1. I got this game for Xmas (live in EU), and i was just wondering if the anyone can say where i can unlock all the jobs? And where i can unlock the summons? Do i have to fight the summons to unlock them or do they come with the summoner class?. Is the job system similar to FF3 where you have to have all your characters in the same job so they all level it up? Or can only certain characters equip those jobs? Also is it possible to miss the job quests?

    Thanks alot and a Happy new Year to everyone :)

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    NeoAndroid - 3 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    To level up the job do they all need to equip the job? Or is one person unlocking it all okay (im getting it confused where they keep referring the jobs to FF entry versions), is there away of knowing a Sidequest is near do they have a icon above there head or is it talk to everyone?

    And my other question is why does it appear that all Jobs cap at level 14? Is that the max level or just max level for the jobs.

    Sorry about the loads of questions, but i appreciate you answering them :)

    Happy New Years :)

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    NeoAndroid - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Most, if not all job locations are unlocked through the main story(Yellow !'s) and side quests (Blue !'s) Some side quests can only be done during the day, or others during the night. You only miss job classes if you skip the side quests.

    To gain summons, aside from the starting summon, which you gain from killing the same person who unlocks the summoner class, are scattered around the world. I believe there is a FAQ with a list of summoners' locations who teach you the summon.

    For example there is a summoner in the temple of wind which teaches you a summon. To learn the summon your party must simply survive the summoned creatures one attack to gain it. This unlocks the summon for the whole party and each of the four characters can before it if they have high enough summoning level.

    Your characters must been in the Summoner class to gain 'summoning levels'. Which are needed for more powerful summons later in the game. Each character has its own set of job levels so if one character hit 14 in summoning, no other character, unless they themselves had hit level 14 in summoning, would have that range of skills and summons.

    The npcs do not have markers that they are summoners, or that they are even there. There is no mark on the map on the bottom screen though you can normally see them as you walk through the dungeon and make your way to them that way.

    Jobs just cap at level 14 for each different job. The characters themselves level separately from their jobs and cap at around level 99.

    I hope this answered your questions.

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Other Answers

  1. Hi! Job locations are in the (currently only) FAQ available in the FAQs section. A number are unlocked during normal play, while some are unlocked by pursuing side missions. All characters can equip any job. Afaik, it's not possible to miss any jobs.

    There is indeed a Summoner job. Finding summons requires looking for various NPCs in the world. Acquiring the summon involves surviving a party wide attack from these NPCs. As long as one of your party members survive, you get the summon. You don't actually get to fight it at all, just have to survive one round of attacks.

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