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"3DS is definitely the best!"

This handheld console is the start of a new way of gaming. 3D adds a new aspect on some of your favorite games from the past, and of new games coming out in the future. The 3DS has now done something that not even a full gaming console has done, and it is only a handheld.

The handheld itself only has been released in blue or black currently but, there are many new colors on the way. The design of the system is attractive and is a very ergonomic design. The hinge is a little looser than the previous systems (ex. DS Lite) to prevent it from cracking after many times of use. This system also uses SD cards for memory which allows you to take more pictures and save more games by switching to a different memory card. The 3DS can go into a sleep mode which makes it use a lot less battery and still allows you to do some features like Street Pass or Spot Pass. The system also keeps up with your steps when it is in sleep mode.

Unfortunately there are two problems with this system that may be a bigger deal for some than others. One problem is that the bottom touchscreen has extended borders around it which can leave marks, even scratches on the top screen. This is a very big mistake on Nintendo's part but it can be easily fixed with screen protectors or placing a microfiber cloth between the two screens. The other problem with the system would be battery life. If you have your 3ds fully charged and play with the 3D on for around 4 hours then there is no more battery left, which causes this system to not be good for long road trips or plane flights unless you have a way to charge it while on the go. This problem can be fixed by purchasing a 3rd party battery pack but that also will void your warranty on the system.

The 3DS has many great features. There are cameras on the system (on the front and back) so that you can take pictures in both 3D and 2D. The camera's quality is average but the 3D pictures look great. The camera on the front of the system lets you take pictures of yourself while you are looking at the screen.

There are many basic games/features that come on the 3DS.

There is the cameras in which I mentioned above, there is also a 3DS Sound feature which lets you record and edit sounds.

There is the Mii Maker which allows you to make characters that look like you or other people. One cool feature with the Mii Maker is that you can take a picture of yourself and it will make a Mii that looks like you.

Next is my favorite, the StreetPass Mii PLAZA. You select a Mii that you want to use to pass on to people that you pass that have their 3DS in sleep mode. When you pass someone with a 3DS then the data transfers and your Mii will now be added into their plaza and vise versa. This is really neat because you can view the different Miis of people whom you have passed. There are two mini-games in the Mii PLAZA. One is Puzzle Swap where you buy puzzle pieces with play coins (that you get for every 100 steps you take) or from street passing other people. Once you complete a puzzle you can view it in 3D which looks great. The other mini-game is Find Mii. Your Mii gets taken away and you have to fight through dungeons with Miis that you have hired with play coins or with Miis you have street passed. These are two of my favorite features for the 3DS.

There is a game called AR GAMES that is also included with the 3DS. AR Cards (included in the packaging of your 3DS) are placed on a flat surface and 3D images pop up out of them that you can view from different perspectives (like if you were walking around a table). It actually makes it look like the characters and games are in the room you are playing your 3DS in because it uses the cameras on the back of the system. There are many mini games in this feature.

Another game added in with the 3DS is Face Raiders. You take a picture of someone and the face flies around for you to shoot with balls. This game also uses the cameras on the back of the system to make it seem as if the game is going on in the room you are playing in. This is a very entertaining game which could last for hours of play time.

Next is the Activity Log. This feature allows you to see how many steps you have taken, and how many game titles you have played. It shows a record of the time daily that you have played games and how many steps you took those days. There is also a feature that shows how long you have played a game, how many times you have played it, and your average play time of that game.

Last but not least is the Nintendo eShop. You can download some games for free here or buy some games for a fee. This is a nice add to the 3DS because you can get old classic games as well as new games for a small price and they are downloaded onto the system so you don't need game cartridges.

Overall I rated this a 9/10 this is a great system but, there are a few problems with it. Even though there are a few problems it is a definite must have. This system really shocked me with all of its features and with all of its games that are coming out in the future. Go get your 3DS!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/18/11

Game Release: Nintendo 3DS (US, 03/27/11)

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