How do you obtain more villagers? [NA Demo]

  1. I was under the impression that your villagers accumulate via streetpass. However, I have been street passing with my Roommates and haven't received any new villagers.
    I've also street passed with Co-workers who are also playing the demo and we both have the game running as we pass each other.
    What am I not understanding about getting new villagers?

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    kevinsyel - 3 years ago

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  1. Streetpassing with people that have either played the demo or the full version

    alternatively, save and talk to one of the townspeople on the west end of town, he gives you a villager, go to the title screen without saving, reload, rinse and repeat

    User Info: jonnovision1

    jonnovision1 (Expert) - 3 years ago 3 1


  1. I've only been able to actually receive data when in Sleep Mode.

    User Info: RogueShadow0618

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  2. Durring the demo there is a way to get as many villages tho the pass over into the full game is 20 but can get more than that in your demo if you want to quickly unlock the places to lv 3.

    when you have the quest to first go into the north forest before accepting the fiber gathering quest you open a loop in the game as what happens in the village autosaves so its pretty sweet.
    there a person between the magic an potion shop staring out to the left.
    save your game at the adventure person talk to said person they will give you a villager when you talk to them next exit city an go to title screen reload an talk to the person who gave you a villager an BAM :D another THO DO NOT SAVE AFTER GETTING VILLAGER FROM PERSON AN I REPEAT DO NOT SAVE THE GAME, just exit village an redo this 20+ times as can get more than 20 as i got 50 to quickly reduce the construction times from hours to minutes.

    reason you dont want to save after getting the villager as you locked out of this an have to start over n.n;; i learned about it late an i beat the demo

    also having atleast one of the gained villagers to work on other buildings an remove then lets you reduce an keep the reduced time by leaving them there for awhile an removing them as time to build doesnt reset so makes it so you can spread them out or just get them to focus on 1 building

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