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"A decent system, with improvements that can be made."

First off, in the likely event that Nintendo releases a newer model of the 3DS, I'm going to clarify that I'm reviewing a launch Cosmo Black 3DS.

Anyways, like many people I got caught up in the initial hype, and bought one on launch day. I told myself "I'm going to get one anyway, and there's not going to a price drop for like 2 years(D'oh)" in all honesty I should've waited, because 250$ is asking way too much, especially because the Vita is more powerful, and yet it is also 250$. However, Nintendo wised up and priced the system at an appropriate 170$.

The system comes with a handy charging cradle, and some fancy AR cards that use the 3DS camera, (More on this later) but oddly enough no extra stylus unlike other DS models. The cradle is nice for just putting your 3DS down and foregetting about it,, and the AR cards are fun for like 30 mins, but overall not bad.

The built-in software includes Mii Maker which let's you import Miis from your Wii, a well as make one out of a picture you take of yourself.

3DS Sound which has some nice toys you can use to play with your music but an iPod this is not. Although I will give it credit for having alot of fun toys like streetpass and filters etc. Also, Nintendo decides to join the 21st century by adding mp3 support.

3DS Camera which let's you doodle and screw around with your bad quality pictures, because lemme tell ya that the 3DS's 0.3 megapixel camera looks atrocious. Points for having a cool talking parrot that has over 100 tidbits to tell the player.

AR Cards in which you place the included AR card in real life, an watch as the 3DS transforms your living room. Some fun games, but the detection can be bad in low light.

Face Raiders in which you take a picture of you and your friends and shoot balls at them. As fun and ridiculous as it sounds, recommended.

eShop which has a terrible layout and points cards are unavailible in Canada and Europe so buyer beware.

Streetpass, in which you progress through fun minigames using coins you earn by walking around, or by meeting other 3DS's. Fun if you live in a big city. I don't.

There are also some apps you can use ingame such as the notes app(meh is the word to describe this), Internet browser(no flash no java okay speeds not recommended unless 3DS is only mobile browser you have), and finally the friends list(Friend Codes of course! And no messaging system.)

Now for the physical features of the 3DS. The Circle pad is comfy, but not good for precise movements such as sliding forward a tiny bit. The Start, Select, and Home buttons feel terrible and you really have to push down on them. The stylus is placed in the upper left which makes no sense. Why place it somewhere it has never been before, instead of the comfy place on the DSi and Lite? The Stylus itself is cool, because it is extendable and metal. Another problem is the buttons. They feel mushy, yet clicky and it feels like I might break my D-Pad.

Overall, a system with design flaws and no good games out at the time of writing. I insist that you wait for the redesign, because the system will have a fuller library, better battery life, and better physical form. 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/29/11

Game Release: Nintendo 3DS (US, 03/27/11)

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