What is the difference between ds and 3ds?

  1. I want to know detail difference

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    maybeehe - 6 years ago

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  1. The 3DS has, in addition/replacement to the DS features:
    - More processing power. i.e. larger, better looking games and better framerates
    - Expanded, 3-D displaying top screen
    - Built in gyroscope, motion sensor and GPS
    - An analougue nub above the D-pad
    - 3 cameras; 2 outwards facing, 1 inwards facing.
    - Backwards compatibility with all DS, DS lite and DSi (?) games, as well as the Virtual Console, which lets you download NES and SNES games.
    - Augmented Reality (AR), which uses the outwards facing cameras to project games into a digital copy of the room you are in. For example, a farming game would let you grow things out of your furninture and floor, etc etc.

    That's all I can think of on a whim, but if you need any more info, go to the sticky thread on the 3DS board.

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  1. Both are pretty much the same.
    The 3DS is pretty much the same size as a DS Lite, but has a slightly smaller (?) lower screen and a wider top screen. As you may have already noticed, it is glossier and has the analog pad above the d-pad. The 3D slider on the top part right has 3 levels of the effect (Off, minimum 3D, maximum 3D), and the volume is a slider on the left side at the bottom.

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  2. The above poster (ISpecter) fails epically. I've never heard anything about NES and SNES games being available. On the other hand, you never mentioned one of the four confirmed systems that the VC will actually have titles for, i.e. Game Boy, Game Boy Color, GameGear, and TurboGrafx-16.

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  3. That doesn't mean they failed. they just made a mistake. besides all other info is correct. leave them alone.

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  4. Goto wikipedia and type in 3ds, at the bottom it will show the specs for all the ds, including the original side by side....I'd post the link but gamefaqs wont let me

    And Nin3DS no need to be a jerk

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  5. Dont listen to nin3dsfan.hes the one failing,eventually in an update,there will be a "shop channel" like the wii.There will probably be a couple updates.

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