passes. In the lower half of the room, the southwest floor switch unlocks the door leading to the south room. The east floor switch causes the nearby stairs to retract, revealing another floor switch. Hit it and the chest containing Monster Guts will appear.
    • East room: Navigate around the room, using your Shield to block the arrows being shot out of holes in the walls. Defeat all four enemies that pop up when you are nearby (you need to explore the entire room), and a chest containing Monster Guts will appear on the upper northeast ledge. At the south end of the room is a floor switch which opens the southern room.

    Either way, when you reach the southern room, you will find there are four crystal switches atop pedestals along the northern part of the chamber. The center path appears to lead to the boss room, but it actually falls short. You can only reach three of the four crystal switches for now, since the first switch is inaccessible. Go up the center path to the northern wall and shoot an arrow to the left to hit the second switch. From the center platform, stand on the right wing after defeating the Armos Knight and shoot diagonally at the last switch on the right. Then, drop to the northeast corner by the door and shoot directly at the third switch.

    With three switches activated, this means the two platforms on each side of the room will move up and down. For now, ride the right platform upward and enter the east room. There, ride the platforms around the large gap while shooting the four crystal switches in the center, as well as avoiding the arrows being shot from the wall holes. After all four switches are triggered, a chest will appear on the eastern ledge, plus the arrows will cease. Ride to the right side and head up the steps to collect the Small Key from the chest, then ride back across and exit the room.

    Back in the previous room, go across to the moving platform on the west side. Ride it upward and unlock the door to enter another room. In here, you will have to fight three regular Stalfos. Throwing pots will quickly defeat them, since they jump away when you use your sword unless you corner them. Upon defeating them, the large chest will be lowered. Open it to receive the Big Key. Before you leave here, go up the southwest steps and head into the small room across the bridge. Hit the hidden crystal switch to gain access to the first switch in the main room. Now, go back to that room and shoot the crystal switch while standing on the left moving platform at its highest point. This will allow you to reach the boss door in the middle, so unlock it and proceed inside.

    In here, you will be face to face with Yuga once again. He has transformed Osfala into a painting, and then challenges you to a battle.

    Boss: Yuga

    Your first boss battle is actually a very simple one by Zelda standards. Yuga will pop in and out of the walls on the opposite side of the room, sometimes summoning a couple of small enemies to pop out and attack you. If you approach, Yuga will either summon the enemies or merge with the wall, so you need to attack from a distance. Whenever he appears, shoot a few arrows across to hit Yuga. Eventually, Yuga will turn red and his movements become quicker. After several rounds of shooting arrows across at him, you will win.

    After the battle is over, Yuga will get his revenge by turning you into a painting as well. Luckily, Ravio's Bracelet allows you to escape by pressing A. You now have the ability to merge with walls by turning into the painting, then popping back out when you are done. Being a painting consumes your energy gauge, so make sure you have enough energy before exploring too far. Grab the Heart Container and you will see a crack in the wall; this signifies an opening you can get through in painting form. When you are ready, flatten up and make your way through the crack.

    Now you need to escape by climbing along the outside of the palace! If you climb out to the left first, you can reach a ledge containing seven rupees. Climbing to the right from the crack, you can reach five rupees and a lower ledge next to it. Pop out and land on the lower ledge, then merge and climb back along the wall to the opposite side. Pop out on the next platform, and you will see a ledge moving up and down at the far end. Before you do that though, merge into the wall again and follow the path of rupees to another ledge. Over there, open a chest to receive 100 Rupees.

    From here, climb back around to the vertically-moving platform and ride it downward to 2F again. Down there, you will find a ledge that moves in and out of the wall. Run across until it starts retracting, then merge into the wall to avoid falling. Pop out when the platform is back and proceed to the end, where you can go down to 1F. Back on the bottom level, go ahead and a wall will move back and forth above the pit. Merge onto the first half of the wall, then when the two pieces meet, go across to the other one. Once you are adjacent to the platform on the other side, pop back out. You will see a crack in the wall in front of you. Before entering it, merge and go all the way left to reach another chest containing 50 Rupees!

    With that done, climb through the crack and you will be back inside the palace's entrance room. Pop out and run across to the far right side of the room first. Pass through the crack in the wall there and you can reach one last chest, this one with 100 Rupees inside. Climb back inside, then exit the palace altogether.

    Back outside, you will find Sahasrahla waiting for you. He is upset by the news, saying that Yuga now has captured two of the Seven Sages. Suddenly, he points out something wrong with Hyrule Castle, so you both head over there instantly. There is a magical barrier surrounding the castle now, trapping Impa and Zelda inside. Sahasrahla mentions that the hero must collect three Pendants, but since one of them is with Zelda, you are stuck. Luckily, it turns out the special charm Zelda gave you earlier is actually the Pendant of Courage! The other two pendants are located in the House of Gales, in Lake Hylia, and the Tower of Hera atop Death Mountain. Both locations will be marked on your map. You will also have a chance to save your game here.

    Before the House of Gales

    After Sahasrahla leaves, you will be on your own again. If you linger around the castle, enemies will appear to attack, so you might as well leave. Go back to your house to the south and talk to Ravio. After leaving your house, you will find the blacksmith's wife looking for Gulley still. To help her, go west to the secluded grove blocked by the bush formation near the southern entrance to Kakariko Village. In the grove, head to the middle and you will find a pouch sitting on the stump. Gulley's mother will meet you here, then allows you to keep the pouch. This will allow you to equip an item to the X button, which means you can equip two items at once.

    Next, make your way back to your house and continue eastward to the bridge. As you approach, you will encounter the witch yet again. This time, she will stop you before introducing herself as Irene. She gives you a Bell, which can be used to summon her. She can transport you to any weather vane you visited throughout Hyrule, which will definitely come in handy! Irene also mentions her mother's potion shop in the area north of the Eastern Palace, so you will want to check that out as well. (NOTE: You are also introduced to Irene in this manner if you chose to go follow the path north of Kakariko Village instead; both locations yield the same result though.)

    Anyway, Irene mentions the Potion Shop, so I would suggest going there as well. From the bridge southwest of the eastern ruins region, go northward past the giant rocks and Octoroks running around until you come to the river. Follow the path all the way north and east while defeating the soldiers along the way, and you will soon reach the shop. Activate the weather vane outside, then enter the shop if you want. The witch only has the Red Potion available for sale right now, but can make the others if you trade her 10x of the specified monster parts. Keep this in mind for now.

    East of the Witch's House, you will see a Zora standing at the edge of the water. Merge with the east wall to cross the gap yourself, then continue along the path to the southeast, then up the ramp leading northward. If you want the chest on the west ledge, stand at the top of the hill and merge with the right wall, then go all the way around the southern edge to reach it. Continue northward to the watery area at the top of the path, and as you approach the waterfall, a shady man will come running out of the cave behind it. Someone inside is calling for help, so go ahead and enter the cave.

    Zora's Domain

    Inside the Zora cave, you will find that the queen is now oversized in what appears to be poisonous water. Her Smooth Gem was stolen by that man, and the Zoras ask for you to find it in order to save the queen. It is a very good bet that the shady man is in Kakariko Village, so exit the cave and get back to the village.

    Kakariko Village

    Upon your return here, head over to Sahasrahla's house. You will find the shady man standing in front of the steps leading to the elder's house. Do not approach the man directly or he will run away. Instead, run behind the house to the area next to the eastern steps, then merge into the wall. Move next to the shady man and pop out to startle him. He mentions selling the gem to the street merchant, but gives you his Pegasus Boots instead. Great deal! You still need the gem, so go over to the street merchant. Purchase the Smooth Gem for 200 Rupees.

    Before you return to the Zoras, there is one other item in this part of the world you should get. So, exit Kakariko Village to the northeast.

    Outside of the village, you will see the Fortune Teller's tent nearby. Go north and east from here (do not enter the Lost Woods, just go around them). Avoid the crows and continue along until you find a broken-down house. This is the Miner's House. Inside, talk to a man named Rosso who mentions the Tower of Hera and all of the rocks on the ground. Make sure you talk to him a second time, and he will give you the Power Glove. This allows you to lift up smaller rocks, but not the giant ones just yet.

    Now that you have another useful item in your arsenal, return to Zora's Domain east of the Witch's House. With the Smooth Gem in hand, approach the queen and toss the gem into the pool. The queen, Oren, will return back to normal, and gives you a pair of Zora's Flippers as thanks. Now you can swim and dive in deeper waters to find underwater treasure, among other things! So, exit the cave.

    Now that you have the flippers, you can swim and explore the Lake Hylia region in the southeast area of the map. In fact, unless you want to explore further, I would recommend doing just that.

    First, you will want to return to your house, which now has a sign above the door. Go inside and you will find Ravio has transformed your house into a rental shop, complete with various tools you will need. You can rent any of your items from Ravio here for a small fee, but if you die, he takes everything away and you must re-rent your gear. I had more than enough rupees at this point, so I went ahead and rented everything for ease of exploration; if you do not, make sure you get the Tornado Rod and Hammer at the very least for 20 Rupees apiece. I would also recommend getting Bombs.

    From the house/shop, go east to the bridge and head south a screen from there. You will find a shop building, and a cracked wall to the right. Bomb the wall and enter the cave, where you will meet Mother Maiamai. Her 100 baby Maiamais are missing, and she tasks you with finding them all. A special button appears on your map where you can see how many hidden Maiamais are left in each region. See the Maiamai Locations section of this guide to know their locations!

    From here, you can explore the Great Swamp region to the west, or you can simply jump into Lake Hylia in front of you.

    Lake Hylia

    The lake in this game seems to be a little smaller than the original game, but that is okay. In the middle is a large island, where the House of Gales is located. Before you visit there however, swim along the northern perimeter of the island and you will see a stream leading northward. Swim along it to the north and west, eventually leading under the bridge. In that hidden area, speak to the bird-loving man. When he asks what you want, choose to talk to him and he will give you an empty Bottle he found.

    Now that you have two bottles, swim back to the House of Gales in the middle of the lake. You can continue swimming to the east of the island along another stream. If you follow that stream all the way east and north to the end, you will find a patch of shallow water with an object sitting there. Swim over and pick up the Letter in a Bottle. The letter is from a man on Death Mountain who asks for some Premium Milk from the Milk Bar. You can return to the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village and trade the letter for some Premium Milk now or later, it doesn't matter.

    Also in the area east of Lake Hylia is a cave of faeries you can enter by using the Ice Rod. On the high ledge nearby is a Racing Bro who has a racing mini-game for you. Pay 20 Rupees and race from this spot to his other bro, located behind the Miner's House in the northwest region near the Lost Woods. Make it there in 75 seconds to win 100 Rupees (if you win the second race in under 65 seconds, you can win a Heart Piece). The Pegasus Boots are invaluable for this.

    Anyway, return to the House of Gales when you are ready. Activate the weather vane, then look on the ground where you will notice several square tiles. Use the Tornado Rod to blow them away, revealing a floor switch. Step on it to open the dungeon's entrance. When you are ready, head on inside!


    NOTE: You must have the Tornado Rod in order to proceed here. The Lamp or Fire Rod are optional.

    Starting off, break the pots in front of you to reveal a floor switch. Press it and wind gusts will begin to blow on both sides of the room. Use the Tornado Rod to fly into the gusts so you can reach the upper ledge, then enter the next room. In this main area, defeat the rats roaming around and take a look at the large fan in the middle. At the north end, you can light the two lanterns with your Lamp to reveal a chest containing 20 Rupees.

    While you're in the northern half of the room, go right and enter the northeast room. Defeat the enemies and hit the crystal switch to stop the wind gusts, then open the chest to find Monster Guts. Exit the room and merge with the wall to cross the pit. Go through the south doorway to reach a crystal switch. Trigger it, then go back out and around the room to the upper ledge to the left of the switch. Merge to cross the lower segment, then enter the southeast room. In there, use the Tornado Rod to extinguish the flames surrounding the skull enemies, then defeat them with your sword. Open the chest that appears to get a Small Key.

    Back in the main room, unlock the southwest door and enter that room. In here, go forward and merge onto the red platform, and ride it until it stops. Pop out and open the chest to get the Compass. Merge onto the red platform again and go north to the second one. Move to the north edge of the platform and pop out on the western ledge when you move over there. Once there, go up the stairs and ride the platforms across to the floor switch on the northeast ledge. Trigger it to cause a wind gust to blow, allowing for a shortcut from the room's entrance if you use the Tornado Rod.

    Go through the doorway next to the switch and you will be on the catwalk in the main room. Walk around to a second floor switch, which activates another wind gust overhead. Before using that, trigger the crystal switch to the right and shoot it with an arrow or other item, which will activate the fan in the middle of the room below. Use the Tornado Rod to fly with the wind gust to the northern catwalk. From here, you can merge with the west wall and enter the small northwest room. Defeat the rats inside and go through the southwest door, then merge all the way across the western wall in the red platform room to reach the southwest chest containing 100 Rupees.

    Either way, get back to the catwalk in the upper level of the main room, and drop onto the center fan to be blown up to 2F. Here, go south to find a rolling spike bar. Follow it as it moves southward, then use the Tornado Rod to fly over it as it moves behind you. Continue south and break the pots in the corner to find a floor switch; hit it to make a Small Key appear on a narrow ledge to the right. You can't get it for now, so head into the eastern room. From here, go through the door to the south to end up outside. There are two levers in the wall; pull the right one between the Armos Knights to reveal a big chest. Defeat the enemies and open the chest to get the Big Key. Use the Tornado Rod to clear the flames, then go back inside.

    In here again, defeat the enemies and go up the steps behind the large fan. Go through the upper door to the west room, and you will find a catwalk with wind gusts preventing your progress ahead. Merge with the wall to the south of the door, and get to the narrow ledge where you can pop out and grab the Small Key. With it, drop down and unlock the southern door to proceed. Outside again, drop down to the left platform and you will see four levers along the wall with a ring of fire at the far end. Pull the leftmost lever and a square platform above will start moving.

    Use the Tornado Rod to land on it as it moves along, then walk onto the left catwalk. Merge to the left of the locked door and go around the corner to find a floor switch on a hidden ledge. Press it to make a key appear, so merge back around and use the Tornado Rod to clear the ring of fire. Grab the Small Key and fly back onto the moving platform, then enter the locked room.

    You will fight two fiery mini-bosses in this room. They both move around, leaving flaming tracks that can damage you in their wake. Use the Tornado Rod to clear the flames, then use it to extinguish the enemies, temporarily making them vulnerable to attack. It will take about six sword hits to defeat each enemy when its flames are gone. After you defeat them, the entrance warp will appear, so continue into the next room. Here, go down the steps halfway along the path and head into the northwest room.

    There is a floor switch puzzle here, where the switches activate fans that blow you across to adjacent ledges. The solution is as follows: left, left, up. When you arrive on the northeast ledge, enter that room. Go clockwise along the path while defeating the Keese, then hit the floor switch at the end to shut off the fans blocking your path before. Go back around the current path and drop down to the lower path at the end, then go east. At the split, go northeast into the new room.

    In here, drop down to the northern ledge and hit the floor switch to cause another platform above to start moving. Defeat the green cyclops enemy, then use the Tornado Rod to get onto the platform when it appears. Ride it southward, hitting the crystal switch as you pass to turn on the giant fan below. At the south end, follow the path around and jump into the wind gust to reach 3F.

    When you land, defeat the enemies and merge into the southeast wall. Go along the southern edge past the fan's gusts, then pop out and go up the steps into the next room. Defeat another cyclops, then light the two lanterns to open the room to the west. In there, use the Tornado Rod to remove the flames from the floating skulls, then defeat them with your sword. When the enemies are clear, the northeast door will open and a chest will appear to the south. For now, go into the next room. Merge on the wall to cross the gap, and continue out to the eastern room.

    Back here, go straight up the steps and take the Small Key from the chest. Get to the south end of the room again and merge around the wind gust to enter the room with the lanterns. Continue to the following room and open the chest you revealed before to get 50 Rupees, then unlock the door in the middle room and enter it. In this final room, there are two moving platforms. Ride the first one upward, then use the Tornado Rod during the pause to land on the second one as it moves backward. When you reach the boss door, unlock it and go inside to meet the boss.

    Boss Battle

    At the start, this strange boss consists of a rotating disc with an eyeball in the middle. It spins around the room and is invulnerable to attack from the sides. If you touch it, you will get knocked back. Be careful since the entire arena is surrounded by a pit, and you don't want to fall. The trick here is to use the Tornado Rod when it approaches to stop it, then land on top and attack the eye repeatedly with your sword. After you damage the eye enough, it will knock you off.

    The boss then gains a couple of protective layers and starts to spin around the room again. You need to knock off the layers one at a time by using your sword. Stay out of the boss's direct path and hit the bottom layer with your sword. Five or so hits should knock it out. After clearing the additional layers, the eyeball will become visible again. At this point, use the Tornado Rod to land on the top and attack with your sword. The same process repeats one more time where you must knock out four protective layers instead of just two. Once you get to attack the eye a third time, you should be able to win.

    Following the battle, collect the Heart Container as well as the Pendant of Wisdom to exit.

    Before the Tower of Hera

    Back outside, there will be a Zora standing nearby. Talk to him if you want, then save with the weather vane. You only have one more location to visit on your map, and that is Death Mountain. If you did not pick it up yet, swim to the east of Lake Hylia and find the Bottle with a letter inside. Take the letter to the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village to receive the Premium Milk. With it, you will now want to head north of the village to the Miner's House. It is one screen east and a few screens north of the Fortune Teller's tent for reference.

    If you have not yet visited the Miner's House, go inside and talk to Rosso twice. He will give you the Power Glove, and promises a bonus if you remove all the rocks around his house. Do so and he will give you a chest containing 50 Rupees. Once you have the glove and are done exploring the overworld again, go south of the Miner's House and hug the right wall to find a cave blocked by rocks. Lift them up and enter the cave (make sure you have rented the Bombs, Hammer, and Hookshot if you have not already). Follow the path all the way through while defeating Mini-Moldorms, and you will emerge on Death Mountain.

    Death Mountain

    On the mountain itself, you will need to be cautious as it will rain giant boulders from the sky. Some yield rupees, which you can pick up of course. The enemies here temporarily freeze like statues if you attack them, so keep that in mind. Go southward while bombing the cracked rocks, then cross the bridge and turn to the north. Defeat the Tektites and head up the hill to find two cave entrances. The lower cave has a chest containing 5 Rupees, but if you merge and continue west, you can bomb a cracked wall and enter a second cave where 50 Rupees are waiting. After that, activate the weather vane on the upper ledge, then enter that cave to proceed.

    Inside, make your way up the snaking path by making use of your wall-merging ability and standing on the ladders in between the main paths. As you reach the top, you will need to merge to cross gaps and even avoid the boulders as they roll along (or use the Hammer to break them easily). Use the Hammer to pound the stakes at the top if you need safe spots to stand. There are two exits from this cave. You will come to the regular exit first, but the second one requires continuing to the very end of the path in between rolling boulders (the Hammer helps). The second exit will lead to a ledge with a chest holding 20 Rupees, as well as a baby Maiamai on the wall.

    Either way, when you exit the cave, go west and enter the second mountain cave. In here, there will be more rolling boulders coming from the top of the room. Make your way up each level via the steps, using the Hammer to break boulders as needed. At the top, head all the way to the right and cross the bridge leading back outside. When you emerge, simply continue into the adjacent opening to reach the next part of the cave. Here, you face more of the same as you make your way to the top of the room. Once you make it to the top while avoiding the boulders, you can open a chest to the right to find Monster Guts, or you can exit to the left.

    Upon exiting, you will be at the summit. Merge into the wall and start moving to the right. As you cross the gap, there is another cave opening below; drop into it and head north into a secret area. Collect the Heart Piece and go through the next cave to find some faeries you can capture. Exit the cave and you will be back at the top of the mountain again. Go east a short distance and activate the second weather vane in front of the Tower of Hera. If you have the Hammer, you can pound the stakes and enter the tower right away.

    I chose to continue exploring since you still need to deliver that milk to the man who wrote the letter earlier. So, head east to find a broken bridge. Use the Hookshot to cross it, and be very careful to avoid the Lynel's fiery breath ahead. There will be a cave with a sign outside saying that it leads to Rosso's Ore Mine. This is where you should be going. As a note, if you continue eastward from here, you will find a treasure room and a baby Maiamai on the wall.

    Inside the ore mine cave, you will need to ride on a series of moving platforms, but you must fall to the next one in the sequence from above. This can be tricky, so you must pay attention and line up properly to succeed. After several platforms, you will reach a solid ledge with two Lynels wandering around on it. There will be walls on three sides with platforms that approach the opposite sides of each. If you go to the west, you will need to use the Hammer and time your bounces on a series of giant spring platforms to reach the top and collect a Heart Piece.

    If you want to proceed downward to the ore mine, go east; the thirsty man is to the south, so we will go that way. Avoid the Blade Traps as you continue onward to a three-way split of platforms. Take the left one to the upper cave exit. Outside, merge across to the man and deliver his Premium Milk. He will let you keep the empty Bottle as a reward. If you drop onto the ledge below, you can lift the stone to find a hidden Maiamai.


    NOTE: You must have the Hammer in order to proceed here.

    As soon as you enter, you will find that the Hammer gets heavy usage here. Pound the springs downward to access the crystal switch; hit it and move to either side once the blue walls are lowered. Hit the next switch to lower the red walls, and you will be at the north end of the room. Pound the springs in the left corner surrounding the high ledge, then stand on the depressed springs to get launched onto the ledge when they pop back out. Merge and pass through the nearby barred window to reach a chest outside containing 50 Rupees, then go back in and merge along the walls going counter-clockwise around the room. At the end, pound and launch from the smaller springs, then use the larger spring to reach 2F.

    For the bouncy enemies up here, keep your back to the northern corner so you don't get knocked back down to the floor below when you attack. There is an opening in the middle of the floor; fall through to reach the chest below, which has the Compass inside. Use the large spring next to the chest to return to 2F, then use the large spring on the left side to land on 3F.

    Up here, the blue walls are still raised from before, so merge along them to reach either of the crystal switches. Defeat the Mini-Moldorms and hit the next switch to re-lower the red wall ahead, then stand where the red wall was and trigger the nearby switch to raise the red walls. Walk onto the middle platform now to collect the Small Key, then unlock the east door to end up outside again. Walk onto the moving platform as it passes, then ride it around while defeating the crows along the way. When you reach the wall blocking your way, merge and move around to the opposite side, then pop back out onto the platform. As the platform passes the next wall, merge onto it then move onto one of the moving red blocks and ride it upward. Turn to face the ledge and pop out, then enter the tower again on 4F.

    In this room, defeat the Stalfos (use the pots for an easier time), then hit the crystal switch if necessary to fight the Mini-Moldorms as well. Pound the large spring and bounce upward to 5F, which is actually a ledge between two lower ones. Lower the red walls via the crystal switch, then stand on the lowered red wall and hit the switch again to re-raise it. Drop off to the right to collect 5 Rupees from a chest, then stand on the blue wall and trigger the switch to raise it again. From here, merge into the upper wall and exit the room via the barred window to the right.

    Outside again, ride the moving platform around while avoiding the spinning Blade Traps. At the south end, merge onto the wall that juts out to avoid falling, then climb to the west side and pop back onto the platform. Around the next corner, merge into the wall and move onto the red block when it comes down from above. Ride it upward and land on the ledge above, then enter the room on 6F. In there, defeat the several Stalfos; your Hammer may be helpful despite the slow execution time. After the enemies are cleared, the entrance warp will appear and a platform will start moving up and down. Ride it upward to 7F.

    As soon as you arrive, move away from the platform so you don't go back downstairs by accident. There are several enemies here you can kill with your Hammer and sword, as well as plenty of crystal switches, red/blue walls, and cracked floor panels. You will want to move to the northwest and northeast corners of the room, then pound through the cracks to fall back down to ledges below. By doing this, you will be able to collect a Small Key and a chest containing Monster Guts. Use the large springs to return to 7F. When you have the key, get to the western locked door and emerge on another balcony ledge.

    Back outside, step onto the moving platform with the large spring on it. When it moves around the corner, use the Hammer to pound it when the platform is about to stop, then bounce off it onto a high ledge on 9F. Before walking onto the next moving platform, merge into the wall and move to the right end of the south side of the tower. Then, pop out and you will fall to a ledge below on 7F with a chest; open it to get 100 Rupees. Merge back to the left and bounce back up to 9F, then ride the second platform to the right. You will see a square opening above that your platform passes under. You need to time your Hammer's swing so you hit it, then the spring recoils as you pass under the hole. That way you reach the ledge above, allowing you to enter the tower again.

    In the next room, you will be faced with the classic flying tiles coming out of the floor. Simply stand by the entrance and hold your Shield in front of you to block them all. Once they are gone, a moving platform in the center will be revealed. When it moves upward, drop below it to a hidden room on 8F. You can capture faeries if needed and collect a cool 50 Rupees from another chest before returning upstairs via the warp tile. This time, ride the platform up to 10F.

    On the tenth floor, you will face several bouncy enemies on the catwalk. Use your Hammer to quickly stun/crush them so you don't risk falling down. If you fall off the ledges, you will be able to get back up easily enough. Anyway, there are four switches to be activated, one at each end of the platform. Hit them all while avoiding the bumpers and the spring platform in the northeast corner will be lowered. Pound the large spring on it to get launched upward to 11F.

    This floor features a single platform with two large springs moving left and right. You need to time your Hammer pounds so the platform is close enough to the side you are aiming to land on. First, get to the right ledge and open the big chest to receive the Big Key. Then, drop back down and get launched onto the left platform to unlock the boss door. You will of course end up outside yet again. Use the smaller springs to reach the larger one, which will send you upward to 12F.

    When you land on 12F, you will find Blade Traps moving back and forth in the center of the area, with hearts along the outer walkway. Use any of the large springs in the corners to get launched onto the roof, 13F. You will meet the boss of the tower here: Moldorm.

    Boss: Moldorm

    This giant worm with an armored body and a weak point on its tail is the boss here once again. The platform you are on has no barriers, and a small gap in the middle, so you can get knocked back to the level below if you are not careful! The weak point is the glowing point on its tail, so you will need to hit that with your sword while avoiding other contact with the boss. It tends to move straight for a short period before turning, so watch for that when looking for an opening to attack.

    After a few hits, Moldorm will change color and become a little bit faster. You will want to keep your distance so you don't get knocked off, and attack whenever the boss moves away from you or you have a good opening on the wide part of the battlefield. Luckily if you get knocked down to the floor below, you do not have to start the battle over again! It's really a simple battle, so you should know how this works from past games in the series.

    Once the battle is over, collect your Heart Container and the Pendant of Power to exit the tower.