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    Heart Piece Location List by DBM11085

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 11/30/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    What's New

    Version 1.05 (11/29/13: Corrected the number of rupees needed for the Thieves' Town Rupee Rush mini-game to win the Heart Piece.

    Version 1.0 (11/26/13): The first version, with all 28 Heart Pieces included.

    Death Mountain

      1. On Death Mountain, go west of the Tower of Hera to find a gap you can merge across. Merge, then fall into the cave opening below. Head north into a hidden area where the Heart Piece is waiting.
      2. On the eastern part of Death Mountain (cross the bridge with the Hookshot), enter the cave leading to Rosso's Ore Mine. When you reach the first solid platform with walls on three sides, take the western path where you will face large springs on moving platforms. Get through that section to the top, where you will find this Heart Piece.
      3. In Lorule, enter the cave north of the "Death Mountain" weather vane. At the first path split, go west, then go north at the second split (you need the Tornado Rod). When you exit the cave and reach an isolated ledge, use the fissure portal tower to return to Hyrule, where you will find this Heart Piece.

    Eastern Ruins

      1. In the southeast area of the Eastern Ruins, you will find steps leading to an upper ledge blocked by stones. Lift them with the Power Glove, then follow the path to a cracked wall. Bomb it open, then in the cave, merge with the wall to cross the pit and collect the Heart Piece.
      2. In the southeast area of the Eastern Ruins, follow the path southward past the blue Tektites to find a Heart Piece surrounded by stakes. Use the Hammer to pound the stakes and collect the piece.

    Graveyard/Zora's Domain

      1. In the Hidden Passageway to the Sanctuary, go to the dark room with the catwalk overhead. Make your way to the chest that contained the Small Key earlier, then merge with the wall and continue eastward. You will reach one more ledge with this Heart Piece on it.
      2. After you obtain Zora's Flippers, jump into the river that runs behind the Witch's House. Swim to the eastmost end and enter the cave behind the waterfall. Inside is this Heart Piece.
      3. At the north side of the Graveyard in Lorule, get onto the high ledge and use a Bomb to reveal a fissure portal. Return to Hyrule, then enter the cave on that ledge to find the Heart Piece.

    Great Swamp

      1. In the southeast area of the Great Swamp, you will find a Heart Piece surrounded by statues in front of a cave entrance. Further to the southeast you will find two statues in front of a wall. Bomb the wall and go through the cave to emerge by that Heart Piece.

    Hyrule Castle/Link's House

      1. On the east side outside of the castle walls, you will find a Heart Piece surrounded by small stones. Use the Power Glove to pick them up, gaining access to the piece.

    Kakariko Village

      1. In Kakariko Village, jump into the hole in the ground in the northwest area of town (by lifting the rock or using a Cucco and flying off the ledge). In the cave below, grab the Heart Piece on the ledge.
      2. In the south end of Kakariko Village, play the Cucco Ranch mini-game. Complete the Rooster stage (third level) for the first time to win this Heart Piece as well as rupees.
      3. After completing your second dungeon, play the Rupee Rush mini-game in the southern end of Kakariko Village. Complete the challenge as close to the 30-second mark as possible (you need to time this yourself of course). If your final total is over 100 for the first time (bonus included), you win this Heart Piece.
      4. At the Blacksmith's Shop, merge into the side of the house and pop out behind it. Go north a screen to reach this Heart Piece on the high ledge.
      5. At the Blacksmith's Shop, use Titan's Mitt to lift the large stone outside. Enter the cave behind it to find a Heart Piece.
      6. From Thieves' Town in Lorule, use the fissure portal in the destroyed building to emerge in a locked house in Kakariko Village. The Stylish Woman inside will give you a Heart Piece.

    Lake Hylia

      1. East of Lake Hylia, talk to the Racing Bro on the high ledge and agree to race to his other bro behind the Miner's House by the Lost Woods. Complete the first race in 75 seconds and the intermediate race will be unlocked. Complete that one in under 65 seconds to win the Heart Piece (you will need the Pegasus Boots and good knowledge of the overworld map to win).
        • It is pretty much required that you have the Pegasus Boots before attempting this mini-game, and that you plan out your route in advance so you know trouble spots, enemies and obstacles to avoid while dashing, etc. A good route would take you directly south and west to the Great Swamp, then northward to Link's House. Go north and west along the straightaways, then north from the Blacksmith's Shop, dashing as much as possible. You need to learn the proper alignments to avoid certain enemies and trees on your own.
        • A good alternate route requires that you have access to Lorule, and have activated the "Skull Woods" weather vane. Start the race, then use the fissure portal nearby to reach Lorule. Use Irene's Bell and get to Skull Woods, then go south to exit the forest. Continue south, east, and north to the ruined Miner's House, using the fissure portal behind the bars. Then, exit the house and talk to the other Racing Bro to finish the race. It should get you there with a good time, especially if you have not mastered the normal path.

    Lost Woods

      1. In the northern part of the Lost Woods, you will see a log tunnel west of the large rock. Halfway through the tunnel, merge into the southern wall and pass through the cracks to reach a Heart Piece in a hidden alcove.

    Death Mountain

      1. On Death Mountain, enter the Treacherous Tower at the top of the mountain. Complete the Intermediate level (15 floors for 200 Rupees) for the first time to receive this Heart Piece.

    Hedge Maze

      1. In the Hedge Maze, get to the middle area where you must cross an elevated platform. The Heart Piece is on a narrow ledge near the guard on the right side.

    Misery Mire

      1. This one is located on a high ledge in the northern part of Misery Mire. To get there, enter the Desert of Mystery in Hyrule and go up the steps northwest from the two fissure portals situated in columns. Form a sand bridge and merge along it to the right, and you will reach a fissure portal blocked by rocks. Throw a Bomb so it explodes in the air to clear it, then pass through the portal. You will arrive next to the Heart Piece.

    Skull Woods

      1. From Kakariko Village, use the fissure portal behind Sahasrahla's House to return to Lorule. Merge with the building and go around to the ledge in the middle of the building. Pop out to get this Heart Piece.
      2. In the Skull Woods region, go one screen south of the ruined Miner's House. Get to the high ledge along the east side and head north to find a Cucco. Pick it up and carry it to the northmost edge of the area, then jump off with Cucco in hand. Fly onto the left side of the roof of the house to reach this Heart Piece.

    Thieves' Town/Lorule Castle/Swamp of Evil

      1. In Thieves' Town, play the Fortune's Choice mini-game (it costs 200 Rupees) for a chance to open three treasure chests. One of the chests will contain the Heart Piece.
      2. Play the Rupee Rush mini-game in the southern end of Thieves' Town. Complete the challenge as close to the 30-second mark as possible (you need to time this yourself of course). If your final total is over 150 for the first time (bonus included), you win this Heart Piece.
      3. In the Haunted Grove area, play the Octoball Derby mini-game. If your total is more than 100 for the first time, you win the Heart Piece.
      4. Southeast of the Swamp Palace, there will be a wall blocked by a cracked stone. Bring the Big Bomb Flower over here to clear it, then enter to find 400 Rupees and a Heart Piece.

    Turtle Lake

      1. In the Turtle Rock dungeon on 1F, take the northwest exit to reach an isolated island outside. You will find this Heart Piece there.


    Michael Poitras: For providing an alternate route for the Hyrule Hotfoot mini-game in Lake Hylia.

    Paul LaPlante: For correcting the amount of rupees needed in the Rupee Rush mini-game in Theives' Town.

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