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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Hedge Maze

    Out here again, you will find that the guards are now gone from the maze. This will allow you to collect the rupees you skipped earlier, and collect the Maiamais and Heart Piece as well if necessary. Our next destination will be in the northwest area of the map. So, use Irene's Bell and return to Thieves' Town.

    Thieves' Town

    Here again, use the fissure portal in the hollowed out house to return to Hyrule. Once you do, go to Sahasrahla's House and use the fissure portal behind it to return to Lorule. Once you return, go east and north one screen each, past where the Fortune Teller's tent was in Hyrule (in Lorule, it is behind the Blacksmith's Shop), and enter Skull Woods.

    Skull Woods

    In the forest, you will quickly find that it's more of a maze than the Hyrule version for sure. Go north and you will reach a weather vane to activate/save at. Do so, then enter the nearby giant skull head to start the next dungeon.


    NOTE: You must have Bombs and either the Lamp or Fire Rod in order to proceed here.

    In the seemingly empty entrance room, you will quickly notice a giant Floormaster floating overhead. It will follow you around before stopping to grab you; if you keep moving you can stay out of its grasp. If you are caught, you get returned to the dungeon entrance. With that said, go into the east room with your Lamp equipped. Light the nearby lantern, then go around to the northeast corner and continue into the northern chamber. Defeat the Gibdos and open the chest to get a Compass.

    From here, exit the room and return to the entrance. Go into the narrow room to the west this time. Defeat the enemies as you head all the way southward to a floor switch. Press it and a door will be unlocked, so go back and enter that room. Here, avoid the rotating fireball bars and defeat the various enemies along the narrow paths. Merge with the wall if necessary to avoid the flames early on. At the south end, go through the door to end up outside.

    To reach the next part of the dungeon, head right. At the end of the path, you will find a hole; drop into it to land on the upper ledges of the room you just came from. Ride a moving platform across the gap, merging with the wall to avoid the Floormaster if needed, then open the chest to get a Small Key. After that, go into the next room. There, light the lanterns as you make your way to the southeast corner of the room. Unlock the door and continue south to exit the dungeon once more.

    Back outside, head through the bone tunnel to the northeast and you will see another hole in the ground. If you jump in, you will land next to a chest on a high ledge containing 100 Rupees but will have to come back outside again to progress. Further along, you will find a square formation of bushes. Cut them down to reveal another hole, then drop into that room.

    When you land inside again, simply go into the next room to the west. Here, go north and bomb the cracked floor panel, then fall through to the lower level. The Floormaster can't grab you if you are underneath a catwalk, so keep that in mind. Defeat the enemies and step on the floor switch to lower a wall divider. Go around the room to another cracked floor panel, then bomb your way through. Defeat the other enemies and press the second floor switch to create a bridge across the gap. Open the chest to obtain a Small Key as well, then unlock the southwest door and enter it.

    On the upper ledge of the entrance room, go right and pull the wall lever out. This will lower the center block, revealing some stairs. Take them down to B2. Here, merge with the east wall and head southward where you can defeat the enemies. There will be four buttons lined up, which trigger different wall panels to come out of the wall. Push the two statues onto the leftmost two switches while avoiding the Floormasters, then go up the steps to the left. Merge with the wall and move all the way across to the east side. Pull the wall lever to reveal stairs as a shortcut, then continue onward.

    Here, press the first floor switch to cause a block to start moving back and forth. Merge onto it to get across, then pop out onto the middle platform, which is entirely covered by a catwalk. Look for the floor switch above, then stand below it so the Floormaster hits it, activating the second moving block. When the right block moves northward, merge onto it and drop off onto the northern ledge where you can reach the next room.

    In this room, you must defeat all of the enemies to proceed. Hit the floor switch and defeat the first three enemies, which leaves two Gibdos on high ledges in the corners. To get them, stand directly below those ledges so the Floormaster appears and crushes the Gibdos, killing them. When the room is clear, the entrance portal will appear and the way forward will be open. In there, ride the first moving platform to the left, making sure to get onto the southern ledge when you can. Avoid/defeat the Floormaster, then when the leftmost platform moves to the left, walk onto its lower level and stand there as it moves back to the middle area. Open the chest and grab the Small Key, then ride the platform back to the left and unlock the southern door.

    Now, go down the steps and dash across the darkened room to the far end. Light the unlit lantern to reveal two Gibdos; defeat them and continue to the next room, and upstairs to B1. Here, merge with the wall and pass through the bars to the south. You will see two eyeball pedestals in the middle area. Merge with the east wall and cross the north gap, then toss the eyeball over to the middle area. Cross back over and throw the eyeball onto one of the pedestals. The big chest will be partially revealed, and the way southward will open up.

    Continue through this room by using the moving platforms and merging with the walls when necessary. At the south end, merge to get through the bars and proceed outside. Go west and open the chest with 50 Rupees inside, then head through the tunnel to the north. First, head right and cut the bushes at the end to uncover a hole to fall into. When you land on a high ledge below, merge with the east wall and go north to the next part of the upper ledge. Follow it along to the southwest and open the big chest on the narrow ledge to obtain the Master Ore.

    With the ore in hand, go back to the eastern wall and merge back to the south by where you fell into this room. This time, merge across to the southwest ledge where the other eyeball is sitting. Pick it up and start carrying it back through this room to the north. You can move somewhat more quickly if you throw the eyeball ahead and run to it, pick it up, and repeat. If you are being followed by a Floormaster, make sure you hide under a catwalk or toss the eyeball on the ground and run! When you reach the first gap, toss the eyeball across first and then merge into the wall to cross yourself. After you ride the moving platforms across, go north and throw the eyeball into the other pedestal to fully reveal the big chest. Open it to get the Big Key.

    Now, go through the bars to the west and head downstairs to B2 once more. Continue to the following room and run to the boss door in the center of the darkened room. Unlock the door and go inside to meet the boss, Giant Floormaster.

    Boss: Giant Floormaster

    The battle against this giant hand takes place in an arena full of cracked floors. For the first part of the battle, the cracks won't matter too much. The boss will float overhead while following you, periodically charging up an attack. When it charges up, merge into the wall so that the boss crashes into it and gets stunned. At that point, pop back out and attack repeatedly with your sword. Repeat this pattern until the area around the boss's eye becomes purple, meaning the second part is about to begin.

    For the second part of the battle, the charging move is still used, but following the new attack being introduced. The Giant Floormaster will float above you before attempting to crush you. If it hits a cracked floor panel, it will break it, forming a hole. The trick to avoiding this attack and falling yourself is to stay put until the boss winds up to hit the ground. When you see how the fingers are lined up, run in the opposite direction. That way you are much less likely to get clipped while running away and can stay safe better. I also recommend trying to lure the boss to pound solid sections of floor to minimize the holes.

    After three attempts to crush you, the charging move will commence, so get ready to merge with the wall to stun the boss so you can attack. The charging attack is much faster, so you need to be ready to merge as soon as the third crush attack happens. After the boss flies away, the crushing pattern begins again. Keep it up and you will win soon!

    Following the battle, take the Heart Container and exit through the doorway to the north. Touch the painting to meet none other than Sage Seres in the Chamber of the Seven Sages. Exit and you will be back at the weather vane.

    Before Turtle Rock

    Since you should have two more Master Ores if you've been following my guide, return to Thieves' Town.

    Thieves' Town

    Back here, go southeast to the Blacksmith's Shop. Talk to the Blacksmith and he will offer to upgrade your sword a second time. Agree, and you will receive Master Sword Lv3, the Golden Sword! Now that you are ready to go on, return to Hyrule. Make sure you have the Ice Rod in your possession, then head to the southeast area of Lake Hylia and use the fissure portal by the Racing Bro to return to Lorule.

    Turtle Lake

    In this region now, follow the path leading south and west along the edge of the lake. At the end, jump into the lake itself and you will see a turtle floating around. Talk to it and Mama Turtle will ask you to find her babies. So, swim to the west first and you will find a turtle laying upside-down on the shore. Pick it up and throw it back into the water to save it. From here, swim north a screen to find another turtle stuck in the shallows while being attacked by enemies. Defeat the four enemies to save it.

    Continue to the ladder on the northern edge and climb out of the lake. Merge onto the wall and head eastward along it until you are behind the turtle hanging on the wall somehow. Pop out to knock it back into the water. With all three babies rescued, Mama Turtle offers to help by giving you a ride if you need one. She will be swimming around the southern part of the lake with her babies, so just climb onto their shells from behind when you are ready. As they pass the large platform in the middle, jump off and activate the weather vane. When the lava plume shoots upward, use the Ice Rod to freeze it, then merge onto it to get across, and enter Turtle Rock.


    NOTE: You must have the Ice Rod in order to proceed here.

    In here, use the Ice Rod to form rocks to cross the lava safely, then enter the next room. Here in the main area, you will notice the see-saw device ahead of you. The trick with these involves tilting it in the direction you want, then using the Ice Rod to freeze it in place for a few seconds so you can walk along it. With that said, with the see-saw pointing upward to the right, freeze it and walk onto the upper path. When you reach the second see-saw, wait for a lava plume to appear on the left side, then freeze it and merge your way onto the large center platform. Throw Bombs or use the Ice Rod to trigger the the four crystal switches in the corners to make a chest appear; open it to get the Compass.

    Next, get back across by freezing the lava plume to the right again. This time, run to the east wall and merge with it. First, go to the northeast ledge and grab the Small Key atop it. Then, go around to the southeast ledge and enter that room. Step on the warp tile to reach the top of the northeast room. The adjacent tile leads to an exit, which is apparently a dead end. Drop down to the middle level and use that warp to return to the southeast area. Open the chest inside to get 50 Rupees.

    Return to the center room and use the see-saw to reach the center platform again where you found the Compass. Freeze the lava plumes to the west and merge onto the western wall when you get there, then go southwest. On the ledge over there, hit the floor switch to unlock the room below you, and enter it. Tilt the see-saw so the ramp leads to the high ledge above, then freeze it and walk up to the warp tile. Take the warp to the northwest room, and step into the adjacent tile to reach an exit room. Use the Ice Rod to freeze your way across the lava to exit the dungeon. On the balcony outside, collect a Heart Piece, then go back inside.

    In the dungeon again, get back across the lava and return to the warp tile. Step into it and then into the adjacent tile to reach the southwest room once more. Continue right past the warp tile and drop down to the lower one, and step into that one. Collect the Small Key in the northwest room again, then return to the center chamber.

    Back here, you will notice a floor switch on an elevated platform on the north side of the room. To reach it, use the Ice Rod to first tilt the see-saw in front of the switch ledge so you can walk onto it, then tilt it so it points upward to the north, and freeze it. Walk onto the north ledge now and hit the floor switch, which unlocks the high northern door. If you get to the eastern wall via the upper path and merge your way to the north ledge, you can enter that room and grab the chest containing 50 Rupees. Likewise, if you kill every enemy in the center room, a chest in the northwest area will appear; merge with the west wall to reach it and take the 100 Rupees inside.

    With this room clear now, get to the north end of the room. Use the Ice Rod to cross the lava directly north of the high platform where the chest containing the Compass is located, and you will find a hidden alcove directly under that platform and 100 Rupees sitting there. Once you are done here, head into the room directly to the north. You will have to fight some Wizzrobes in here. You can kill the first one easily with your sword, but since the other two are on high ledges, so use your Ice Rod to hit them. When the enemies are gone and the door opens, go downstairs to B1.

    You can't grab the chests overhead for now, so just continue onward. Ignore the crystal switch next to the door, and first enter the northeast room. For the floating enemies, wait until the smaller pink parts are outside of the larger red body before attacking the vulnerable pink part with your sword. Use the Ice Rod to cross the lava, freezing a lava plume to block the beam statue's laser. At the other side, grab the Small Key, then exit the room.

    Back in the large room, you will need to make your way around the room with help from the Ice Rod and see-saws. There are several Wizzrobes floating around, and each time you kill one, a new platform appears above the lava. Defeat all the Wizzrobes and four platforms will form a square platform, causing a big chest to appear in the middle. Plus, a small platform will emerge next to a smaller chest in the northeast area.

    For the next part, freeze the west see-saw to reach the west ledge in the middle. Freeze the two ice plumes when they emerge and walk across to the west wall, then merge and head northward. Drop onto the northern ledge, then enter the north room. Open the chest to get 50 Rupees, then exit. While you are still on the north ledge, merge onto the wall again and head to the northeast segment of the room. Pop out behind the leaning catwalk to form a bridge leading to the small chest; open it to get 100 Rupees.

    Return to the north ledge via merging with the wall, then drop a Bomb off the edge so it triggers the crystal switch below. This will raise your platform to the top level. Unlock the north door and reenter the previous room, where you can retrieve the Big Key from the big chest. Exit the room and merge onto the right wall, then pop out behind the catwalk leaning against the wall to form a second bridge. Follow it across and drop down next to the big chest. Open it to receive the Hylian Shield, which allows you to block magical attacks as well!

    Before you leave the platform with the big chest, use your Ice Rod to form solid ledges atop the lava directly to the south. Drop onto the ledges you form and walk into a hidden alcove underneath the high middle platform, and you will find a secret 300 Rupees! To get back out, use the Ice Rod to make your way back to the safe area at the north end of the room.

    Next, use the see-saws and Ice Rod to get across to the southwest portion of the room. Unlock that door and go inside, where you get to use your new shield right away. Block the fireballs as you freeze your way across the lava (you can even freeze the fire-shooting statues). At the other end, break the pots and hit the floor switch to form a bridge across the center room.

    Exit the corner room and head across the newly formed bridge to the southeast corner now. If you want to quickly get back across the room, stand at the edge to the right of the crystal switch, then trigger it. Otherwise, unlock the southeast room and go inside. Get past the Blade Traps and freeze your way across, where you can break pots and hit another floor switch to form one last bridge. Exit this room and start walking along the southernmost bridge, hugging the wall to enter the room below.

    In this room, merge on the wall and land on either of the round platforms to the side. Use the Ice Rod or toss a Bomb to hit the crystal switch on the south ledge, which will cause the round platforms to move up and down. When they move upward, merge with the wall and get onto the north platform. Pop out and unlock the boss door to continue. Back in the previous room once more, go across the catwalk while avoiding the rolling spiked bars, and break the pots at the end. Step on the floor switch and defeat the Wizzrobes that appear to make a hole appear in the center. Drop down to meet the boss.

    Boss Battle

    Of course you would fight a giant rock turtle as the boss of Turtle Rock. You are on a grated platform with lava plumes shooting upward in four locations. There are five openings in the platform, one in each corner and the center. Early in the battle, the boss will be in the lava below simply moving around. Follow it until it passes underneath an opening, then use the Ice Rod to freeze it, causing damage. It may attack by chasing you around aggressively while shooting a lava plume straight out of its back. You can stop that attack immediately with your Ice Rod.

    After you cause enough damage to the boss's first form, the center opening will close up and the boss will jump onto the platform. At this point, there are a couple of new attacks to be concerned about. You need to attack the boss's head with your sword, but look out since it will try to extend its head and bite you! After the bite attack, it will hide in its shell; run far away at this point. Steam will shoot out of its sides before an explosion attack occurs, which you will want to avoid. The giant turtle can also spin around the platform in its shell, but that is easy to avoid. You can stun by the boss by freezing one of the fire pillars and hide behind it during the bite attack. Anyway, just concentrate on hitting its head whenever it is exposed and it won't take long, especially if you have an upgraded sword!

    Once you defeat the boss, take the Heart Container as always. Touch the painting to meet Sage Impa, and then you will end up back outside.

    Turtle Lake

    At this point if you have been following along, there is only one dungeon left on your map to complete, and it is on Death Mountain! There are actually two halves of Death Mountain to explore in Lorule. We can at least check out both sides, so let's do that. Get to the "Death Mountain" weather vane, then merge with the wall and go through the fissure portal.

    Death Mountain

    Upon your arrival, move left along the wall to reach a ledge with a baby Maiamai in a pot. After that, drop down to the snow-covered ground below. The cave at the very bottom in the southwest corner has faeries that you can collect. Aside from that, go west and up the tall ladder to the mountain summit. Go east and defeat the large ice statue, followed by the smaller ones to receive a chest with 100 Rupees inside.

    Go up the nearby hill and continue to the tower at the top, known as Treacherous Tower. Activate the weather vane in front for now at least. The tower itself is a mini-game where you must defeat enemies and win prizes for surviving a certain number of waves. You can win a Heart Piece if you want to clear the Beginner and Intermediate stages now. It is highly recommended that you have a recovery Potion, the strongest sword, and the Blue/Red Mail. If you drop off the ledge directly south of the tower, then merge along the wall to the left, you can open another chest to find a Monster Tail.

    You need to make your way to the eastern side of the mountain, so go towards the southeast until you come to a bridge. You can't cross it from this side, so this is the point where you have to return to Hyrule. Back in Hyrule, get to the "Tower of Hera" weather vane, then proceed eastward across the bridge to the Rosso's Ore Mine cave. Get through the cave to the mine itself, then use the fissure portal you find down there to return to Lorule.

    When you arrive back in Lorule for a second time, activate the nearby "Death Mountain" weather vane. The bridge is to your west, but it is one way. Defeat the enemies in the area, then head northeast to find a cave entrance. In this cave, you will need to get across a series of moving platforms with help from your merging ability when necessary.

    When you reach the first solid platform with the ice statues, defeat them and merge around the walls to the icy platform and the larger ice statue. Defeat that one, and you will have a choice on where to go next. If you continue to the west, use the Tornado Rod to aid you in reaching an exit that leads to a Maiamai and a chest containing 300 Rupees. If you choose to go north, stay to the right when riding the horizontal platforms to avoid a Blade Trap ahead. Then, continue all the way eastward to exit the cave.

    Back outside, you can go west and use the Fire Rod to clear a few ice statues to reach a chest containing 100 Rupees. Then, continue eastward to reach the far end of the mountain. You will find the Ice Ruins here, but the entrance is blocked by an ice statue. Use the Fire Rod to clear it, then go inside.


    NOTE: You must have the Fire Rod in order to proceed here. Bombs are optional.

    When you enter, use the Fire Rod to melt the large ice block. Pull the tongue out of the statue to start up the moving blocks, then ride one down two levels to B2. Get off there and use the Fire Rod to melt all of the ice, including the enemy moving around. Grab the Small Key from the melted icy ledge in the corner, then continue down to B3. Open the chests there to get 1 Rupee and a Monster Horn and defeat the Wizzrobes. Finally, ride the platforms down to B5 and open the big chest to receive the Big Key. Then, just go back up to B1.

    When you approach 1F, move downward on the rising platform and you will enter a hidden alcove directly below the steps leading back outside. There is a chest there containing 300 Rupees so be sure to grab them! Now, head north on B1 and unlock the door to continue onward. In this room, there are two tongue statues; pull the left one to open the door, then defeat the ice monster with the Fire Rod before exiting. In the east room, defeat the penguin enemies, then light the four lanterns with your Lamp to make a Small Key appear on the upper ledge. You can't grab it yet, so continue to the south.

    There, avoid the icy fireballs and open the chest on the right side to receive the Compass. From here, follow the narrow path to the right and the northward. At the end of the path, merge with the wall and go around to reach the Small Key on the other side. Go back around to the narrow path and follow it all the way to the south, then turn west to a locked door. Open it and enter the next room there.

    In this room, merge along the east wall to a chest containing 5 Rupees. Continue along the wall to the west side and pull the tongue out of the statue to open up the floor below. If you merge over to the southwest ledge, you can go into a side room with two pots that contain 20 Rupees and a heart. Anyway, back in the room with the moving platforms, fall through the wide opening to reach B3.

    When you land, go into the east room. Use the Fire Rod to clear the ice and the enemy, then hit the floor switch to unlock a nearby door. Up the stairs at the back end of the room, you can either merge with the wall and go southeast to a hidden alcove with faeries, or enter the northwest room. In the new room, fall through the hole in the floor to land on level B4.

    Down here now, walk onto the rotating platform to the left. North of that platform is a ledge with four crystal switches. Throw a Bomb to trigger them all and a chest will appear on the narrow ledge to the right; open it to get 100 Rupees. From here, go west and south along the narrow path to the next area. In there, ride one of the icy platforms around an unlit lantern while defeating the bats around you. Light the lantern with your Lamp when you get close, and a moving platform will appear to the north. If you go southeast to the next room, you can find Monster Guts in a chest.

    Anyway, go back north and ride the moving platform up to B3 again. Once you stop moving, go south along the path to another moving platform. When it moves southward, you can drop down to the left and open the chest below to grab 50 Rupees. Continue along the moving platforms to reach a balcony overlooking the ice-filled room below. Use the Fire Rod to melt the ice from above, then go back west and north to the first platform you rode from B4. This time, go through the right doorway. Now that the ice is gone, merge on the wall to cross the gap and hit the crystal switch. Ride the next platform upward to B2.

    Once you land above, defeat the cyclops enemies while avoiding the icy fireballs, and break the pots to find a floor switch. Hit it and enter the east room. Pull the tongue out of the statue to cause an opening to appear in the floor below. Drop through to B3, and open the chest to receive a Stamina Scroll, which will increase your energy gauge!

    After that, go west to the next room and ride the platform back up to B2. Before continuing, you can merge with the north wall and follow the path all the way around to an isolated platform in the middle of the map. Enter that room to reach the chest with 100 Rupees inside. Now, go back to the moving platform and reenter the east room. This time, merge with the wall to cross the pit and enter the east room. Go north in the hallway and into the west room at the top, then fall through the opening in the middle. Pull the tongue statue and the floor will fall out, so drop down to another room on B3.

    When you land, try to exit to the left and a giant penguin enemy will appear. Defeat the small ones with your sword, then avoid the larger one until it slides before attacking it as well. When the enemies are gone, take the west exit first. Knock the bouncy enemies off the narrow icy path (use Bombs from a distance), then pull the tongue from the statue at the end to shift the floor around below. Return to the last room and head east now. Use the Fire Rod to defeat the ice monsters when they emerge, and use it to light the lantern above the center area to open the south door.

    In the next room, defeat the Wizzrobes and hit the floor switch to open another nearby door. Merge around the center wall to cross the gap to reach the other end of the room. Before you go west, drop through the hole in the floor and open the chest below to get a Small Key. Follow the narrow path to the west area, where you can hit a floor switch to open up a shortcut connecting the two sides, as well as to the elevator platforms. Ride up to B2 now, and head northeast to the locked door.

    Unlock that door and enter that room to find an opening in the middle. Merge to the north wall and get about halfway across the pit, then land on the ice block below. Get to the side and melt it with the Fire Rod, and ride the wind gust to a new ledge to the south. Pull the tongue from the statue and the floor will drop out of the previous room. Go back to the north room and fall down to B4 again.

    After landing on the platform you just lowered (it connects to the other side of B4 you explored earlier too), head east and south while defeating the enemies and using the Fire Rod to make progress. At the bottom of the path, use the Fire Rod to light the lantern, raising part of the narrow path ahead. Go west and north to the tongue statue, and pull the tongue to move the large platform again. Continue north to a floor switch and press it to unravel the rest of the path, forming shortcuts between earlier areas.

    Since you have the Big Key, you can now go west to the boss door. Unlock it and drop down to B6 inside, where you will face the dungeon boss.

    Boss: Kholdstare

    This boss starts the battle entirely encased in ice. The donut platform you are on is icy as well, so be careful when running along it. As for the boss, it floats around the room before stopping in a given corner to attack. Its attacks include a wide-panning beam attack that emanates from a flashing orb of light. Also, icy rocks will be shot diagonally towards you from the sides. Avoid both attacks and use your Fire Rod while the boss is stationary to melt the ice. When the ice block is fully melted, the boss's black body is exposed. As it hops around the room eating up the ice pieces on the ground, attack repeatedly with your sword.

    Eventually Kholdstare will return to the center of the room and become encased in ice once again. Repeat the same pattern until Kholdstare returns to the center and changes from black to blue. At this point, more glowing ice orbs will rotate around its body, and it moves more quickly around the room. There will be multiple beam attacks at random locations thanks to those orbs, so watch out to avoid getting caught in the middle of several attacks. Continue using the Fire Rod to melt the ice, then attack the body with your sword. It doesn't have much health at this point, so you should be able to win without any difficulty.

    After the fight, collect the Heart Container and touch the painting to release Sage Rosso.

    Before Lorule Castle

    If you have followed along, you should have released all Seven Sages. At this point, the Triforce of Courage will be yours once you make it up the stairs. Once you exit the last dungeon, Hilda will contact you and directs you to Lorule Castle to face Yuga once and for all. At this point, it is highly recommended you wrap up any loose ends throughout the game, such as collecting Heart Pieces, Maiamais, upgrading your Master Sword, stocking up on Red/Blue Potions, etc.

    When you are ready, head over to the castle and save at the weather vane, then Hilda will remove the barrier surrounding the castle. Head inside to face the last dungeon.


    NOTE: You must have the Bombs, Boomerang, Hookshot, and either the Lamp or Fire Rod in order to proceed here.

    Starting off on 1F, head clockwise around the room and defeat the soldiers you meet. Grab the rupees on the ground and head to the north end of the room. Merge with the wall and go east to a chest containing 20 Rupees, then go back across and enter the room to the north. In there, defeat the fiery ball-and-chain knight and then head upstairs to 2F. Go ahead to the next room, where you will face more soldiers. In the room to the east, defeat the soldier and open the chest to get 20 Rupees. Exit that side room and continue southward to some stairs. Before going up them, merge with the west wall and go around to a chest holding a Monster Horn. Now, go south and upstairs to 3F.

    When you arrive, hit the crystal switch to make an entrance portal appear. In the middle, push the two statues off the edge into the gap below. Drop down to 1F as well, and open the chest to get a Small Key. Use the warp to return to 3F, and you will find two doors to the north. Enter the northeast room first. In this somewhat tricky room, go north and you will see purple blocks rise from the lava as you approach. They will not sink on you, but only adjacent ones will be visible at once.

    To solve this puzzle, go east and south until you spot a spiked ball blocking the southbound path. Go directly north of it to find a statue blocking another spiked ball. Pull the statue aside, then when a spiked ball appears, stay close enough behind it so the platforms in front of it appear. It will hit the other ball, clearing the way forward. When you reach the end, merge with the wall and go right to reach the south room. Avoid the flying tiles all around you, then head up the steps that appear when they are gone and return to the previous room.

    This time, follow the east wall all the way northward to find another area where spiked balls fall into the room. As one appears, walk southward as it rolls along the path. Merge with the columns when necessary to keep the spiked ball rolling. When it hits the other ball, it will clear the way for you to run up that path. Go up that path to the chest which has a Small Key inside. Take it and go south a couple of spaces, then west towards the northwest corner. Unlock the door and go downstairs to 2F.

    Inside, you will fight a giant jellyfish mini-boss. Avoid the electricity and make sure there is plenty of room or a wall behind you when you attack so you don't fall off. When you defeat the giant boss, it will explode into smaller jellyfish, so defeat them all to make a warp tile activate. Step into it to return to the main room on 3F with the large door. It will light up the lower-right panel, which means you have three more mini-bosses to go. Next, go into the northwest room past the Bomb columns.

    In here, go down the steps to find a puzzle room involving crystal switches and red/blue platforms. Make your way to the second crystal switch by using Bombs to trigger the first switch from a distance to open the next part of your path. When you reach the second switch in the middle area, stand on the blue platform to the south and toss a Bomb at the switch to trigger it, causing you to rise upward. On the upper ledge, go south to find two sets of red platforms and a crystal switch on the right ledge. You need to ride the left platform upward, but if you go up on the platform closer to the switch, you can get 20 Rupees from a chest.

    Ride the left red platform upward and go south to what seems to be a dead end. Toss a Bomb over the red wall at the Big Bomb Flower to detonate it, clearing a large cracked stone. Merge with the wall to get to the Big Bomb Flower area yourself, and hit the crystal switch again to lower the red blocks. Go west and north to the next dead end, and toss a Bomb over the north wall to lower the blue walls. Toss another Bomb over, then go right to the next square before it detonates. Go around the corner and defeat the enemy, then hit the crystal switch yourself to lower the red blocks. Now, go northeast and detonate the Big Bomb Flower in front of the cracked rock to access the chest. Open it to get a Small Key.

    With the key, drop down to the right and unlock the door leading downstairs to 2F. In the new room, you will have to face a Moldorm as the mini-boss. This is a bit tougher since the walls will close in after you attack it at certain points, leaving you with little room to dodge it (unless you merge to the walls). Once you defeat it, step on the warp tile to activate the second door panel on 3F. Next, unlock the northwest door and go up the stairs to 4F.

    Up here, first open the chest on the middle platform to get the Compass. Before you proceed further, extinguish both of the lanterns to reveal narrow paths leading to the south. Carefully make it across to reach a large chest. Open it to receive the Red Mail. It will reduce the damage you take by an additional 50% compared to what you are taking with the Blue Mail, which is a great deal! Now, get back across to the middle area and relight the lanterns. Then, press the floor switch in front of the left door with the Lamp columns, and enter it.

    This is a fairly easy puzzle room to get through, especially compared to the Bomb room. You can't progress through certain parts depending on if the lantern is lit or not, so you may need to memorize your path and be aware of the surrounding. Start by going to the first lantern and extinguishing the light, which reveals the invisible path. Relight the lantern once you see where it goes, then follow the path to the left until you're in between the second and third small columns in the pit to the north. Turn northward at that point to reach the second lantern.

    Extinguish it to reveal the path, then light the lantern and follow the way east and north to the third lantern. This path will be a bit trickier, but you just need to go directly westward to the narrow pillar, then turn northward to the chest. Open that chest when you get there to receive a Small Key. Go back to the third lantern and continue northward to a locked door. Ignore it for now and step in the nearby warp tile. In the southwest corner of the room, hit the crystal switch to lower some stairs as a shortcut to the warp tiles leading across the Lamp puzzle.

    Now, go back to the warp tile and cross the room, then unlock the door to go upstairs. On 5F, you will meet another mini-boss in the form of a fiery ball-and-chain knight. It's easy to see where the barriers are by moving around to see what's outside of your immediate proximity. Corner the enemy and attack quickly with your sword to easily win. When the fight is done, exit via the new warp tile and you will see the door light up on 3F. Return to 4F again and cross the bridge to a Hookshot column. Use the Hookshot to pull the wall lever out, which will reveal a platform and unlock the north door. Then, enter the final puzzle room.

    In here, defeat the soldier and avoid the Floormaster, then Hookshot to the wall across the gap to the right. At the other side, ride the moving platform northward and open the chest in the corner to find 50 Rupees. Next to the chest is a wall lever, which you can pull out with the Hookshot. Doing so will cause the second platform to move left and right. Ride it across and get off on the north side. Pass the two eye pedestals and step onto the raft floating on the lava ahead.

    While on the raft, Hookshot onto the walls to the west, north, and east. You should end up below a ledge with the floor switch on it. When the Floormaster appears, let it slam down on the switch to unlock the path forward. Continue along with the raft using the Hookshot until you reach the end, and you will find three floor switches lined up. Push the statue onto one of the end switches, then stand on one of the other two and wait for the Floormaster to appear. Wait until it's just about ready to pounce (it wiggles it fingers before winding up to slam down), then move to the adjacent switch. With all three switches getting hit, the wall to the south will open up.

    Go south and you will spot an eyeball on a cracked panel overhead. Stand below it until the Floormaster appears to smash it, knocking the eyeball down to you. Pick it up and start carrying it back to the raft. Toss it onto the raft and start using the Hookshot to get back across the lava path. Stay under the overhangs whenever the Floormaster is incoming to stay safe. At the end, toss the eyeball onto an eye pedestal.

    From here, merge onto the west wall and go south to find another eyeball atop a cracked panel Let the Floormaster break the panel, giving you the eyeball. Toss the eyeball to the north end of the platform, then merge back into the wall and get back across. Stand on the moving platform to the right, then Hookshot the eyeball over from there. With the second eyeball, toss it onto the other pedestal to make a chest appear. Open it to find a Small Key. Now, unlock the door and go upstairs to 5F. You will face Arrghus as the mini-boss in here. Defeat it as you did earlier, then step onto the warp tile to exit.

    Now that all four icons on the large door are illuminated, the door will open. Go through the door to reach the room where you first arrived in Lorule earlier. Exit to the right and follow the path to the very end. Break the pots for some extra hearts, then go into the Throne Room to the north. There, approach Hilda who is standing at the back of the room. After some conversation, Yuga will appear and battle will commence.

    Boss: Yuga (first half)

    For this battle, you face Yuga who is infused in the giant body of Ganon. His attacks are very similar to Ganon's attacks in the SNES game if you recall them. Yuga wields a giant trident, and will either stab straight ahead or swing it horizontally to attack. The stab can be avoided easily, but you need to be faster to avoid the swipe, possibly using your Shield to block it. You can attack with your sword whenever you have an opening, usually right before Yuga attacks. After a few hits, Yuga will add a charging trident stab aimed right at you. Keep moving and run to the side when it's about to attack to avoid it.

    Later in the battle, Yuga will begin to warp around the room more quickly in between attacks. One new ability involves Yuga disappearing and then a series of red flashes follow you while dropping bombs; simply keep moving to avoid them. Continue attacking and a new move will emerge where Yuga tosses the spear which will spin across the room as he warps to collect it at the other side. Overall, Yuga has the same several moves but becomes much faster as the battle progresses. Keep up your strategy and pay attention to the moves he is doing, and you should be able to defeat this phase easily.

    After you defeat Yuga once, you will watch a scene where Hilda steps in. At this point, you face Yuga's second and final phase.

    Boss: Yuga (second half)

    This phase is actually easier than the first, I thought. Anyway, Yuga will start off by sending an energy orb in your direction. Hit the orb when it appears to knock it back at Yuga, who will then knock it back at you. You then have to keep swatting the orb back with your sword repeatedly (you need to have good timing) until it finally stuns the boss. At this point, he will jump into the wall as a painting. Zelda will come to your aid by giving you the Bow of Light, which can only be used when you are a painting on the wall.

    With your new Bow of Light, merge onto the wall to find Yuga. Shoot an arrow straight ahead to stun him, then pop out of the wall and merge behind Yuga. Shoot a second arrow to knock him out of the wall, where you can attack several times with your sword. Once he recovers, Yuga will vanish briefly while purple lights emit from the walls all around the room. Stay towards the middle so you can also avoid the small flying enemies that appear. Once this phase is over, Yuga will charge up an energy orb again, so knock it back and forth to send him back into the wall and merge in after you. This time, wait for Yuga's painting to charge at you. At that point, jump out of the wall to avoid getting hit, then merge right behind Yuga and shoot an arrow to stun him.

    After you jump out and attack with your sword, avoid the purple light attack once more. Now, Yuga will send two energy orbs at you, and you must knock both of them back. It takes some good timing here, but you can do it. With Yuga back in the wall one more time, merge into the wall as well. He will keep approaching you while blocking arrows. To counter this, turn and shoot an arrow in the opposite direction. It will make it all the way around to hit him, stunning the boss once more. Attack with your sword until he is defeated at last.

    Once you completely defeat Yuga, watch the final scenes with Hilda and Zelda. At the end, walk up the path and touch the Triforce to finish the game. Congratulations on completing Zelda: A Link Between Worlds! If this is your first time beating the game, you will unlock Hero Mode, which is a tougher version of the regular game. Good luck!

    Consumable Items

    Blue Potion: Recovers all hearts.

    Foul Fruit: Temporarily stuns all nearby enemies.

    Milk: Recovers five hearts.

    Red Potion: Recovers eight hearts.

    Purple Potion: Unleashes a powerful attack hitting all nearby enemies.

    Scoot Fruit: When in a dungeon, it instantly returns you to the entrance.

    Yellow Potion: Temporarily makes you invulnerable to enemy attacks.

    Inventory Items

    Bomb: Used to blast open cracked walls, hit enemies with a strong attack, etc. Can be picked up and thrown to trigger distant switches due to the delay before detonating. When ugpraded, the blast is a more powerful attack.

    Boomerang: This Zelda mainstay can be thrown straight ahead and it will return to you. It can stun enemies, cut down bushes, and grab small collectible items like rupees and hearts. The upgraded version allows the Boomerang to go farther and move faster.

    Bottle: These are used to store objects you catch with the Net, or potions from the Witch's House. There are a total of five Bottles in this game:

      1. In Kakariko Village, buy a Bottle from the Street Merchant for 100 Rupees.
      2. After you get Zora's Flippers, go to Lake Hylia and swim up the stream leading northward from the lake. Swim under the bridge and talk to the man sitting under there to get this Bottle.
      3. After you get Zora's Flippers, swim along the river leading east from Lake Hylia. You will find a Letter in a Bottle. Bring it to the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village to get Premium Milk, which you bring to the man stranded on Death Mountain (go through the cave leading to Rosso's Ore Mine, heading south at the first split and west at the three-way of moving platforms). You get to keep the Bottle after the man drinks the milk.
      4. In Lorule, go to the Vacant House and bomb the back of the house. Go inside the back entrance and open the chest inside to get a Bottle.
      5. In Thieves' Town, use the Big Bomb Flower to access the cave northwest of the Big Bomb Flower shop. Throw a total of 3000 Rupees into the Great Rupee Fairy's fountain to receive this Bottle.

    Bow: Used to shoot arrows straight ahead to attack enemies, hit distant switches, and so on. When upgraded, it will shoot three arrows: one straight and two in the two diagonal directions in front of you.

    Bow of Light: Only available in the final battle, this allows you to shoot special light arrows. It can only be used when you are merged onto the wall as a painting though!

    Fire Rod: Shoots a fiery blast straight ahead which rises upward, used to melt ice and burn enemies. The upgraded version yields a stronger and taller fiery blast.

    Hammer: Can pound stakes and flatten certain enemies with this. When upgraded, the Hammer will also emit a slight shockwave to damage nearby enemies as well.

    Hint Glasses: Wear these and you will be able to see Hint Ghosts throughout the game. Give the ghost a 3DS Play Coin and they may offer you some advice about the area. You get them from the Fortune Teller north of Kakariko Village.

    Hookshot: This grapple on a chain is used to pull yourself to distant ledges via special posts and wall panels, and pull some items closer to you. The upgraded version increases the length of the Hookshot's chain.

    Ice Rod: Drops an icy cube straight ahead to freeze some enemies and damage others. Can be dropped into lava to form platforms you can walk upon. The upgraded version drops four cubes in a square formation, covering a wider area in front of you.

    Lamp: This is used primarily to light lanterns in darkened rooms. If you have the Lamp equipped, you will be able to see a short distance on all sides. It can be used as a weak attack against enemies at close range, but is not recommended. You can win the 8x more powerful Super Lamp by completing the Advanced difficulty in the Treacherous Tower for the first time.

    Net: Given to you by Bee Guy in Kakariko Village, swing this net all the way around to capture small faeries, bees, and other objects to store in your empty Bottles. You can win the larger Super Net by completing the Advanced difficulty in the Treacherous Tower twice.

    Sand Rod: This special rod allows you to whip up sandy patches to form solid pillars that you can walk across or merge onto. It also stuns any enemies in its path. Pillars can only be conjured up on sandy ground, but it can stun enemies with its shock wave anywhere. The pillars remain until you use the Sand Rod a second time. The upgraded version increases the length of the pillars you can conjure up.

    Tornado Rod: This new rod conjures up a wind gust that can stun enemies and lift you straight up in the air for a short distance. It is helpful in situations involving moving platforms where you need to get onto one moving directly overhead. The upgraded version summons a larger tornado with greater power.

    Gear (Non-Equippable Items)

    Bee Badge: All bees in the game become friendly and attack enemies instead of you. Get from Bee Guy after bringing him the Golden Bee (buy from Mysterious Man in Skull Woods cave for 888 Rupees).

    Blue Mail: Decreases the damage you take compared to the Green Mail by 50%.

    Hylian Shield: This larger shield allows you to block magical projectiles and stronger attacks.

    Pegasus Boots: Allows you to dash straight ahead (hold L to use). Can be used to crash into trees and other objects to knock things out/off them, but you can not turn while dashing. Press another direction to stop.

    Power Glove: Allows you to lift the smaller stones on the ground.

    Ravio's Bracelet: Allows you to merge in and out of walls as a painting.

    Red Mail: Decreases the damage you take compared to the Blue Mail by 50%.

    Shield: Allows you to block some weaker attacks and non-magic projectiles. Hold R to use, but you can not turn to face another direction when holding it.

    Sword: Your standard weapon, used by pressing the B button. Hold B to charge the sword; when you hear the sound and see the spark reach the tip, release to unleash a more powerful spinning attack. There are four swords in this game: Forgotten Sword, Master Sword, and the two Master Sword upgrades (Lv2/Red and Lv3/Gold).

    Stamina Scroll: Increases the length of your energy gauge, allowing you to use items and your merge ability longer.

    Titan's Mitt: An upgrade to the Power Glove, this allows you to lift the larger stones on the ground.

    Zora's Flippers: Allows you to swim in the water. Press B repeatedly to swim, and A to dive in the deeper waters.