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How do i hard-reset my 3ds? 3
How do I soft reset? 5
How big is a 3DS download block in KB/MB? 1
Can the 3DS connect with other DS systems? 6
How Can I Retrieve My Downloaded Games? 2
Can I delete unwanted applications from the Home Menu? 1
Can my DS games be played on 3DS? 3
Does the 3DS use the same charger as the DSi? 1
Cannot connect to the internet with the 3DS? 7
Does 3DS game data save onto the game cartridge or the 3DS itself? 1
Recent Questions Answers
Should I sell my new 3DS for the Switch? 2
VC Pokémon Gold/Silver: Is trading between regions possible? 1
How to make old DS games read? 0
How can I use a old codes of DLC's on Smash? (3DS) 1
Which game should I choose? 2
Which game should I choose? 1
How do I get rid of this dust? 2
Is it worth to keep my 3DS after getting a New 3DS? 1
Does Pokemon Global Link have limitations? 2
Problems downloading..? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Why can't I edit or delete pictures in N3DS Camera? 0
My Sims 3 3ds Stopped Saving, What Can I Do to Fix It? 1
Friend list won't open and freezes? 0
Nintendo 3DS camera application and outer cameras not working. why? and how to fix? 0
How much can i sell my 3ds xl for? 1
Accidentally deleted data on micro sd card? 0
Why is the System Update (October 2014) not progressing properly? 0
OG 3DS: 3DS freezes when selecting DS Download Play, but works in 3DS Download play? 0
Why am I unable to StreetPass? 0
I didn't get the oars demo code in my e-mail even though I made an account on the pokemon website? 1

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