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  1. I'm thinking about getting a 3DS XL, but using it ONLY at home, and using my regular 3DS when I'm aware. I'm wondering about downloaded games though. I have all the downloaded games that I got through the Ambassador program-can I COPY these over, or redownload them on the 3DS XL? Can I have/keep them on BOTH systems at the same time? Also thinking about downloading some other games, and wondering about these as well.
    Also, how do game saves work? Is there an easy way to transfer them back and forth between systems? Say I'm playing at home, save my game, then want to go mobile with the regular 3DS. Can I just somehow transfer my save to the other system, and have it immediately recognize it and make use of it? What about when I get home and want to transfer the NEW save back to the 3DS XL in place of the original?

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    dtivonut2356 - 5 years ago

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  1. While it is possible to transfer all data from one 3DS system to another (regular or XL doesn't matter), there are some limitations to that:

    Transferring means all data will be moved to the new system, and erased from the old one. So no, you cannot keep your downloaded games on both systems, ambassador or otherwise. You can, however, buy them again on the old system after transferring data, but you will need to pay for it again as well.

    You can only transfer once a week, and any system is only allowed to participate in a transfer up to five times. So you cannot keep transferring back and forth at will, it's intended as a one-time thing.

    If you have already downloaded software on the new system, that'll be overwritten. You can re-download it afterwards, however. The SD card in the new system will be erased in the process, the SD card from the old system will, after the transfer, only work in the new system. All data on that card will now be linked to the new system.

    This also means that, in order to actually use the 4 GB card that comes with the XL, you'll need to transfer your data, and then manually copy the data to the larger card using a PC anyway. Since the data is linked to the serial number of the new unit, copying SD cards also does not allow you to keep your games on the old unit.

    Save games for card-based games are not stored on the unit, but on the card itself. No issue transferring save data there.

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  1. you can do a system transfer and put some of the games to the XL and keep some on the reg. and no, you cannot do safe game transfers for dsi and 3ds software but the game cards save on themselves so i home i helped.

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