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Reviewed: 07/14/11

Hesitant about buying a 3DS? Well, stop it.

The Nintendo 3DS was announced at the 2010 E3, I remember it clear as day and thinking how awesome it was going to be. I played game demos at Gamestops, Targets, and Best Buys, and I thought the 3D was really interesting. I waited until June 19th to buy my 3DS because that was when Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D came out, and wow was that game amazing. I digress, let me just get on with the review.

Physical Design

Its very thin, almost as thin as the DS Lite, it isn't bulky or heavy at all and it fits in your hands very nicely. The new 3DS has a Circle Pad which is like a joystick and its a very nice addition to the 3DS, the D-pad is still there underneath the circle pad. When you first buy the 3DS you can choose between two colors, Aqua Blue or Cosmo Black. I personally chose the Cosmo Black, I hear more colors like Flare Red will be coming out in the future. The 3DS also has a Home button which brings you to your start-up menu where you have all your applications like the 3DS Camera, Mii Maker, 3DS Sound, the eShop. The top screen has a 3D slider, which you can rise to the top for maximum 3D or turn it all the way down for it to go back to 2D. You can even put the slider in the middle if it helps your eyes focus better. The 3DS has one camera on the inside of the DS, and two cameras on the back of the 3DS. The purpose of the two cameras in the back is so that you can take pictures in 3D, and I gotta say when I do take pictures, the pictures look very 3D.

Internal Features

The 3DS comes packed in with so many different applications. There is the Mii Maker, which is basically the same thing as on the Wii, but they have a feature where you can take a photo of someones face and let the 3DS make a Mii from that. There is the 3DS sound where you can record your surroundings and then have some fun with it, theres the 3DS camera which lets you take pictures and you can view them in 3D or 2D. There is the DS Download Play application for when you wanna play with someone else who has a 3DS locally, there is the AR Games application which is where you take these cards that the 3DS came packaged in with, lay them on the table, and the characters from the cards can rise up and you can play mini games with them. There is also a game called Face Raiders and its an application where you take pictures of peoples faces, and they fly around and you have to shoot them by moving your 3DS around. You don't use the Circle Pad or D-pad to move, you have to phyiscally move the 3DS in the direction you want to shoot, the 3DS has a built in Gyroscrope and 3-axis accelerometer. Playing games like these on a nice big office chair is really fun. There is the eShop, which is by far the best application on the 3DS. You can connect to it through the internet to buy/download Gameboy games and Gameboy Color games, you can also download trailers for upcoming 3DS games and you can buy DSiWare games as well. The 3DS has a built in Friends List and a Web-browser. The Web-browser is very responsive and not slow at all and the Friends List is where you add other peoples friend codes and you can see when they are online, what games they last played or are playing but you can't message them at all. If your 3DS is in sleep mode, which basically means it is closed on the home menu, the 3DS will count every step you take and you can earn 1 coin for every 100 steps. However you can earn a maximum of 10 coins a day. These coins come in use for little features in some games. I know it is used in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and also can be used in the Mii Plaza to collect puzzle pieces and play an RPG game. If your 3DS comes in contact with another 3DS when your out on the go, you instantly download their Mii and you can play little games with them.

The 3D

To someone who has never played a 3DS the 3D always impresses, always. Since I have had it for a while and have already been playing Ocarina of Time and Resident Evil Mercenaries, I guess I can say I am kinda used to it. I only really turn down my 3D when I need to conserve my battery life. Other than that, its always cranked to the maximum. Sometimes I even play for 20 minutes with the 3D off just so I can turn it back on and say "oh wow". Sometimes I even forget how 3D it really is. I have to say some games can be more 3D then others. I find Ocarina of Time to be very 3D all the time, whereas Resident Evil The Mercenaries, its 3D but I am just kinda eh about it. The 3D will impress you for the first week, but after that you will probably get used to it unless you buy a new game. Also, don't judge the 3D on the 3DS you find in stores, cause one thing I have noticed for sure, the 3D is kinda weak if your in a bright environment. Playing the 3DS in the dark is extremely more 3D then playing in a bright environment.

Game Library

The game library is pretty weak. I almost gave this review a 9/10 just because of this, but that wouldn't be fair since this is a review on the system only. The launch titles were really bad in my opinion. I only got my 3DS when Ocarina of Time came out, I can't think of any good launch titles that I find too great. I never was a fan of Dead or Alive or Street Fighter, but if you are, then those are two 3DS games I hear are great and have great reviews. A Mortal Kombat game would have been amazing and I would have bought that in ten seconds. The eShop also adds to the game library, I already purchased Super Mario Land on Gameboy and its a great game. There are save states you can put on the Gameboy games kind of like save states on an emulator. All of Gameboy and Gameboy Colors biggest hits will appear on the eShop. The best part of the game library is that the upcoming 3DS titles are superb and I really just can't wait. Star Fox 64 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 3DS, Super Mario 3DS, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Super Smash Bros 3DS. Seriously, all these titles are coming either late 2011 or 2012 and it makes the 3DS three times better. The future is very bright for the game library.


I don't regret for a second purchasing my 3DS at all. Im a 19 year old and the games suit me very well, so they should suit a younger person even better. I only own two games on 3DS, which are Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. I recommend both these titles very highly, with both games having astounding replay value. The next game I see myself buying would be Star Fox 64 3D but that won't be for a few months. Like I said earlier, do not judge the 3D on the 3DS in the stores! All in all, the 3DS was so much more then I expected and I am really happy about that.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Nintendo 3DS (US, 03/27/11)

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