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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dragoness9927

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 10/02/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    General Information

    Walkthrough Version 1.0.0 By dragoness9927 Platform: Nintendo 3DS (Purchase through eShop)

    Posting without permission is stealing, so please contact me if you'd like to post this elsewhere, and we'll talk particulars.  Contact information can be found at the end of the guide.

    1. Introduction

    Hello, and welcome to my guide for Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace.  I bought this game a few days ago on eShop Download.  It's been a fun game for $8, but the first time through, I had a terrible time finding a guide, even on GameFAQs, which is my go-to for video games.  I finally found a hint for the PC version (who actually knew there *was* a PC version?!), and I used it to work through my first game.

    After completing it, I realize why there's not a guide up: the hidden object screens. It's very complicated to try and describe the location of different hidden object scenes, so they're not going to be included in this guide.  Some of the puzzles may be side-stepped as well, depending on my ability to explain the correct solution.

    As a note, I'm simply going to list the areas and scenes that you are required to examine.  In no way does this guide accurately represent the game in its entirety.  There's a lot of reasoning that has to be done for many of these scenes, and I'm not going to show that, but you should most definitely explore all the rooms as they come available to fully understand what's going on in front of you.

    Also, if you're looking for items through the course of the game, every item name (found by tapping the screen and hovering over each item) will be listed in ALL CAPS when it is picked up and when it is used, to make searching easier.  You can also check the Items List for these, when it becomes available.  The item list is not yet complete, but will be included in this guide when finished.

    not spoiler-free.  You will encounter spoilers during the course of this guide, and now you've been warned.

    2. Controls

    Controls in the game are mostly touch screen oriented.  You'll touch certain items to do most of your tasks.  However, the R button zooms in, and L zooms out.  While zoomed in, you can use the control pad to pan across the screen.

    The Start button gives you save and other options.  The Y button pops up the map for instant travel (a handy little feature), and the A button gives you hints where available.

    3. Game Maps

    Just for the record, my ASCII art sucks, so sorry if this is horrible.  This is truly me trying, and if you can do better, please don't hesitate to send in.  You'll definitely get credit here for your work.

    Also, in the map key, rooms are labeled in the order of headings in my guide, for easy reference if you're following along.  Each hallway is numbered in my guide to avoid confusion between the six of them, also according to the order reached in this guide.

    4. Walkthrough

    Upon opening the game the first time, you'll be given a screen to create a player name and choose a difficulty.  If it's your first time through the game, I strongly recommend the casual difficulty that will help you through hints and "sparkles" that appear over items of interest, as well as provide you with a short tutorial.  If you've played similar strategy games before and are familiar with them, the challenge mode is definitely what you need.  Anyway, once you select these features, tap "OK" to get started.

    Guest Room, Part 1

    There will be a short introduction video showing you several scenes in the game, as well as building the basic plot for you.  You'll be playing as Sophia Fay, a young woman who has some sort of amnesia.  You'll awaken in the guest room of the palace and be given a short controls description that is less detailed than mine above. If you're in Casual mode, this is where your tutorial will kick in.  If not, then you're with me in Challenge mode, so examine in more detail the bedside table.  Tap the knife-looking thing in front of the photograph to receive the NAIL FILE. Exit the screen and then examine the vanity.  Use your newly acquired NAIL FILE on the top right drawer of the little cabinet to open it. Touch the gem inside to receive GLOWING RUBY.  The game will then exit the screen for you.

    Now, examine the mirror on the right-hand side of the room.  You'll notice a shining, gold setting at the top of the mirror, where you need to set the GLOWING RUBY.  When you do, you'll take a brief moment to meet the Heart of the Palace, a character that will serve as a vague hint system through the course of the game.  He's a magical entity in the palace who needs your help to restore his power.  Apparently, he was sabotaged by someone and he can't restore any of the palace functions without you.  (Yeah, I know, but just go with it.)  Also, he mentions that Sophia is engaged to Prince Alexander, despite her being a mere commoner.  Interesting.

    Anyway, now that you've positioned the ruby in the mirror, the magical barrier over the room has lifted, and now you're free to leave the room.  Exit now to the area we're going to call "Hallway 1."

    As you can see, there's very little you can do here.  Barriers encase the door on the left side and the corridor in front of you.  The only way to go from here is down, so tap the stairs to get to the Staircase area.

    Staircase, Part 1

    Now that you're on the Staircase, the game will introduce you to the Hidden Object Screen part of the game.  Tap the section under the stairs where the sofa is to access it.  Once you complete the screen, you'll receive the WINDOW HANDLE item.  Unlike most items in the game, this one is immediately usable when you find it, so head back up to the Guest Room to use it.

    Guest Room, Part 2

    First things first - tap the window to the left of the vanity.  You'll notice there's a key on the window ledge; use the WINDOW HANDLE on the window to collect the SMALL GOLD KEY.  Now, tap the vanity again, and select the small, ornate jewelry box with the gold dragon on it.  Use the SMALL GOLD KEY on it to open it, and you'll receive DEVICE KEY 1.  Exit the room to enter Hallway 1 again.

    Hallway 1

    Tap the device just above the staircase that looks like a globe (which will be referred to as a "Clockwork Globe" from now on), and you'll notice the small opening at the bottom of it.  Insert DEVICE KEY 1 into the slot and... nothing will happen.  I know; it's sort of disappointing.  Before you do anything else, though, tap the small box on the wall next to the Clockwork Globe, and tap the center of it to initiate a minigame.

    In this little minigame, the goal is to re-wire the palace based on the order listed on the left from top to bottom.  Of course, the wires are a tangled mess, so you'll have to decipher which switch controls which light.  But, for your convenience, here's a map:

    Sorry about my lopsided circle, but what you need to do is turn on the switches in the right order.  The numbers following each switch are in correct order, so all you have to do is follow the S## in order to complete the circuit.  Once you do, Heart will show up to say he sent everyone into an enchanted sleep to stop the saboteur from escaping, and mentions he can't feel the king's life force, so old King Edward is probably dead.  Definitely not a good day for him.

    Anyway, now that the barriers are gone, you'll be able to access two new directions: the room to your left and the corridor in front of you.  You won't be able to do anything in the room just yet, so go ahead and enter into the area we'll call "Hallway 2."  There's nothing much to do in the area, so enter the door to the north to access the Bathroom.

    Bathroom, Part 1

    At first blush, the Bathroom is just boring, bathroom-y stuff, but there's actually a lot of things you'll need that are in this room.  The first thing you need to do is tap the bottom right corner to access another Hidden Object Screen.  Once you finish, you'll receive KEYSTONE 1, but you'll need three to open the main door.  Next, access the sink area, where you can retrieve the RAZOR and the BAR OF SOAP.  That's pretty much it for now, so return to Hallway 1 and enter the room on your left.

    Alexander's Room, Part 1

    Now that you've found your way into the bedroom of Sophia's betrothed, examine him in further detail, and you can see he has a key in his hand.  To get him to release it, use the BAR OF SOAP you found in the bathroom, and you'll get WARDROBE KEY in return.  Tap the wardrobe now and use the WARDROBE KEY on it, duh. Even though it looks like there's nothing here, tap the coat, and remove the item from the inside pocket to receive the WOODEN PUZZLE PIECE.

    Now, tap the jewelry box at the bottom-left corner of the screen and place the WOODEN PUZZLE PIECE in the hole and tap the box again.  This will lead you to another minigame, in which you swap out the pieces to create the image.  Sadly, the image randomizes each time, so you'll have to figure out this one yourself, or give the meter enough time that you can skip it.  Either way, once you complete it, you'll have access to two new areas, and the game will kick you out of the screen.

    Tap the jewelry box again then tap the tray on top.  This will give you access to DEVICE KEY 2 and Alexander's diary.  Back out of the screens and tap the dresser just above the jewelry box to activate another Hidden Object screen.  Make sure you open the top drawer of the dresser by tapping it to get access to all of the items.  Once you get through it, you'll receive GARDENING GLOVE (of all things) and BRASS COG 1.  The Brass Cog is the first item you'll receive of which you have to collect more than one.  Anyway, now that we've explored all of the room we can (for now *dun dun dun*), go back to the Staircase area to use some of your items.

    Staircase, Part 2

    Tap the palm/shrub on the right hand side of the screen to examine it, then use the GARDENING GLOVE in the ivy to receive KEYSTONE 2.  Now, create an arrow at the bottom of the screen to access the Entrance Hall.  When you enter, Sophia will allude to the sunlight in the windows; that will become important later.  But for now, take the right branch of the hallway to access Hallway 3.

    Hallway 3, Part 1

    HALLWAY 3, PART 1 [HWY31] On the right-hand side, you'll notice that there's another Clockwork Globe. Tap to examine it, then set DEVICE KEY 2 in the slot provided for you. This will give you entry to both the Ballroom and the Throne Room, but the only one of importance for now is the Throne Room.  Tap the ornate double doors twice to enter.

    Throne Room, Part 1

    When you first enter, Sophia will comment on the grandeur of the room, but then notice old King Edward, who she is quick to proclaim is deceased.  This has added quite a complication to your little mystery; not only has someone sabotaged the palace defense system, but now someone has killed the king! Anyway, there's nothing you can do about it now, so examine the room in front of you.  Off on the left-hand side, where the suit of armor is, is another Hidden Object scene; the glowing gem is inside the knight's helmet, if you can't find it.  Once you complete the scene, you'll receive SILVER SHOE (another bizarre item) and GLOWING GEM.

    Use the forward arrow to explore the area around the king's throne.  You might want to pick up the handkerchief (it's not required though), but you'll definitely want to pick up the ring of keys on the king's belt.  Once you do, you'll officially receive KING'S KEYS.

    There's more to be found here, but none of it is available for you to access now, so instead focus yourself back toward Hallway 2, at the top of the stairs.

    Hallway 2, Part 1

    You probably noticed earlier that there are two doors we completely avoided in Hallway 2.  That's for a very good reason: they're locked.  Now that you have the ring of keys from the king, tap the door on your right, and then use the KING'S KEYS on it.  This will open another small minigame for you to play, but it's relatively easy; from left to right, insert keys 5, 3, 1, 4, and 2 to gain access, and head on in.

    Royal Bedchamber, Part 1

    The first thing you'll probably notice in the room is the ornate canopy bed.  Examine it, and you'll see Queen Maria snoozing soundly on it.  Pick up the GOLDEN SCARAB lying on her torso, and the game will exit the screen for you.  Now, tap the wardrobe to the left of the bed and open it.  You'll see another silver shoe at the bottom, so put your SILVER SHOE next to it.  When you do, the UNICORN HORN will become visible.  Grab it, and the game will pop back to the main screen.

    Now for the boring stuff.  Select the mirror to the right of the bed, and place the GLOWING GEM in the setting at the top to activate another mirror.  Heart will pop in to say hey, and he'll also tell you that the Clockwork Globe in this room will help you to reach him, if you can find the "five special keys."  But that's light-years away from where you are now, so just carry on.

    Activating the mirror will have gained you access to another Hidden Object screen at the foot of the bed, so go ahead and work through it.  While you're doing that, there's a "love letter" item you'll have to collect; when you do, you can read that Queen Maria has been having an affair with the Redmond King for years-naughty, naughty!  That kind of gives her motive, doesn't it?

    Incidentally, Prince Alexander has motive, now that we think about it.  He and King Edward were fighting about his betrothal to Sophia, a mere commoner.  Looks like there are now two suspects in the murder, huh?

    Anyway, when you finish the Hidden Object game, you'll be awarded KEYSTONE 3, your third and final.  Now that we have all the pieces, we'll need to head to the Entrance Hall.  But first, a detour: the Throne Room again.

    Throne Room, Part 2

    Back in the Throne Room, touch the top of the left unicorn's head, and place the UNICORN HORN in the slot.  Now, examine the bottom of the statue and pick up the MAGIC ORB 1, the first of five, and the REDMOND CREST item.  Hmm... wonder what it's doing here.  Anyway, that's a question for another time, so pop on over to the Entrance Hall.

    Entrance Hall, Part 1

    Tap the closed window on the left first, and you'll be told the shutters are pulled.  Then, tap the entrance door and place KEYSTONE 1, KEYSTONE 2, and KEYSTONE 3 into their designated spots.  This will pop up yet another minigame, where you have to move the dials of the lock into place.  It's easy enough to do if you start with the outermost dial and work your way in arranging them. If you're having trouble, use the Keystone pieces as benchmarks.

    Either way, when you finish the puzzle, you'll be able to gain access into the Courtyard, where Sophia will reminisce about Alexander taking her places in the carriage.  Either way, there's nothing really to do here for now, so tap the bottom left side of your screen to travel to the Stable & Coach House area.

    Stable & Coach House

    There's not much to do here, and it will be one of the only locations that you only need visit once.  First tap the basin of water at the bottom left corner.  There's a wire in the basin, so tap it to receive the WIRE HOOK item.  Then tap the green shutters between the carriage and the stable doors, and grab the can to get the CAN OF OIL.  We'll be using both of these items very soon.

    Finally, tap the stable doors to initiate another minigame.  You'll have to align the horse's heads correctly.  There are many ways to do this, but if you start at one point and methodically work through it, you should get through the puzzle before the Skip time runs out.

    Once you finish it, you'll gain access to another Hidden Object area (are you as tired of these as me?).  Complete it to receive the PICKAXE and VALVE WHEEL items.  Now, we're done here, so just pop back up to the Bathroom again to continue on your quest.

    Bathroom, Part 2

    Now that we're back to the Bathroom, it's time to examine the tub.  Use the WIRE HOOK on the drain to receive the DOOR KEY.  This is all we need at the time, so back on out to Hallway 2.

    Hallway 2, Part 2

    Now that you're in the hallway, use your newly acquired DOOR KEY on the door to your left to open it, giving you access to the Vanity Room.

    Vanity Room, Part 1

    The Vanity Room is full of all sorts of things that you'll find useful for your continuing investigation.  First, examine the princess in further detail, and tap the butterfly in her hair to receive the HAIRPIN item.  Next, examine the window on the far left (behind the dress on the mannequin), and tap the pitcher to receive EMPTY PITCHER.  Third, examine the box on the vanity to the right of the mirror.  You can't open the jewelry box yet because you don't have a key, but you can pick up the GOLD HEART pendant underneath the right corner of it.

    Now it's time for my favorite part of the room: the Hidden Object scene.  Tap the wardrobe on the left to initiate it, and make sure to tap the second drawer on the left to gain access to all the items.  Once you finish the scene, you'll receive the CLOCK HAND 1, first of two, and an EMERALD GEM.

    Tap the full-length mirror left of the vanity and place the EMERALD GEM in the setting at the top un-fog another mirror.  Heart will pop in to tell you how wonderful you are, but that you should pick up the pace because he's losing power.  He'll also mention how you need to replace his Heart Gems that have been removed, but he'll cut out before he can say much more.

    However, in the meantime, Sophia will notice a key around her neck.  Tap it to receive SMALL BRASS KEY 1.  Unfortunately, that's all you can do here for now, so head back over to the Bathroom yet another time to keep going.

    Bathroom, Part 3

    It's really not necessary to do it now, but I'm going to, so you can just deal with it.  Focus in on the pool in the floor, then use your EMPTY PITCHER in the water.  Pick it up again to receive PITCHER OF WATER.  That's all we have here, so now head back to the first room you saw: the Guest Room.

    Guest Room, Part 3

    Now that you're back to the Guest Room, tap the nightstand next to the bed again.  Place the GOLD HEART in the slot atop the picture frame to open a secret panel in the frame.  Pick up the TINY KEY from the slot and head back toward the Vanity Room.

    Vanity Room, Part 2

    Zoom in on the jewelry box again and use the TINY KEY on the lock.  If you take the time to poke around the journal there, you'll find out that the girl is Princess Elizabeth, and she, too has motive to kill the king: being forced into an arranged marriage to a man she doesn't love.  If you pop back into the screen, pick up the circular seal and get the ROYAL SEAL.  That's all for now, so head over to Alexander's Room again.

    Alexander's Room, Part 2

    Tap the clock above the bed and use the HAIRPIN to pop open the casing, and then pick up the second CLOCK HAND 2.  It's time we used these, so head on back to the Staircase to do so.

    Staircase, Part 3

    Tap the clock above the first level of stairs and use the CLOCK HAND 1 and CLOCK HAND 2 items on the face of the clock.  This will pop up a minigame where you have to set the clock to noon.

    (Actually, I'm not quite sure how to solve this one; I just "Skip" it every time.  If you have any ideas what to do, please feel free to contact me with information from the "Contact Info" section.  Thanks in advance for your help!)

    Once you solve the annoying clock puzzle, the game will exit out of it, so stubbornly tap the clock again and pick up the DEVICE KEY 3.  This is a useful tool for you, so move into the Entrance Hall and take the right fork in the hallways this time to reach Hallway 4.

    Hallway 4

    The first thing you should notice upon entering Hallway 4 is the magical barriers up over the end of the hall and the doorway on the left.  In order to deactivate them, tap the Clockwork Globe on the right and place DEVICE KEY 3 in the slot.  Now that you've gotten everything open, pop through the door on the left to enter into the Dining Hall.

    Dining Hall

    Upon entering the Dining Hall, Sophia will comment on the room and how she remembers a scene.  This will trigger a flashback sequence, in which the royal family will fall on each other like a ravenous pack of wolves.  For the most powerful family in the nation, they sure seem to hate each other.  I think this safely gives pretty much everyone motive to want King Edward dead. Sophia will blather on a bit, and despair about finding the murderer.  Yeah, well, so do I, but we're doing it anyway.

     Once the little scene clears up, tap the place settings on the table and pick up the rightmost fork to get the SILVER FORK.  Then back out of the scene and tap the creepy-looking animal skull above the door.  (I'm pre-vet, and I'm not sure what kind of thing that's supposed to be-maybe some sort of ram?)  Use the SILVER FORK to remove the gold disc from the skull, which will give you the SMALL BRASS DISK.  You're done with the Dining Hall now, so go through the doorway below the skull you just examined.

    Drawing Room

    As soon as you enter, Sophia will reminisce about Prince Lucas, who is sacked out on the couch.  It doesn't matter too much right now, so just press on and don't worry about it too much.  Instead, examine the tray to the left of Lucas.  Pull off the lid on the jar and collect the GREEN GLASS BUTTERFLY, which is the first of five you'll have to retrieve.

    Now examine Lucas in more detail.  Touch the top of the sword to get MAGIC ORB 2, and place the REDMOND CREST in his ring.  Sophia will wonder why exactly that is, but it's not important for now.

    Anyway, once the game backs you out of the screen, examine the shelves on the right side of the room.  If you'll examine the tea set more closely, you can take the top off the center container to get the ORNATE KEY.  Then, examine the bookcase.  You're looking for the book with an ornate, blue and white spine.  Pick it up to receive the MUSIC BOOK.

    Next, use the PITCHER OF WATER you collected from the Bathroom to douse the fire in the fireplace.  Doing so will give you access to another Hidden Object screen, and once you complete it, you'll get a SUN SYMBOL.

    Head back to the main area of the Drawing Room and examine the door this time.  Place the SMALL BRASS DISK in the circular opening to open up another minigame-matching this time.  The diagram will look something like this:





    Match the numbers to open the lock; the 8 is the disk you placed yourself that acts as a placeholder.  When you put it all together, you'll gain access to the Games Room.

    Games Room, Part 1

    There's not much going on in the Games Room, especially not anything fun.  The first thing you'll want to examine is the far middle pocket of the pool table, where you can pick the HOLLOW SPHERE out of the pocket.  Then examine the portrait on the far left, and take the wooden rod from atop the photograph to receive LADDER RUNG 1, first of five you'll want to collect.  That's it for here, so head back to Hallway 4 and head north into Hallway 5.

    Hallway 5

    Instead of heading north again, take the doorway that's partially hidden on the left. Use your ORNATE KEY to open the door and step right into the Library.

    Library, Part 1

    As soon as you enter, Sophia will comment on the Brass Man standing guard in front of a stairwell into another room.  You won't be able to enter it, but you will be able to do some investigating while you're here.  First, examine the Brass Man and use SMALL BRASS KEY 1 to open the chest compartment.  You can pick up BRASS COG 2 from the cavity, and you can exit out now.

    Next, examine the bookcase just left of the Brass Man.  There's a little opening between the yellow books, so place your MUSIC BOOK inside, and you'll open a secret compartment where you can pick up some SHEET MUSIC.  Now examine the throw pillows on the green chair at the bottom of the screen.  If you tap the pillow, Sophia will say that she thinks something is inside,  So cut it open using the RAZOR so that you can get BRASS COG 3-your third and final.

    One last thing to do before you leave: notice the ladder toward the back of the room, on the left side of the screen?  (You may have to zoom in.)  Use the CAN OF OIL you collected on it.  This will give you access to another Hidden Object screen at the top of the ladder, and you'll come out of it with a CLOCKWORK KEY and a BLUE GLASS BUTTERFLY. That's all for now, folks, so exit back to Hallway 5 and head north into Hallway 6.

    Hallway 6, Part 1

    Hallway 6 has many things to explore.  First, head north to the little alcove, and pick up the IRON CROSS next to the vase.  Touch the pink continent on the map, as well, to receive CONTINENT (an item that seems random, even to me).

    If you'll go to the door on the left now, you can use BRASS COG 1, BRASS COG 2, and BRASS COG 3 collectively on it.  This will open up a nice little minigame for you, where you have to place the cogs in their proper places. When you finish it, you'll gain access to the Gallery, so go ahead and pop in there now.

    Gallery, Part 1

    There are a number of things to explore around here, so go ahead and dig in.  First of all, examine the display case on the left side, far from you (you may need to zoom in).  If you open the letter there, Sophia will read it and find out that Lucas is the love child of the Redmond king and Queen Maria-guess she was even naughtier than we thought.  It's like Peyton Place in this castle!

    Something else you should realize: that gives Prince Lucas motive, because the only way he could claim the throne.  Additionally, the Redmond crest on Lucas's ring was found in the Throne Room, near the king.  It's not looking good for the old boy now.

    Anyway, back to the exploration of the room.  There's a display case on the left similar to the one you just opened; examine it now.  It requires some sort of weird lock mechanism, but you can use the GOLDEN SCARAB to pop it open.

    This will turn the area into a Hidden Object scene.  Be careful to open the drawer under the display for more items to pick from.  After you're done, you'll get a PURPLE GLASS BUTTERFLY and a CRYSTAL HEART.  If you tap the screen near the columns in the back, you'll be able to access a new part of the Gallery.  Zoom in on the ornate plaque in the middle, and you'll see a genealogy chart of sorts, with items missing.  You'll have to collect the family portraits scattered around the palace to complete it now.  If you've wondered why I haven't started picking those up, it's simple, really:  the game won't let you until you get to this part.  But only now can you back out of the area and pick up the portrait on the right wall, of PRINCESS ELIZABETH LAROCHE.

    But anyway, that's all she wrote for this area (for now), so pop back into Hallway 6 again to pick up something of use.

    Hallway 6, Part 2

    On the south side of the door, you can pick up the portrait of PRINCE ALEXANDER LAROCHE.

    Games Room, Part 2

    You can pick the portrait of KING EDWARD LAROCHE off the wall above the fireplace now, and that will complete this room.

    Hallway 3, Part 2

    Now that you're back in front of the Throne Room, make sure to pick up the portrait of PRINCE LUCAS LAROCHE from the left of the Throne Room doors.  Then, pop right into the doorway on the left and enter the Ballroom for the first time ever.


    There's much to do here in the Ballroom now that we've gotten all we need to complete it.  First tap the clockwork device in the bottom left-hand corner and place the HOLLOW SPHERE on the rod.  Tap it to open and you'll get the AIR ELEMENTAL, one of the four keys Heart said was necessary to re-power his systems.

    Next, tap the portrait above it to receive the picture of QUEEN MARIA, and then focus in on the piano.  Place the SHEET MUSIC on the stand above the piano keyboard, and it will unblock the area for a wind-up key.  Now, put the CLOCKWORK KEY in the Brass Man's back to initiate a minigame.  This is my absolute favorite minigame in the entire video game: music time in the Ballroom!  You'll have to play the piece for the mannequin so he can learn it.  If you're a former band nerd like me, you'll have no problem playing this.  If not, first things first: keys to the right are considered "high" notes, and keys to the left are considered "low" notes, and that's how I'll be referencing them.

    The letter of the note is on each key, so it shouldn't be too hard to designate what goes where, there are no sharps or flats, and you don't have to play the notes with the proper rhythm.  The proper order for each line is:  

    low C, low D, G, high C, high D, high B, high A, G high A, high B, high A, G, low C, low D, low E, G high A, G, low E, low C, low D, low D

    Once you finish, the mirror on the wall (left of the piano) will go haywire and become a Hidden Object scene, but you'll walk out of it with MAGIC ORB 3.  That's all she wrote for this one, too, so head on over to the Courtyard to press on.

    Courtyard, Part 1

    Click right in on the grand little carriage on the screen, and use the ROYAL SEAL on the door.  Pluck the TRUNK KEY from the seat, then head north to the Palace Grounds.

    The Palace Grounds, Part 1

    Sophia will instantly start in about something to do with the Laroche Curse, and then you'll be free to explore the grounds.  If you tap the bench area behind grand statue, you'll reach another Hidden Object scene, and when finished it'll earn you LADDER RUNG 2 and LADDER RUNG 3.  If you'll zoom in on the fountain, you can also grab a MANHOLE KEY.

    Exit out and examine an area near the center, right-hand side of the screen, which will show you a ladder and a bench.  LADDER RUNG 4 is lying on the ground in front of the bench, while LADDER RUNG 5 is on the arm of the bench. Place LADDER RUNG 1, LADDER RUNG 2, LADDER RUNG 3, LADDER RUNG 4, and LADDER RUNG 5 in the ladder, then pick up the WOODEN LADDER.  Head on back to the Courtyard to use your newly assembled ladder.

    Courtyard, Part 2

    This is going to seem convoluted since I just demanded you head here, but tap the bottom of the screen like you're going to head back into the Entrance Hall from here.  When you do, you'll see the entrance of the palace, and you can use your WOODEN LADDER at the base of the closed window, then examine the window itself.  Use the IRON CROSS to open the window, and then head on back to the Entrance Hall for real this time.

    Entrance Hall, Part 2

    Tap the statue of the woman on the left and place the CRYSTAL HEART on the platter she's holding.  This will charge up your Crystal Heart into a GLOWING HEART GEM 1 that you can use to power the Brass Man blocking your path.  But before we do that, there's another errand we need to run first.

    Vanity Room, Part 3

    Examine the trunk between the mirror and the mannequin with the white dress, where a trunk sits.  Use your TRUNK KEY to open it, and though it looks like there's nothing there, tap the jewelry box with the butterfly on it.  When it pops open, you can pick up the RED GLASS BUTTERFLY.  Now, we've gotten all we need from the Vanity Room, so it's time to power up that old Brass Man in the Library.

    Library, Part 2

    Now it's time to gain access to the Study!  Zoom in on the Brass Man and place the GLOWING HEART GEM 1 in the center of his chest.  After a short cutscene, he will move, and you'll get access to the Study.  Pop on in and say hello.

    Study, Part 1

    When you first enter, Sophia will comment on Prince Rupert, who is apparently a scholar and owner of the Study.  She will also note that any sabotage to Heart would certainly require mechanical expertise, which Rupert has in spades, and that Rupert's motive would be his enmity toward his father.   Then you'll be subjected to a short flashback, in which Rupert and Edward have an argument about studying the palace and Edward's control gem.  It's completely unpleasant conversation, in which we learn that Edward is even more of a jerk than we thought previously.  But, bad man or not, murder suspect number five, thy name is Rupert.

    Anyway, for once, examining the person lying in the room will yield no clues, but the table with the map next to it will give you a SMALL BRASS KEY 2. Examining the stained glass window will grant you access to the ORANGE GLASS BUTTERFLY, which should be your fifth and final piece.

    Examine the globe on the left side of the room next, and then place the CONTINENT in the proper hole.  The globe will open and allow you to pick up the EARTH ELEMENTAL.  You can also grab the portrait of PRINCE RUPERT LAROCHE to the right of that, exposing a safe that we can't access yet.

    Tap the deer head on the wall above it next, then examine its mouth to get a SILVER KEY.  You can then turn around and use that SILVER KEY on the dresser to the left of the globe table, and it will give you access to MAGIC ORB 4. You can also examine the paper in the drawer to read the king's Will, which says that inheritance of the throne would pass to Lucas, ironically since he's not even Edward's son.  This gives both Rupert and Lucas stronger motive, which definitely complicates things.

    Moving on, tap the desk for another Hidden Object game, and when you finish, you'll get a FULL LIGHTER that you'll definitely need later.  You're done here for now, but we have more work to do in the gallery, now that we have all six paintings.  It's time to head back there.

    Gallery, Part 2

    Head into the back section of the Gallery, and place the paintings on the wall.  PRINCE ALEXANDER LAROCHE goes on the top left, then PRINCESS ELIZABETH LAROCHE underneath his portrait.  The portrait of KING EDWARD LAROCHE goes to the right of theirs, then, in order from left to right, QUEEN MARIA, PRINCE LUCAS LAROCHE, and finally, PRINCE RUPERT LAROCHE.  If you were expecting something magical to happen, you'll be disappointed, but if you tap the genealogy chart, you'll find MAGIC ORB 5--the final one you need.

    There are two options you could utilize right now: you could put the Glass Butterflies on the stained glass in Hallway 6, or you could place the Magic Orbs in the Clockwork Globe in the Royal Bedchamber.  For the sake of less jumping around, I'm going to place the Magic Orbs first.  So, onward to the Royal Bedchamber!

    Royal Bedchamber, Part 2

    If you look on the floor in front of the wardrobe first, you'll see a clue for the upcoming minigame, but it's not mandatory to look at it.  Either way, you will need to zoom in on the Clockwork Globe and place MAGIC ORB 1, MAGIC ORB 2, MAGIC ORB 3, MAGIC ORB 4, and MAGIC ORB 5 in their slots, then tap the Globe again.

    This will open up an easy minigame in which you have to turn on the stones in the right order.  The correct order, from left to right, is 5, 3, 2, 4, 1. The game will return you to the main room again, but tap the Globe again and pick up the AMETHYST GEM that you've unlocked.  Now, we're ready to gain access to the Conservatory, so head to Hallway 6 to unlock the doorway.

    Hallway 6, Part 3

    Tap the glass door at the bottom right of your screen, and it'll zoom in at the top, showing you slots for all of your Glass Butterflies.  Insert the BLUE GLASS BUTTERFLY at the bottom-center position.  Surround it, from left to right with the GREEN GLASS BUTTERFLY, ORANGE GLASS BUTTERFLY, PURPLE GLASS BUTTERFLY, and the ORANGE GLASS BUTTERFLY.  This will open the door, so hop on over to the Conservatory.

    Conservatory, Part 1

    First touch the little collection of flowers and such in the middle of the room to access the final (and hardest) Hidden Object in the game.  Once you finish (yay!), you'll get the WRENCH and the HERALDRY SHIELD.  There's nothing else to do here for now, so take the pathway on your right to enter the Inner Garden.

    Inner Garden, Part 1

    There's not too much going down here in the Inner Garden, but there is one important thing you can do here right now:  tap the statue toward the back of the screen (not the one on the fountain).  It's somewhat hard to see, but you can get the BALL OF BIRDSEED from just under the statue's arm.  With that in hand, step back into the Conservatory.

    Conservatory, Part 2

    Tap the birdcage on the left, then tap again to open it.  Give the birdie inside your BALL OF BIRDSEED so that you can reach the blue jewel inside. Pick it up to get the WATER SYMBOL.  With this in hand, you're officially starting to wind down the game, with only three places to go right now:  the Palace Grounds, the Bathroom, and the Gallery.  We're going to trudge on over to the Palace Grounds first.

    The Palace Grounds, Part 2

    Tap the fountain, then place the WATER SYMBOL in the tiny circle above the gold spout of the fountain to activate the water flow again.  Now examine the statuary in the pool of water, where you'll find a WATER ELEMENTAL waiting for you.  That's it for this area, so head on over to the Bathroom again.

    Bathroom, Part 4

    Tap the sink area again, then use the WRENCH to move the valve lever at the bottom left.  This will earn you a VALVE LEVER that you'll need soon.  Move on over to the Gallery now.

    Gallery, Part 3

    Head to the back section of the Gallery, then zoom in on the knight on the right side.  Place the HERALDRY SHIELD on his armor, and he'll kindly let loose of the KNIGHT'S SWORD so that you can take it.  Now, let's mosey on over to the Conservatory again.

    Conservatory, Part 3

    If you'll look under the birdcage, there's a bench there that you can examine closer.  Do so and place the VALVE LEVER on the pipe.  Now, we need to get back to the Inner Garden.

    Inner Garden, Part 2

    If you look closely enough on the walkway on the left side of the screen, you'll see an aberration in the brick pattern, so tap to examine.  Close up, you'll see a manhole of some kind, so use the MANHOLE KEY you collected ages ago to open it.  This will give you access to a pipe that you can use the VALVE WHEEL on, and that will shut off the water to the fountain. Now, examine the statue on the fountain more closely.  Place the KNIGHT'S SWORD in his hand and the AMETHYST GEM on his shield to open a cool secret passage under the fountain.  Then, brave the path into the Catacombs.

    Catacombs, Part 1

    Sophia will say that she needs to blaze a path into the Catacombs to undo Rupert's handiwork (because she now knows it's him, apparently), and that it's really too dark to continue for now.  But not for long!  Use the FULL LIGHTER you found to light the torch on the right side of the screen.  That will light one torch, but apparently, something's very wrong with the gas flow.  Tap the pipework on the left side of the screen to initiate a minigame.

    In this minigame, you have to align all the pipework pieces so that each reaches a valve.  Unfortunately, there's no way I can explain this one, so you're on your own (remember, Skip is your friend).  Once you finish it, the pathway will light, allowing you to press on.  Head north through the path to the next screen.

    There's a fork in the pathway here, but you should definitely take the right one first.  There, you'll find some sort of cave-in and a dead end, but examine the rubble more closely.  There's something glowing behind the rock, and if you use the PICKAXE you've been holding onto for most of the game, you can earn yourself GLOWING HEART GEM 2.  Grab it and go back to the fork and take the left path this time. Examine the section of the wall where valve wheel is.  Tap the device to receive the WINCH HANDLE.

    There are two options for you now:  you can progress through the Catacomb to the next area, or you can trudge back up to the Gallery again.  You will have to do both eventually, but you'd have to start back at the entrance to the Catacombs.  I prefer to get the last item we need before pressing forward, so now, I'm going to refer back to the Gallery.  If you'd like to continue down the Catacombs, though, just skip down to the Catacombs, Part 2 section.  So, if you're following me, onward to the Gallery!

    Gallery, Part 4

    In the past, you might've wondered what's up with the giant angel statue in the middle.  Fortunately for you, it's not a Weeping Angel, but in fact a helpful statue.  Examine the base more closely, and you'll see an opening for a sun motif.  Place the SUN SYMBOL there and then open the section to reveal a mechanism without a handle.  Fortunately, you have a WINCH HANDLE you can use to make the device operate again.  Close the screen, then examine the glowing stone in the angel's hand to get a FIRE ELEMENTAL, and it's back down to the Catacombs for you.

    Catacombs, Part 2

    Backtrack to the area where you found the Winch Handle again, then head north.  There, you'll find another Brass Man, so zoom in on him and use the SMALL BRASS KEY 2 to open his chest compartment, and place the GLOWING HEART GEM 2 inside.  He'll be nice enough to get up and move for you, and you'll be able to open the gate.

    ...Or not.  The gate is sealed with an odd combination lock that is a pain to open. (Once again, I'm not exactly sure how to solve this one, so if you have any ideas, please send them in.  Thanks!)  Once you're finished, head through the doors to the Heart Chamber.

    Chamber of the Heart

    Finally, you reach the Heart Chamber!  Sophia will echo that sentiment, and tell you that you should place the elemental orbs you've collected.

    If you pressed on to this area before going back to the Gallery, now's the time to go to the "Gallery, Part 4" section of this guide.

    Hey, that's a good idea she just suggested; let's do that!  Zoom in on the gold control panel at the bottom-center of the screen, then place, from left to right, the EARTH ELEMENTAL, AIR ELEMENTAL, WATER ELEMENTAL, and FIRE ELEMENTAL.  Congratulations; this will activate Heart's power again.  Good going, you!

    ...But, wait, there's more!  Heart will pop in to say hey... and, oh by the way, he's the one that killed King Edward--oh, snap!  In true supervillain fashion, he will explain his entire plan to you, and will tell you that--holy crap--he's really the spirit of Severin De La Roche, the king that built the palace, and that he wants to kill the king to rule forever.  Oh, and he's the one that wiped Sophia's memory.  Of course, you've gotta stop him, so it's not over yet.

    Grab the map section off of the control panel to receive SECTION OF HEART PLANS, which tell part of what Rupert's plan was to stop Heart.  You definitely need the rest to understand it, so head back up to the Study.

    Study, Part 2

    Examine the area where you found Small Brass Key 2, and place the SECTION OF HEART PLANS into the hole in the blueprint.  Apparently, Rupert came up with a way to drain Heart's power by use of another gem in place of the one the king wears now.

    Exit the screen to examine the safe, and then tap the combination you got. This will open another minigame, where you have to get all the dials to the number 36402.  One dial will move another, so use a strategy similar to the Stable doors (make sure the ones you've moved stay set, and then fix the rest) to solve it.  When you do, you'll get access to the safe, and a GLOWING BLUE STONE will be your prize.  Take it with you to the Throne Room.

    Throne Room, Part 3

    Move toward the back of the Throne Room and examine King Edward.  Place the GLOWING BLUE STONE in the setting where the red stone is... to officially complete the game!

    The king will wake up, and Sophia will tell him what went down.  He'll think that Rupert saved him, but Sophia will set him straight and tell him that she's the one who's done all the work while everyone else slept.  Severin will be banished by the power of the stone, and everything will return to normal again!  Yay, normal!  And, by the way, THE END.

    You can now play the game again if you'd like, but nothing else happens. Still, it's fun to see if you can remember how all the pieces fit together the second time through.  (I know I couldn't; I actually had to skip back during this guide twice because I'm a total failure.)  Either way, this marks the end of the adventure, so thanks for reading!

    5. Items List


    Wednesday, October 02, 2013 - Version 1.0.0

    • Did some more proofing and moved this into the editor.  Finally completed drafting and editing due to conversions.

    Tuesday, October 01, 2013 - Version 1.0.0

    • Completed Vanity Room, Part 3.
    • Completed Library, Part 2.
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    • Inserted a Game Maps section and wrote out two maps (took me forever to make) and started work on the Map Key.
    • Completed Hallway 6, Part 3.
    • Completed Conservatory, Part 1.
    • Completed Inner Garden, Part 1.
    • Completed Conservatory, Part 2.
    • Completed Palace Grounds, Part 2.
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    (After completing the most boring essay ever, thought I'd do this to ease my mind.)

    7. Acknowledgements

    Thanks to:

    • Big Fish Games for their guide for the PC version of this game.  Without them, I would have never finished this game, even in Casual mode.  Their guide can be accessed at: http://www.bigfishgames.com/blog/walkthrough/mystery-murders-the-sleeping-palace-walkthrough/
    • The staff at asciiart.co.uk for their donation of an ASCII circle to the guide for the power minigame in Hallway 1.  Unfortunately, though, I botched it, but the originals are really good.
    • To you--for taking the time to read this.  Feedback is appreciated, so feel free to send in suggestions and get credit!


    My email address is dragonessgames@gmail.com - dragonessgames(at)gmail(dot)com, if those characters don't show up.  I am a full-time college student (who usually runs above 15 hours a semester), so I'll probably be lucky to check my email every week or so.  Here are some things you should put in your email to avoid being deleted with the spam:

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    This is probably going to seem harsh, but here are lists of reasons why you should and should not contact me:

    Do contact me if:

    • You see a grammatical error in the guide (thank you in advance for pointing these out!).
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    Copyright Info

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